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Janitor's lover

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"Mmmmm" moaned Mizuho, as she was sharing passionate kiss with Kizuro. She could feel her panties are getting wet when his big palm caressed her between her legs. His tongue explored her mouth. This man, school janitor, was rough and demanding. He was taking what he wanted, barely asking for permission. Since her first day at work, Mizuho had a feeling that she won't like this tall, bald man. She loved her husband and student, Kei. She was devoted to him.

But there was a problem. Kei was still her student and no matter how hard she tried, she was still looking at him like a boy, not like a man. And fact of his uncommon illness wasn't making it easier. She even tried to seduce him occasionally, but he was way too shy to simply have sex with her. They led happy life together, but it was, in fact sexless marriage. Mizuho knew that sooner or later, Kei will grow up and understand her needs.

She was frustrated and masturbated quite often. It was nothing bad, just satisfying her needs. But she knew she shouldn't do it at work. One time, when she leaned against the tabled and fingered herself in the empty class, Kizuro suddenly entered. Mizuho was scared, her cheeks were red as a bricks, because she knew he saw and heard her. But Kizuro asked her if her husband isn't satisfying her. She was too ashamed to answer. Moment later Kizuro was next to her, kissing her and fondling her round breasts. Her first thought was to struggle, but she found herself totally weak and powerless. Moment later she was actually returning his kisses, letting his hands explore her body and undress her. It was a day she lost her virginity.

For the next few days she felt humiliated and ashamed that she gave her virginity to such man. Kei noticed that something wasn't quite right, but she said she has these days. At work she tried to avoid Kizuro. But in her thoughts and in her dreams, he was returning, hunting her and taking like a beast. It took her five long days. she tried masturbation again and she found that her fingers can't give her as much pleasure as his big cock. Finally, at the six day, she walked to his office. Her knees trembled as she looked at him, not sure what to say. He gave her his address and said to visit him after work. Then told her to get out.

It was long day for Mizuho, she had problems with focusing on her job. When the classes were over, she almost run to Kizuro's home. when he entered, She embraced him and kissed. Very soon she was inside, kicking her heels off and letting him strip herself naked. It was a long, passionate evening, full of rough, hot sex. When they were done, Mizuho felt totally spent yet satisfied like never before in her entire life.

It became her daily habit to visit Kizuro after work. Sometimes she couldn't, sometime he had other duties. These were the days she longed for his strong arms, big cock and fat tongue. She gave him her body, there was no inch of her skin he hadn't explored. For two months they shared this secret. Kei found nothing, he was kinda happy that Mizuho was acting calm and normal, speaking not about intimate things, like she used to in the past. From the other hand, Mizuho felt bit guilty that she's cheating him. But she continued to tell herself, that it's just a matter of time, that Kei will grow up and fuck her as good as Kizuro. But the longer it was, the more she liked Kizuro. He was totally different than Kei - strong, demanding and brutal. And she found it very attractive and moreover, addictive.

After two months, Kizuro was fired from school. None knew why, but there was a rumor that the school principal get few anonymous letters about his secret romance with Mizuho. At such small society it was natural that someone will discover it, sooner or later. Having nothing else to do, he packed his belonging and prepared to leave the town. But when he was about to leave, waiting for a train, he saw Mizuho walking to him. Train just arrived and he walked inside, waving her goodbye. But Mizuho run to him and jumped to the train at the last moment. Doors closed and she embraced him, kissing Kizuro with passion and devotion. He noticed a bag in her hand. Train left the station, taking two of them away.

Kei had no idea what happened to Mizuho. She just disappeared from his life as well as from the town. He was shocked, but no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't find her. Eventually, he started to date with Ichigo and they made a couple. A year ago he suddenly get a mail. That day he was found unconscious. Medics say he illness returned. None had idea how. Only Ichigo, when she was checking Kei's belonging, found the picture that showed a busty woman in bikini on Hawaii beach, with a man's palm on her breast. She recognized this woman as her former, missing teacher, Mizuho-sensei. On the back of the photo someone wrote a short message.

"She's mine, loser".