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I slowly woke up, my eyelids fluttering open. The stench of antiseptics and medicine flooded my nostrils. It smelled like a hospital, yet not quite. There was an aroma of blood too. I sat up groggily and took in my surroundings. It looked like a doctor's office in one of those horror movies. Blood spattered the walls, surgical instruments coated in the red liquid, and preserved organs in jars. My hands and knees were wrapped in bandages. But the thing that got me the most was that I was in a nightgown. I don't own one. 'Shit! Someone saw me naked!' My face flushed as I huffed. There was a sudden skittering behind the door. My head whipped to look at the door. "Damn...kidney!" The door creaked open to an interesting sight. There, stood a man in a mask. The mask was blue with black eye sockets, black ooze dripping out of said sockets. He wore a black hoodie and dark denim skinny jeans. In one hand, he held a kidney, the other held my bag. He exclaimed, "You're awake!" He set my bag down at the edge of the bed. I looked a little confused. Who was this man and why did he have my bag? I shrank back. "Are you with that damn walking tree in a suit?" The man chuckled. "Who? You mean Slenderman? Ha, he'd kill you if he heard you call him that!" And at that exact moment, I saw him in the doorway. "Unfortunately, I did hear that..." He 'sighed'. 'How did he do that? He doesn't even have a mouth!' He shook his head. "I'm telepathic, child." I stared in awe, but then I remembered. "You! You killed my mother!" My eyes blazed with fury. As I was about to rush up and grab a scalpel to stab him, tendrils of black shot out of his back and held me down. "Easy, child. I had every good reason to. She was a child of an evil entity, Zalgo. She in turn helped that foul creature. I had to kill her, before she killed us. Or led something that could kill us." I was taken aback by his accusations. I struggled against the tendrils holding me down. "How could you say that?! My mother was one of the purest people I know! Like hell will you warp my beliefs!" He shook his head. "In time, you will understand. For now, I have an offer to make. Kill for us, and I will offer protection, housing, provisions, and friends. What do you say?" I shook my head, "Why do you think I would accept your crap offer?" He tossed something at me. It landed in my lap. "I think this shall persuade you." It was a newspaper. I unrolled it and looked at the front page. The headline read,"Girl Brutally Murders Father and Escapes". I didn't need to read any further than that. "Fine. But leave me alone, will you? I want nothing to do with you." The Slenderman 'looked' disappointed. "Will you at least join us for dinner, child?" I was about to refuse, but then my stomach protested. I grumbled. "What was that?" The faceless man asked, amused. My cheeks flushed in embarrassment. "I said fine! Now leave me alone!" I mentally scoffed. 'Tch. Damn tree...' I heard the tall man chuckle. "Alright, we will see you downstairs, child. Come on EJ." The man in the blue mask whined, "But I didn't even get to introduce myself!" He followed the tree nonetheless, pouting. I got up and shut the door to the room. I took a moment to take a deep breath. I walked over to my bag and took out some clean clothes. I took off my nightgown and got dressed in a pair of skinny jeans and an f/c tank top. I fixed my hair so it was somewhat decent and threw on some socks. I found my shoes next to the bed and slipped those on. I opened up the door and started down the hallway. As I was going down a set of stairs I realized something. 'That fucker never told me where the dining room was!' I stopped in another hallway and took everything in. 'This has to be a mansion or something, it's ginormous! And everything is so clean!' I heard muffled laughter from one of the rooms. It had big wooden French doors and brass doorhandles. 'Well aren't I lucky?' I pushed down on the handles and opened the door. In the room, people sat at a giant table. At the head sat Slenderman. On the first two seats to his right and one on his left sat three who looked similar to the faceless tree. There was only one empty chair. And that was at the other end. Right across from Slenderman and right where everyone could see me. The chatter immediately stopped when I entered the room. My cheeks flushed as I sat down silently. Slenderman spoke first. "I'm so you glad made it. Why don't you introduce yourself, child?" My cheeks flushed a deeper red and I mumbled. One of the ones to his right (and had somewhat of a face) who wore bright colors asked, "What was that, dearie?" I huffed, embarrassed. "I said... MynameisY/NkillingpeopleisfunandIdon'tliketalkingaboutmyselfpleasestopstaring." I said it all in one big breath. A couple people laughed, some smiled at me (one looked like he could never stop smiling. Kinda like Cheshire). The Slenderman 'looked' at me. "Everyone here thinks killing people is fun, Y/N. You won't have a problem with that here." I huffed and looked down at my plate that just materialized. It was steak, green beans, and mashed potatoes. The steak was medium rare, I could already tell. Just like I liked it. I cut into it and started eating. The man who spoke earlier in the bright clothes started introductions. "My name is Splendorman, and I am the cheerful one of the four brothers!" The one across from him spoke next. "I am Trenderman, the fashionable one of the four brothers." The brother next to him scoffed. I got the creeper vibe from him. "Don't believe him, hun. He's just jealous of my good looks." Trenderman 'glared' at him. "I'm Sexual Offenderman. But you can call me Fendy~" Slenderman elbowed him. Across from the obvious rapist sat a guy in an orange hoodie.