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Kinktober 2016 (With Random Fandoms)

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“Well, that’s Teddy tuckered out.” Yosuke sighed with relief. Everyone loved Teddy,  but you had to admit, it got a bit much to deal with after a while. He was really like a small child.


“Well, finally!” Chie replied, then broke out into a huge yawn and stretch. Yukiko giggled.


“He’s not the only one.” She said, poking Chie, who pouted.


“I’m not tired.” Chie defended. “Nope, not at all.”


“Right...” Yukiko wasn’t having any of it. Luckily, Naoto interrupted before it could continue.


“I think we should go to bed before one of us can’t get up.” She suggested, gently rousing Rise who was dozing against her shoulder. Rise didn’t really wake up, but merely allowed Naoto to guide her to sitting upright and then standing. “Good night everyone.”


“G’night ev’ryone” Rise mumbled, not awake enough to do more than echo the others. Naoto led her by the hand to their room. The others could hear her gently replying to Rise’s sleepy mumblings.


Chie yawned again.


“C’mon, before you fall asleep too.” Chie opened her mouth to argue. “No buts. Besides, we’re not going to miss out on anything these guys do.”


“Yeah you’re right.” Chie got up and followed Yukiko to the door. “Night guys! Don’t do anything stupid while we’re gone!”


“Yeah, like we could without you here.” Joked Yosuke, which annoyed Chie.


“Why you!” Luckily for Yosuke, Yukiko dragged Chie off before she could cause him bodily harm. He laughed and waved as she was dragged off.


“Soooo-” He asked. “What are we gonna do?” Yu shrugged.


“Aw c’mon, don’t be like that partner.” Yosuke whined. “We should totally talk about the girls now that they’re gone.”


“Really?” Kanji winced. “I’ll just tell Chie-senpai what you say.”


“Don’t!” Yosuke yelled. A threat of one of Chie’s kicks always worked. “I mean, we can talk about guys if you really want to, Kanji.”


Kanji slammed his fist against the table and growled.


“Yosuke.” Yu’s voice cut across the noise of the other two. What was really weird was how Yosuke shut up immediately and almost looked like he was sitting up straighter. But then again, Yosuke always listened to what Yu had to say, so it wasn’t that much of a surprise.

“Come here Yosuke.” Yu said.


“But...” Yosuke replied, like he was being scolded. Yu merely looked at him, face impassive. Yosuke finally gave in and went over to him. Yu patted his lap. “You can’t be serious, partner. Kanji’s still here.” Yu patted his lap again. Yosuke sighed and lay down over Yu’s knees.


“Uh, sempai, what are you doing?” Kanji blurted out. He really wasn’t comfortable with how things were going, especially if things were going the way he thought they were. It wasn’t just the situation making him feel uncomfortable either. He was glad he was sitting with his legs under the table, that’s for sure.


“Yosuke, what did I tell you not to do?” Yu asked, firmly. It was amazing how much power he could convey without even raising his voice. Kanji felt like he just stopped in place, even though it wasn’t even directed at him. Yosuke whimpered from Yu’s lap. “Yosuke...” Yu warned.


“Not to take my insecurities out on other people.” Yosuke droned. It was like he’d been through this before. It sounded like he’d had to repeat that several times before. Yu hummed disapprovingly.


“And what did you do to Kanji?” Yu continued, in the same chiding tone.


“I... took it out on him.” Admitted Yosuke. “I’m sorry.”


“Don’t apologise to me.” said Yu. Yosuke jerked his head up. He looked surprised that Kanji was still there. He looked back down, digging his face into Yu’s legs to hide it. Kanji was embarrassed on his behalf.


“Uh, it’s ok Senpai.” said Kanji. Although really, he kinda wanted to see senpai at least get some payback for all of the shitty things he’d said in the past.


“No, it isn’t ok Kanji.” Yu looked down at Yosuke. “ He should say sorry.”


And then he brought his hand down on Yosuke’s ass. Hard.


Kanji wondered if the others had heard Yosuke’s yelp from the other rooms. Yosuke muffled his next cry on Yu’s legs again. It had to hurt, the sound of Yu’s smacks were really loud, even though Yosuke still had his pants on. There was only so much that fabric could do he supposed. Kanji counted the smacks. One, two, three, five, nine, ten. By the time Yu had gotten to twenty, Yosuke was crying, his little sobs still muffled by Yu’s body. Kanji just sat there, entranced by the sight.


Yu shushed him softly. “It’s ok, Yosuke. Just five more, ok?” And he just kept going until the last five were all delivered.


And then everything was quiet, except for Yosuke’s sniffing. Yu then took Yosuke and stood him upright. But Yosuke’s legs were so shaky that Yu had to help him down to his knees. Eventually, Yosuke was sat down, kneeling between Yu’s legs and his head resting on Yu’s thigh. Kanji could see the tear streaks on Yosuke’s face.  Yu nudged Yosuke with his knee.


“Well, Yosuke?”


“I’m sorry Kanji.” mumbled Yosuke. “ I shouldn’t have said that and...” He paused for a moment, looking for the right words to say. “Hurt your feelin’s. ‘M sorry.”


“Uh... apology accepted?” Kanji didn’t really know what else he could say in a situation like this. “Uh... I’m just gonna... go to bed.” He got up pretty damn quick, not bothered if the other two saw what was going on down there right now, because being honest? It couldn’t get weirder.


“Ok then. Goodnight Kanji.” said Yu, back to his normal, calm and happy self. He was just gently stroking Yosuke’s hair.


Teddy had better be sleeping the sleep of the dead, though Kanji, as he returned to their room.

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FFVIII - Day 2 - Dirty Talk


Irvine had to admit, the pilot’s seat of the Ragnarok was pretty damn comfy. Which is probably why Selphie was happy to sprawl all over it. Would be pretty worrying if they were in the air, but currently they were docked and waiting for Squall to finish up on whatever weird monster hunt he was on now. Irvine wasn’t sure who was out with him and who was just chilling in the ship as well, but it didn’t really matter. The cockpit’s entries were locked and there wouldn’t be anyone to disturb them. Beside, he was pretty sure they’d learnt after the last time.


“Gonna let me sit down babe?” He asked, wrapping his arms around her over the back of the chair.


“But there’s a chair over there.” She whined. “And I’m comfy.”


“Aw.” He pouted. “But I want to sit here.”


“Well you can sit on my lap then.” Said Selphie.


“Aren’t I a bit heavy?” He asked.


“Nah.” said Selphie. “I’m a big strong girl don’t ya know?” She raised her arms and flexed her muscles.


“Well ok then.” And Irvine sat on top of her. She was so small that he could probably still sit on the seat between her legs, but instead he was sitting all of the way on her lap.


“Ow ow ow!” Selphie wriggled out from underneath him. “Your ass is so bony!”


Irvine decided not to argue. “Well we can’t all have one as nice as yours.”


“Hmph.” she huffed. Irvine patted his lap. After a few moments, Selphie finally gave in and she did here best to sprawl all over him like she was before. “Hmm, I just can’t get comfy. There’s something hard here.”


Their eyes met and Irvine just smirked. Selphie did at least hold her composure for a few seconds before she completely lost it and broke into a fit of giggling. He coaxed her round to face him and kissed her. He pulled her even closer, so they were chest to chest.


“Well looks like you’re on top. What are you gonna do about it?” He asked. Selphie took his hat off of his head and placed it on her own.


“Well you know what they say!” She grinned. “Save a Chocobo, Ride a Cowboy!”


She lifted up a leg and took off her underwear, leaving it dangling from the other. Irvine went for his belt and his fly. His cock strained against his underwear.


“Oh no, wait!” said Selphie. She leant back and reached into a nearby compartment. She fumbled around a bit. “Where is it.... Ahah!” She sounded victorious and sat back up, brandishing a condom.


“Someone’s prepared.”


“I am nothing if not a safe driver.” She said. Irvine wasn’t really sure what condoms had to do with good piloting, but funnily enough, he wasn’t going to argue. The foil wrapper was opened quickly and she slid it onto him with a well practiced hand. Her hand was warm around him and she stroked him until he was fully hard.


“Well you sure know how to work a stick.” Aw man, that was cheesy, even for him. But Selphie still giggled at him anyways. She was still smiling when she sat down on him fully. Oh god, she felt amazing. They took a few moments to adjust before Selphie rocked up and down on him.


“Giddyup!” She exclaimed. He rocked up into her and she gasped and rocked back into him. They had a good rhythm going. She leant back a little, hands still tight on his shoulders. “There! That’s it, that’s the target!”


“Wait am I the cowboy or the chocobo?” He asked between gaps. Selphie shushed him, kissing him deeply. She dug her thighs into his, urging him on.


“Yee ha! C’mon faster, harder!” He did as she wished, bucking up with wild abandon into her. His hat was almost falling off her head and she looked as adorable as ever. He decided to lend her a hand, he rubbed his thumb against her clit as she bounced up and down on his cock. “Ah, yeah, there.” She sighed, a tiny little sigh that went straight to Irvine’s cock.


“You want me to touch you there?” He moved his hand away slightly “Not here?” Selphie whined no. “Okay, okay. I’m gonna keep touching you and then you know what?” Selphie shook her head. “I’m gonna fuck you so hard you won’t be able to ride a chocobo for weeks. And every time you do? You’re gonna think about riding me instead and all of this instead.”


A few moments more of stroking and petting and Selphie was coming. He followed shortly after, the squeezing sensations were just too much for him. Spent, she leant against him.


“Silly.” She said. “I think about you all of the time anyways.”


“Me too.” Irvine realised what he said. “I mean, I think about you all of the time.”


Selphie smiled and curled up against him. They stayed like that until Squall came back with the rest of the team.


They made sure to knock first.

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Chun-Li was going to kick someone through a wall if this carried on. Why the hell was she even in this meeting? Just because her superior didn’t want to spend all day stuck in a stuffy procedural review, that didn’t mean that Chun-Li was a good choice to send instead!


Her phone buzzed. Normally she’d be annoyed that she’d left it on to go off during a meeting, but this one was so long and boring she didn’t hesitate to take it out under the desk and reply. She was very grateful for the distraction.


CAMMY: Hi, whats up?


YOU: Sav me


CAMMY: Not your usual codeword. Joking?


YOU: Y n meeting help


CAMMY: How about lunch instead?


YOU: Whr r u?


CAMMY: Outside


YOU: ???


CAMMY: Joint training. I said last week.


YOU: rly? K lnch is good


CAMMY: See you soon


Chun-Li put her phone down before anyone called attention to her. Honestly, it looked like everyone else was too preoccupied doing the same thing to notice. Figured.


The next half an hour was agony and the moment the words “Let’s break for-” she was out of the door. She almost bowled over half a dozen coworkers in the corridors in her rush. The only thing that stopped her rampage was a hand around her arm that pulled her to the side. Her immediate reflex was to bring up her arm and strike with an open palm. But it was stopped by a firm grip around her wrist, a familiar one at that. She was soothed by a stroking thumb against her wrist. She looked up at her attacker.


“Hey.” Said Cammy.


“Cammy!” Chun-Li was happy to see her and she pounced, gathering Cammy up in a hug. Cammy returned the hug, holding Chun-Li even tighter. She kissed Chun-Li on the cheek.


“Cammy!” Chun-Li scolded. She looked around, worried that someone might have seen them. There weren’t any of her coworkers around and they were well tucked into a nook that lead to the large storeroom where the cleaners kept their supplies. No-one would go in there until everyone was out of the offices. She relaxed a little. But Cammy wasn’t finished yet and she locked her lips against Chun-Li’s.She kissed her deeply, plying her lips until they opened up. Chun-Li wasn’t one to back down though, kissing back just as fiercely. They broke for air after a while, flushed and panting. They were both grinning like fools.


Cammy knelt down and lifted Chun-Li’s suit skirt up. She didn’t often wear it, only on days when she was in the office, like today. Cammy was also in clothes she wore rarely, a tank top and shorts, suitable for PT exercises and the awfully muggy weather.


“What are you! You can’t!” Chun-Li started to say. But Cammy only shushed her and returned her head under Chun-Li’s skirt.


She mouthed at her mound through her underwear and tights. The cloth was damp and barely provided a barrier. She could still part her folds with her tongue and nudge at her clit through the thin lacy fabric.


Chun-Li wanted to moan but couldn’t. Any one of her coworkers could hear her. She lifted her tie to her mouth so she could use it as a makeshift gag.


Cammy reached up and pulled her tights and her panties down. She had much better access to all of Chun-Li now and she eagerly dove in, lapping circles around her clit, sweeping down to lick at the fluid gathering between her labia and then back up again. She swept her tongue from side to side over the bundle of nerves, knowing that Chun-Li was too sensitive when she went up and down.


Cammy rubbed her fingers along Chun-Li’s vulva until they were wet. Then she began to stroke her clit, even pinching it from time to time. Her mouth enveloped her vulva, Cammy pushed her tongue into Chun-Li, tickling around the rim and then pushing as far as she could go.


All Chun-Li could do was hold her breath and try not to scream out loud. She tried to support herself against the wall with one arm and held on to Cammy’s shoulder for dear life with the other, trying to hold herself up when her knees shook. One particularly rough pinch from Cammy made her knees buckle and her thighs clamped shut. Chun-Li enjoyed a moment of respite. But then there was an urgent tapping at her hip. She looked down and immediately straightened her legs again.


Cammy gasped for breath.


“You know I still need to breathe, right love?” Cammy popped her head out from the skirt and looked up at her from where she was kneeling.


“Sorry.” Chun-Li mumbled around her tie.


Cammy made sure to keep Chun-Li’s legs open this time, a hand spread out against each thigh. Chun-Li couldn’t help but make little noises as Cammy picked up where she’d left off. She was getting close now, and she was relaxing a little.


That was until she heard footsteps. Footsteps heading in their direction. She tensed up, but Cammy didn’t stop. She tried pushing her away, but Cammy didn’t budge an inch.


“I was just going to get something to wipe it up!” Came a voice from round the corner. Chun-Li didn’t recognise it, but that wouldn’t make it any less mortifying if they got caught! She closed her eyes and waited for the inevitable scream as they were discovered.


“What, you found some? Great!” And just like that, the footsteps walked further away, until they were completely gone and there was quiet again.


The tension left her body like a string had been cut. The relief that flooded her felt like pleasure and the she was coming and Cammy lapped at her throughout it all, not letting a drop go to waste. Then she pulled up her underwear and tights and straightened Chun-Li’s skirt for her, holding her upright all of the while.


Then she stood up and they were face to face. Cammy was grinning and Chun-Li imagined she just looked like she’d been stunned. Cammy kissed her again and Chun-Li didn’t mind that she could taste her own tang on her lips.


“So, shall we go for lunch now?” Asked Cammy as she dragged her off.

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Ritsuko was fairly sure that having someone’s dick in your mouth was supposed to feel a little more... empowering than this. So much sensitive flesh between lumps of calcium compounds designed to bite and chew and tear...


But Gendou was completely unmoved.


He could at least act like he was enjoying it, she thought.


She tried everything that she could. She stroked his shaft softly, slowly, he tongue pressed against the tip of his head and her touches teasing, wondering if his impatience would force him to act. Nothing.


She stroked him harder, furiously, almost like she was trying to wring every last drop. Maybe it even hurt him a little. Or a lot. Anything to make him do something other than stare at paperwork that wasn’t even urgent. He didn’t even wince.


She kissed up and down the shaft as if that would do anything. Just look at me she thought.


She took him down in one movement from head to hilt. Her left hand was balled up around her skirt and her right supporting herself on his thigh. Even though he wasn’t paying her much, if any attention, she felt a little pride at being allowed to touch him like this. Gendou was not one for tolerating fools and their presence.


She swallowed around his length. She wasn’t going to make a fool of herself and drool all over him if she could help it. She sucked him hard, bobbing her head up and down because he wouldn’t move at all for her. She wondered what she could do to make him move.


And then her earlier thought struck her.


The next time she took him all of the way into her throat, she paused and then slowly, centimetre by centimetre, trailed her teeth along his cock. She wasn’t as light as she could be about it either. She was smug when he quickly grabbed her jaw with one gloved hand before she could descend back on him again. That feeling fast disappeared when he came on her face. She closed her eyes after the first splash of come on her cheek, just in time for the second to splash over her nose and eyelid and even reaching up to her forehead.


A part of her was happy about this, worried that Gendou wouldn’t even come. The rest of her was mourning for her full face of makeup which was now ruined.


She wiped at her face, trying to remove his cum without smearing her mascara. Her lipstick was probably already ruined, but she wiped towards her lips to lessen the damage. Once she’d finally given up on fixing herself, she stood up and collected the papers which were her secondary reason for coming. She wished she hadn’t, as all she’d been left with was a bad taste in her mouth, even though she hadn’t even had to swallow. She walked away.


“Thank you, Ritsuko.” She wasn’t even sure that he’d even said anything at first, but she stopped and turned and smiled at him.


It had been worth it after all.

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His creation may not have had a soul, but somehow it had gained a sense of self that was nearly beyond measure. He had created it to serve him in his objectives, to serve the people of Terra, to cleanse Gaia of its impure souls so that the Terrans might live again.


And yet it argued. It disobeyed. And so it had to be corrected and brought back into line.


He summoned it to him. It stood before him, the same as the day he had made it. It had not changed. It could not change, Garland surmised.


There was no trace of deference or humility to be found in the creature. It did not even deign to look around at the soulless bodies of his betters that he was supposed to serve. He had gathered them to show what was at stake, to show it the reason for its existence.


“Kuja.” Intoned Garland. The creature was not moved in the slightest.


“Yes?” It asked.


“How have  I told you to address me.”


“Master Garland.” It answered.


“Perhaps I should check your mind for defects, if you have such trouble recalling such orders from moment to moment.”


“Of course, if it so pleases you to fix your mistakes, Master Garland.” It played at servitude, using it deftly as a veil to attack him. But Garland would forever remain impassive, untouched by insults aimed at him. As his every action was towards the fulfillment of his primary objective, he was always above reproach. Still the constant movement of the creature’s tongue was wasteful and so he made to stop it. He reached for the power in his core and then spread it forth, forcing Kuja’s mouth shut.


It looked displeased with this turn of events. On the other hand, this gave Garland a feeling that may have even been pleasure. Perhaps that was the way he could teach it.


“Kuja.” The creation did not look at him when he spoke. That was fine, his sight was not an absolute necessity. “ I have summoned you to remind me of your duties. Look around you.” It did not, keeping its eyes firmly fixed to the ground. How typical of it to do as he wished when he did not wish it. “Look.” Garland forced his head up with more power. He turned his head from one side and all the way to the other, until he thought that even his creation might break from the strain on it. “You serve these people. It is your duty to cleanse Gaia so that they might live. An easy and simple task and yet you falter...”


There was a muffling noise as the creature attempted to speak. He allowed it the movement of its mouth again.


“I am! And doing a much better job than you could!” It argued.


“Do not forget your place Kuja.” warned Garland. The creature averted its eyes, but he doubted it would take heed. What could he do to make it see.. “Kneel.”


As he thought, it would not comply. But he needed to show it its place; that it was not above the others, but below them. He decided that he would enlist their help as well, moving their soulless bodies to take a hold of Kuja. Garland prevented it from retaliating and injuring the bodies, although he did think that it might be prudent to recreate them after this in case of contamination. Between Garland’s power and the many, many hands upon it, Kuja was forced onto his knees.


“Strip.” Ordered Garland. It was hesitant to, but after the first flurry of hands upon its body, it quickly divested itself of its clothing in order to stop their assault. It was naked and kneeling and still it was glaring at him defiantly. Yet it had not liked being touched by the others and so he decided that it was a prudent course of action to follow. It must learn that it did not get what it wanted.


It was surrounded by grabbing hands. They stroked up and down its arms and legs and patted and poked and pinched. Kuja cried out for them to stop and for them to remove their filthy hands from it immediately.


Garland replied that their hands were only dirty from touching it.


Some inquisitive hands had made it between its legs and Kuja gasped and blushed and then winced in pain.


More hands had made it into its silver locks, getting tangled up in the long strands. Kuja shook its head, trying to dislodge them, but it only served to get them more tangled. One hand grabbed a large handful or hair and pulled very hard, hard enough to make Kuja bend in the direction of motion.


“No! Don’t! You’ll pull it out!” it cried.


Garland stepped forward and took a length in his own metal hand, stroking the fibres with curiosity. Such attachment.


“I suppose this has not grown since I made you, Kuja.” He surmised. “If we cut it, it would not grow back.”


“No, don’t!”


“But if it is the only way to change you...”


“No, please! I’ll change!” It begged him, crying now. “Please Master Garland!”


Garland released the lock of hair and motioned for the hands to stop. They all stepped backwards, leaving Kuja alone in the vacuum created, holding itself and crying softly.


“Do you know your place now, Kuja?” He asked.


“Yes Master Garland.” It said quietly.


Garland was satisfied.


“You may leave.”


There was barely a white streak as Kuja ran from them, clothes gathered in its arms. Perhaps it had indeed learnt its lesson.

Or perhaps Garland should begin work on his next project.

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“We haven’t been together yet, have we?”


Well that was a lot more direct than Percival had been expecting, judging by his bug-eyed expression. Hell, it was a lot more direct than what Merlin had expected to come out of his own mouth. But he was full of wine and Arthur and Gwaine were flirting again and he was just that little bit offended that Percival hadn’t approached him yet, despite Merlin clearly being open to the idea.


He’d thought that Percival just wasn’t interested, but he’d seen Percival with all of the other knights before. Last time they’d had a night like this, Arthur had taken Percival on the rugs after they’d almost demolished the bench that they’d started on. And it wasn’t just a preference for positions either. He’d happily fucked Gwaine into the middle of next week (by the man’s own admission). This had resulted in Merlin being the horniest he’d ever been in his life after Gwaine had regaled it in full, glorious, sinful detail just how big Percival was (as big as he’d imagined) and how it had felt (even bigger). Merlin had jerked himself off several time to the description since. So yeah, Merlin was feeling a little offended and a lot left out. Hence the words.


“Uh...” That wasn’t really very encouraging. Percival was just sitting there, not saying or even doing anything.


“No. It’s fine.” said Merlin, feeling rejected. He turned to leave but was stopped by a large hand around his wrist.


“Wait.” said Percival. But then he took back his hand as though touching Merlin had burned him. Always with the mixed signals. Elyan just gave Percival a friendly nudge before going over to where Leon was overseeing a competition between Gwaine and Arthur. That just left Merlin and Percival in an awkward silence. Merlin waited for Percival to explain further. “It’s not that I don’t like you Merlin. It’s just that I don’t...” He trailed off.


“What was that?”


“I don’t want to hurt you.” Admitted Percival. Merlin didn’t know what to say to that. “I mean you’re so much smaller than I am and I don’t want to...”


Merlin’s thoughts just fizzled out when he thought in more detail about what Percival had just said. His mind came up with several helpful images to accompany this and the next thing he knew, he was throwing himself into Percival’s lap.


“Merlin!” Percival started, but Merlin quieted him.


“Just shush.” said Merlin, placing a finger on Percival’s lips. “ I want you and you want me right? I don’t care if it hurts. I don’t think it will. I think it’s going to be amazing.” Percival nodded underneath Merlin’s finger. Then Merlin leant in and kissed him. Percival took a few moments to catch up, but responded eagerly, planting his hands on Merlin’s waist. His thumbs stroked his stomach and his fingers almost met at the small of his back. Merlin moaned, the thought that Percival could almost wrap his hands all of the way around him was arousing. Then Percival’s hands moved from his waist down to his arse and pulled Merlin closer to him, their crotches touched. Percival felt so big underneath him. Merlin wondered if Percival was hard yet or if he’d grow even bigger.


Merlin’s hands occupied themselves with Percival’s biceps. How had he never noticed how big he was, how strong he was, despite how often his arms were on display. Merlin could see why, he doubted regular chainmail could hold up to them. Percival could probably lift him up with one hand, but what about four fingers or even two. Or just one, he could hook it into his scarf and just lift, fling him over his shoulder to do with as he pleased.


Merlin reached down to undo their fastenings. His erection popped out easily and he put his hand on Percival’s. It strained against the fabric holding it, making undoing it a little harder. He finally got it free and then... wow, that was all Merlin could think for a moment. It was, well, Merlin’s arm was near it and there was not much of a difference in size. He really wanted it in him. He took it in hand, pressed it to his own and then began pumping. Percival put his hand over Merlin’s, nearly wrapping it fully over all three limbs. It felt so good, so warm and he rocked up into it and so did Percival.


As they did, the chair creaked ominously. They halted and looked down, nervous that it was about to break.


Merlin decided to step down from Percival’s lap. His trousers fell farther down his thighs, so he just pulled them off completely, followed by his neckerchief and his shirt and stood before Percival completely naked. He helped Percival with his clothes, rucking up his vest and trailing his hand along his taut, well defined abs and further upwards. He had trouble trying to get it over his head, so he started on his trousers instead.


Finally they were both naked. Percival’s hardness poked Merlin in the stomach as they kissed, even with Merlin on his toes. Merlin stepped closer, allowing to rub all over him. He looked up at Percival, grinning as he took him in hand again. He could probably fit both hands over it. He tried it and surely enough he could fit both hands comfortably on the shaft, the flushed head peeking from the top. Merlin bent down to lap at it.


He could feel it physically twitch in his hands as his tongue made contact with it. He slavered over the head, drawing his tongue around the head and then up to the slit, teasing it with the tip. Perhaps another time he could just spend hours kissing it, giving it the worship it deserved. But right now, he had better plans.


He let go and then turned to rummage in the pile of clothes he’d left. Ahah! He held a small vial of oil in his hand, He didn’t often carry it around with him, but on nights like these it helped to come prepared. He poured it into his palm, rubbed it around a little to warm it and then his hands were on Percival again, coating his heavy cock.


Merlin nipped and kissed at the parts of Percival’s neck and collarbone that he could reach.


Satisfied with his preparation, he poured a little more oil into his hand and began stretching himself, reaching a hand behind him to open himself up. He had two fingers inside himself when another joined them.


Merlin nodded when Percival asked him if this was alright. Percival’s finger was almost as big as the two that Merlin already had up inside himself. Slowly, Percival added another one, the burn was slight, but enough to add to his arousal.


“Please. I want you in me now.” Begged Merlin. Percival looked hesitant. “I’ll tell you if it’s too much. I promise.”


Percival finally conceded and Merlin turned and braced himself against the table. He could feel the heat radiating from Percival as he stepped in behind him.


The tip of Percival’s cock touched against his asshole and he closed his eyes in anticipation. Slowly, every inch went into him. Percival tried to stop halfway, but Merlin refused to let him. When Percival finally bottomed out, Merlin felt indescribably full. He panted and moaned, words had really abandoned him in that moment. Then he rocked forwards a few inches, pulling himself off of the cock and then back onto it.


“Please move. I can’t.-” Do this by himself, he wanted to finish. Percival got the hint and finally began moving, thrusting back into Merlin, slowly at first, but when it became evident that Merlin’s groans were ones of pleasure and not pain, they grew in speed and strength.


The table squeaked as it was pushed along the floor. They stopped when a knife fell to the floor with a loud clatter. They looked at it sheepishly.


Percival stood upright. He pulled Merlin up with him by the hips. Merlin had to stretch up and onto his tiptoes to accommodate and even then he was very off balance. And then he was lifted off of his feet entirely. Percival’s cock felt like it went even farther into him, even if that was impossible.


Merlin struggled not to fall forwards, he grasped at the table again. His arms shook with the exertion. Percival wrapped his arms around him, one under his arms and the other around his stomach and he brought him up straight, his back resting against Percival’s broad chest. He really was just holding up with his arms and his cock inside him. Percival began to thrust up into him again and Merlin cried out.


“So good!” He reassured Percival. He didn’t care if he was disturbing what the others were doing, he wanted Percival to know how good it was. He was so huge inside of him, touching everywhere inside. He put a hand on his belly where he thought he’d be able to feel his shaft. Yes, he could feel it even through his skin. He pressed down and Percival yelled. His thrusts got harder and his grip grew tighter and it was all Merlin could do to hold on and let Percival use him as though he was a mere ragdoll.

Merlin came messily over his stomach, even hitting Percival’s arms. He could feel Percival following shortly afterwards, filling his ass with come.


Gently, Percival dropped Merlin back onto his feet and guided him and his shaking legs to sit down on the bench.


Merlin just grinned at their appreciative audience, too blissed out to move.


Gwaine winked at him.


“Told you he was good.”

Chapter Text

It had been months since Leonardo had last seen Ezio. Just waiting endlessly for the next time he would drop in with a codex page for him to work on.


The last time Ezio had been to see him, he had been unable to stay for more than the time it had taken to translate. Leonardo had been sorely tempted to take his time over it, so that Ezio would stay a while and Leonardo could enjoy his company. But alas, Leonardo only took a few hours to do so, although he was able to convince Ezio to rest for the duration. He spent a little while of the night glancing over to where Ezio was sleeping, memorising his face and searching for signs of new scars. He had drawn so many sketches from memory, but he always found them lacking in some way. The light was never right, or the cloth looked too stiff. Perhaps his skin looked too waxy and nothing like the beautiful expanse he knew it to be.


Leonardo hoped that he would get the opportunity to draw him in the flesh the next time.


Leonardo eagerly ushered Ezio in. Truly his presence brightened his day, even in the late evening.


“Please, please, sit down.” Ezio allowed himself to be escorted by the artist, an act that showed unusual patience from Ezio. Wonderful, thought Leonardo, perhaps he should arrange for some more food if Ezio would be staying for a while. “How are you my friend?”


“Ah, well enough Leonardo.” Ezio replied warmly, evidently in a good mood. “What about you? How long has it been?”


“Well, long enough for me to have finished a commission and started a new one. But I suppose that is no real measurement of time.” Leonardo had to admit that. “Ah, but enough about this bored artist, I am sure you must have so much to tell! Saving the citizens from evil tyrants and seducing the thankful ladies, I suppose?”


Ezio gave a small huff of laughter. “No my friend, nothing as exciting as that.” Then he sighed, slightly wearily. “The trace on those Templars has grown cold and now I must wait them out until they rear their heads again. But it will be fine.” Leonardo didn’t know if those words were for his sake or Ezio’s own, yet he believed them nonetheless.


“I am sure it will.” He agreed. “So, what brings you to my home? A new codex page perhaps?”


Ezio looked embarrassed. “Ah no, I haven’t found anything new. I just thought to visit a.. Friend.” Ezio struggled to get that last word out. Leonardo schooled himself to not look disappointed at the reminder.


“Ah, I didn’t mean to insinuate anything I’m flattered that you would come visit me.” Leonardo fetched them something to drink.


“Leonardo.” He turned back to Ezio.


“I just wanted to say that I did not regret that night.” Ezio paused to collect his thoughts. “But I couldn’t stay. I-”


“I know you had more important things to do. It’s fine.” Silently, Ezio came up behind him.


“No, I’m sorry. I should have...” Ezio tutted at himself. Slowly, he reached out and turned Leonardo around to face him and looked up into his eyes. “Will you forgive me for abandoning you?”


“There is nothing to forgive.” Leonardo gave him a small smile.


Ezio made a small noise and pulled him down for a kiss.


Leonardo wasn’t sure if he was dreaming or not. He dared not break such a wonderful dream if he was.


They scurried upstairs to the bedroom, where they quickly divested each other of their clothes. Leonardo’s hands were deft over Ezio’s armour, perhaps even quicker than Ezio’s own. Ezio took them up in his, kissing each talented finger in turn.


And then he kissed every inch of skin he could press his lips to, laying Leonard down on the bed and worshiping him as though he was on an altar. It had been so long since he had seen Leonardo and he intended to map out every piece of him. But it hadn’t been so long that he had forgotten where Leonardo kept his oils. Leonardo came undone upon his fingers, legs locking around his waist and his hands clutched to his shoulders for dear life.


Then Ezio was in him. It was as though eh had returned home, Leonardo felt so warm, so sweet and it had been so long for Ezio. It took all of his willpower to not come there and then. He thrust shallowly and slowly, trying to calm down, but he couldn’t hold himself back and soon enough he was coming. He removed himself from Leonardo, rolling him onto his side and reaching around for his cock. Leonardo bucked up into his hands, making the most salacious noises that many would not believe the “celibate” artist was capable of making. He began to grow hard again, jumping up when Leonardo came with a delighted moan.


They lay like that for a few minutes, Leonardo’s back to Ezio’s chest. Ezio stroked his hand down his side. He was still hard though and Leonardo could feel it pressed into the back of his thigh. He rocked back into it, grinning when he felt Ezio do the same.


Fed up of the teasing, Ezio nudged Leonardo onto his stomach. He stopped to admire the view as he knelt behind him. His cock nestled between Leonardo’s asscheeks and he idly thrust against him, watching them spread around his cock as he pulled back to rest it teasingly against Leonardo’s hole, already slick and shiny with Ezios’ previous spend. His head caught against it and only the tip pushed through the ring. He thrust forward quickly and Leonardo cried out.


Ezio planned to hold out a lot longer this time, as long as possible. He pulled Leonardo’s hips up so he was kneeling, with his weight on his arms and his face buried in the bed sheets.


He called Ezio’s name into them, begging him to go harder and faster. Ezio obliged him, fucking him hard until Leonardo’s legs were trembling and he could not hold himself up even if he tried. All he could do was lay there for Ezio to use and use him he did. As he thought it would never end, Ezio came inside him again.


Ezio dropped out with a wet sound. Leonardo could feel a little semen gush out of him. He felt so full. Ezio traced his hole with a finger, spreading the come around. Aware that Leonardo hadn’t come yet, he slowly inserted his fingers. Leonardo whimpered at the sound they made as they moved inside him.


“Look at it dripping out of you.” Ezio spread his fingers, seeking that spot that would make Leonardo see stars. Leonardo buried his head further into the sheets and moaned. Ezio watched the cum drip out of him as he moved his fingers, satisfied with how well he had marked his lover.


Then Leonardo was coming loudly, adding to the mess that they had made on the bed.


He made a noise as Ezio went away. It was a pathetic and miserable one.


“Hush Leonardo. I’ll be back in a moment. Just let me get something to clean up.” True to his word, Ezio returned to the bed in a matter of moments. He cleaned the both off and joined Leonardo on the bed, curling up with him as he began to doze.


“I’ll be here in the morning, I promise.”

Chapter Text

We’ve got you a new suit for the VR, they had said. It’ll boost your times and make it feel more realistic.


Great, he had replied, looking forward to anything that would improve his training scores; not that he had anything to worry about, being top of the class already.


Then he saw the actual suit. While it didn’t look completely out of place, it really wasn't anything like Jack had expected.


“Yeah, it’s only the prototype. I think the full version’s gonna have another layer over the top.” Explained the hapless technician who had drawn the short straw and had to present it to him. Jack only had one question.


“How am I supposed to get into it?” It seemed impossible.


“With some help.” The technician sighed. “And talc. A whole lot of talc.” So Jack began to undress. Until he realised he had another question.


“Should I take my underwear off?”


The technician grew even more awkward. “Well, it is designed for maximum skin contact... so yes?” The technician struggled to spit the words out.


After a moment, Jack took his underwear off and was completely naked. The technician rolled the leggings section up and held them out for Jack to put his foot in. The sock separated his toes weirdly, he couldn’t help but wiggle them. The tech began spreading talc up his calves and between them they managed to pull the suit up to his thighs. The tech passed him the bottle of powder.


“You’re probably going to want to do the next part yourself.”


Yeah, no offence to the tch but he didn’t really want him handling his junk. Guy had already gotten enough of an eyeful. So Jack powdered himself and the tech helped him pull it up past his ass, once he’d arranged himself comfortably. Or at least as comfortable as possible.


“Now i’m seeing why you needed all of those measurements.” he muttered. He was well accommodated to say the least. It felt like he was being squeezed everywhere. There was even a seam running along between his cheeks.


The rest of the suit was very similar process, cover himself in talc and the pull as hard as he could. This was harder when his gloves were full enclosed in the shiny gloves. Only his back was bare as the suit was still open.


“How does it close?” Jack couldn’t remember seeing a zipper or anything like that. The technician just took the two sides and pressed them together. As he pushed down it sealed together. That was handy.

“So time to go into the VR room.” Said the tech. Jack was grateful the VR was only next door as the suit was proving very difficult to move in. Every stretch felt like he was about to tear it or pop out. He hobbled through, where there were more techs waiting for him. They ushered him into the small side room where the actual VR unit was. They put the usual headset on him and the strapped him in. It felt more claustrophobic than usual, most likely due to the suit. It still felt very tight.


Then the unit booted and he couldn’t feel it anymore. The exercises began and Jack was amazed. The techie was right, it felt more real than before, he could even feel sensations of air movement and vibrations in the ground.


The all of a sudden it all cut out and Jack was back in his suit, in the dark and all alone, or so he hoped. The sound of arguing cut through into the unit.


“He said tomorrow.”


“Well, he’s done it today.”


“No wonder we’ve had a power outage.”


There was a knock at the door.


“You Ok in there?” One of the techs asked.


“Yeah, I’m fine.” Jack called back.


“Great. Feel free to unstrap yourself in there, stretch out and whatever. As you can probably tell, we’ve had a power outage. Unfortunately everything in that room ran off the same gid, including the security system on the door so...”


“I’m stuck here.”


“Only for a couple of hours. I promise, if it takes any longer, we’ll just get a crowbar or something.”


Why couldn’t they just get a crowbar now, thought Jack to himself. He sighed.




“Great, I’ll come and check on you again in a while, ok?”


And then Jack was alone.


He unhooked himself from the apparatus and took off the headgear. The bodysuit made a creaking noise when he moved to stand up. It strained against him as he stretched out as much as was possible. He even paced a little in the space, it was ten steps in one direction and thirteen in the other. Although these were smaller, hobbled steps due to the suit. One movement made a loud squeaking sound. Worried about tearing the new suit and embarrassed by the noise, Jack lay back down in the seat. Perhaps he could just nap until it was fixed.


He tried to relax and fall asleep in the darkness. But even as he was switching off, he kept being distracted by the feel of the plastic against his skin. It felt like he was being squeezed, in some places it was almost painful and restrictive, in others it was comfortable and supportive, like he was in one giant hug.


He realised that he was beginning to get hard. And as he grew harder, the pressure grew too and it was more stimulating. It was a feedback loop. He tried focussing on other things to calm himself down. The weird smell of plastic or they annoying squeaks it would make when his thighs rubbed together. No, that wasn’t helping.


He supposed that there wasn’t anything else to do the time and that this was better than nothing.


He pressed his hand to his crotch and squeezed around what he could grasp. He hoped he wouldn’t end up stretching the material out, that would be difficult to explain.


He rocked into his hand for more contact. It was like the pressure on his dick was multiplied and spread.


He couldn’t moan out, the techs might hear him and come to investigate. Although if they could enter. He wouldn’t be in this situation. Still, he decided not to push his luck as he rubbed himself off. He gasped as he grew close, the latex constricted his chest and it made it more difficult to breathe. It felt wonderful and made him light headed, one strong wave of fuzzy euphoria was all it took to push him over the edge and he came in the suit. He couldn’t see anything through it, but he could feel the warmth seeping through.


He was definitely relaxed enough now and he dozed for a while, waking up only when the power returned. The door opened.


“Ready to go again?”


“Sure thing.” Jack was really beginning to like the suit.

Chapter Text

Seto Kaiba was a rich and powerful man. And like many rich and powerful men he had certain... needs, that proved difficult to fulfill. He preferred to think of them as specifications, a list of boxes that needed to be ticked off in short order. However, unlike most other rich and powerful men, he had never believed that trust and loyalty could be bought with money; there was always someone willing to pay more (and sometimes he was even that someone). Unfortunately that left him hard pressed to to find a way to address his requirements.


But Seto Kaiba was nothing if not resourceful and so his personal project, one among many, was to create something to fill the gap.


He had been tempted to make that a more literal aim, but decided to save that for another project. He’d ended up with something that was perfect for one sole function. After numerous tests for comfort and safety, he’d give it a try. And another. And another.


He’d never admit to having favourites amongst his creations, but this one was definitely up there.


And so one evening, after a particularly arduous day at work he made his way down to his personal workshop and locked the door behind him, ensuring it couldn’t be opened by anything or for anyone. The room wasn’t connected to anything outside to prevent any mishaps, so he had to flip the lights like a peon. He pulled out the piece of equipment he wanted from its cage. He made sure to tidy it away after every use, just in case someone saw it. He set it up quickly, powering it up and letting it run its checks.


Kaiba took off his clothes whilst he waited for them to complete. He folded them neatly and placed the pile to one side.


He had compromised on some of the comfort when designing the machine, but it was still a good fit to sit in. It squeaked a little, as it had been upholstered in vinyl, a practical decision as it was easy to wipe down afterwards.


He pulled at the only moving part of the furniture. It was an arm with a semicircular band at one end which would reach around his neck. It never needed adjusting, he had made it that well. He then prepped his hand, fitting it with a sensor on his fingertip and on his wrist. Then he reached down and grasped the bar there, which was another sensor.


At last, he was ready to begin.


He touched himself slowly. He was in desperate need of relief, but still wanted to savour it. He worked his way down his chest, stopping to pinch his nipples until they were hard and swollen. He stroked a hand along the junction between groin and thigh, it tickled and made him squirm. When he touched his cock, it was still mostly soft, only beginning to stir. He pumped it slowly, lazily - as if such a word could ever be used to describe anything he did. He picked up the pace as he stood tall.


After a few minutes of this, there was a quiet whir as the band on the arm moved and tightened around his neck. It didn’t distract him from his task though and he kept moving his hand up and down over his cock. He was getting close, but he knew from experience that no amount of masturbation was going to get him off when he was like this.


It became more difficult to breathe as the band tightened and whatever breaths he could manage came in short, gurgling grunts. He began to flush and felt very warm. He persevered through it and the band became so tight he could no longer breathe. Then the band stopped moving, programmed to go no further. Kaiba coughed and spluttered or at least tried to, his throat spasmed to swallow air but to no avail. Black spots appeared at the side of his vision and his head began to ache terribly. But as soon as the pain registered, it began to lift and his body felt lighter. And in this blissful feeling he came, shortly before passing out.


He came to a few minutes later. He removed the band, which had loosened the moment he passed out. Then he checked a nearby screen and read the numbers it displayed.


Two minutes and thirteen seconds. A new record.

Chapter Text

Jane had hoped in vain that Rudy would be louder in bed than he was in public. She had no such luck though, even now when they had been together years and married. Still, she was determined to get something out of him, or her name wasn’t Jane Maxwell!


They had managed to get a private room in the inn that night and she was going to make the most of it. As soon as they had gotten through the door, she pounced upon Rudy. He didn’t so much as squeak, but his face was a picture as they both collapsed onto the bed. She grinned down at him. Rudy at least had the decency to appear nervous.


She put her hands all over Rudy, lifting off his top and tickling him when he was defenceless - he really was quite ticklish and Jane could spend hours making him squirm. However, this evening she had other plans, although this was a good start. Rudy was flushed and panting. He smiled up at her and her heart melted a little. She smiled back down at him and took his hands in hers. Slowly she moved their hands up, above Rudy’s head, all the way up to the headboard and then quick as a Wind Mouse, she took the handcuffs from where she’s slipped them and snapped them around the headboard and Rudy’s wrists. He looked puzzled for a moment, but then relaxed again. She felt a little giddy for all the trust he showed her.


Now that Rudy was secure, the fun could begin. Jane unhooked her dress from her shoulders and let it drop to the floor. She was certain she looked a million gella in all her lingerie, with garter belt and all, but seeing the look of awe and admiration on Rudy’s face was well worth the money it cost.


She reached down to Rudy’s belt and removed it. His trousers were next and then Rudy was naked.


“What should I do with you?” Jane hummed sweetly. She took his cock in her hand. “Hmm?” She pumped him once and Rudy closed his eyes. “Like this?” He still didn’t say anything. She squeezed and he winced. “No? How about this?” She dug her thumb in as she moved this time. Rudy bucked up into her hand. She knew what he liked and could tell by his face and his breath, even if he didn’t cry out. She kept going, watching his face closely. He always bit his lip when he was getting close.


As soon as he did, she stopped. Rudy’s face looked so heartbroken. It was possibly one of the most adorable things that she’d ever seen in all of their years together.


It was also very much a turn-on.


“Aw Rudy, you know all you have to do is ask.” She teased. Then she leant over and took him in her mouth, looking up at him coquettishly. She used all of his favourites, taking her time and slowly ramping it up.


Rudy bit his lip again.


Jane stopped again.


Rudy whined. It wasn’t loud, just a low and soft keening sound.


Jane began to jerk him off again. Rudy tried hard to come, but she stopped him short. She let him cool off for a while, just watching as Rudy squirmed and pouted. Then she sucked him again, still not letting him come.


Poor rudy was looking so fed up at this point that she decided to take pity upon him. She removed her knickers with all of their frills and climbed on top of him. He felt so warm inside of her. She angled herself just so, so that every time Rudy bucked up into her, she’d hit that spot she liked. She played with her clit too, not expecting Rudy to last long. She was being kind to him after all she’d done. Until she knelt up straight, hovering just tantalisingly out of reach. Rudy tried to buck up into her, but she remained out of reach.


“You know what to do.” She told him, still playing with herself above him. He looked conflicted, like he was gathering the courage to speak out loud.


“Jane please!” Rudy begged.


Jane squealed and clapped with delight. She did as she promised, holding on tight and Rudy thrust up into her, soon coming with a gasp. Jane kept going herself, after Rudy’s performance she was nearly there too. She orgasmed with a much louder cry. After a few minutes of recovery, lolling over Rudy’s chest, she reached up to undo the handcuffs.


“Thank you.” Said Rudy and kissed her.


He might not say much, but Jane always did like a man with manners.

Chapter Text

Fiddleford had always, secretly, been a kinky son of a gun. He hadn’t wanted to be, but when he got turned on whenever he hurt himself (by accident of course), he just couldn't deny it. But he didn’t tell anyone about it, didn’t trust anyone enough to know. Along with liking men. Liking men and being hurt. What a freak he was.


College was four years of hell.


But he got through it, yes he did. And he was happy at home working on his computers, until he got that fateful call.


In hindsight,  he should have turned it down.


But he was interested and eager (in more ways than one). It was good work with a good friend, what more could he ask for? Not a lot he’d wager. Their life progressed much like their college days: project work, study, sleep when they had to and not a bit before, they ate when they remembered. Fiddleford didn’t have time or energy to waste on thinking of other stuff. Including his family he’d uprooted from their hometown. Or even the subsequent breakdown of their marriage.


But his secret shame would rear it's ugly head.


He was just cutting out the templates for the scaled down prototype, when his hand slipped and  and the knife went straight into his finger. He pulled back immediately to inspect the damage. A but about a centimetre deep, straight into his finger above the knuckle. The pain hit him a couple of seconds later. He just stood there, staring at it as the rush of relief swiftly followed the first bite of pain. The wound throbbed with his heartbeat and he was entranced by the rhythm.


“Oh my god Fiddleford! Are you alright?” Sanford was there, taking Fiddleford’s hand in his and inspecting it closely. “We need to wrap this up. Hold it up like this.” Stanford manipulated him into position, then ran off to get ther first aid kit. Fiddleford was frazzled, whether it was more from the cut or from the touching, he couldn’t say. All he could do was sit and wait for Stanford to return.


Stanford treated his hand expertly. Fiddleford couldn’t stop his blush whilst he did it. He felt such a connection in that moment.


Apparently so did Stanford, as he kissed him then and there.


The next few weeks were a blissful blur in his mind. Kissing, embracing, they even had sex, -Fiddle-ford spent his time in a dream-like daze.


And yet.


And yet he found himself looking down at his new scar, pink and shiny on his finger. It wasn’t the scar that was attractive, but the memory of that time, the rush of pleasure after that first pinch of pain.


He had mastrubated furiously to the memory. Twice.


It was an itch that his encounters with Stanford couldn’t even scratch. And asking for it was impossible. He just couldn’t. He would just have to be happy with what he had, how couldn’t he be? So that is exactly what he did.


Then Stanford began acting... strangely. There was probably some sane reason for it, they hadn’t had much sleep lately, so maybe it was just that.


They still kissed and embraced and slept together, but Fiddleford often thought that Stanford was somewhere else at times.


When they were kissing once, Stanford bit his lip, hard enough to draw blood. Fiddleford couldn’t resist running his tongue over the wound. It tasted like iron.


“You like that, huh?” Stanford sounded strange.


Fiddleford didn’t know how to answer that. It wasn’t like Ford to be so forward. At least not with things like this. World changing science projects? Yes. Sex? Hell no. He blushed and looked away. It didn’t go any further that night though. Fiddleford thought that they would both forget about it.


Until he found himself tied up to the bed a week later.


He laughed nervously, not sure if he’d prefer this to be really happening or just a joke. He tried to look up.


“Uh, ok Stanford. You can let me go now.”


“Why would you want me to do that?” Asked Stanford.


Because he really wasn’t sure it was a good idea. Because he didn’t want Stanford to think less of him. Because he could barely admit to himself that he like pain, let alone involve someone else. But he really wanted it.


He didn’t say anything.


Instead, he moaned when Stanford raked his nails down his back.and pinched his arms ands legs. He cried when he spanked him so hard he wasn’t going to be able to sit down for a week. And when he pulled him backwards by the hair as he fucked him, bending him into a perfect arc, he came so hard he almost fainted.


Fiddleford wasn’t sure what was going to come next, but he was too blissed out to care at that point. He was broken out of his daze by a sudden clatter.


“No!” Cried Stanford. Fiddleford had barely lifted his head to ask what the matter was and Ford was gone, running out of the room and down the stairs in a flash.


He eventually got himself out of the pickle he was in upstairs and went down to the lab to find Ford. It was locked, but Fiddleford could swear he could hear multiple voices. Maybe he was calling someone. No-one could blame him for having a crisis.


Lord knew he was.

Chapter Text

Once again the day was saved. Great heroic deeds were done and many pure maidens saves, powerful and mysterious majicks were done and Loki... was in trouble again.


Leah hadn’t spoken to him the whole way home. He sighed, leaning against the wall as he waited for Leah to unlock their apartment. Their apartment. It still had such a lovely ring to it. It had been theirs for the best part of ten years now. They hadn’t both been there for all of that time, Loki was always happy when Leah decided to go do things she wanted- though she really needed to post photos more often, and he was often “called away” (or chased or summoned or arrested). But for once, they were both in the same place and the same time.


Loki hoped that Leah wasn’t regretting it.


She didn’t try to lock him out, which surprised Loki more than it should have. He followed her in. he expected her to blow up at any moment, but she didn’t after she changed her clothes, nor whilst settling down after they had ordered dinner, nor when dinner arrived and not even after they had eaten. He was beginning to think the suspense was on purpose and was the punishment itself.


“Kneel.” She said, later in the evening. He had almost waited for her to repeat herself, but her expression was stern enough that he ended on his knees in seconds.


“You really want to make it up to me?” She asked. Or warned. Loki found it very hard to tell sometimes. He nodded furiously. “Well then, usual rules?” He nodded. “What was that?” She asked.


“Yes Mistress.” He said, eager to please. She clicked her fingers and his clothes were vanished away and his neck gained a collar. He wished she would lose her own clothes at some point however, as he did so fumble with lacings.


He remained kneeling, awaiting her orders. It was a good job he didn’t get cold. She gave him only one order, to get on all fours. He did so and she placed her feet on his back. Then she turned on the television. He sighed. So it was going to be like that.


She watched one programme and still didn’t tell him to do anything else. Asgardian-like endurance or no, his knees were beginning to ache. He shifted a little and she dug her heel in as a warning. That was something at least, so he moved again.


“I will spell you in place if you keep doing that.” She warned. He pouted, but stopped. She changed the channel to a movie, which was horrible. And he couldn’t even pass commentary on it! Truly, it was two hours of torture. But at last it finished. Surely she’d do something with him now.


What she did was get up and leave the room, heading to bed. Loki moved to follow.


“Did I tell you to move?” She asked him. He stopped and made the most pathetic face he could muster. After a few moments, she reconsidered. “Come then.”


After all, she knew how much mischief a bored and unattended Loki could get up to.

Chapter Text

“Ah, that’s cold!” Cried Ishida.


“Oh, I’m sorry.” The source of the coldness went away and then came back again a little warmer. He relaxed again.


“Your heartbeat’s a little fast.”


“Oh.” Said Uryuu, as if he didn’t know a thing about anything. “Is that bad?”


“No, it should be fine. Could you turn around and lift up your shirt please? Or remove it, whatever you’re comfortable with.”


He warmed with the thought. Whatever he was comfortable with it was then. He dropped the shirt from his shoulders and turned around. The stethoscope was placed on his ribs on one side and then the other.


Ishida bit back his criticism of Ichigo’s placement.


“Sounds all good. Was there anything else the matter?”


“Well, my stomach’s been hurting.”


“Ok then. Just hop on to the bed and lie down.”


He did as he was told. It wasn’t quite the same as usual, there weren’t any of the crinkly paper protectors and the bed was actually a bed, not the usual examination table.


Ichigo put his hands on Uryuu, firmly pressing down on his belly and moving around. His hands were warm.


“Uh, lower down.” Interrupted Uryuu.


“Right, I’m just going to get some gloves for this next bit. I’ll need you to undo your pants and roll down the waistband.” again, Uryuu did as he was asked. Ichigo felt around lower down on his belly this time, past his bellybutton and towards his groin. He looked up at Uryuu. “Let me guess, even lower?” The pants were gone in a matter of moments, along with Uryuu’s underwear. “Do you want something to cover yourself with?”


They didn’t actually have anything. It was a pity they hadn’t prepared more in advance. They’d only thought of the obvious things, latex gloves, stethoscopes, speculums... Uryuu shook his head. “I’ll be fine.”


“Right.” It wasn’t as though being professional was actually a concern in this scenario of theirs. The less professional the better in fact.


But Ichigo tried to be at first. He took Uryuu’s dick in his gloved hand and lifted it gently to actually inspect it. His other hand came up underneath and cupped his balls. The scrutiny his genital were under was beginning to make Uryuu uncomfortable. Then Ichigo licked a stripe along his cock and uryuu jerked. His cock twitched in response and began to grow. Ichigo grinned up at him.


“Well that seems to be in working order. Want me to check further?” Yes, yes Uryuu did want him to check further and as thoroughly as possible.


Ichigo reached for the bottle of lube and covered two fingers in the substance.


“So this might feel a little uncomfortable. Let me know if you feel any pain though.” Ichigo slowly worked his fingers in. The latex was weird against his skin, Ichigo’s thumb was rubbing just above his hole. Uryuu wiggled a little, trying to get comfortable.


Ichigo jerked his fingers just so and Uryuu moved with the motion. He repeated it again and again and Uryuu grew harder and harder.


“Hmm, I can’t feel anything. Let me see if I can see anything.” Ichigo grabbed the large packet and opened it. It was a specialised speculum. Plastic and disposable - thank god, Ishida didn’t want to have to sneakily return one, no amount of autoclaving would remove the shame. Ichigo began covering it in lube. “So again, this is going to be a little cold and uncomfortable.” Then he was inserting it into Uryuu’s ass. It took a while for Ichigo to inflate the insert to the right level to allow the rest in.


“I can take it out if it’s too much.” Uryuu shook his head no. The stretch felt so satisfying to him. Ichigo took a long look through the instrument. Uryuu was even more embarrassed by the inspection, even though he knew that it was as clean as could be with prep and that it was a normal human body.


“Hmm. Think you might need a little supplement here.” Ichigo hummed. Uryuu rolled his eyes at the cliche that sounded like it was straight out of a porno. Ichigo unwrapped another piece of plastic, a syringe without a needle. Ichigo filled it with lube then inserted it through the middle of the speculum. The cold substance made Uryuu wince.


“Easy.” Ichigo pulled out the instrument at last and Uryuu could feel some of the lube seeping out a little. He didn’t linger on the feeling long, as Ichigo was in him almost immediately.


“Just a little prick, huh?” Uryuu couldn’t resist the quip. Ichigo didn’t go for the bait though, just pulled out and slammed back in, forcing the breath out of Uryuu. Ichigo did it again. It made a lot of noise when he did, as every thrust pushed a little bit of excess lubricant out of him. Uryuu hid his face in his hands. Why did Ichigo have to use so much?


But it did mean that Ichigo’s thrusts slid home every time, hitting his prostate straight on. Uryuu was already on edge after the earlier massage, it wasn’t long before he was coming, spurting all over himself. Ichigo worked a little more until he joined him, filling Uryuu up even further. He collapsed on top of him.


After a few minutes of recovery, Ichigo got up and rummaged for one more item.


“You took your shots really well. Here!” Ichigo held out a lollipop. Uryuu punched him in the arm.


But he still took the damn lollipop.

Chapter Text

Kaz would not be happy if he could see him now. All trussed up and blindfolded, completely at Quiet’s mercy. He wondered what Ocelot would think of it. Probably already knew and helped Quiet along no doubt, He should be more worried about that than he was.


So he remained kneeling there, waiting for Quiet to do something. He footsteps were so light that he couldn’t get a read on where she was. His hearing wasn’t what it used to be, too many nearby explosions and too much gunfire. Still the lack of sight was slowly sharpening his hearing as he paid more attention to it. He was fairly sure of which side of the room she was on.


She hummed. Right side of the room, but a lot closer than he’d expected. He flinched in surprise.


She put a hand on his shoulder to soothe him. He tried to lean into it as he thought she must be close. He had no luck and just hit empty space. He tried to reach further, but anymore and he would fall over. He huffed, frustrated. She hummed again. He turned his head and kissed her wrist. She shifted away. He followed the best he could, until all contact was broken.


But not for long, as something else was brought up to his face. Trusting her, he put his lips to the object. They met cool skin. Quiet’s skin was always cool, unless there was something wrong.


The skin was covered in sparse but sharp points. Stubble? He took a guess that he was kissing her calf. He made his way up, or what he thought was up, unsure of how Quiet was standing. She could be doing handstands for all he knew.


Up led him along the curve of her leg and to her knee. He could feel her twitch as he did, knees could be quite ticklish. From there, he trailed up the inside of her thigh. It was smooth, but he found the occasional stray hair but otherwise there was just normal fine peach fuzz. He licked his lips, they were getting dry. There was no taste from Quiet, he skin was neutral, cold and clean, like water from a moving stream. Quiet hummed again. She sounded pleased. He hummed back in response against her thigh. He continued to move further up, bolstered by her tone. The taut muscle of her lower thigh gave a little as he climbed up and up along it until he hit fabric. Quiet placed a hand on his head. She carded her fingers through his hair. It felt nice, almost as good as when she dug her fingers in to was his hair at her insistence.


He mouthed at the fabric, feeling the bristles of hair underneath. He worked back to the edge, nuzzling at the junction there, trying to get underneath, Quiet moved again. His beard was probably being quitt tickly.


He tried to nudge the pants to one side or the other, but he couldn’t get a hold, not without accidently goring her with his horn. She helped him, and dropped her bottoms immediately. Her hands returned to his hair and he continued his investigation, nuzzling into her hair. It was short and trim and he moved along the edge of it, following the border down. He flicked his tongue out between her lips, spreading them wider so that he could reach her better. He kissed her clit, humming as she hummed. He wandered down, tongue lapping over her pussy and inside her, lapping at the wetness there.


There was no tang to it, she tasted much more neutral and it was smooth on his tongue. She tasted a little... earthy? Not like a mouthful of dirt but... he had trouble describing it, but eagerly ate it up like a man starving.


He stopped for a minute when he felt her touch the piece of shrapnel in his head. It was a gentle touch, he only felt a small tug. He didn’t mind it and was about to resume when she rubbed her finger around the cone.


He shuddered throughout his entire body and cried out against her. She hummed in a tone of concern.


“I’m fine. Was just a bit unexpected.” Happy with his answer, she stroked it again. Even when he expected it, the feeling was overwhelming. But he couldn’t just stay kneeling there, so he got back to work. When she rubbed the horn, he moaned into her, as if the vibrations could move from her into him and back into her again.


His pants were getting tighter from the attention, it went through all of him, even his cock. Quiet placed her foot against it and he bucked against it, rutting like a dog. He didn’t mind creaming his pants. It was safer that way, once he’d gotten some on her and she itched for days.


A small flick to his horn was all it took for him to come with a moan. A little more teasing from him and she was coming too, gushing all over his face. He lapped up whatever he could, he thought it might have even tasted a little sweet.


Then she untied him, humming merrily as she did. She removed the blindfold. He wasn’t sure if it was just getting used to the light again, but he could have sworn her smile was brighter.

Chapter Text

At long last, a break in all of the plotting and scheming. Lelouch and Suzaku could finally relax in each other's arms for the first time in what could have possibly been forever. And both of them were considering it might well be the last time. Then tension had been building up for so long and now finally, they could act.


They had a huge bed and soft sheets to roll across and still they almost fell off twice, neither willing to cede the upper hand. After a short struggle, Lelouch gave in though, stamina was never his forte. A tactical retreat, he would have said if he could past Suzaku’s lips.


They wasted no time in removing each other’s clothes, getting tangled in each others clothes and then with each other. Suzaku was beginning to grow impatient with lelouch’s slower pace though, and as soon as he was naked, Suzaku tumbled him onto his back. Suzake reached over for the things he’d put aside earlier. Lelouch was happy to let Suzaku do all of the work, lying back in the sheets like a typical pillow princess. He didn’t even move when Suzaku was pressing his dick all the way into him


But Suzaku wasn’t finished yet. He pumped Lelouch’s cock as few times, ensuring it was good and hard. Then, Lelouch watched in confusion as Suzaku retrieved a metal bar and touched it to the tip of Lelouch’s cock. Lelouch almost shot back a mile.


“Please?” Asked Suzaku simply. Lelouch was little nervous at the thought, but the gain, when had he ever let that stop him? He nodded in permission and Suzaku began inserting the sound.


Lelouch had expected it to hurt. But instead, it just felt very, very strange. It wasn’t a very enjoyable sensation, it made him grit his teeth at first. When it was in, it felt like it went all they way down into his balls, rubbing him from the inside.


Then Suzaku thrust into him again. He screamed, as he was overwhelmed by the sensations, allowing Suzaku to set his own brutal pace, bouncing him up and down on the bed. It was hard and fast and Lelouch felt like he was being swept up by a force of nature and it was all he could do to repeat Suzaku’s name over and over again.


Suzaku came inside and Lelouch could feel it in his belly, ro so it felt.


But none of it distracted from the pressure he felt from within. It was like he was on the edge of coming, but no where near as well.


He tried to touch himself, but it just felt off, even painful as he squeezed his cock around the bar. Suzaku batted his hands away and took his cock in hand again. He touched the round tip of the bar and Lelouch shuddered, even though it was so small an action. Suzaku lifted it out, teasing until it was almost halfway out and the pushed it back in. Lelouch felt like Suzaku had just squeezed his balls, hard.


“Suzaku!” He begged. “Please!”


Suzaku kept doing it again and again and again until lelouch was a blithering mess. All Lelouch could do was call out Suzaku’s name. He kept saying please, but whether he was begging him to stop or keep going was impossible to tell. He apologised so many times, as though it migh convince Suzaku to show him mercy.


It fell upon deaf ears, but the moment Lelouch began to sob in delirium, Suzaku remove dthe bar entirely and Lelouch was coming, spurting come over his chest so hard some landed on his face. He passed out with the exertion, still murmuring Suzaku’s name.


Suzaku cleaned him up and settled down beside him, determined to make sure that Lelouch had some rest at last.

Chapter Text

Albel could take a lot of pain.


And he wanted to take it. He wanted to prove that he could withstand it, that he could rise above it and in that small part of him, the part that he could never silence, but only temporarily drown out, he wanted to be punished.


He thought that fayt could do that for him. He had before, beaten him senseless until he couldn’t give chase.


But now Fayt didn’t want to do that to him. Albel had tried to goad him into it, tried to force him to react but Fayt said he couldn’t do that to someone he ... Albel pretended not to hear the rest.


But Albel still wanted it. Needed it even, though death would take him long before he admitted to needing anything, especially such a thing as this.


So Fayt compromised with him, as he usually had to. So weak of him to renege on his word and his principles. He didn’t say that out loud lest Fayt change his mind. Instead he did as he was told when Fayt ordered him to lie face down on the bed, well, as much of an order as the boy could muster.


He didn’t like the act though. His top and skirt were already off, leaving his back bare and his scars, his failures were open on display for the whole world to see. The boy had better be quick with whatever he’d prepared. It would be best if Albel were not left alone with his thoughts for long.


There was a smell of smoke as Fayt approached him. Only faint, he looked and saw that he was carrying a candle. Albel was pensive.


“Are you alright with this?” Fayt asked him. Albel huffed at the implication of weakness. “Fine then. But I need you to tell me if it gets too much.” Again, Albel only grunted. “No. You need to promise to me that you will.” He forgot that Albel could be as stubborn as he was. “Albel.” Commanded Fayt, his voice filled with hidden steel.


“Fine. I will tell you if I want you to stop.” Acquiesced Albel. “But it will most likely be due to boredom than anything you can do to me.”


“We’ll see.” Albel looked away from Fayt. “I’m just going to start on your shoulders and we can go from there.”


The first drops hit his right shoulder and rolled down onto the sheets, leaving a hard, red trail. The sting was immediate and then gone almost as quickly, leaving a tingling, radiating heat along the line of wax.


Albel didn’t hiss at the first drops. The second was to the left of the other, along his spine. The pain was a low simmer again. The next one was down on his shoulder blade, It made him twitch a little and the wax collected in the hollow there. The sting lasted a little longer there, sating Albel as Fayt stopped for a few moments to think.


The next was a stripe along to the other shoulder blade and then the drops continued down his spine.


Albel shifted a little. The wax caught and cracked on his skin in a most satusfying way. He wanted to peel it off, but Fay had painted it in the most awkward place to reach.


Fayt held the candle closer, to the small of his back and let the candle drip all over him, allowing to coalesce there. Perhaps it wouldn’t cool so quickly and stay warm for longer. The pool spread a little when he arched back as the last drops hadn’t quite solidified.


Albel was a little disappointed when Fayt moved on, but the heat lingered like the rest of the wax. He could close his eyes and follow the path that had been left in his mind. He pondered if Fayt had a pattern in mind or if he was just pouring it when and where he wished.


He hissed when the wax met the tender juncture between ass and thigh. He wanted more and though he wouldn’t ask, he hoped that Fayt would see his wriggling and take the bloody hint.


He did, dripping the wax along the curve of his ass and back down the other cheek. Then Fayt peeled and scraped it all off and the began pouring again. Albel hissed and swuirmed, rubbign himself against the bed and sighing in the closest thing he’d get to satisfaction.


“Time to turn over?” Asked Fayt. Albel turned over without comment.


But when he moved, Fayt shifted as well as he was kneeling over Albel. He ended up slightly off balance and his hand tipped and the wax poured.


The pain lanced down the remnant of Albel’s arm. But it wasn’t just the pain, the heat didn’t die down like it had ebfore, in fact it was growing. Albel felt like he was going to be smothered by it, burned alive by it. Again. He couldn’t breathe.


Someone was trying to talk to him. He tried to make out the words, but there was nothing he could make sense of. Then there was a cooling sensation on his arm. He decided to focus on that instead. It was new, different to the burning he had felt, it was... wet? Yes, wet. It started cold but warmed up. He worked out it was a damp cloth. Why was it there. Fayt. Fayt was talking to him. He tried harder to listen to the words.


“Albel, talk to me please.” said Fayt. The usual prattle, he supplied after a few moments of coming to.


“Stop...” Ordered Albel, even though his voice sounded pathetic. Stop what?He thought to himself, Worrying? Fussing? Speaking? “I am not... weak.” He finished lamely.


“Never said you were.” Answered Fayt, reaching up with the washcloth to rub at Albel’s face. “Sweat, of course.”


“Of course.” Said Albel, his eyes still stinging with tears.

Chapter Text

Ugh, did it really have to explode everywhere? Of course it did, thought Keele with a grimace. He was going to be trying to get this out of his hair for the next week.

He looked over at the others who were in a similar state. Farah and Meredy both looked as grossed out and uncomfortable as he was.

“I think there was a stream back that way.” Pointed Farah. “So bagsy first! Wait till we get back okay?” They ran off in a cloud of dust before Keele could argue. Hell no, it was not okay! He was covered in ichor and needed to bathe just as much as they did. Even more because his hair was longer, damnit!

But he was left with Reid. Keele looked around to see where Reid was.

Reid was still over by the meagre remains of the monster, picking through it. Reid stood up and examined an item in the sunlight. He cut a strong and imposing figure there and Keele found himself unable to look away. Reid looked almost primal, covered in blood and gore fresh from the kill. Where Keele probably looked a mess and completely out of his element, Reid looked like he belonged.

Reid waved at Keele and the spell was broken.

“Guess we got a bit close, huh?” Reid at least had the decency to look a little sheepish.

“Yeah.” Keele was still a bit dazed.

“Are you ok?” Reid peered at Keele with concern. “You didn’t get hurt, did you?”

“Huh? No! No, I didn’t.” Keele blushed under Reid’s scrutiny and grew even redder when Reid placed his forehead against his.

“You feel really warm.” Keele couldn’t say anything, not when they were so close that their lips could...

Their lips touched together. Keele fancied he could taste the bitter tang of monster blood on Reid’s lips. Keele still licked his own on reflex. Reid took this as a sign to dive in for another kiss. Keele grasped his shoulders, smudging the stains already there.

“More?” Asked Reid.


They kissed again. Reid’s hands trailed down his robe, printing distinct handprints in the blood already there. It was never going to come out of the white fabric. His hands cupped Keele’s ass through the robe and squeezed.

“What do you wear under there?” Reid questioned as he felt Keele up.
“Underwear of course! What kind of question is that?” Exclaimed Keele, indignant. Reid grinned.

“So you mean I can just do this?” Reid lifted Keele’s robe up, showing off his pale legs and black underwear. Keele scrambled to pull it back down, but Reid refused to let go.

“Reid, stop!” In the struggle, Keele’s feet went out from under him as his slipped in the monster remains. He fell with what he could probably admit was a less than manly shriek and pulled Reid down with him too in a last ditch attempt to balance himself.

This was the last straw, he was soaked in blood now! Reid wasn’t much better, he’d fell too, but was now holding himself above Keele. Keele’s mouth fell slack again. Reid was looking at him with a strange expression that Keele thought he’d seen him direct at meat.

He leant down to kiss him again. One hand held himself up and the other went back down to the rucked up hem of the robe, then up and along to the hem of his underwear.

Keele gasped as Reid touched him with his bloodied hand. It wasn’t as slippery as he thought it would be, in fact it was more sticky than anything. Reid made short movements with his hand, so he didn’t pull too hard at Keele.

Keele wanted to return the favour, he scrambled to open Reid’s trousers. Reid’s cock was firm and Keele began to stroke him too, but with much cleaner hands.

They kissed again, stroking each other. They moaned and used all of the little tricks they had learned in their relationship. They came over each other, rolling in pleasure amongst the monster carcass. The addition to the mess was barely noticeable.

They quickly fixed themselves up before the girls came back, but both swore that this would continue when it was their turn to bathe.

Chapter Text

“Yes father.”


It was something that David had said in anger, tired from a full day of meetings and not at all willing to suffer any more scolding. So when Torgal had “Kindly suggested” something, he had retorted cruelly.


After he had rested, he apologised profusely to Torgal and the whole situation was forgiven and forgotten, or as much as it could be between the Marquis and the Sovani.


However, there was one small part of David that did not; his inappropriate and youthful crush on the advisor. That decided that the situation should be remembered and remembered well.


“Stop squirming child.” Multiple hands held him down on Torgal’s lap.


“I can’t!” David kept trying to wriggle. A hand swatted at his thigh and he cried out. Finally he stopped moving around so much.


“Good boy.” Said Torgal. David whined a little at the praise. Torgal stroked his hair, petting him almost as if he was a pet. He leaned into the comforting contact, sighing in response. He looked up at Torgal. He silently implored the man to do more.


“What do you want?” Torgal sounded slightly aggrieved, but he also knew that he’d give David what he wanted eventually.


“A kiss?” Asked David coyly. Torgal kissed him briefly, chastly on the lips. David frowned and whined a little. “That’s not what I meant.”


“What did you mean then?” Torgal was being purposefully frustrating, as if he didn’t know what David meant.


“I want one like this.” David took Torgal’s face in his hands and reached up for a long kiss, opening his mouth against the other’s. Kissing a Sovani was difficult, but he did it, angling his head at an awkward angle. Torgals’s tongue was rough against his. When they parted, david was bright-eyed and breathless.


“Like that.” Said Torgal. David nodded. Torgal kissed him again, just as deeply as before.


After that kiss, David started wriggling again.


“What’s wrong?” Asked Torgal. He looked down at David’s lap, where his hard on was visibly tenting his trousers. Torgal tsked and David had the shame to look abashed. “Would you like me to help you with that?”


“Yes.” David said eagerly. Torgal swatted him on the thigh again.


“Yes what?” He warned.

“Yes please?” David replied. “Daddy?” Was the cherry on the top of the sweet request. Torgal picked him up with all four hands, turning him around to face away from him. Then those hands were all over him, one pair helping him out of his trousers and the other sneaking under his shirt, exploring his chest and pinching his nipples. He writhed under the attention, bucking up into Torgal’s hands.


The Sovani’s hand was soft and plush against his cock and felt very different than David’s own Mitran hand as it stroked up and down his cock.


“Oh please!” Begged David. “Please daddy!”


Torgal did so, pumping him fasted, squeezing a little harder and massaging the head of his cock with the soft pad of his thumb.


David came in his hand with a cry of delight.


And waking up, David came in his pyjama bottoms.


It wasn’t the best way to wake up. He practically ran to his bathroom to wash and scrub himself clean with the hottest water he could brave.


It still didn’t help him look Torgal in the eyes, and he only managed that a week later.

Chapter Text

“Welcome to our humble shop, young master.” The young man introduced Doumeki into the old-fashioned store through the paper doors. Doumeki looked around, feeling confused, but he didn’t say anything. “What would you like to purchase today?”


“Nothing.” Answered Doumeki. A simple reply as always.


“Nothing?” Replied Watanuki, eye twitching slightly. “Surely there must be something?” He tried to hint, but as usual it just bounced off.


“I’m just here ot visit you.” Said Doumeki.


Watanuki looked fit to burst. “Doumeki, don’t you remember what I said about roleplaying?”




“Well, what do you think we’re doing?”




Watanuki wanted to scream,. Or strangle him. Anything to stop Doumeki from being so frustrating!


“We are playing a game.” Watanuki spat out from behind gritted teeth. “So play along will you?”


“Okay.” Watanuki blinked. It was that simple? He took a deep breath and put a smile on his face again.


“What would the young master wish to purchase today?” He asked again, just as poltiely.




“Me?” watanuki knew it was part of the script, but he still couldn’t help but blush under Doumeki’s intense gaze.




“Well I suppose that can be arranged. What would you like to - urk!” Watanuki was cut off as Doumeki grabbed him and held him tight. His face was pressed to Doumeki’s chest and he had to puch away from him in order to get some air. “Um, sir, if I could just breathe for a minute.”


Doumeki let up a little.


“Great. Now I suppose there’s the matter of payment.” Watanuki looked at him expectantly. Doumeki looked back blankly. The he shrugged. Watanuki could have fallen down in defeat. “What, nothing at all?” Doumeki pulled his pockets out - both were completely empty. Except jammed in the seam of one was a small stick. It was a fortune - but just a so-so one.


“I guess this will have to do.” Watanuki held his hand out for it. Doumeki dropped it into his palm.


“I’m sure you’ll be a lot more fortunate after this.” He winked, feeling unusually flirtatious. He was really getting into this.


The Doumek tackled him to the floor. Watanuki was not happy about it and made sure his complaints were heard, until Doumeki silenced him with his lips. He made quick work of Watanuki’s robe. It had only been loosely tied at the front. At least this meant he was well prepared.


Doumeki was kneeling between his spread legs, looking at him just as intently as he had ebfore. Watanuki felt like a bug under a magnifying glass. And he felt naked, but he supposed that was because he was.


“Sir, please.”


Doumeki found where he’d prepped himself before. His fingers ran through the little bit of slick that was smudged around his asshole. Doumeki lined up and entered him smoothly in one thrust.

“Not so rough!” Watanuki scolded. It had been worth wearing the larger plug all afternoon, so it didn’t hurt, but he still didn’t appreciate being manhamdled like a sack of potatoes.


“Sorry.” Doumeki stopped.


“Well don’t just stop!” Cried watanuki.


Doumeki did as he was ordered to? Who was the customer here? It didn’t really matter, he supposed. He leant down and kissed Watanuki’s neck, down along his collarbone and at all the skin he could reach. Watanuki moaned as he sucked a particularly sensitive spot.


“Hey, no marks!”


Doumeki grunted and stopped, using his hands instead to jerk him off. It certainly stopped watanuki from complaing any furthre. Instead he bit his lip and thrust up into his hand. He called out Doumeki’s name and begged him to move faster.


Doumeki oblige dhim, he’d give watanuki anything he wanted. Well mostly anything. He did whatever Watanuki aske dhim to until finally Watanuki was coming, purting all ovwer his stomach. Doumeki drove into that tight, clenching heat and came inside. It was a heavenly moment.


It didn’t last long though. Almost as soon as he was done, Watanuk jumped up, complaining about the mess he’d made of himself and he’d dirtied the robe and could doumeki make himself useful for once? Doumeki mourned briefly for that fleeting afterglow, then got up to do whatever Watanuki was fussing about.


When he was clean and tody again, Watanuki took the stick and put it in the storeroom. According to the rules, it wasn’t worth anything as it was traded for something that would have been freely given anyway. What was Yuuko doing that needed fake currency?

Chapter Text

Despite the scenario, there was one big rule to their set-up: No collars.


That was fine, just pretending they were good, well kept pets who had no need of such things. Or strays worked too. Santi could be a good dog and Wolfe... didn’t exactly stick to his namesake.


“Here kitty kitty.” Crooned Santi, hoping to call Wolfe over to the bed. But no, he was content to lie on the rug and stretch out lazily as Santi watched. It was a nice view of Wolfe laying on his back.


It was also a very obvious trap.


But still Santi wanted to pet Wolfe so much. He had to admit he had never been good with cats. Which is probably why Wolfe said he was a dog person. And such a good dog too.


He reached over regardless, his hand hovered over Wolfe’s stomach, waiting for him to strike. There was a moment of anticipation and then flesh met flesh.


There was no attack.


Wolfe looked up smugly. Santi began scratching and tickling at Wolfe’s stomach. He knew for sure that he was going to get it at some point, so he didn’t bother getting too comfortable.


Sure enough, there came hands around his wrist, trying to pull him down. Wolfe might not have claws, but he could still make things difficult. So Santi decided to allow Wolfe to pull him down, collapsing on top of him.


This led to a lot of scrambling from underneath him.

“Whoops.” Santi apologised half-heartedly. “Sorry kitty.”


Wolfe hissed at him, but couldn’t pretend to claw at him with Santi’s weight on him. Santi sat up and swiftly pulled Wolfe into his lap. He stroked his hair, hoping it would calm him down. “Good kitty.” He moved down and petted his neck. Wolfe practically purred. Santi kept petting him. It was just as comforting as the real thing, if not more so. Whereas a cat might go limp and practically puddle in someone’s lap, Wolfe went limp and soft against him, lounging over him as though he was another piece of furniture. On the other hand, he’d heard of dogs humping the furniture, but not cats...


“Want me to take care of that for you?” He offered as he realised what was digging into his stomach.


Wolfe didn’t actually nod, which made sense Santi supposed as cats didn’t, but he didn’t move to stop him or use their safeword, so Santi went ahead. Santi was still weary of another attack though.


Santi touched the base of Wolfe’s cock, his fingers travelled through the dark curls there, just like he’d petted him before. “There’s a good kitty.” Slowly he worked his way up along the shaft, not wanting to startle him. When he began to move slowly, the purring started up again. “Who’s a pretty kitty? You’re such a pretty kitty.”


Wolfe rolled against him, trying to get a close as possible. His head dug into Santi’s shoulder, rubbing against his collarbone as if he was scenting him.


Santi wanted to kiss him, but he wouldn’t keep still for long enough, and just flashed him a sharp grin. So he twisted his hand just so and Wolfe mewled loudly. Santi loved the sound and kept going as Wolf miaowed into his shoulder. The there was a yowl as he came inot Santi’s hand. Santi worked him through it and Wolfe flopped limblessly against him again. Santi wiped his hand off with the wipes he’d kept nearby.


“Finished?” He asked Wolfe, who answered by pushing him back and down.


“I don’t think I’ve had any cream yet.” He said coyly.

Chapter Text

It would probably be frowned upon by most of Archadia, nay, most of Ivalice if they knew that the Emperor was in relations with his most favoured Judge Gabranth... or rather Basch.


He had known him for half his life ow, over a decade of forced proximity meant that there was no way they could not have grown close together. Some would argue that they had grown too close.


Larsa would argue that one day, a day encroaching ever closer, he would have to marry someone that he might not even like, let alone love, and beget heirs with them. So he would take his comforts where he could, as he was now, with Basch in his bed.


And Larsa astride him, legs open wide. He groaned as he moved back and forth, pushing Basch’s thick cock into him. He bit down his moans, as the staff were gossipy enough as it was, there was no need to add fuel to the fire.


“Basch.” He moaned in practically a whisper. He looked down at his judge, who was happy enough to let him do as he would, only rokcing against him soflty, letting Larsa do his onw work. But then Basch’s attention was drawn elsewhere.


Larsa tried to look behind himself, but hands held his head in place, looking straight ahead. But the hands were familiar to him.


“Gabranth?” He asked, breathless with disbelief.


“Yes, my lord?” The man behind him softly answered. It was his voice. It really was him! But how? “Hush my lorde.”


He wanted to turn around so badly, why couldn’t he? However, it felt like his limbs were made of lead. Basch pulled him down to kiss him, distracting him from the man who was now pressing against Larsa’s back. He felt hot and broad and just as Larsa had imagined Gabranth would. Larsa felt soft kisses againts his neck, then his shoulder, collarbone and more, all forminga  trail down his spine. He shuddered.


“Please Gabranth.” He pleaded between Basch’s kisses. Gabranth hummed against the small of his back. Larsa wasn’t even sure what he was asking for, but would take whatever Gabranth would give him. Gabranth’s hands followed his mouth, working down to his ass which he squeezed. Larsa moaned into BAsch’s mouth. Gabranth’s thumbs traced over where Basch and LArsa were connected. They ran around the edge and caught against the ring of muscle. He teased a little, slowly working a finger in against the cock already filling the space.


Basch also groaned into their kiss. He stopped and looked at Larsa with concern. “Will you be alright my lord?” Larsa winced a little as Gabranth continued. “Larsa?”


“I want what Gabranth can... I want what both of you can give me,” He replied, rocking back on the two men.

Gabranth stopped using his thumb and switched to his fingers. After a moment of preparation, he slid a finger in gently, with more ease than before. Larsa leant against Basch, burying his head in his shoulder as Gabranth slowly stretched him out with one finger, then two and finally three, moving outwards. The burn was strong but nothing Larsa was unwilling to take. At last, the fingers were removed and Gabrantha placed the tip of his dick against Larsa’a stretched out hole.


“Lord Larsa?”


“Do it Gabranth.” Gabranth slowly entred him in one long unerring movement. For a moment, Larsa thought it wouldn’t fit, but Gabranth bottomed out. The pressure was immense for all three, the tightness was almost painful for Basch and Gabranth and Larsa was immeasurably full, afraid to move, as though any movement would make him burst. They all held still for almost a minute and tried to catch their breath.


One of them, and none of them could actually tell who, tested them with a small movement. Larsa cried out. With the girth of the two inside him, every minute twitch, push and pull, could be felt fully. And for the other two, they could feel every spasm around their cocks.


Gabranth took the decision to move for the three, pulling back gently, so that Larsa whimpered for the loss and not from any pain. The slide back in was almost as gentle, the pleasure ebbing and flowing with it. Gabranth steadily picked up his pace. Basch was placing kisses against Larsa’s jaw and rubbing his arms, comforting as it all built back up again. It was too much for Larsa. He began sobbing between them as they enveloped him. He felt so warm, so loved as Basch kissed his tears away and Gabranth held him tightly from behind, anchoring him as he reached his completion.


Larsa awoke in his room, cold and dark and alone. He could taste the salt on his lips form the tears on his face. He curled up in a ball and allowed the rest to fall.  

Chapter Text

Well this was a whole load of crap. A steaming pile of it. Poe was never going to get his hands clean.


The plan had been to settle down at this dirty, stinking dive bar and wait for their informant to show, would take maybe a couple of weeks tops. They’d have to look like they were looking for work, so they asked for jobs. It was a good cover to explain why they’d be appearing day in, day out. To their surprise, they got jobs. Finn got recruited as a janitor and he wasn’t happy about it. But his displeasure gave him just the amount of saltiness to make him believable.


Poe on the other hand got a smirk and told to go out back. What he ended up with was a five foot by five foot cupboard with a hole in the side. He was almost out of there as quick as a flash, but then the owner came in and explained more. Poe wouldn’t even have to touch them (and shouldn’t - it was a clever way to get around the few by-laws about sex work they had out here), just jack the paying customers off with the appropriate toys, don’t forget to wear gloves (that he would have to provide himself), Poe found himself blanking out the rest of the spiel.


“So you gonna take the job or not?” The owner gave him a suspicious look. He might have panicked a little and said yes. Besides, Finn was technically his junior, it would have been unfair to leave him on his own on this one.


A week later and Poe was seriously regretting it. He swore his hand was about to fall off. It would have helped if Finn could stop making crappy jokes about it too. But today was the day. Today was the day they were going to make the handover and get the fuck out of this place.


Poe had never been happier to see the end of a mission, even if it hadn’t involved fighting and near-death experiences. He just wanted some dignity back.


Better yet, it’s a quiet day, things were looking up.


And then a dick appeared. Poe sighed, and cursed his thoughts.


Well, it was definitely human. And definitely familiar. Poe had a moment of concern, but then thought better of it. Finn knew what he was doing, he must have just been bored waiting for the drop. Poe was tempted to leave him hanging.


On the other hand, his dick had other ideas. No stroker for this guy, Poe wanted Finn in his mouth. He did it slowly, kissing and licking at the tip and around the head. It twitched as he closed his mouth around it. He sucked it gently and let it go from his lips with a loud pop. He wondered if Finn could hear it through the flimsy wall between them. If not, at least he definitely felt it.


He dived back in, taking it halfway this time. He swiped his tongue along the underside and relished the slight salt taste on his tongue. He could have seriouslt done it all day, just holidng Finn’s dick in hos moutgh, all warm and firm. Poe’s cock was just as hard now. They did nto have the time for it, but perhaps their next day off, maybe just a few hours break, they could do it in their toom. Finn could catch up on whatever holo he wanted while Poe would kneel there happily. Poe sighed dreamily through his nose, before getting back to work.


He took all of Finn, as mucha s was possible, until his nose hit the divider. He was very glad he had cleaned it earlier, but also slightly disappointed he couldn’t smell anything over the chemicals. Or breathe easily. It was difficult to tell if the tears in his eyes were due to the lingering fumes or the hard obstruction in his throat. He drew back to breathe a little more easily,t hen headed back down. Poe really wanted to bury his face in finn’s hair and kiss him all over, but he couldn’t. He couldn’t go any further, kissing and sucking at Finn’s ball always got a wonderful reaction out of him.


He definitely couldn’t wait to get home now. If they were home already, Poe would have been able to see the furrow of  his brow and the cute scrunch of his nose that told him he was close. He would have his hands on Finn’s stomach as they tightened. Maybe finn’s hands would have been in his hair, pulling slightly, not too tight, but just enough to send shivers down Poe’s spine.


But for now, he would have to do with the small spurts of precome and the twitching of Finn’s cock in his mouth. Poe swallowed Finn down again, nose pressed against the wall. His throat spasmed around it, Poe moaned, just like Finn liked. It didn’t take much more to end it and Poe could feel him coming down his throat. He swallowed it down as best he could, although Finn pulled back a little too early, the last of his come painted a stripe across Poe’s lips. Hey, the wall did come in handy after all.


Finn’s cock disappeared back through the hole. Poe gave Finn a few moments to tuck himself back in and sort himself out before getting out of the cupboard.


There was Finn, holding up a bag triumphantly. Poe grinned.


“You got it?” He narrowed his eyes at Finn. “So what was all that about then.”

“Well, I thought it was.... An opportunity?” Finn looked like he might have realised he had made a mistake. But Poe just smiled at him.


“C’mon let’s go.” Said Poe. “I’m sure they won’t mind us skipping out early.”


And who knows, maybe he could get Finn to return the favour on the way back.

Chapter Text

The book was a first edition. In fact, it was the only edition, with just a single print run of fifty ever done. It was made for the collection of a private club and its members. The contents were never meant to be seen by outsiders. And now Maya had a copy! She had to hold back her joy as they made the exchange. Despite that, the man handing it over gave her a knowing grin. She scowled in return. He had no idea whatsoever.


She practically ran back home with it. Home being the saloon that she was staying at the past month whilst following a few leads. Alfred, Todd and Shady were in the next town over following another lead there, which meant that Maya had peace and quiet. Or she would have, if she wasn’t also playing hostess with the mostest to Filgaia’s number one fugitive, Virginia Maxwell.


Apparently do-gooding didn’t pay, which Maya was failry sure she’d told Virginia so a long time back, but Maya had a soft spot for Virginia, so from time to time she helped her out. That was all it was, she used to tell herself. Then she realised it was a crush, which she tried to stomp out, but all that did was lead to an outright confession and now they were lovers. Maya didn’t know why she’d bothered to fight it, it was what had happened in all of her books. Maybe she should have confessed whilst using her powers to be one of those protags, instead of her dreary self. But it worked, so maybe she was good for something after all.


Not that Virginia was opposed to some of Maya’s characters. She had quite liked Sister Palma and her light BDSM adventures with spanking, but had to draw a line at the Marquise d’Angua’s more sadistic nature. After that, they’d made a full checklist of things they were interested and Maya had been on the lookout for related books between treasure hunts.


“So, how do you feel about ropes tonight?” Asked Maya, holding up the book as Virginia welcomed her back with a kiss.


“Sounds good.” virginia answered chirply. However, her stomach seemed to have different ideas as it rumbled loudly. “Uh, we can have dinner first though, right?”


“I’ll have them bring something up.” Maya purred with anticipation. She handed the book over to Vriginia. “ In the meantime, why don’t you find something you like in here?” And she left Virginia to skim read through.


When she came back ten minutes later, Virginia was quite engrossed. “Found something you like?”


Virginia looked up at Maya. She must have found something good as her face was a delicious shade of pink. Virginia nodded and Maya clapped her hands in delight. She made grabby hands for the book and read through the chapter that Virginia had been reading. Oh, it was such a good part! Her girl had such good taste sometimes.


“Why don’t we get started while we wait for dinner?” Suggested Maya as she worked her magic.


When the food arrived, she answered the door in her character form, who was wrapped in a luxurious silk robe and had long, dark hair in a voluminous ponytail. The maid was left gawping as she handed over the tray. Maya thanked her and closed the door. She placed the tray on the table and disrobed. The robe was draped over a chair. Underneath, Maya was wearing a red silk rope harness, tied in a standard tortoiseshell pattern. She found it surprisingly comfortable. Perhaps she’d have to try it under her clothes sometime.


She already had Virginia tied up in purple rope, tied up in a similar harness, but with her arms tied behind her back too. Purple was a lovely colour on Virginia.


“Still hungry dear?” Virginia nodded, and Maya sat down and motioned for her to come forward. She shuffled over on her knees, stopping only a foot away. Maya held out a forkful of food and Virginia took it.


“Thank you, ma’am.” She said after she had swallowed the mouthful. After all, they had already gone over table manners with Sister Palma. When she was over halfway through, she stopped.


“We don’t want to do this on a full stomach do we?” Last time they’d done something like this straight after dinner, Virginia had complained of feeling sick. “Up you come now.”


Virginia stood up on legs that had almost gone to sleep so she was a bit shaky. Maya held onto a section of rope to keep her steady. Virginia moaned as it caused the rope around her breasts to tighten. Maya played with another section higher up that pulled the two strands taut, pinching a nipple on her other breast. Virginia moved into it, which shifted the knot that was perfectly placed against her clit. She bucked again, writhing against Maya. Maya slapped her ass as a warning and she stopped immediately. Maya gave her a long kiss as a reward. Virginia sighed as she pulled away.


“If you liked that,” Maya said low and tempting. “Then I have a whole lot more for you.”


Then, moving of its own volition like a snake, a rope threaded itself into knots and stretched from one side of the room to the other, the last stretch slipping between Virginia's legs. The knot in her harness unravelled and a new length of rope wrapped itself intricately around her legs, hobbling her. Maya kissed her again, then stepped back. She tried to follow, shuffling her legs, but overbalanced and almost fell. Maya caught her and set her upright again. Maya took another step back.


“Ah- Wait! Please.” Virginia begged. She was trying her best to follow, but her feet could only move a couple of inches at a time, and the slow burn of the rope against her lips and clit made it slow going.


“I’ll be waiting at the end dear.” Maya coaxed her forward. “I know you can make it.”


Virginia continued to hobble forwards as best she could. After a foot of the rope, she was beginning to get the hang of it. But then there was the first knot. It felt so hard and so big, like she was trying to get over a mountain. It spread her wider and pressed harder into her clit. She kept moving forward determinedly. It slid past over her hole and pressed up into her slightly, teasing the edges. She continued even as it caught slightly on the way out. But at last she was past it. Her legs trembled slightly.


“ Well done dear.” Called Maya from the end of the rope. “Just nine more to go.”


It felt like it was miles away. Virginia’s face dropped for a moment, before it set back into that determined, stubborn expression that was secretly one of Maya’s favourites to look at, from either side of the battlefield. Virginia hobbled along much quicker than she had on the first stretch. She winced and struggled over the next few knots, her expression faltered and she opened her mouth to gasp. For the fifth knot, she shifted up onto her tip toes as she moved across it. Once she was past it, the ropes around her legs tightened even further and she had to stop before she stumbled.


Maya tutted. “I saw what you did there my dear.” She shook her head. “I’m very disappointed in you.”


“I thought it was clever myself.” Puffed Virginia. A piece of rope made its way between her teeth before she could close her mouth again and it tied itself off neatly behind her head.


“No backchat dear, I thought we’d been through that one before.” Maya clicked her fingers and the length of rope began to thicken, Virginia could feel it. The knots were bigger too. The rope around her legs relaxed again. Virginia understood it was the time to start moving again. She shuddered at the increased pressure. At the sixth knot, she had to stop as her knees threatened to buckle. She wanted to get up as quickly as possible, as the burn of the rope grew as she leaned against it. She groaned low and in discomfort. Her shuffle ended up more of a shamble for the next part. Seven, she sat with it almost insider for nearly a minute as she worked up the strength to keep going, but it just made it catch more when she moved again. She hurried over eight, she was so close now, but she could feel herself getting closer still, which made her legs all wobbly. Nine, she couldn't resist rocking back and forth a little on, until she shook herself off and stepped forward. One, two, three, four, each tiny step forward felt like a mile. Until at last she was on the last one. And Maya was there to catch her.


“There we are, good girl.” Maya removed the rope from her mouth and replaced it with her lips. Virginia kissed her lazily, too dazed and distracted. She worked herself against the knot. Maya held her tight, moving her hands down to her ass. She squeezed her gently, then moved to playing with the harness again, teasing Virginia’s breasts without even touching them. The knotted rope seemed to have a mind of its own, undulating back against Virginia with every stroke. She came with another groan, that Maya caught greedily as she held Virginia up.


And with a puff of magic, the whole set-up was vanished away, back to the realms of fiction where it belonged for now. Maya helped Virginia over to the bed on her foal like legs and settled her down on the blankets.

Chapter Text

Yuri had decided to follow Raven that evening. See how the old man liked being stalked for a change. If he was going to be truly honest, he was surprised he had gotten as far as he had. Raven was a slippery character to say the least. So when Yuri managed to follow him all the way to the Sagittarius at a bit past midnight, he considered himself lucky. But perhaps he’d spoken too soon.


The tavern was quiet and the bar was dark and empty, apart from one patron snoozing in the corner and snoring loudly. He must have been friendly with the bar staff if he wasn’t turfed out come closing time. At least the snoring provided good cover as he crept to the Don’s office, where he could see the only light on. The door was ajar and he could hear talking as he came closer.


“-- I don’t like it.”


“Well, if this is what things come to, it’s what it comes to.” That was the Don, loud and clear.




“What are you gonna do about it?”


“I--” Then there was a long sigh.




And then all Yuri could hear was the sound of the drunk’s snoring. He crept closer and opened the door just a couple more inches to peer in.


Don Whitehorse and Raven were kissing. It took Yuri a few moments to work that one out, he really hadn’t been expecting it. Whitehorse was cupping Raven’s face in his hands, but they were so big it hid the other’s entire face. Yet he still had the dexterity to reach up and easily remove Raven’s hair band. That same hand ran through the long hair, again with an unexpected gentleness. Raven’s coat was dumped to one side. Yuri thought that Rave looked tiny in comparison to the Don without the added bulk, a scary thought as he and Raven were fairly similar in size. Raven’s own hands were were under Whitehorse’s jacket, roaming over the broad shoulders. It was shrugged of.


Yuri watched as the pile of clothes slowly grew, gaining boots, a knife belt and a pair of trousers. Raven took his shirt off last, undoing each button slowly. It was almost reluctant as opposed to the show that Yuri would have expected from the man. He had no idea why he was playing shy, apparently one of the things Raven had been hiding was a very fit body for his age. Yuri looked him over, drawing his eyes down his back and along the curve of a firm, round ass. It was quickly covered by the don’s hands and he pulled Rave back towards him again. Yuri looked up again and this time his attention was drawn to the scars. The pair had a lot between them and for the most part they were old scars, lighter and silvery or pale pink. But on Raven’s back there was a wide circle, with small lines that radiated like a sun from it, like a pale star against the rest of his skin. Yuri had no idea what could cause such a thing, it almost looked like he’d gotten on the long end of a lance. But that kind of thing would have killed him.


The hands and bodies moved, Yuri’s concentration was broken. Raven lifted himself up on his knees as best he could with them spread over Whitehorse’s lap. Yuri could see everything, Whitehorse’s cock sprung up between Raven’s legs, shiny and glistening, already worked over. It was as big as the rest of the man. Yuri’s brain attempted to work out how it could fit, and when it struggled, he settled for watching the Don spread Raven’s ass open wide, letting him see the head of his cock pressing against Raven’s hole.


Yuri absentmindedly rubbed himself. Even just this had him hard in his pants. And then there was a low, long whine as slowly Raven began to open up around that cock. They just let gravity do the work and Raven slowly sank down the length of it. Yuri moved to jerking himself properly as he watched the Don’s cock slide out of sight. He tightened his own grasp, mimicking how tight he thought it must be.


Yuri could hear Raven moaning softly, small quiet murmurs he just couldn’t hold back. Soon they became needy ones, encouraging the Don to lift him up by the hips and drop him back down again. Raven threw his head back, obscuring the rays of his scar. Again and again Whitehorse picked Raven up to drop him back down again. It was quicker and quicker as he fucked him, leaving Raven a breathless, whimpering mess, until he wrapped his meaty hands around Raven’s thighs and thrust up into him. Raven screamed. Yuri immediately reacted and turned to the tavern where the sleeping drunk was. The snoring continued and Yuri turned around.


Only for his eyes to meet the Don’s. Yuri bolted upright in shock. Here he was, literally caught with his dick in his hand. Still hard. And growing harder as all Don Whitehorse did was raise a silver eyebrow at him.


Yuri froze under his attention, until he looked back to Raven, who was still unaware, eyes closed tightly and head thrown back. Should Yuri go now? Or stay? The Don clearly didn’t care either way, as he kept fucking Raven without any hesitation. So Yuri remained where he was and still kept his hand on his dick. If the Don wanted to put on a show, who was he to argue?


He just really hoped that Raven didn’t notice him, or he’d never hear the end of it. Or perhaps he would? He didn’t think Raven was the kind of guy to want this getting around. So this would probably shut him up in future. It might get a bit awkward though, especially if that meant admitting how long he had been watching for.


Raven wasn’t quite as loud as his first scream, but he was definitely letting go, his loud cries filled the room and Yuri almost lost track of the snoring under them. Whitehorse was giving it some force, bouncing Raven up and down on his ap, but holding his arms still. Raven’s moans were muffled as they kissed again. Yuri wondered what it would be like to kiss either of them. It would probably lead to some major stubble rash, Looking at the rest of him, Raven wasn’t that hairy, which was a bit of a surprise. Did he have chest hair? The Don raised his hand up around the man’s chest and was stroking a thumb over something, too high to be a nipple. Another scar? Whatever it was, it was sensitive as Raven’s moans became ragged and needy again. Yuri regained his previous rhythm with his hand. The Don said something to Raven, murmuring it in his ear. Yuri couldn’t hear it, and Raven’s reply was an unintelligible whine.


“Who does this belong to?” Whitehorse repeated himself louder this time. It was gruff and low and oh so fucking hot, Yuri could feel his dick twitch in his hand. He was getting close.


“D-don’t.” Raven choked out.


“Raven.” Yuri wished that he would say his name like that, low and admonishing, with an underlying warmth that belied their relationship. Raven really was Whitehorse’s man, huh?


Raven mumbled something that Whitehorse leant forward to hear. “What was that?” He asked, had he heard and just wanted Raven to say it louder? The possessive voice was really getting to Yuri, he was almost there.


“It’s yours.” Yuri could just make it out, but it wasn’t enough for the Don, who pulled out and back in again hard enough to make Raven choke. “It’s yours!” He screamed as he came over their stomachs. Yuri followed suit, catching his release in his hand and wiping it off on the rag he kept in his pocket for his sword. When he looked back up, freshly come down from his high, he saw the two men in an embrace and heard what he almost thought was sobbing.


He felt more guilty for witnessing that moment than the entire time previous. He tucked himself away and then crept back to the inn.

Chapter Text

Barnaby had left Kotetsu a message telling him to meet him that evening. No skipping to the bar and no bugging his daughter (killing two birds with one stone there, she was trying to sneak off on a date with a classmate and didn't need her dad getting in the way.)


Of course Kotetsu ended up being half an hour late. And to think that Barnaby had thought about going easy on him. He crossed his legs over as Kotetsu came in, idly swirling the half full glass of wine he was still nursing. He raised a perfectly shaped eyebrow as the other man entered. huffing and puffing like he'd ran a whole city block.


"I'm sorry- I'm late- Sorry!" Kotetsu huffed out as best he could. Barnaby gave a humph, he really wasn't impressed. Kotetsu hadn't even looked at him, as he was too busy hurriedly taking his coat and hat off to spare him the attention, despite his need to grovel. Barnaby cleared his throat. Finally, Kotetsu looked at him.


"Uh..." Kotetu wasn't quite sure what he was looking at. Then he noticed the boots. "Oh! Did they give you new boots today? Anything good on them? Jetpacks? Gun shoes? Maybe they could be like those ones you can fall from any height and not break your legs?"


It was nice to see Kotetsu excited about something, but Barnaby was afraid he was going to have to burst his bubble.


"That's not important right now." Barnaby drank the rest of his wine in one big gulp. "You remember that time with the stilettos? And you said that you would do anything in return for me?"


Barnaby had worn high heels and silky tights and Kotetsu had been a very, very happy man that evening.


"This is me calling it in." Barnaby uncrossed his legs and put both feet to the floor with a firm stamp that clicked against the hardwood floor.


"And now that you're late, you owe me double."


Kotetsu gulped. He knew he had both things to make up for and it was going to take a lot of doing.


Kotetsu got down onto his hands and knees.


"Good boy." Barnaby hooked the toe of his shiny new shoes under Kotetsu's chin and slowly pulled it up to look at him. "Now, I want you to show me how much you like my new equipment."


Not so much as a please or thank you, but it sent shivers down Kotetsu's spine. He didn't really know what Barnaby wanted him to do, so he did the first thing that came into his mind and kissed the plate in front of him. Barnaby didn't scold him for doing so which was permission to continue, or maybe even praise. It was hard to tell when Barnaby was like this. He kissed it again, then began to move up and along the toe and the rest of the foot. Barnaby didn't move his foot at all, so Kotetsu moved around it. Along the inside of his foot, it would have been ticklish if Barnaby was barefoot, up and across the heel to the ankle, where the plating changed and was hinged on the thinner material underneath. Kotetsu flicked his tongue along the gap, wondering it Barnaby could feel it. As he progressed up the shin, he glanced up at Barnaby, who was looking quite red in the face despite his otherwise cool composure. Looking back down, Kotetsu could see Barnaby’s pants looking a little bit snug too. He smiled to himself and continued kissing up Barnaby’s shin, paying close attention to one particular stripe of red. When he reached the top of the boot, he kissed the inside of Barnaby’s knee and Barnaby shivered a little from the close contact. Kotetsu placed his head on Barnaby’s thigh and looked up at him imploringly.


“Need a little hand with that?” He asked with an obvious glance at Barnaby’s crotch. Barnaby didn’t answer, probably too flustered to give a good response, but he undid his zipper and shifted his underwear so that his erection sprang free. Kotetsu quickly moved in between Barnaby’s legs and took it in his mouth. Barnaby’s hand leapt into Kotetsu’s hair and his foot made its way in between his legs, pressing lightly against Kotetsu hard-on, which was still trapped in his pants. He rocked against the foot, rocking his whole body as he sucked Barnaby down deep in his throat.


“You look good- With something to shut you up.” Barnaby choked out, Kotetsu was always so good at this and even when he wanted to keep cool, he struggled. Kotetsu made a noise that sounded offended, but didn’t let up. When he twirled his tongue around a patch just under the head of Barnaby’s cock, Barnaby gasped and Kotetsu made a small noise of victory around it, which was shortly interrupted by Barnaby thrusting further into his mouth. Barnaby gave him a pleased look as he looked up at him accusingly. Barnaby was beginning to look a little messy as he ran his hand through his hair and was flushing brightly now. Kotetsu kept rocking into his foot, trying to get a bit more pressure on his dick. Barnaby was rocking his hips too, back and forth, fucking into Kotetsu’s hot mouth. He even carried on as he came, causing Kotetsu to spill a little from his lips and it got caught in his beard. Barnaby thought it was a good look on him, and might even tell him so once he caught his breath. He pressed his heel into Kotetsu’s erection and Kotetsu moaned. Then he pulled away, leaving Kotetsu rocking into empty space.


He stood up and once he was sure of his voice, said “Now, now, you owe me double, remember?” And with the click-clack of his boots on the floor, he sauntered over to the bedroom. Kotetsu sighed and followed.

Chapter Text

No matter how safe a place seemed, Kurogane would never fully relax. Even if there someone else- like the kid - on watch. And if it was Fai, well, there was no way in hell that he  was leaving that guy on his own. No matter how capable he was, and no matter how much magic he had free of repercussions, Kurogane was not gonna leave Fai to watch over them. He'd spend all night fitting and fretting that Fai wasn't going to be there in the morning. What would be worse, finding out that the man had just disappeared, or finding him dead?


Kurogane was determined to not find out.


So this resulted in the kid on watch again. Well, staying up and talking to their gracious hosts while Fai and Kurogane got some sleep. But Fai certainly wasn't sleeping, which meant Kurogane wasn't either. Instead, he was glaring sullenly at Fai sitting on the balcony, smoking from an elegant wooden pipe that looked very similar to a kiseru from his own world. When Kurogane went out to the balcony to hover behind him, he offered it to Kurogane. He declined. Whatever it was, it smelt a lot stronger than the fine tobacco he was used to. He wasn’t going to sit out here very long, it would make his head fuzzy. But Fai had a stupid grin on his face, a really stupid grin, even for him. It was genuine too, warmth reaching all the way up to his watery eyes. Whatever the plant was, it was certainly relaxing. Fai leant back against Kurogane’s shins and sighed. He took another draw of the pipe and then blew upwards. Kurogane glared down at Fai, who looked back sheepishly. Fai took another drag and Kurogane stepped back from him, in case he tried to blow it at him again. Fai fell backwards without his support, but the pipe remained perfectly level in his hand. This time, Fai blew small shapes from his mouth. Starting with little rings that rose and sank back down around each other, then there were lines and swirls that moved as though they had minds of their own. Abstract birds that were just v shapes soon morphed into fully fledged creatures in flight and small blobs leapt into the shape of rabbits bounding through grass. The creatures merged into one, a long dragon that twirled around Kurogane’s head before dispersing back into a cloud.


At some point during the show, Kurogane had sat down to better observe the animals that were floating around him. He was so close to Fai now and could get a good glimpse of those lips wrapped around the pipe as Fai took another mouthful of smoke. It was starting to get to him, Kurogane told himself. It smelt a little bitter, or maybe even sour. How did Fai even enjoy it? He was using magic for the smoke though, perhaps he could change the taste instead. Kurogane leant over to check if it smelt any different. Fai looked at him, slightly puzzled, but happy for the attention.


The smell was the same, even within a few inches, but his investigation brought them close enough together that their lips could just... Fai lifted up a little as Kurogane dropped down and their lips met. Fai’s lips were hot with the smoke that curled out from between them. Kurogane flicked a tongue at them and Fai drew back a little, just to let the air flow between them. The smoke carried gently from Fai’s lips to his. Kurogane drew it back in, it was much softer than the smoke from the pipe, was that Fai’s doing? The softness felt like it was spreading through his body slowly, just catching the edges of his worry and smoothing them over.


“Like that, Kuro-sama?” Fai was still lying down. “Want more?”


Kurogane lowered his head again, all the way down to meet Fai’s lips again. He breathed it in and sat up, his head began to spin a little. He wanted more. He lowered his head once more. This time, Fai wrapped his arms around his neck and held him there, kissing him deeply. Kurogane forgot how to breathe. He wasn’t sure if the burning in his lungs was the smoke or the lack of air. The fuzzy feeling in his head could have easily been hypoxia. Or just the feeling of kissing Fai again. He wanted to do it again, so he did, lightly this time. And again. And again. There was no more smoke, just Fai’s soft lips against his. He ran his fingers through Fai’s hair, which was silky, even smoother than the finest silk that Princess Tomoyo had. He even muttered something along those lines, that made Fai giggle and turn his head in his hand. Steadily, they grew closer, touching arm to arm and then chest to chest. It felt good, warm, cozy and a million other nice things that Kurogane couldn’t quite think of right now.


“Wow, that went right to your head, huh, Kuro-rin?” Fai’s voice sounded like bubbles. Then Fai was tugging him back into the room slowly, but even so, Kurogane was surprised when they rolled over onto sheets. He buried himself in them. Everything felt so good, he felt so good, Fai felt really good. Where was Fai? He thrust a hand out to find him. Fai giggled when he found his head and rolled back towards Kurogane. Fai’s neck was really smooth too and he buried his face in the crook of his neck. The skin to skin contact was wonderful, and he pulled at Fai’s top because he wanted more of it. Fai helped him and began undoing his buttons. He helped Kurogane out of his shirt too. They were chest to chest again. Kurogane could feel Fai’s heart beating next to his own. The rhythm was hypnotic. Then Fai’s hand was on his back, rubbing softly to the same beat. It sent shivers down his spine and he grew limp.


“There you go Kuro-wan. Bed time.” And finally, Kurogane fell asleep.

Chapter Text

Vincent ran his fingers over Cid’s chest.


“Did it hurt?” He asked as he traced the edge of a petal.


“L’il bit.” Cid scratched at the back of his head. “Now it just itches like hell.” It did still look a little red around the edges, and there were small flakes in places. “Got something for it though, wanna help?” He asked with a wiggle of his eyebrows.


“Sure.” Cid rummaged around for the cream he’d been given to care for his tattoo. It was just fancy lotion, but apparently these things needed moisturising. Cid didn’t think of himself as a man that used lotion, but here he was. Did it count if it was Vincent rubbing it in? He looked at Vincent, who was looking down at his chest.


“Like it?” Vincent nodded, still not tearing his eyes away from the tattoo underneath his hands. “Good. Would suck to get it for you if you hate it.” Vincent kept massaging the lotion in.


“I should get one.” Vincent said quietly, as though he wasn’t sure if it was a good idea or not.


“Y’don’t have to just on my account.” Cid wouldn’t deny it was an exciting thought though. The idea of Vincent having something on him to signify their relationship was a big one.


“I want to.” And that was that. They worked hard on a design and came up with something that took Cid’s breath away. It had to be classy, there was no way Vincent was going to end up with a tramp stamp or something. The design would have looked like the night sky lit up with stars and his - their ship flying through it. It would have been perfect.


But alas, by the time they arrived home after the first session to put down the line work, it had already gone wrong. It was smeared, as though a kid had freshly scrawled it in fresh paint. It washed away easily. It was clear that Vincent’s body would reject conventional inks for tattoos.


They thought about a few options. There were a few chemicals that would probably take, but they either had a poor effect on the colours, dulling them to muddy browns and greys, or were so poisonous that it would be too great a risk for the tattoo artist themselves.


So they gave up on the idea for a little while. Until one day, Vincent came up to him.


“Fire.” It was all he said.


“It burns, it’s hot, it’s... I dunno where we’re going with this.” Cid was pretty confused now.


“Fire would leave a mark.” It took a few moments for Cid’s brain to catch up and work out where he was going with this.


“For the tattoo?” Vincent nodded. “Are y’sure? Bit extreme dontcha think?”


“Not really. I’ve had worse.” Well that was true, but still, as much as Cid wanted Vincent to have his mark on him, he wasn’t overly keen to hurt the man, not much anyways. Branding someone would hurt a lot, wouldn’t it? Because that’s effectively what he was proposing.


Cid asked Vincent again if he was sure. Vincent said yes. Cid asked the next day too. And the day after that.

Vincent was very sure, and after the threat of something pointy going somewhere it shouldn’t, so was Cid.


So they worked on a new design together. It would have to be a lot simpler than the previous design, lines only, and fairly chunky ones at that. This meant that they really had to think about what it meant to them and reduce it down to only a few elements that would represent everything about them.


In the end they went with three stars, a crescent and a spear between them, like an arrow through the sky. It was simple, but they thought it summed it up nicely. Now it was just a matter of logistics. Cid spent a while squinting at the design, trying to work out if he could weld something together in the design, or if he should just sculpt and cast something instead. He decided that welding sheets of steel would give the cleanest lines. Vincent spent the whole time staring at him from behind welding goggles.


“Something on m’face?” Cid wiped it down with a hanky.


“No, I just like watching you work.” In a slightly grubby white t-shirt and fairly tight cargo pants, that hugged his thighs just so, Vincent was perfectly content to watch until Cid had finished. Once the plate was cooled, they looked at it together.


“I guess it’s weird, looking at it backwards.” Cid said as he squinted at the pattern. Vincent pressed his arm against it, so it made an imprint against his arm, then held it out for inspection. The lines were clearly visible in red marks on his skin. “Looks good. Where’s it going?”


Vincent held a hand over his heart, like where Cid had place his tattoo.”Y’sure? There’s not much cushion, it could go badly.” They had to be safe about this, even if Vincent was nigh impermeable to other marks.


“I’m sure. Could we do it now?” Cid’s face dropped. No, no they could not do it now, he had to get everything ready, the anti-bacterial ointment and wrap he had to get ready, some antiseptic for the skin before he even started and honestly, he wasn’t all that ready to apply a burning hot poker to his boyfriend’s skin. But when was he going to be?


“I’ll go get the stuff ready.” Cid went to raid the first aid locker for all of the things he’d needed. Then he went by to his quarters to grab a bottle of something strong and the comfiest blanket he had. He came out with a bottle of bourbon. He probably should have gotten something classier for such an occasion, but it was good enough to take the edge off for him at least.


Vincent hadn’t left the workshop and when Cid returned he was looking at the poker again. Cid wondered if he was having second thoughts.


“Here.” Cid folded the blanket over and placed it on the ground. The alcoholic wipes were thrown down next and the first aid kit followed shortly after. “Wasn’t sure where we were gonna do it and not accidently burn the place down, so I thought this would have to do. Sorry.”


“No, it’s fine.” Vincent passed the brand back. Cid put it back on the heat. Vincent had removed his shirt and was wiping down his chest. Finished, he looked at Cid’s other hand and raised an eyebrow.


“A l’il something to steady my hands. And toast, if you wanna.” Cid shrugged and uncapped the bottle. He took a long drink and then passed it over. Vincent took a swig. And then another. And another. When Cid held his hand out for the bottle back, Vincent raised a finger telling him to wait.


“I think I need it more than you.” He pointed out after a third of the bottle. “And it doesn’t work that well for me anyway.”


Cid took one last drink and then picked up the brand.


“Last chance.” He asked Vincent one last time. Vincent didn’t move. “Brace yerself hon.”


Vincent’s irritation at the pet name was obscured by his fascination with the glowing object in front of him. He leant back on his elbows and pushed his chest out. He moved his gaze from the brand to Cid’s face. Their eyes met and Cid was almost taken aback by the trust he could feel between them. Vincent’s eyes closed as the hot metal met his flesh. Cid almost pulled back on reflex, but Vincent reached up to the handle to push against it.


“I do not want to have to do this twice.” He spat out from behind gritted teeth. Cid watched Vincent’s face, as he bore the pain. It wasn’t something he’d seen him do often, Vincent had broken out into a sweat and his brow was furrowed. He hissed and sighed and groaned. Vincent dug his fist in the sheet as he pushed his chest out and arched his back, determined not to withdraw.


After ten seconds, Cid was positive that it would be enough, even for Vincent.


Vincent dropped back against the floor, wiping his face down with the back of his hand.Cid looked down at Vincent, bare chested and glowing, hair tousled back and looking like a man who’d just had a very pleasant time. He looked at the mark he’d left, red and almost charred in places, but already healing into a lighter scar. But it would remain this time.


“How does it look?” Vincent panted.



Chapter Text

Tsukimi was floating in water again. It was warm and cosy and she felt so happy here, under the sea, with the jellyfish. Speaking of which, where was Clara anyway?


As if summoned by her thoughts, her beloved friend appeared.


"Oh my Clara!" Tsukimi exclaimed. "Haven't you grown?"


In her dream, Clara had grown to an immense size, with a bell the size of a small car, and arms and tentacles that were several feet long. There seemed to be so many of them too, until Tsukimi looked again, with dream-perfect vision. Clara had a friend!


For a moment, Tsukimi was jealous, Clara might even have more friends than her. But who could blame them, Clara was beautiful and everybody should be her friend. She just hoped that Clara would remember her once in a while... Tsukimi shot up, now worried that this meant that Clara was going to leave her.  She'd cry, she would totally, definitely cry.


"Please don't leave me Clara!" Even though they were underwater, Tsukimi's tears formed perfect droplets and floated up. A tentacle came up to flick them away.


"Don't be silly Tsukimi~" Clara's voice was high and cheery as always. "I thought you'd want to meet my new friend. He's very nice."


Tsukimi blinked as the second jellyfish came forward. It was much... wigglier than Clara was, waving its tendrils all about as he swam up. "Oh hello there." Tsukimi spoke out. Even though it was a guy, it was a jellyfish, so that didn't matter, right? "It's nice to meet you."


Tsukimi found herself enveloped in a big hug, or whatever passed for that from a jellyfish. She giggled as it tickled.


“Friendly, huh?” She looked down at where she was enveloped. She stopped for a moment, since when had she naked?! She began to struggle in embarassment. “Um.. wait... I’m not wearing anything...”


“That’s ok!” Reassured Clara, swimming around the pair. “Jellyfish don’t wear clothes anyway!”


“Oh yeah.” That made sense. Tsukimi didn’t feel so bad now that she wasn’t the only one that was naked.


There was a squeeze from her new friend. Tsukimi squeaked as the tip of a tentacle brushed against the side of her breast. It didn’t deter the jellfish though.


“Feels nice to be held, right?” asked Clara.


“Yeah?” Maybe a little too much, the feeling from her chest had shot down to her belly and even lower and she suddenly felt very aware of her position. Her legs were tangled with the tentacles. They were still moving though, and there were a couple that undulated against her, between her legs.


“Um, you shouldn’t be touching me there...” She murmured.


“Hmm?” Asked Clara. “But you’re touching him there too!” She pointed to where Tsukimi’s head was resting under the bell. She was confused for a moment and had to think a little. The jellyfish glowed pink and then Tuskimi was blushing bright red as she finally realised what Clara meant, remembering their anatomy. She’d been right next to his private parts the entire time! She put her face in her hands, she was so embarassed!


“Aw, don’t worry, you felt nice, right?” Clara patted her on the back as Tsukimi sniffed. Clara was right, this did feel good and Tsukimi found herself grinding down against the arms again, which wriggled against her. She squeaked again as it flicked and fondled and she felt the heat build. “You know, if you got a boyfriend, you could do this loads!”


“Huh?” Tsukimi was kind of distracted.


“Being held! Having sex! Feeling good!” Clara iterated, waving her cute arms about. “You wouldn’t have to resort to this kind of thing if you had a boyfriend~”


Tsukimi ignored her, instead choosing to relax further into the wavy mass of limbs.


“Oi, Tsukimi!” Clara tried to get her attention. “Oi!”




"Oi Tsukimi. What are you dreaming about." Muttered Kuronosuke under his breath as he looked down at Tsukimi. The girl had fallen asleep among the reams of gossamer fabric that she was supposed to be cutting out. He poked her cheek. There was no response to it, just a little giggle and a murmur.


"That tickles~" Kuronosuke felt his forehead twitch. He took a nearby piece of paper and rolled it up. Quietly, he put it to Tsukimi's ear.




Chapter Text

This meeting had gone on for far too long. Baralai sighed quietly as he crossed his legs again. A councillor opposite gave him a look. In his defence, it had been the fifth time Baralai had crossed his legs in as many minutes. He couldn’t help himself though, he was getting very desperate now. He tried not to squirm. He failed.


If only he hadn’t been waylaid during the break between meetings, but no, he had been caught before he could rush off to the toilets and ended up in a half hour conversation with councilman Pravid, of which a full ten minutes was about the inclement weather and the remainder about his darling daughter, who was now three years old and getting up to trouble. Baralai really didn’t care but he really needed Pravid’s support on the upcoming vote and so he stood there and smiled and nodded as though he were truly intrigued by his daughter’s mastery of the toilet.


Two hours later, he would be willing to be it was better than his. Pravid’s support would be long gone if he ended up pissing himself during a meeting. If he was lucky, then Baralai’s fidgeting would be interpreted as an anxious tick ahead of the imminent vote. Speaking of which, Baralai looked around the room when the chair of the meeting asked if anyone else had anything to add. Mercifully, no-one spoke up and so the vote began. All those in favour put their hands up, Baralai included. Even that small movement caused a twinge of pain from crotch to stomach as he forced his abdomen to unclench slightly. He couldn’t even look around to count and reassure himself that they had a majority at this point.


The hands dropped and the vote for the opposition began.


“The yay’s have it.” Announced the chairman, as eager as anybody else to leave the overunning meeting. “The minutes will be available tomorrow afternoon, I am sure we all have much to discuss from there.” The chairman looked at Baralai, who only nodded. “Right, all dismissed.”


Baralai remained still throughout the flurry that followed, instead trying to look like he was busily reviewing his notes, despite the lack of writing towards the end of the meeting. A few members came up to him to shake his hand and congratulate him, and he received them as graciously as he was able to without wincing. If he was fortunate, they would think his distraction was about the work he needed to do.


Finally, the room was empty, even if it had taken a further five minutes to clear out. Baralai sighed deeply and then stretched a leg out tentatively. Slowly, oh so slowly, he pulled himself out of the chair. He came painfully close to letting go for a moment or two, as a cramp shot through him so bad he hissed and swore quietly under his breath. He decided to leave his notes on the table, he could easily come back for them once he had solved his problem. He shambled out into the corridor. The wall provided little to hold him up, but he trailed his hand along for support, keeping it low. He didn’t want anyone to stop him and ask if he needed help, he didn’t want anyone to stop him at all.


When Baralai had the time and the rescources, he was going to find out who designed this floor layout and have them imprisoned for crimes against humanity, why in Yevon’s name were the toilets so far away? Still he was almost there.


A hand caught him by surprise as he passed one of the small side corridors and he was pulled into it. He made to counter and hit out at the offender before his brain caught up with things.


“Gippal? What are you doing here?” Baralai was momentarily distracted from his discomfort. It was a very short moment however.


“Well, you guys wanted some help with a couple of machina and I thought to myself, hey, why not come sort it myself and see  my old buddy at the same time?” Gippal said in his usual lazy fashion. Baralai vaguely remembered such a request was sent and he would have  been so happy to see him at any other moment in time. Just not this one. He couldn’t hold back his frustration.


“Gippal, I love you, but I really have to be somewhere else right now.” He turned to leave.


“Wait, what?”


Wait, what. Oh no. Oh nonononono- Baralai’s mind froze with panic. What could he do? If he left now, he would ruin everything between Gippal and him. And if he stayed? Well, he was going to ruin everything anyway. The rush of his thoughts overwhelmed and froze him in place.


And then it was all too late.


He hid his face in his hands as he began to piss in dribs and drabs. If he’d thought the pain of holding it in was bad, it felt doubly so trying to get it out after so long. He whimpered and prayed that by the time he worked up the courage to look up, Gippal would be gone. Then he could deal with the awful wet feeling running down his legs. Perhaps in a decade or so, he would be able to talk to Gippal again.


Even though he felt full to bursting, it only lasted a few seconds, trickling off even though the urge hadn’t gone. He groaned, low and pained and then chanced a look up.


Gippal was still there.


“Hey.” said Gippal. Baralai went to hide again. Gippal took his wrist before he could. “Let’s go get you cleaned up.”


Baralai nodded mutely. He wasn’t sure what was happening, nor what was going to happen, but the fact that Gippal hadn’t ran away, was a huge comfort to him. Even if he still needed to find the damned restroom.

Chapter Text

Edge was in heaven right now. He and Faize were making the most of the travel time before they reached their next destination. Mostly in their bedroom.


“Faize, I’m so close.” Murmured Edge as he thrust into him. “Fuck, you’re amazing. You feel so good.” He couldn’t help but moan and compliment and say everything that came into his head at that very moment. Faize looked up at him and smiled. He wrapped his arms and pulled Edge in close. Edge groaned his release into Faize’s shoulder. Faize stroked his hair, tangling his fingers in the golden strands. After he caught he breath, Edge turned to Faize and kissed him again and again. “You alright?”


“I’m fine Edge.” Faize was looking at him fondly, and it made Edge’s stomach feel even warmer.


“You didn’t...” Edge trailed off, not knowing how to approach the topic.


“No...” Faize was also a bit awkward about it. “We’re not really compatible like that.”


Despite outwardly appearing very similar, there were some slight differences between humans and Eldarians. Edge was slightly ashamed to admit that he was learning most of them through his relationship with Faize. He now knew that they had slightly different erogenous zones - ears were even better than in humans, as well as the back of the neck, but knees and feet not so much. Annoyingly, the Eldarian equivalent to the prostate was low and deep in comparison to humans, so Edge’s meager human anatomy couldn’t cut it. It made Edge feel a bit selfish when they had sex, though he did his best to make up for it with his hands and his mouth.


“I could...” Edge trailed his hand down Faize’s stomach. Faize looked away sheepishly.


“I was thinking...” Faize was blushing, Edge thought that it looked a bit more pink than in humans. “Maybe we could use one of my toys?”


“Toys? You have sex toys?” Edge remarked. Of all the similarities to be added to the list.


“I just have a couple, and I only really use one...” Faize was a bit embarassed.


“No that’s fine, I’ll be happy to help.” Edge wondered what it would look like. It could be anything. What if it was too complicated? The Eldarians were an advanced race, what if that technology also extended to this?


A few moments later, Edge found out as Fazie dropped it on the bed. Edge picked it up to examine it more closely. It looked similar to a normal buttplug, but a little bit shorter and split into sections. It reminded Edge of an umbrella, albeit quite small. The bottom section was chunky with two buttons on it. Faize took it back from him and began to apply lube. Once he was finished, he handed it back, still looking bright pink. Then he lay on his back and waited for Edge to begin.


Edge wasn’t sure though, he traced the toy around the edge of Faize’s hole nervously. His hand slipped and he accidently pressed the top button. The toy began to vibrate. Faize shivered as the vibrations skimmed around his ass and he jerked against it a little. Edge finally began to work it into him slowly. Faize helped, raising his ass and pushing back against it. Edge stroked a thumb against the hole, feeling where skin and plastic met, watching it swallow it down hungrily. Faize couldn’t help but look away from the intense scrutiny. Then it was all in and they stopped for a moment, and all the sound there was, was the low hum muffled vibrations. Edge just watched as Faize’s erection thickened and stood up. He began to move it in and out gently. Faize’s breath hitched as it bottomed out each time. Edge moved faster and harder until Faize cried out softly.


“Press the other button.” Faize was panting. Edge obliged. It sounded like another motor started running inside. He kept moving it back and forth, until it caught slightly. Edge looked again and realised the the sections were now moving, inwards and outwards causing the toy to expand and contract. It contracted again and edge pulled it back out then began to push as it expanded. Faize groaned, high pitched and strained with pleasure. Edge did it again, pushing and pulling as the toy was at it’s widest, although it was growing even wider. With he free hand, he pumped Faize’s cock hurriedly. Edge couldn’t look away as it stretched Faize’s hole, struggling to push through. He gave it a little twist and Faize screamed. He lifted from the bed as he came covering Edge’s hand and his own stomach with a clear, slightly thick substance. Just another difference between Eldarians and humans.


Edge pushed the buttons again and the vibrations stopped and the toy folded back down to it’s original size.


“We definitely have to do this again.” said Edge, admiring the view Faize made, fucked out and sated. Despite his usual urge to tidy, Faize only mumbled in agreement before drifting off.

Chapter Text

Prompto hummed a jolly little tune as he put the last finishing touches onto his handiwork and it was driving Ignis mad. So he told Prompto that. Or at least he tried to, but the gag in his mouth put paid to that. All that came out was an angry little muffle, which Prompto grinned at and gave him a little pat on the shoulder, before standing up and walking away. Ignis’ grumbles at that were also ignored. He huffed into the gag and tried to relax his position, or at least as much as he could whilst tied up into a human pretzel. Ignis often took a little pride in the fact that he was lithe and limber and that the ability to cross his legs behind his head thrilled and delighted. However, it now led to him being tied up that way and left with a matching harness that rubbed in all of the right, or wrong, places and held this infernal, six damned vibrator in him. And it hadn’t even started yet. Oh wait, there it was. Prompto had flicked it on as he went. Ignis huffed again and prepared to ride it out.


It was very easy to forget that Prompto was one of the most patient people he knew. The young man who burnt his tongue while waiting for soup to cool was also the same young man who spent six hours in the Citadel gardens, waiting for the perfect shot of a mother bird feeding its young.


And now Prompto had something pretty to look at and a button to fidget with. Ignis was fucked, well and truly. The vibrations from the toy were steadily growing in intensity. Ignis held his breath and then focussed on breathing slowly and deeply. He would be disappointed in himself if he came too soon and he didn’t want to give Prompto the satisfaction. When he looked over at Prompto, he wasn’t even looking his way. This irked Ignis, truth be told. If he was going to be trussed up like a common chickatrice, he was going to be bloody well looked at. So he’d have to get Prompto to look. Or just ignore him in turn. Or both.


He would just have to have his own fun. But how?


Ignis tried to push himself against the toy, but he had nothing to hold it against, so when he moved his ankles, his whole body moved along the floor. He clicked his tongue in frustration and began to test the ropes. He shifted his feet, his shoulders and had the same problem. He flexed his knees and thighs, but his back moved. He pushed down with his shoulders and then flexed his thighs. The harness dug into his back and remained in place, whilst his thighs moved his body ever so slightly down, pushing the vibrator further into him. There it was. Ignis repeated the motion and carried on. It was quite strenuous, but it was working. Though there was the risk of poking himself in the chin with his own erection. If it wasn’t for the gag, he could go the whole hog whilst hogtied and use his mouth to help get himself off.


The vibrator stopped.


Well, it looked like Ignis had Prompto’s attention again. He heard Prompto’s light footfall across the floor.


“Having fun there sweety?” Asked Prompto brightly. He had no goddamned right to be so chipper, Ignis cursed. Then Prompto’s hands were on him, and Ignis felt a little warmer towards him. Until there was a sudden pull further up the harness, which tightened everything below it. The was a sudden clamping pressure around his cock that made him cry out. It wasn’t quite painful, but it had every other hallmark of a kick to the balls. Son of a mother- fuck! His thoughts were a stream of swearing while he just groaned in misery. It was still tight and uncomfortable and he hated it and he hated Prompto’s stupid face for this. Said stupid face was hovering over him close, waiting for a sign. Ignis let go as much as he could even though he was disgruntled. Satisfied, Prompto leant back up again. He flicked the vibrator on again, and the uncomfortable pressure got worse. So much worse. Ignis grit his teeth, but he couldn’t help but squirm. This was torture, absolute torture. It actually brought tears to his eyes after a while. He sniffed as everything grew watery and tried to blink them back. He wondered what it would take to placate Prompto. He must have been quite irritated to set this up. Ignis was having a hard time focussing on his thoughts with the horrible feeling around his cock warring with the growing pleasure from the vibrator which had picked up speed and was pulsing.


“I’m sorry.” He tried to say. Prompto leant his head down to hear him.


“What was that?” Prompto mercifully released him from the gag.


“I’m sorry.” Ignis choked out, his mouth was dry and it was difficult to talk.


“For?” Prompto was using the tone he reserved for small animals that had chewed up socks or the like. Ignis had to admit it did something to him.


“The other night.” Ignis struggled to think. “It was cruel of me.”


“It was.”


“I understand turnabout is fair play.” Ignis tried to express how sorry and miserable he felt right now. Prompto smiled at him again.


“I’m so glad you understand.” It was light, the tone he used for good boys. Then he stood up. “So you get why I’m going to leave you now.” Ignis tried to protest but Prompto shushed him. “I’ll put the gag back in.” It was the sock voice again. Ignis was silent and chewed at his lip instead. Prompto ran his hand through Ignis’ hair, now messy and then left.


Fuck. Ignis dropped his head against his ankles again. Then he raised it again. Perhaps he could give that fellatio thing a try.