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Blood, Sweat, and Tears

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As the boys walked into the museum they stared in awe at the artwork and sculptures. All besides Yoongi, who rode in on a bicycle and smacked Jimin on the back of the head, and Namjoon who was reading a book. But it was short-lived, because as they all settled in, they began to lose focus, Namjoon and Jungkook choosing a bench to sit on and discuss Namjoon’s book, Hoseok and Taehyung admiring a statue and Jimin chasing Yoongi around with his slingshot, threatening to shoot him with it.
He was sure the owners of the museum wouldn’t be too happy if they saw the boy's’ actions, but as long as they were together he supposed it was okay. It had been a struggle to get them all here, but he thought they needed a break after their comeback, and a museum is a nice enough place. He thought Namjoon especially would appreciate it, but he was more interested in finishing Demian and… Jin’s thoughts trailed off as he caught sight of a particular painting all by itself in the corner of the room.
It depicted Chaos in its purest form, it had angels, people, animals, and creatures so intricately spread across the canvas in a way that could only be described as beautifully curious. As Jin stared what he was seeing began to change, first it twisted into an image of Taehyung balancing on the railing of a balcony, then immediately spun into an overhead view of Jungkook, who was hanging from a swing as if he was floating.
Jin had so many emotions flying through him at once, the most prominent one being confusion, especially when the room Jungkook was in darkened impossibly and Hoseok was there, sitting in a chair in water so deep and black it seemed like a mirror, but then he made a ripple in its surface with his hand and it in Jin saw Yoongi. He was sitting alone in a room with a glass floor and ceiling and white smoke filling the top of the room. He looked trapped and Jin had just reached out to grab his hand when the smoke filled the room completely, and when it cleared the image changed to Namjoon drinking something that looked like water, but had a cloud of green spreading inside it. Suddenly his head snapped up and he met Jin’s gaze, the image zoomed into Namjoon’s inky pupils and Hoseok was back, now standing in the water with a bow and arrow drawn in his hand, when he shot it the image followed the arrow and landed back on Taehyung who then jumped off the balcony into an abyss, narrowly missing the arrow.
Jin could feel the panic rising in him as he watched Taehyung fall and he yelled, “NO!” and reached out for him, only to be slammed back into consciousness and find the fallen man beside him, a hand on his shoulder.
“Are you okay?” Taehyung asked, Jin nodded and Taehyung took his hand, smiling and dragging him through the hallways of the museum adding,
“Come on, I have something to show you.”
They ran for an eternity until they reached a room that seemed to have nothing in it,but as soon as they reached the doorway Jin froze, he could feel the same pull take over him as it had earlier with the painting, but when he turned around to look Taehyung put his hands over the other man’s eyes. In that moment Jin can only see the silhouette of a man huddled down and covered by a translucent sheet, but before he could see who it was Taehyung removed his hands and Jin’s eyes were instantly fixed on a statue at the end of the room, it was the thing that had been calling him before.
It was the simple figure of a man, with two midnight colored wings extending infinitely out of his back. Jin felt the magnet-like attraction take over once again and he began to move towards it, he ascended the steps and extended his hand towards the figure, caressing his face before leaning in and pressing his lips to the statue’s.
The second his mouth touched it a vision of Taehyung flashed to the front of his thoughts. In the image Taehyung’s shoulders and back were exposed and there were scars down his shoulder blades, scars that were placed in the exact same place as the sculpture’s wings. Jin watched, helpless, as Taehyung turned his head and smirked. He jerked back, flying off of the sculpture’s stand and hitting his head on the floor, knocking himself unconscious and his mind filled itself with fast changing visions once again. Colors exploded around Hoseok in the first image, then they quickly melded together to form the statue which had begun to crack and had colors running down from it’s eyes like tears. Then the vision flipped again and he saw Jimin fall to his knees in the room where Yoongi had been before, a blindfold over his eyes and the same smoke over his head. Once again the smoke filled the room, turning green and disappearing slightly to reveal Namjoon spread across a chaise lounge with his head hung over the side, he looked dead and Jin felt uneasiness rise within him. The vision faded to a white statue, the one that had been behind Hoseok, shattering above the water, and Jin’s sight zoomed in to the water and suddenly it was a mirror, wrapped in a gold frame with a German phrase written above it.
“You must have Chaos within you to give birth to a dancing star.”
The translated meaning echoed through his mind in a voice he did not recognize and his vision shifts for the last time from to his reflection in the mirror and as he looks closer he sees that his cheek has a crack running down it, one similar to the statue. He leans in closer and falls into the mirror as Alice fell into the rabbit hole before jolting back to his senses. Taehyung, the real one, was standing over him, a crazed and dangerous smile on his face as he asks,
“Well, what did you see?”