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Harry and Draco belong to JKR and various companies, corporations etc, nothing to do with me. I make no money from this and don’t mean to offend anyone.


Another dedicated to my Mum who argued, rightly so, that ‘one, two, three’ are three words.


Beta’d by shadowsamurai


Drabble 100 words only, using the words one, two, three.


“One, two, three, go!”

Parents of various ages and abilities rushed from the starting line, feet slipping on wet grass, competing for a brief glimpse of their child’s pride and affection.

Draco’s blond head was leading the pack. Their friends wondered how Harry managed to talk Draco into such things; the truth was that Harry had nothing to do with it.

It was all down to a pale, pointed little girl with messy black hair and big green eyes.

Draco crossed the finish line, his rival conveniently tripping at the last moment.

The girl cheered joyously, sprinting towards her father.