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I drank a pumpkin spice latte for the first time this month and I liked it

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”Wanna do something wild, Tweek?” Craig’s question knocked Tweek’s concentration away, and his house of cards (made out of napkins) softly fell. He was sitting by the customer’s table while Craig lounged by the cashier’s tabletop, idly tracing the sides of the register. Tweek grimaced, but humored his boyfriend. The last time Craig suggested something like that it almost got them both killed, in Tweek’s opinion. In reality, sitting in a shopping cart was not as dangerous as Tweek assumed it was.

“Alright, bring it.” Tweek was still a bit reluctant but he trusted his boyfriend. Besides, sitting in the nighttime shift in Tweek Bro’s was not a fun thing to do. There were almost no customers, as the usual customers preferred to spend their nights at Skeeter’s bar, and the glass walls made it impossible to sneak a smooch or two. In any case, it was boring. They both loved spending time with one another, but even together, hours of loitering around became stale.

“Let’s do it,” Craig didn’t even look up from his phone when he said it. Tweek thought Craig was joking, or at least referring to something else. He jokingly agreed, but his eyes almost jumped out of his head when Craig unbuckled his belt. Tweek looked out the glass windows, praying no one walked past their store while Craig was undressing.

“I didn’t actually mean it!” Tweek hissed and ran to his boyfriend’s side, hoping he could stop him from flashing the entire neighborhood. Tweek barely made it, Craig standing around in his underwear.

“Why not?” Craig’s question was as clear as could be. What did stop them from shoving it down everyone’s throats and screwing on the open street. It wasn’t as if anyone would mind. The more he thought about it, the more people would probably react positively to catching a peak of their lovemaking. There weren’t any kids walking outside at night anyway.

“Someone could see us, now put that away,” Tweek’s hands hovered around Craig’s underwear, not sure if he should bend down and pull his pants up or not. The fact that Craig was already sporting a semi wasn’t just making Tweek nervous, but also a little bit excited. Craig was actually serious about boning in public. Tweek bit his lip. Well, everyone were at Skeeter’s bar anyway. And they still had to work in the shift for another 3 hours. 3 hours was a long time when you were bored. It wasn’t as if Tweek hadn’t prepared himself before-hand either. You could never be too prepared when your boyfriend was Craig Tucker, stamina extraordinaire.

“A quickie?” Craig said it with a smirk, and Tweek hated how it turned his legs into shivering sticks. Craig knew just what buttons to push to melt Tweek into his bidding. Tweek had to give in. It wasn’t as if he hadn’t fantasized about it before. Tweek did a quick glance around the building and through the glass walls, making sure no one were looking.

“Ok, but just a quickie then,” Tweek fiddled with the alarm-settings beneath the counter, turning the camera off for twenty minutes.