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Lance’s day was going very well so far. The sun was shining, the kids were dressed and happy, nobody was crying or painting the walls and all the pancakes he made turned out eatable. The only thing that was annoying him was the green cake in the fridge.

“Hunk, do you want some cake?” His six-year-old son was always excited for food. He loved it almost as much as he loved robots. But not this cake.

“Stop trying, dad.” The boy shook his head as he ate the last bite of his pancake. Lance sighed and closed the fridge door. He turned towards the table and looked at his second child who was sitting in a green highchair. “What about you Pidge, do you want some of your cake?” His question was answered with a loud “Nooo” and a smiley shake of a small head.

“Why don’t you just throw it away?”

“Hunk, I can’t throw away something that costs so much, at least not until it molds. Now go wash your hands. We are going to the park.” Hunk cheered and ran away while Lance picked up Pidge and went to the sink in the kitchen to clean her face and hands.

Twenty minutes later Hunk was standing in front of their apartment, holding Pidge’s hand while Lance stocked the stroller with things and locked the door. Just as he was taking out his key from the lock he noticed two boxes by his neighbor’s door.

“Look Hunk, someone is finally moving in, that means more candy for Halloween.”



 Running and jumping around after a ball was just as fun for Lance as it was for the kids. He had to admit that coming to play was often more for his own entertainment than anything else. There was also the bonus of cute single dads.

Lance was squatting next to the stroller, trying to find Pidge’s hat while shamelessly scanning his surroundings for any hotties. He saw the regulars, two new moms, one of them was very good for the eye but not exactly his type. Suddenly the radar in his head went off. There, under the shade of a nearby tree. It looked like he had athletic body, his hair was black, longer around his neck. There was something about him that made Lance want him.

Mr. Sexy was panting, probably taking a break from running, judging by his clothes - black jogging pants and a red sleeveless hoodie. He wasn’t very close so Lance couldn’t see him that well, but it didn’t matter. What he saw was enough.

“Hunk, give me your ball and watch Pidge for a second. Dad has a very important mission.”

His son looked at him strangely but passed the ball towards his father and went to sit next to Pidge on the grass where she was playing with two cars and a robot. Lance looked at his kids “Don’t move from here, the typical rules apply, yell for emergencies, I will be right there with the Red hood.” At Hunks nod he put the ball in position and kicked it towards Mr. Hottie. And goal! Right in the head! The man fell on the ground and looked angrily around himself. ‘Ok, maybe I overdid it.’ Though Lance as he sprinted in the direction of his target.

“I am so sorry, you just fell so hard for me and I feel bad about it now.” Lance had to admit that his pick-up lines were getting better.

“Did you kick the ball?! Purposely at me?” The black haired man asked, voice laced with annoyance as he got up, ignoring Lance’s offered hand for help.

“It was an accident, really. I was showing my children how to do a power-kick.” Lance’s flirty smile didn’t change the unimpressed expression on the stranger’s face.

“You should show them how to apologize now.”

“I already said I was sorry!”

“And also, your power-kick sucks.” Oh, no. No way. Suddenly Mr. Sexy lost a lot of points. No one had the right to belittle Lance’s abilities! Lance’s charming smile twitched and turned in a flat line.

“Is that why you fell down, huh? Because I can’t kick a ball?”

“It was because it came as a surprise! I wasn’t expecting you to kick a ball to my head! Had I known I would have caught it.”

“Yeah, right! And what do you know about kicking anyway? I bet you can’t hit a target that well, especially from a big distance!”

“So you admit you hit me on purpose!” Both males had gotten really close, noses almost touching. Lance noted that they were almost the same height. He also noted the way his lips opened and closed, and how, despite the noticeable sweat on his body, the stranger smelled nice. He got the sudden urge to check for abs so he pocked one of his fingers in the stomach area of Mr. Sexy. Yup, toned muscles.

“I do not admit anything”

“Why are you pocking me?!”

“You are just angry because you were taken dawn by a yellow ball in the park by someone who kicks better than you.”

“You don’t kick better than me!”

“Yeah? Do you want to see if this is true? Or are you afraid of losing?” The stranger looked at Lance and then went to retrieve the ball from where it had rolled off, silently agreeing to the challenge.

Lance smirked, flirting put on hold for now. “Hunk, dad is going to use your robot for a while.”

Both Hunk and Pidge didn’t look too happy to lose another toy to their father.  “Don’t make these faces! I will buy you ice cream after I beat the se- uuh, I mean annoying man.”

“My name is Keith. And why do you need the toy?” Keith was now standing next to Lance, the ball under one arm.

“It is going to be our target. I am afraid your head may fall off if it gets hit by my power-kick again.”

“So you do admit to targeting specially me.”

 “No, I didn’t say so. Right Hunk? Dad didn’t say anything like that.”




Forty minutes later Pidge and Hunk were looking from the side, after a very long game of tag, as their dad and his new friend were destroying their robot with a ball. The toy was missing its head and an arm.

The two adults couldn’t settle the competition. The score was equal. They would have continued all day if it wasn’t for Hunk’s interruption.

“I am hungry dad, there are no more crackers and Pidge wants to sleep.”

Lance nodded his head. He was very competitive and liked riling Keith up, but his kids were way more important to him than that. Lance went to pat Hunk on the head and told him to collect all of their toys that were lying around in the grass. Then he picked up a sleepy Pidge, who clutched her father’s shirt in one hand and put her head on his shoulder.

“Well Keith, I am sorry I couldn’t beat you properly today.” At that Keith’s eye twitched.

“I would have won! You can’t kick at all!”

“Right, that’s why you didn’t win.” Lance wasn’t even looking at Keith as he bended to buckle Pidge in the stroller. Keith pretended not to look at his ass.

“I didn’t win only because we stopped the game!” Lance shook his head, he was already pushing the stroller, Hunk skipping happily next to him. The destination was a small place for lunch that was very close.

“Keith, my man, even Hunk here, who is only six, accepts loosing better than you.”

Keith felt like punching Lance. Really he did. He looked angrily at the back of the other man. It was a very stupid argument. But for some reason it irked him so bad. He couldn’t let Lance be the winner. So he went to catch up with the irritating ‘friend’ he made.

“I can lose just fine! But this is not the case here! And what about that apology you owe me?”

Lance though about it, never stopping walking and Keith never stopping following. “Hmm, you know what? I will repay you for making you fall so hard for me.” Keith actually looked shocked. To be honest, he didn’t expect an apology. Lance looked like a stubborn man who never admitted his mistakes.

So when Keith said “Really?” it came out in a very suspicious tone.

Lance nodded and smiled his flirty smile again. “Yup, I will take you to lunch, I know a great place. The food is good and you can get a cool toy. It will be a date!”

Keith suddenly stopped. “A-a date? Lance, what the hell?!”

 “Hey, watch your language around my kids!” Lance scolded.

“Sorry.” Keith said. “Ok, but only because I am hungry and you do owe me for kicking me in the head. And it’s not a date.”

Lance only laughed as a response and extended one hand so he could ruffle his son’s hair.

Keith continued to walk silently as father and son discussed the toys offered at the place they were going. He had no idea why he agreed, Yeah, he was hungry, but he had food at his apartment, Shiro did leave a box of something in the fridge when he carried in the last of his move-in luggage. He could have gone home, to unpack and relax, and shower, and eat. He could have done it the moment he got up after falling down when kicked with a ball.

But then the owner of the ball showed and he was kinda hot. Sun kissed skin, tall and toned body, brown hair, sexy smile. Keith tried not to show his interest at first because he was angry for what had happened. Then lance opened his mouth and he became even angrier. After five minutes with Lance, Keith wanted to strangle him and then maybe make out with him. So he stayed and he kicked a ball at a robot while two children ran around him. And now he was going to have lunch with them.

Really, he wasn’t sure why he agreed, especially after the ridiculous declaration for a date. He didn’t want to go on a date with Lance. No. Perhaps a little bit. If only he didn’t open his mouth, maybe then…

“Keith, stop thinking so hard and watch your step. You are going to trip and fall on your pretty face.” Hunk giggled at his dad’s words and covered his mouth with both hands, as if to stop himself from laughing.

Keith sighed deeply and fell into step right next to Lance “Don’t worry about my face. Your kid just threw a shoe at a dog. Worry about that”

Lance instantly stopped pushing the stroller and bended a little to the side so he could se Pidge. “Pidge! We talked about that! Don’t throw your stuff! What are you going to do with only one shoe now, huh?” He tickled her little foot and made her giggle. Keith stopped ogling Lance’s ass and actually smiled at the sweet moment.

“Mister! Your child almost hit my Benny! What a beast are you raising?” Ah, the old lady, the owner of the dog wasn’t happy.

Lance straightened up and looked at the woman with a strange expression on his face “Excuse you lady, but you have no right to speak to my baby like this! And what was your dog doing so close to us anyway?”

The lady looked offended “Are you saying this is my fault? Benny’s fault?”

 Keith felt the urge to face palm himself and run in the opposite direction. Instead he stayed glued in place.

“What kind of dog doesn’t dodge a sandal thrown by a toddler?!”

“Mister! No wonder your child is so ill-mannered! With a rude father like you!”

Hunk was fidgeting slightly as he watched the scene unfold. Pidge was also getting nervous, realizing she must have done something very bad, because this woman was yelling, her daddy was very angry and big brother looked sad.

“What did you say?! How dare you-?!” Keith didn’t wait for Lance to finish his sentence, he grabbed the brown haired man with one hand. He started pushing the stroller with his other hand after telling Hunk gently to get going. “Come on Lance, stop talking.”

“Oi lady, you better watch out because the next time we see your do Pidge will throw her other shoe and this time she will hit the target!”

Really, honestly, Keith had no idea why he didn’t run away. Yes, Lance had a great ass, and a great body in general, but was all of this worth it?

“Yeah, that’s right! Take Benny and hide! But we will find you!”

No, it wasn’t. And yet, Keith continued dragging a shouting Lance with one hand and pushing the stroller with the other while never taking his eyes off of Hunk.


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