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The Eternal Mermaid

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A long time ago, there lived a beautiful mermaid princess named Yuka. Yuka had a beautiful home, lots of friends and a peaceful life. Yet there was something Yuka didn't have yet. And it was legs. Oh, how she dreamed of being able to walk on land.

She was too young to go out by herself and her parents though strict wanted to keep her from harm's way, but that didn't stop Yuka from exploring the abandoned shipwrecks and picking through the ruins to find interesting human artifacts she liked and secretly brought back to her room. When no one was looking, Yuka snuck out of the palace and went to go explore another shipwreck. A few minutes later, Yuka arrived at her destination and took out her seaweed pouch she had woven to collect sea fruit or other things she wanted to bring back home.

Swimming over to the old wrecked ship, Yuka looked around excitedly. Who knows what cool stuff she was going to find today? Exploring the ship, Yuka noticed a beautifully crafted necklace hanging on a rock nearby. She had never seen such a beautiful necklace. It sparkled and changed colors when the sun's Golden ray's touched it. Yuka just had to have. Swimming over she reached out to grab it. Suddenly a pale and sharp nailed hand snatched it up before she could. Looking up. Yuka gulped and backed away. There, standing before her, was a full grown Sharkman. His pale skin and red eyes burned into her like a cigar in an ash tray.

The white haired Sharkman eyed her up and down with lust in his eyes. "Wow, you are really pretty… Say, what's a beautiful mergirl like you doing around a dangerous place like this? How about you come back to my cave so we can properly get to know each other?" The Sharkman hinted suggestively.

Yuka was disgusted. "Absolutely not! I do not even know you!" She replied back.

The Sharkman raised an eyebrow. "Look girlie you came into my home and disturbed my nap. You're going to have to give me something in return. " The Sharkman said ignorantly.

''I apologize for disturbing you but I did not know this was your home I promise to leave and never come back. " Yuka promised.

The Sharkman burst out laughing. "You know you're really funny, babe. You should be a comedian. They'll love you down at the sea pub," the Sharkman said, straightening himself up from his laughing fit. Yuka had had enough of his ignorance and decided to try and swim away.

''Hey! You ain't going nowhere!" The Sharkman snapped, grabbing her roughly by the arm.

"Ow! Let go. You're hurting me!" Yuka yelped, struggling as she tried to free herself from his grasp. Never in her life had she ever been treated so badly.

The Sharkman eyed her down once more. Yuka was very beautiful in appearance. She had a sky blue tail, and a voluptuous figure for a mermaid. She wore orange starfish to cover her breasts and her hair was unique for a mermaid. Sure, some mermaids had colored hair. There were even pink haired mermaids, and mermaids came with hair and tails in every color in the rainbow and any color you could think of, but Yuka was different. She had both pink and black striped hair, which made her stand out differently among the other mermaids. The Sharkman liked that. "Look. You're coming with me, whether you like it or not!" He hissed, showing off his yellowish fangs.

Yuka was scared. What was he going to do to her? Oh, how she wished she stayed at home instead of sneaking out. Now, she was going to end up as shark food, or even worse. This creature was going to make her his mate!

Just when the Sharkman was about to drag her back to his second home in the underwater caves, someone yelled out. "UNHAND THE PRINCESS RIGHT THIS INSTANT, OR FACE SEVERE PUNISHMENT!" A stern male voice shouted.

Confused, the Sharkman looked around until he spotted two merfolk followed by several palace guards and policemer. The Sharkman put two and two together and quickly let Yuka go. "I didn't know it was the princess! I swear!" The Sharkman cried out. Shadow Yamato, a beautiful koi mermaid soldier, took her trident out and pushed it towards the Sharkman's neck. The Sharkman gulped.

"I'm sure you didn't, you rotten hyena-fish," Yuka said as she quickly fled from her captor and into the arms of her teacher and court jester.

The two women, Jetta Maxx and Megan, took the young girl into their arms. "Oh, my goodness. Are you alright? Did he hurt you anywhere, darling? " The older mermaids asked.

Yuka shook her head no. "Not really. He did bruise my arm, but it's nothing too serious," she replied.

The older women looked at each other, highly concerned. "Let's get you back home. Your parents are worried sick, and when Tanya's children had seen that you were gone, they told their mother, who told Jetta, who told me. I should have known you were absent from my class to go run off. I'm just glad that Sharkman didn't have his way with you, Yuka. It's their mating season, and they're very ferocious during this time. You could have been killed!" Megan said. Jetta nodded in agreement.

Yuka, deep down, knew her teacher was right. She shouldn't have gone off and if they hadn't shown up, she knew things would have gone horribly for her. "I'm sorry, Ms. M. I'll never do it again, I promise!" Yuka replied back to her teacher.

"Come on. There's a lot of Sharkmen around here. Let's leave this one to Shadow and the others before things get too out of hand," Jetta replied.

The older mermaid agreed and took Yuka back home. Yuka turned around one last time at the scene before her. When they arrived at the chariot, Yuka gulped. There, sitting in the front, was her father. "Young lady, we need to talk. I am very disappointed in you," he said sternly.

Yuka laughed nervously. ''Hi-hi-hi, daddy," she said.

To be continued…