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I drank a pumpkin spice latte for the first time this month and I liked it

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Craig got a new habit. Tweek had a lot of strange habits and addictions, but Craig had a very few set of distinct habits. That was why Tweek would always notice whenever Craig developed a new habit because it would always be such a big leap from their normal pattern of daily activities together. It involved Tweek’s ass. Tweek was leaning casually on the tabletop, chin in his hands, waiting for the coffee-maker to signal that it was done, when Craig walked by. Tweek heard the sound before he felt the pain, but he flinched and curved inwards towards the table nonetheless.

“What the fuck was that?” Tweek had not had enough caffeine to deal with this right now. He had ignored it so far, but no one fucked with Tweek before he got his coffee. He turned towards Craig. Craig didn’t seem to care as he browsed the fridge with no interest, much to Tweek’s anger.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Craig was obviously lying, and the words came out in jumbled stresses as Craig bore a big smile. He wasn’t just bad at lying, he was horrible.

“You just spanked me, that’s what I’m talking about!” Tweek was sick of Craig playing around. Craig had been spanking Tweek every few hours for the past week. That was his new habit. Of course there was an underlying sexual tone in it, but Tweek had never talked about it before. He had yelped and ignored it, but this was his first time ever confronting him about the casual smacking of his ass.

“Oh, that. Want me to do it again?” Craig’s nervous smile disappeared and the stresses of his words went back to their usual monotone self. He was serious. Tweek was about to say “No” in outrage, but was that really what he wanted? He was mostly upset that it would turn him on a bit and Craig would just leave him hanging, pretending as if nothing happened. Tweek pulled a pained expression and Craig let out a huffing laugh.

“Holy shit. You do,” Craig said out loud to confirm it. Tweek didn’t know whether to groan or scowl, so he settled with a combination of both. Craig knew just how to get under his nerves in just the right way. The coffee-maker pinged and Tweek took the hot coffee with an annoyed scowl. He downed the entire burning cup in one go, making Craig’s eyebrows shoot up in amazement. Tweek smacked the now empty cup on the cupboard, wiping coffee off his lip with the other hand.

“Bring it, bitch,” Tweek slurred out, his tongue still heavy from the heat attack. Craig couldn’t stop himself from grinning at his boyfriend’s enthusiasm. They locked eyes and Craig got the feeling he was in an old fashioned cowboy movie, looking his foe dead in the eyes and waiting for the next move. He pulled his metaphorical gun and took big steps forward, meeting Tweek directly on. Tweek flinched, meaning defeat on his behalf. Craig took his hand and let him towards their shared bedroom. Tweek sure was glad he had to work standing in the coffee shop today, because he had a hunch his ass was going to be too sore to sit down.