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This Isn't Our Fate (But You're Still My Destiny)

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A loud crash startles Lexa awake and she moves to grab her knife sitting on her bed side table, only to pick up a device foreign to her. A wave of panic flows through her as she takes in her surroundings- the small room covered in white walls, the sheets she lay under scratching against her skin, completely different to the feel of fur she's accustomed to, the small pieces of clothing on her body unlike anything she has ever worn that look more like something a Sky Person would wear.

She feels an arm wrap around her waist and snaps her head to her right, relaxing only slightly at the locks of blonde hair on the pillow next to her. “Lexa, we have no meetings today-”


“And you said that we could make use of the little free time we actually get-”


“This morning so why are you awake? Unless you plan on waking me up a different way go back to-”



“Get up.”

Clarke frowns, noting the serious tone in her girlfriend's voice and sits up. She hasn't glanced away from the green eyes she's staring into to see anything around her, not until said green eyes shift pointedly. Less panicked than Lexa, but just as confused, Clarke spends the next few moments scanning the different place before she looks back, “huh. This isn't your room, Lex.”

“Well observed, Clarke.” Lexa rolls her eyes, still fiddling with the strange device held in her hands.

“Sarcasm is not the product of a strong mind, Commander.” She jokes. “So, where are we?”

Lexa runs one hand through her hair. “I'm unsure. I found... this.” She holds the object out to Clarke.

“Hey I know that. It's a cell phone.” At Lexa's frown she continues, “they were used in the old world as a way of communication and gathering information.”

“So similar to your radios?”

“Kind of. Just-” She plays with the phone, trying different combinations, “damn it.” A hand moves across her own and a new code opens the screen up. Clarke gapes at Lexa who just shrugs in response. “How- what- you know what? Never mind.” She works her way fast around the phone, opening the internet to check the news. “Right, so apparently we are in the middle of a zombie apocalypse and we're in the year 2012. Excellent. That doesn't explain why we're here though and not Polis.”

“This situation is very unsettling, Clarke.”

“I know that, Lexa.” She snaps, taking a deep breath. “Sorry. I'm just- how did we get here? What's happening? Your people believe in reincarnation right? I can't remember dying. And being reborn in the past.”

Lexa wraps her arms around Clarke, and brings her into her own body, “we'll find the answers soon, ai hodnes. For now we should figure out what that crash was.”

“Hey, Lex?” She hears a slight 'hm?' in her ear. “This phone, it's all pictures of you. Lexa?” Another 'hm?'. “Do your people believe in other universes? A universe in which another version of us makes the opposite decision.”

“I suppose that is possible. Our spirit chooses who we are in another lifetime. Who's to say it has to be in the world we know?”

Clarke pulls back to look at Lexa, a glint of sadness in her eyes. “What if we don't even know each other in this world?”

“Clarke,” she starts with a small smile, “our spirits are the same, but our bodies definitely are not. Which means we fell asleep together. My spirit will always find yours. Now, we need to figure out not only where we are, but who we are. Chances are we also have people in this life. The good news is that we do look the same-”

“Except for the fact that I'm the one with rock hard abs now.”

“I would love you no matter what body you are in.”

Clarke takes one of Lexa's hands to move it softly over her stomach, watching pupils grow until just a slither of green surrounds black, “you say that, Heda,” Lexa groans at her title, “but don't pretend the only reason you keep pushing me to train is just for my safety.”

“Clarke, now is not the time for-” A loud knock interrupts them and Lexa sits swiftly in front of Clarke, using her body as a shield- “enter.”

A young man opens the door and looks at the pair strangely. “Alicia, mom said we need to get ready for the supply run. You and Elyza need to be downstairs in ten.” He frowns once more before closing the door behind him.

Clarke's gaze settles on a black leather jacket flung over a chair and stands to retrieve it. She pulls out a wallet, inside is a card with her picture on the front. “Elyza Lex huh? Fitting. Lexa, have a look around, this girl has to have some form of identification. It says here that I'm 19 and Australian. I have no idea what an Australian sounds like.” Lexa cocks her head, gesturing Clarke to continue her explanation. “Australia sunk in the nuclear war. It hasn't existed since.”

“Can you not just use that... cell phone... to look? It obviously exists in this world. We should change before we are summoned again.”

Clarke uses the phone to do as Lexa suggests, bringing up a video of the accent and tries it out a few times. Realising there is no use in trying without an audience, she looks around for an identity for Lexa while her girlfriend changes in the bathroom. A card falls out of a blue and white jacket as the door opens and she has to hold in a grin. “Well...”

“This does not sit well with me. I do not like it.” She sighs, looking back up to Clarke. “How do I look?”

Clarke smiles and flits her eyes between Lexa and the card before answering in an attempt at an Australian accent. “You look like Alicia Clark. Also fitting. 17 year old student from America.”

Lexa pulls a face, one that Clarke can only describe as 'teenage', though she'll never voice it. “Play the, video, is it?” Clarke nods and plays it once more. “Not bad. We must be able to pick up certain traits our other selves have.”

“Like you knowing the pass code to the phone.”

“Yes. You mustn't stray from this accent though, Clarke. We do not know these people. They could be dangerous.”

Clarke only nods, pulling up a pair of black, skinny jeans she finds on the floor and a white top over her head that was under the leather jacket, sliding that over her arms. She spots a pair of aviators on the table and puts them on to finish. “And how do I look?”

“Ravishing.” She's pushed up against a wall before Lexa even gets the final syllable out and moans into the kiss. Her moan turns into a whine when lips are no longer against hers, “but we must not keep them waiting any longer.”

“That guy said 'mom' as if you were related. Do you think Alicia has parents and siblings?”

“I guess we shall find out soon... Elyza Lex.” Clarke pauses as Lexa makes her way through the door. 'Elyza' may not sound quite as good as Clarke's own name spilling from Lexa's lips, but damn, it still sounds amazing.

They find the kitchen with four people occupying it in a heated discussion. “No, Elyza will meet us there on her own. That contraption she calls a vehicle is dangerous enough with just one person on it, Chris. There is no way you are going to be on the back of it.”

Youngest boy there- Chris. Check. “You can't just leave her on her own. After all she's done for us? What if something happens?” 'All she's done for us, eh?' Clarke smirks and raises her eyebrows at Lexa, who in turn rolls her eyes.

“I'll be riding with Elyza.” The conversation halts as four pairs of eyes turn on Lexa.

“You most certainly will not.” The only woman in the room voices. “We've been through this, Alicia. I'd feel much safer having you with your brother and I.” Mom. Check.

“Mom.” Lexa forces the word out, “I feel safe with her. I'm going with her. End of discussion.”

Alicia-” Lexa raises a single eyebrow before turning away, not even caring that she doesn't know anything about what is being discussed. Nobody defies Heda, apparently. Even in this life. “Elyza I swear if you let anything happen to her.”

“Alicia is more than capable of looking after herself Ms. Clark. Trust me.”

The woman scoffs, “Ms. Clark? When did you learn manners and stop calling me Madison?” Mom- Madison. Check.

Clarke shrugs, apparently Elyza was also a bit of a dick. She could have fun with this. “Thought I'd try out something new.”

“Well don't. Nick, get your sister's bat,” brother- Nick. Check. “And Elyza you'd better stock up. I want you with extra weapons if my daughter is going to be going with you.”

Lexa chooses that moment to stroll back in, looking at the bat Nick is holding in disgust before shaking her head in the negative. She goes over to the bag that is full of weapons and takes out three pocket knives and one that looks remarkably like her own back in Polis, placing them in strategic places under her clothing. Nick cocks his head at them once more. “What are you planning to do with those when you don't even know how to use them? Or have you two finally put aside your differences and Elyza has been teaching you how to throw them?”

Both Lexa and Clarke's eyes widen. Shit. At their silence Nick laughs like he knows a secret and joins the older two in leaving out of the front door. Lexa comes beside her to whisper, “there are guns in that bag. We don't know exactly what we are facing or how many but if Elyza is carrying that kind of weaponry, I assume it is bad. Carry as much as you can, just in case.”

After weighing herself down she turns to join the rest when Chris shouts her, “forgetting something?” He throws a set of keys in her direction and she nods her thanks, finding herself eavesdropping on Nick and Lexa.

“Spill. You hated her yesterday, and now you're what, gal pals?”

“Shouldn't we be heading out?” Clarke intervenes, pulling Lexa by her elbow outside but has to stop with her jaw hanging on the floor. “Lex, I have no idea how to drive one of these things.”

Lexa puts a hand on the small of her back, leaning up to her ear, “you'll know what to do, Clarke. Trust me.” She moves to the motorbike, straddles the back seat and smirks back over to Clarke, who near whimpers at the sight.

“I know what I want to do right now instead.” She sees Lexa bite her lip, smirk widening as she pats the seat in front of her, urging Clarke to get a move on. She brings a small sword and holder from behind her back and winks at Lexa, “by the way, I found something for you. So, where we going?” She shouts over to Nick, just as he's getting into the car.

He looks confused, “the corner grocery store ten minutes away. You should know Elyza, this was you're plan after all.”

“Right, yeah, of course. Silly me.” She starts the bike up, the power and vibrations sending a shiver down her spine and she hears Lexa moan behind her.

“There are some parts of this universe that I very much like.” Her arms wrap around Clarke's waist and her head falls into the crook of Clarke's neck. “Very much like.”

Clarke giggles, leaning back into the touch. “Don't get to comfortable, Lex. We aren't together here.”

“Hm, yes. I apparently hate you. We have also found ourselves an Abby. Since Madison hates you.”

“My mother does not hate you, Lexa. And Madison doesn't hate me. And, well you do seem to be a bit of a brat and I'm this total badass so you're probably just denying your feelings for me. Sound familiar? Speaking of which, I'm going to need you train me, like, now, if we're to pass this game.”

“I will, hodnes, I can't wait.” And with that, they follow the car.

The ride is much shorter than either would like. They did a small amount of research on the situation and put it down to two things to survive. Don't get bitten. Aim for the head. Easy.

They are in the store for five minutes before a walker comes across their path, taken down swiftly by a bullet to the head from Clarke. Everyone bar Lexa turns to her in shock. Surely Elyza Lex knows better than to shoot a gun, drawing loud attention, unless she has to.

Piles of walkers come barging through, Madison, Chris and the other man yet identified manage to escape to the car quickly, leaving Clarke, Lexa and Nick trapped.

Clarke was shooting every walker in the head first time while Lexa was using her sword to cleanly slice through their necks, but Clarke begins to get over crowded and a walker nearly manages to bite the top of her arm before a pocket knife slashes into it's temple, bringing it to it's knees.

Clarke grabs Lexa's hand and pushes Nick towards the door, “we need to go. Now.” All of them racing back to the temporary safe-house.

The two head straight upstairs to 'wash all this shit off', but they don't see Nick until Lexa turns to a gun pointed at her head, Clarke has to hold back a laugh at the fact that Lexa actually looks offended. He speaks slowly, “We have fought hundreds of walkers and I have never once seen Elyza Lex get overpowered by them. I have also never in my life seen my sister even be able to hold a knife properly, never mind throw one into a temple fifteen yards away. So one question, and you'd better tell me the truth or a bullet goes straight through both of you. Who are you?”



Elyza wakes gently to a warm body behind her, her skin feeling like it was wrapped in silk and soft fur. She moans in content, grabs the arm that's wrapped around her waist tighter and snuggles deeper into the most comfortable bed she's been in, in ages.

The body behind her shifts slightly, a sign that she is starting to wake up herself and Elyza just can't help herself when she grips the arm around her waist even tighter. “Lyz?”


“Give me my arm back.”

Elyza smirks, still not opening her eyes as she releases the hand, “sorry, Princess.”

Alicia groans and rolls over, sitting up and rubs her eyes of sleep. “How many fucking times have I told you not to call me tha-” Her sentence falls short when her eyes focus and slowly travel the room around her; from the many, many candles highlighting the dark walls, large bed and divider that just slightly separates them to the other section that holds a couch, a couple of chairs and an insane amount of art supplies. “What. The. Fuck?” She smacks Elyza on the shoulder. “Elyza what the hell is going on? Where are we and why,” she finally looks down at herself and pulls the sheets close to her body and narrows her eyes, “why are we naked?”

At that Elyza turns to face her, blinking rapidly to shake the last bit of drowsiness from her head and bites her lip, “I think the question should be 'why wouldn't we be naked?'” She chuckles at Alicia's unimpressed expression before she frowns. “When did you get a tattoo? That's seriously hot, but I'm pretty sure we weren't drinking last night.”

Looking down at her arm, Alicia wrinkles her nose for a second, “we need to find out what's going on.” She takes the sheet with her getting out of the bed, leaving Elyza completely exposed. With Alicia's back towards her, Elyza can't control the gasp that leaves her lips, accompanied by a breathless 'whoa'. Alicia glances back quickly before a flush takes over her cheeks when she remembers the state of undress she left the other girl in. “What?”

Elyza stands up, walking slowly over to her and runs a finger down her back, choosing not to comment on the shiver she feels under the tip, “you have another one.” She doesn't break physical contact, even when Alicia looks back at her, pupils dilated, but she does look away with a smirk, “and how did you get so ripped overnight?” Alicia huffs and walks over to where she spots clothing, quickly changing into a pair of skinny black trousers and a shoulder-less top, those being the most 'normal' things she finds. She does notice that Elyza stands there watching her every move. “Damn, seriously, Princess. I mean, your ass looks amazing! Well, it always does, but. Damn.”

“You're such an asshole. Put some fucking clothes on.”

Elyza spots a dark blue silk kimono, slipping it on and relishing in the soft material sliding along her skin. She walks over to the balcony, eyes widening at the sight that greets her. “Hey, Leesh. Come see this.”

Alicia joins, looking over Elyza's shoulder in wonder. She takes note of the busy sounds coming from far, far below and the miles of greenery spread around what she can only assume is a village at the bottom of this building. “Where are we, Elyza?”

“I honestly have no idea.” She looks over to Alicia with worry in here eyes, “how do you feel? Sick, light headed, any effects what could be drug related?”

Alicia frowns and shakes her head, “no, just, confused. And really creeped out.” Her eyes go wide, panicked as she scans the room once again. “Oh god. Where is everyone? Nick, my mom. We need to find them Elyza!”

Elyza turns and grabs Alicia's face, thumbs stroking softly along her cheeks in a comforting manner, “hey, calm down. It'll be okay, alright? We can go and look for them, find out what's happening. Just let me get dressed real quick yeah?”

Before she gets a chance to find something suitable to wear, Alicia stumbles and knocks over a vase on a near by table and the large, wooden doors to the room open immediately, followed by two, almost giant, gruff looking men with spears. Elyza quickly stands in a defensive pose, subtly pushing Alicia behind her. The two men frown to one another before addressing them, “Heda, is everything okay?”

He's looking straight at Alicia, but before she wings an answer, a slightly smaller, fierce looking brunette comes through the doors behind them. “Hey Ryder, Curtis.”

Oktavia kom Skaikru en Trikru.” Ryder nods in respect, “I shall leave you to your vices.”

She matches his nod as he closes the door before greeting her friend. “Clarke,” she smiles and takes a tentative step back, locking eyes with Alicia, her head bowed, “Heda. Look, Clarke, I know you said that you and Lexa were relaxing this morning, but it's the first morning you've been free for a while and Raven wants to go shopping.”

Both Elyza and Alicia glance at each other with both fear and confusion in their eyes until Elyza finally looks back at Octavia. “Yeah, sure. Quick question though, who are you?”

“What? Clarke what's with the accent? Oh shit, are you two role playing again, because you know Raven will be pissed if she finds out you didn't invite her this time?”

Alicia rolls her eyes, the whole situation too confusing for her so she puts her 'resting bitch face' on and introduces herself. “Hi. I'm Alicia Clark. This is Elyza Lex. We aren't from here. Wherever... here is. Whenever... here is.”

Octavia frowns at them and looks back over to Elyza. “Clarke, you didn't tell me Lexa could be funny.” She stutters straight after, cursing herself for being so outspoken, “not that I didn't think you could be funny, Heda, but you know, it's serious business being the commander of thirteen clans and all.”

“Octavia?” Elyza starts warily, “this isn't a joke. Last night we were in a safe house in the middle of a zombie apocalypse and now we're in this place that is completely foreign to us.”

Eyes squinting one last time, Octavia shrugs and turns, pretending to believe them, “sure, if you say so,” and with a wicked glint in her eye, she turns back, throwing the knife straight at the wooden frame close to Elyza's head. Her mouth hangs open as Alicia, who she assumed would catch it, squealed and ducked, and Elyza, who she assumed would stand stock still, maybe jump a bit, caught it and proceeded to shove her against a wall with the knife now at her own neck, eyes almost black in rage.

“What the fuck was that?”

Octavia blinks once more, panting. “Holy shit. You're telling the truth. So yeah, you can put me down now.”

Just as Elyza relaxes and Octavia rubs at her neck, the door opens once more, revealing a very attractive, in Elyza's opinion, girl strutting through like she owns the place. “What's up, guys? So we going on the shopping trip or what? 'Cause I gotta say, Clarke, these new treatments your mom and Nyko have me on are working my leg really good.”

“Raven, I presume?”

Raven raises her eyebrow but plays along, “yes, and you are?”

“Elyza Lex.” She takes Raven's hand to shake charmingly, and glances over at Alicia, seeing the glare in her eyes and the frustrated movement of her jaw and smirks. “And this is Alicia Clark.”

The grin near splits Raven's face open with a twinkle in her brown orbs, “are we role playing? Because last time I asked to join in the Commander shut me down in two seconds flat.”

“No. Raven.” Alicia snarls and the other three seem taken back for a second until Raven grins again.

“Yep, pretty much like that. And seriously Clarke, hot accent. What is it?”

“It's Elyza. And I'm from Australia.”

“How did you find the accent? Australia sunk in the war.”

“Raven,” Octavia steps up, serious, “this isn't a joke. This really isn't our Clarke and Lexa. The grounders believe in reincarnation, maybe different, parallel, worlds could collide as well.”

Raven squints at them, trying one more thing. “It's probably a good job you turned me down anyway, Princess, I've been meaning to tell you for the past couple of weeks that I finally got the older Griffin to cave and we've been secretly banging in the medical rooms.”

To her surprise, Elyza lets out a large, barking laugh, looking to Octavia first, “Clarke Griffin?”, receiving a nod, then Alicia, “that's my nickname for you, Princess,” receiving a scoff and finally to Raven, “well if she birthed me, she's probably pretty hot so knock yourself out blackbird.”

As Raven begins her retort, Alicia steps in again. “Look, I know we all want to pretend that this is all fun and games, but this is a serious problem. I don't know where we are, I don't know where the hell my family is and I'd just really like to know what the fuck is going on.” She slumps down on the sofa, head resting in her hands and she feels a comfortable weight behind her, Elyza wrapping her arms around her waist and she lets herself, for just a moment, embrace the warmth she's given.

Octavia and Raven glance to each other, only ever having seen the Commander break down like this once, and that was when Clarke had been trapped in a cave for two days due to a storm and she couldn't get word out. “There is a story on the Ark. It's said that in 2084, microscopes picked up two black holes colliding. There's no evidence to support this, and even in all the years, they have never figured out what a black hole truly is. But some people, not 'real' scientists of course, believe that they could lead to another world, an opposite world, that if they even slightly bump into each other, it could have a domino effect.”

“Octavia that story is bullshit and you know it.”

“Do I? I think the fact that we have a very much not Clarke Griffin and a very much not Leksa kom Trikru sitting here begs to differ.”

Elyza flits between the two, weighing up what was just said. “2084? What year is it now?”

“2150. Why?”

“We left 2012. Octavia, if what you're saying could even remotely be true, what happened here? What's an Ark? Why does it look like the people here are either stuck way in the past or, well, I guess, a shorter past?”

“Whoa, blondie. That's a lot of questions. First we need to decide how we are going to play this. Polis can't not have a Commander, there'd be another war before we even leave the building. Wait Alicia, can you even fight? Lexa is like, ultimate warrior.”

Completely ignoring if Alicia answers or not, Octavia continues, directing her voice to only Raven. “Elyza can. We can say that Lexa has come down with something, we'll have to inform Nyko and Abby-”

“No way. Abby can not know about this. She already hates Lex-”

“She doesn't hate her.”

“Yes she does.”

'She doesn't', Octavia mouths over the to pair growing confused and restless once again. “I mean, it's going to have to be something good since I don't think I've ever seen Lexa so much as sniff, but we can work on that later. Meanwhile, I can get Aden to hold the fort. Indra will be there to stand guard and as the newly appointed flemkipa, obviously I will be too when needed. In that time Elyza and I can train Alicia as much as we can in two days-”

“How long do you think this can last?” Alicia whispers, already missing her mom and brother. And the others.

Raven shrugs sympathetically, “we don't know, that's why we have to train you both to be Clarke and Lexa. Speaking of, are you two together?”

“What? Of course not.”

Elyza smirks and winks at Raven, mouthing a 'not yet' and Raven shakes her head, “well sucks for you then, Alicia, because Clarke and Lexa are all over each other, public or not. And if anybody thinks for one second that you two aren't the real you, you'll be tied to a tree with a thousand cuts and trust me,” she lifts her top, showing her scars, “I'm not exaggerating.”

The two blanch at the thought and Alicia feels as though she's suddenly on a mission. She sits up, straightens her back and tilts her jaw to the side, eyes burning intensely, very Commander like. “Then let's begin. One last thing before we delve into this history, what's Heda mean?”

Raven and Octavia sigh, yep, this is going to take a while. “Well roughly 98 years ago...”