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A conversation at camp

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comic page

Panel 1:
The party sits around the campfire at camp. Zevran and Curon Mahariel are coupley, Morrigan and Leliana watch the fire, Alistair and Oghren chat.

Panel 2:
Leliana: Morrigan, are you alright?

Morrigan: I am fine.

Panel 3:
Leliana: I know that you and Curon were close, if you ever need someone to talk to I..

Morrigan: Do not pretend to care, minstrel, I know how much you dislike me.

Leliana: We are not friends, Morrigan, but we women should stick together in these matters, no?

Morrigan: No.

Panel 4:
Morrigan glowers and Leliana looks thoughtful.

Panel 5:
Leliana: Wait, I know! Tommorrow morning, I am taking you shopping.