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'Dreaming in the Future'

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Rain pittered against the stain glass of the window. The skies outside were grey and dreary. It was truly a sad day.

Young Peter was standing dressed in black with his head down, amongst a peer of his family and close family friends.
They were all sobbing , but young Peter felt the pain most. His head hung low, his eyes were darkened by the solace of the events taken place. His eyes were welled up with tears and his mind and body were numb.

Daddy was gone.


Absent from existence.

Mommy had her hand on young Peter's shoulder and was crying silent tears under her black veil.
The priest continued his farewell sermon.

The rain was no longer pittering, but slapping violently against the windows in the old Pokemon Tower.

A cold woft of air blew across Peter's face.
From across the room young Naomi stared at her best friend, Peter.

She was confused as to what was happening. She knew Peter was sad. She knew something bad had happened to Peter and his family, but what? She was standing within the crowd, not able to see what the priest was standing behind, some sort of box made of cement.

Young Peter stood silently, tears rolled off his cheeks.
Young Naomi stood staring at Peter.

Mommy stood still, not knowing how she would carry on without her soul mate.
Then out of the corner of her eye, Mom saw something familiar, she turned and saw a tall slender man with flowing green hair across the room full of people.
He was staring back at her. Intently.

She knew why he was there.
After all these years.
She knew.
Why today? Of all days?

After the funeral the family and friends all exited, Naomi ran up to Peter and started saying something to him, but he was a wreck. Her words didn't register at all.

"Peter! Wanna come play at my house tonight? We can watch cartoons all night and play Pokemon Champions!... Peter?" she trailed off, "... Hey Peter... umm My mommy and Daddy-"

When she said daddy Peter snapped out of his daze and looked up at Naomi, still not comprehending her, just looking at her young face.
This made her stop and hesitate. She blushed and looked down at her feet.

"- M-mommy and Dad-daddy said th-that we're leaving town next week and I don't think we'll see eachother for a long long time, Pete and I'm..." her eyes welled up, but Peter remained silent and unresponsive, "I'm going to miss you... alot..." , she looked up at Peter. He was just staring at her. Not REALLY looking at her more through her.
Naomi got angry and raised her voice.

"Fine! Be that way! You big dummy! I hope I never see you.again for as long as I live!" she yelled at Peter.

"Naomi! Get over here now!" Naomi's mother called out to her, she came over to Naomi and grabbed her by the wrist.
"I'm sorry Peter..." said Naomi's mom. "Naomi didn't mean that. She doesnt understand what's going on. We'll come visit every once in a while."

Peter stood and looked out blanky across the puddles now expanding in the street outside the tower as Naomi got into her mom's car, she was still fumed but felt saddened and a little betrayed, she couldnt get her true feelings towards Peter off her chest.

Those feelings that should be kept to one's self.

Those feelings that should be given away to a special someone.

The feelings of young love the two had shared from growing up thus far together.

Now fading.

On a rainy day in Sinnoh.

Naomi's door slammed shut and she peered out at Peter one last time.

The last time.

As the car pulled away and the priest stepped in the way of young Peter.
Tears were rolling down both sets of faces, for different reasons.
The sky had tears of it's own rolling down the windows off the car.
The car dissapeared over a hill.

Beep! Beep! Beep!

Peter's alarm clock rang out, on his bedside drawer. He lifted his heavy head off the pillow as drool dripped from the corner of his mouth.

The 15th. Peter's 19th birthday. He looked over at his bedside. A picture of his father, his mother and himself, as a child.

"I Love You dad. Wish you were here." whispered Peter to himself.
Peter slumped out of bed and headed to the restroom.
He looked at himself in the mirror and then rubbed his eyes to get a better look.

He kind of felt older, in a way.
Didnt look it though.

Today was a new day, but it felt just like all the rest.

He'd grown tired of spending holidays and birthdays without his father around to be there.

He'd grown barriers.
Never really let go of that day almost 9 years ago.

"Peter! Come downstairs. I have a surprise for you!", it was mom.

Peter wasn't exactly expecting any surprises for his 19th birthday, he thought he had grown out of it when he was 15.

Peter got changed, in no hurry, and shuffled down the stairs.

Mom had a small, flat rectangular object on the table, wrapped in christmas paper.

"Sorry about the christmas wrapping paper, it's all I could dig up." said Mom nervously, "It's something I've waiting to give to you until you were old enough."

Peter sat and grabbed the present. There was something round behind the propped up rectangle.
He tore open the paper.

It was a picture frame.

A faded picture from years and years ago was nestled behind a glass plate.

"It's a little faded. Especially our faces, but that's a picture of your father and I as young adults. Your age. Nineteen...", a tear rolled down her cheek.

"Mom, I-" Peter interjected but was interupted.

"He wanted you to have that too..." She said over him.

An all white Pokeball rolled out into Peter's lap. It has a red band around the hinge.

"A premiere ball? These are like 40 years obsolete. Werent they like a promo for new capsules?" asked Peter.

"It was your father's it held his first and favorite Pokemon. Espeon. Your father was put to rest right next to that Espeon in the Lost Tower... before they tore it down and relocated all the caskets." more tears rolled down her face. "That Espeon got lost in the relocation to Unova though."

"Thanks mom. It means a lot to me." Peter got up and hugged his mother deeply. "Thanks, I Love You so much and I wish dad was here..." Peter got a catch in his throat and began sobbing with his mother.

The photo frame fell out of Peter's grasp and hit the floor.
On it was the sun faded image of a young woman and two young men.

One with long green hair, a Menger Sponge on a chain on his hip, Peter thought it was strange as he had one somewhere in his closet, in a box of old toys, the boy had a white and green cap on. The other two faces were blurred from the sun fade.

The sunrise rose just enough for a beam of sharp light to pierce the dining room window and cast itself across Peter's face. He looked up out at the sunrise as the tears dried against his cheeks.

"I miss you, dad."