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'The Terror Squad'

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"I honestly don't see there being anyway for you to escape such a fate. Such a strategic tragedy, beset. You are. Going to... ... Die." The dark lord smuggly choked out these words, then pulled back on his holo-rifle's cocking mechanism.

Vanity rose from the pile of ashes and unholstered her 12-shooter, and as quickly as one blinks their eye she emptied all 11 shots, she had remaining in the cylinder, into the tall wretched beast.

The Watcher twitched his head spiratically in a jerking motion. It's veins pulsed.

The Rake in a perched position lunged at the female assassin and dug it's vast white claws deep within her chest, tearing out the flesh. It picked up the pace and tore through her without breaking a sweat.

Slenderman appeared next to her lifeless corpse and pulled from her chest cavity her heart, it beat a few more times, then a white light emitted from the torn arteries. Then a white orb of harsh glow exited the organ, Slenderman pulled it out of the air and threw it, it splattered against the wall.

"Pity really, her soul was a strong one. Very willed and determined to end me. Silly mammal. If only they knew what our motives truly were. We don't exist on this third dimensional plane to interfere negatively... oh well..." Slender didn't say this, so much as uttered it through an oriface that existed in unoccupied space in the dark damp room.

From across the parking lot and atop the towns water tower lay Mikelé, a young man of unknown origins as far as we can view. He pulled his eye away from his Barret scope lens and scoffed. His long time friend and lover was just eviscerated before his eyes and his modern lead thrower was magged out.
To drive that point home a puff of smoke drifted out of the hot titrinium barrel.
This was no time to mourn though. He felt a presence behind him, he jumped to his feet, simultaneously unsheathing his combat knife, spun around...

... and was stopped by the thick, red, pulsing fingers of the Watcher. His grip tightened around Mikelé's forearm.

"Hey, uh asshole. You mind letting go of my arm?" He was terrified but knew not to display emotion in the audience of the Watcher, that's how he gets you. Found out the lesson learning way, back in the Vietnam Paddy Field Incident of '03. Bastard took out 3 of his best assassin's because their allergies made them sneeze, causing distressed lookson their faces in the face of the Watcher.

The Watcher shook his head no and telephased back into the room Slenderman was in, still grasping Mikelé's arm tightly.
Mikelé subsequently vomited on the Watcher's nicely shined shoes. Phasing between the third and fourth demension rapidly has that effect on humans.

"You!" the slendervoice echoed through the abandoned warehouse, "It has been a challenge tracking you Mr. Taint. I guess all it took was killing all of your agents and waiting for you to find me."

Hole!" Belted Mikelé, out of breath from the dry heaving that followed his vomiting.

"Ah, yes. And as these types of "Final Showdowns" tend to go, you've been saved by the figurative bell, Mr. Taint." Slenderman finished his sentence as a bright beam of early morning light shot through all the cracks in the old sheet metal walls. It attached itself to the three monstosities and with that they all vanished leaving Mikelé on the floor alone, in a puddle of bile.

He reached into his coat and pulled out a large cigar, he fell onto his back and pulled a lighter as well. He got the cigar lit and drew in a large mouthful.

Nutty, creamy with hints of hickory.

He turned his head to one side, lying face to face with Vanity's corpse.

"Welp, time to start recruiting again..."

A warm morning midsummer breeze blew into the open area and Mikelé drew in a lung full of it.