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Oct/Nov Challenge response, Prompt 2

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Harry and Draco belong to JKR and various other people, none of which are me, I mean no offence by this and am making no money from it. Mini Milk belongs to Walls, not me.

This is dedicated to my mum, without whose help this fic would have contained the phrase “milk ice lolly thing”, now I hope she never reads it.


Beta’d by shadowsamurai


Drabble 100 words only, using “It’s mine, Potter.”


Harry stared longingly as the glistening pink cylinder went in and out of Draco’s mouth, flushed lips taut against the slick surface, shiny and wet from transferred juices.

There was a loud smack as Draco removed it from between his lips, and Harry gazed on hungrily.

Draco swiped his tongue over his swollen lips, tasting the liquid left there, and Harry unconsciously copied.

He ran the flat of his tongue over the flushed length, eyelids fluttering closed in ecstasy. Harry let out a whimper as he watched, transfixed.

“It’s mine, Potter.” Draco slurped.

“But I want a Mini Milk too.”