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“Lance?” Keith called as he entered the apartment and closed the door behind himself.

The living room, which was basically the room you find yourself in into from the front door, was empty. This wasn’t that unusual. But the silence was. The TV was off, Hunk’s room was open and seemingly empty.

Keith walked by the main bedroom and discovered it bare of any human activity too. Even the dog was missing.

“Lance?” repeated Keith again, this time louder.

What sounded like a splash came from the bathroom followed by Lance’s voice. “AAAH AH.”

In seconds Keith was standing dumbfounded in the bathroom’s doorway.

“How was work?” asked Lance, tight lipped but curious, reaching out towards Keith with one hand.

However, Keith was still frozen in place. “What is going on?” questioned the man with great confusion.

“Hm? Oh!” Lance chuckled as much as he could without using any face muscles, because of the face mask that was no doubt tightening his skin on the verge of being painful. “Spa.” Was his short answer.  

“Spa.” Keith repeated and finally moved so Lance could reach and pull him down. Once he was bended over the tub his lips found Lance’s and a quick kiss was shared by them. Lance’s mouth was apparently also coated with something. It was oily and it tasted like coconut.

“Kit!” a sudden shriek accompanied by a wet tiny hand broke the short moment. Pidge was standing in the tub, next to her dad, a rubber frog in one hand, while the other was currently fisted in Keith’s collar. As the man was still bending over, he had to catch himself on the edge of the bathtub so he didn’t topple in the purple sparkly water. ‘Lance and  his bathbombs.’

“Hi to you too, Pidge.” Keith laughed and after he got his footing right, he lifted one hand to pry her hold off him so he could stand up.

“You look like you are having fun, huh.” Commented the man and finally straightened up. The toddler exclaimed something incomprehensible but loud and clearly full with joy. Lance expertly caught one of her flailing arms in order to stop her from slipping.

“You are all very loud.” Hunk huffed in protest. He was sitting on Pidge’s other side, watching something on a laptop which was set on the closed toilet seat right next to the bathtub.

The boy went to turn the volume up, however, his father’s screeching “AAAAAAH!” stopped him from damaging the computer with his wet fingers.

“You sounded like a goat.” Keith said casually and upped the sound of Hunk’s cartoon a little bit. Lance glared at him and Keith was sure he would have scowled and ranted if his face wasn’t cemented still.

“Work.” Grunted Lance through his teeth. He readjusted himself, sitting vertically so his legs were hanging out of the bathtub. He pointed at Keith, then at the now free space net to him, squinting his eyes as if daring Keith not to comply with his silent wish.

With a shrug of his shoulders Keith stripped down. He left his clothes in a pile next to a sleeping Voltron on the floor and entered the still very warm water. The man settled in a way mirroring Lance with his legs sticking out.

“It went… normal” Keith started when he was comfortably sitting, or at least as comfortable as he could be with a ceramic edge at his back and his head basically resting on the cold tiles on the wall.

Lance hummed in acknowledgment. He produced a clear plastic bottle from somewhere along with a cotton pad.

“The cash register is not hard to learn.” continued Keith “There are way too many different flowers, though. I only know roses and sunflowers.”

A small breathy noise was the only thing Lance managed to get out between his lips, but the amusement in his eyes was clear and Keith knew he would be laughing out loud if he could. Before Keith could add more to his tale, Lance was smearing something on his face with the cotton pad.

“Pfffft” sputtered the black-haired man. He turned his head to the side, but his boyfriend followed with ease. “Stop it!” demanded Keith only to have a bottle shoved in his face. The word ‘cleanser’ stood out in big font on the label.

Keith stood still for a minute, letting Lance finish whatever he was doing to his face. Once he was content with his work, Lance patted both of Keith’s cheeks and motioned with his hand for the man to continue speaking.

“Yeah, so, a lot of flowers.” trailed off Keith. Just as he was opening his mouth to say something else, Hunk cut in out of the blue with a question.

“Do you have from the flowers that eat insects?”

“There are flower that eat insects?!” Keith’s eyes widened at the thought. His voice cracked at the end of the sentence and Lance had to bite his tongue while his whole body shook with silent laughter.

“Uh-huh. They have teeth and when a prey gets in their mouths they close their jaws like that!” the little boy demonstrated the way said plant functioned with his hands, managing to splash water everywhere.

Voltron whined wen some drops landed on him but only rolled over and went back to sleeping.

Pidge mimicked her brother and smashed both her hands in the water.

A water fight escalated in a water war in seconds. With a big sigh Lance screeched again and successfully put an end to the game.

“There aren’t any plants that eat insects, right? I don’t think I have ever seen one, so…” Keith addressed Lance who slapped him on the chest with a rather deadpanned expression. Keith took that as reassurance that no, there weren’t any flowers that had teeth and ate anything different than, well, water.

“I sold four different bouquets today.” At Keith’s rather proud statement Lance just blinked, not very amused.

Keith rolled his eyes. “Of course I didn’t make them. I just… sold them. Took the money and issued the receipt.” Confessed the man. “My boss told me I should smile more and greet the people.”

Once again Lance’s body shook with silent giggles.

“It’s not funny!” cried out Keith and hit Lance on the shoulder.

“Oh god. What the fu- uh, frog.” A new voice echoed in the bathroom and all of the occupants of the tub turned to look at the teenager standing at the door.

“How did you get in here?” demanded Keith.

“Through the unlocked front door.” Deadpanned Dak.

Lance turned to face Keith, his eyes screaming ‘It’s your fault.’

“I called your phones, both of them. No answer.”


“And I came to find you! Now I am traumatized for life! What are you doing?!”

“Spa.” answered Hunk and Keith at the same time, using the same unbothered tone.

“Whatever. I don’t want to know. Weirdos.” The lanky teen muttered.

“You can go now.” Keith suggested casually only to get stabbed in the ribs by Lance’s elbow.

“What?!” protested the man. “He clearly doesn’t want to be here!”

“Rude.” Was Dak’s only response. The boy didn’t look offended at all. He backed out of the bathroom and left their line of vision.

“Daaaaaaak!” yelled Pidge after the teen and tried to climb out of the water. Lance reacted immediately. He leaned forward and lifted her up from under her arms, only to put her back down in between him and Keith.

The little girl whined and wriggled, however she settled fast when her dad dropped all the bath toys in front of her.

“I’m totally beating all of your records, by the way.” Announced Dak from the living room where the TV was already on and the intro music of some game was way too loud.

Lance glared in the general direction of where he guessed Dak was sitting and huffed. He bended forwards a little in order close the laptop’s screen.

“Daaaaaaad” Hunk wailed distressed because his show was interrupted.

“AAAAH” screeched Lance once again. ‘Like a goat.’ Thought Keith.

Hunk pouted but didn’t press his luck further. Satisfied with that, Lance picked up Pidge and put her on his hip. He mentioned for Keith to stand up too.

With a great dose of confusion, Keith did so. Lance nodded to himself and then grabbed the shower head. Before Keith could react he was already being sprayed with water.

Shortly, he was washed enough in Lance’s opinion and the water stopped. Keith rubbed his face to clear his eyes and glared at his boyfriend.

Lance pointed at the open door and Keith suddenly got the situation. His glare gave place to understanding.

“Okay, I’m going. I won’t let him set new records. I’ll defend us.” He probably sounded way too serious for something like that, but apparently that was the right spirit. Lance nodded and the two men bumped fists as Keith exited the room.

Okay’ said Lance to himself in his head ‘I have to empty the tub, wash the kids, get them dressed, wash off the mask and then I can go and show Dak who the real-

“Dad.” Hunk broke Lance’s train of thoughts. “Pidge peed on you just now.”

Pidge was looking at him innocently and maybe a little bit worried.

Ah, so that is what the warm feeling on my stomach and leg was.




“Hey, Keith!” Lance whispered from his end of the bed and nudged Keith’s toes with his own.

The bedroom was mostly dark. The night lamp on Lance’s bedside table was on, but it was covered so the light wasn’t too strong. It casted a series of strange shadows on the wall and the ceiling. Pidge was sleeping in her crib with her paci in her mouth and a soft blanket clutched in her fist.

“Keith.” Whispered Lance again and Keith grunted in response. After the nudging of his toes became straight out shoving in his knees and calves, Keith took a deep breath and rolled over to face Lance, opening his heavy eyelids enough to see his boyfriend’s blurry figure.

“What? I’m tired and I have to get up early tomorrow” Keith demanded, his words slurring in sleep.

“Let’s go have sex in the shower.” The words were said directly in Keith’s ear, Lance’s breath tickling his skin.


“What?! I know you want to!” Lance argued scandalized.

The black-haired man didn’t deny that fact, but he also didn’t show any initiative of getting out of bed.

“Come on. We can try something new.” Urged Lance in the most seducing voice he could master while whispering in a room with a sleeping toddler.

Lance was lying almost completely over Keith, his head millimeters away from Keith’s, their breaths dancing on each other’s faces.  Every word that came out of his mouth made Keith shiver a little.

Another soft grunt left Keith’s throat. Lance pouted and rolled his eyes.

“What are you going to do early in the morning anyway? Your shift starts at 9.” Lance demanded, rather irritated at that point.

After a deep exhale Keith answered “I have to be there at least half an hour before opening. It’ll be the first time I open alone.” Keith stated, more coherent than a few moments ago. “It’s watering day for all the orchids. We have twenty and I have to soak them all in water bows. Also, I need to wash the floors and dust the register. We received a delivery of roses and I need to cut the thrones away. Beside that- Actually, you know what, I am awake enough now. Let’s go in the shower.”

Keith tried to roll over so he could get up, but Lance’s weight kept him in place. Lance, who was now like a melted human, relaxed and breathing deeply.

“Come on, Lance. Sex in the shower.” Keith nuzzled Lance’s cheek, but the other man was dead to the world.

“Did you seriously fall asleep while I was talking to you?! And that’s after you woke me up for sex?!” The disbelief he felt was not shown properly because he had to mind a sleeping Pidge.

Keith lifted his head slightly and took one hand from underneath Lance. He poked Lance in the forehead but didn’t get any reaction aside from a scowl.

“I hate you.” Keith said as he settled back on his pillow. He stared at the shadows from the lamp for a few minutes. Nothing changed, the room was still and quiet, Lance as asleep as he could be.

“I hate you.” Repeated Keith and pecked Lance on the cheek before he swung an arm around him and snuggled close.

Right before he fell back in dreamland, Keith felt a gentle hand in his hair and a sweet voice in his ear.

“That’s what you get for choosing orchids over my dick.”