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'Dreaming in the Future'

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The duo emerged on the other end of the thick forestation of bushes on the outermost edge of Sandgem. They walked at a brisk pace towards the north end when Peter stopped in front of the desolated Pokélab. Rubble ran askew across the scorched ground. Peter stood frozen as images surged through his cortex. In an almost PTSD fashion. The events he had witnessed. The carnage that ensued. Naomi grabbed Peter's shoulder and he snapped back into reality.
"Sorry, I..."
"It's ok, Peter. You had a rough day, let's keep heading up to Jubilife." Naomi said.
"Ok, let's go." He replied as the two started walking again.
Peter stopped again.
"Wait. We have to go by boat."
"Huh...? Why, Pete?"
"I don't have a pass for the magnet train AND It's too late to ride anyways. If we hurry we'll catch the Unova. It'll get us there." said Peter.
Naomi rolled her eyes and turned around and began walking back the way they came but turned towards the pier, Peter stood and watched her for a moment.
Took in a breath.
Let it out.
"Petey. Are you coming?"
He nodded and caught up to her as they made their way to the docks.
The pale moonlight illuminated the hull of the massive ship docked at port. Waves crashed against the port side bow. The Undella spring theme played softly over the dock's speakers. Nostalgia took over Peter's mind. Memories of playing on this very dock long ago with his friend. They were always best of friends. Side by side through it all. Until that is...
The Royal's horn blared across the docks and echoed through the sleepy town. The walkway to the ship began raising at the ticker man's orders.
Naomi ran at the ship waving her arms in the air.
"Wait! We need to get on!" The man turned back to the dock and gave an expression of surprise. He hurriedly stepped back to the walkway and smiled.
He gave a quick order to someone out of view to lower the gate. It lowered and the loud sound of wood smacking wood erupted. Naomi smiled at the man and he smiled back as she entered the deck of the ship. Peter gave a half smile and stepped aboard too.
The two were shown to their respective cabins by the hostess. Peter made sure everything he needed was in his bag and then placed his pokeball ,with Minum inside, on the pillow of his cabin bed. He then left and made his way to the deck of the ship.
As he approached he noticed Naomi standing by the railing. He walked up behind her, she was so entranced in star gazing that she did not even notice him at first, but she eventually did as he got closer and she jumped back in a quick anxious manner.
"Ayee! Peter!..." The look of horror on her face subsided quickly as she realized who it was, "Oh Peter..." she drew in a deep breath, "'s just you.", releasing the breath.
Peter looked worried he put his hand on her shoulder and apologized.
"Warn me next time, would ya?" She said.
"Sorry, sorry. You just looked so into whatever it was you were looking at. I didn't want to disturb you. Sorry." Peter replied. "Hey, Naomi..." he paused.
"Yeah Petey?"
"Uh... Err.. Well. I'm glad you came. I'm glad you came to see me and help my family out like that. If I'd known all it took to get you to come see me would be getting blown up then I would've done it years ago." he chuckled, not saying what his mind really wanted to say.
Naomi laughed at this remark.
She smiled.
Peter smiled.
He grabbed onto the railing too.
"Naomi, it's just..."
An enormous green light illuminated the night sky. As a streak of this light blasted over the top of the ship and disappeared behind the back. The pale green in the sky faded. It ended as quick as it started.
The two stood in awe.
The waves crashed.
The ship left port.
"The hell was that?!" exclaimed Naomi.
"I.. Uh I don't think it was"
"Come on, Pete, let's go see!" she interrupted as she grabbed Peter by the arm and dragged him to the back of the ship.
The two made it there to see a large group already gathered gawking off into the direction the light faded into, but there was no more light. Just the black of night and the white moon looming over all.
Naomi made her way to the front of the group while Peter stayed back and watched on as the crowd kept their gaze fixed to the sky, waiting for something to happen. As Peter began realizing nothing more was going to occur he turned and stepped back towards the cabins when a small furry Pokemon hopped out around the corner and startled Peter. He took a half step back and saw that it was an Eevee about the size of his Minum.
The Eevee had a patch of white fur tufted on it's chest and a smidge of light pale green on the top of its tail. Peter was frozen not knowing what to do. His first thought was to find the owner, but it had no collar or tags.
Peter knelt down on one knee and reached out a hand, the Eevee immediately jumped into Peter's lap. It happily sat as Peter picked it up by its stomach to get a closer look. The two looked at one another for a moment or two before Naomi returned from the crowd and walked up to Peters left side. An expression of pure ecstasy rose on her face.
"Awwwww sooo coooot! Where'd he come from?" she didn't so much as ask as she did squeal this out.
" I have no idea but he's not tagged and he just jumped into my arms when I knelt down." Peter replied.
"Well let's bring him back to the cabins and see if he'll enter your pokeball, if he enters then we go look for his trainer." Naomi said.
"Yeah ok that sounds goo..."
"Oh can we stop at the galley on the way back, I want some food. I haven't eaten all day." interrupted Naomi.
The two made their way to the cafeteria and ate their hearts content, until the galley closed and they had to return to their cabins.
Peter did not get much sleep this night, he had too much on his mind, in between his mother falling ill, Naomi coming home to help and being the target of a bombing, he felt overwhelmed with stress and anxiety, though he didn't let it show.
Naomi barely slept as well, purely from the excitement of going off on a journey like this. After the big move she hadn't gone out much past her new home town.

Morning came as the ship docked.
The sun slowly rose as the foghorn blared.
Cabin doors opened and people stumbled out, sleepy eyed.
Knock knock knock.
... ... ...
Knock knock knock
... ... ...
"Peter! Wake up! The Kabustar just got out of the cage again!" yelled Peter's mother.
"M-mom...?" Peter drooled out, "Kabutstar never existed, it was a mistaken combination of two Pokemon Foss..."
Knock knock knock
"Peter... This is Naomi. It's time to dock..."
"Wh-whu?" Peter shook off his sleep and lifted his heavy head. "Oh... It was a dream..." he quickly got up and shoved all his toiletries into his bag, grabbed his pokeballs and opened the door to Naomi, she had a big smile on her face and a cup of hot coffee for Peter.
"For me?" he asked.
"No. For Giovanni. Of course for you." She replied sarcastically, "Drink up, we're docking soon. Unova awaits." she handed Peter the coffee and headed to the bow.
Peter stared on at her, she turned her head and caught Peter staring. He blushed and quickly looked away.
The foghorn blared once more.
Peter took in a lung of fresh coffee and a nice crisp breath of the morning ocean breeze.