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The Girl With The Purple Eyes

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Clarke wakes up with a groan, opening her eyes when she feels something warm and bright shinning on her face. Wincing she takes off her helmet, feeling like a hammer is pounding on the inside of her skull before taking off the rest of her suit and climbing out of the ship. The ship which had imbedded itself into the ground.


She laughs happily when she feels the ground beneath her feet.

“I made it.” Clarke says in awe as she takes a deep breath, taking in all the scents the earth has to offer before falling back into the grass. Laughing happily as she feels it on her skin, her laughter soon ends though when she opens her eyes to see the bright blue sky staring back at her, making her heart ache that the ones she loves aren’t here to experience this with her.


Remembering what her father said she quickly gets up and heads back to the ship to take in the damage, she sighs sadly when she sees that most of it is in smithereens from the crash, and the radio is no longer useful. Her heart ache’s when she thinks of how Raven or her Dad would be able to fix it. Her Dad who has probably been killed by now, for the crime of trying to do the right thing, she scowls knowing that she only told one person of what was going on. Wells. It couldn’t be more than a coincidence that after she told Wells that a few hours later her father was being dragged out of her home in handcuffs.


She growls in anger as she thinks about how he broke his promise to her, he got her dad killed, and now. Because of him. She’s stuck on earth with no way to tell anyone she loves that she’s alive and that the earth is survivable.


Clarke is broken out of her thoughts of anger when she feels a shock run through her arm, looking over to the hurt arm in confusion when she doesn’t see anything wrong with it. The next shock sends her to her knees in pain, her eyes glowing purple.


“Shit.” She gasps, she places her hand over where the shock came from to feel a small bump, that’s when she realizes what’s wrong. “Stupid implant. Must have gotten damaged in the crash.” She mumbles to herself as she gets back up. She begins to look around for something that she could use to cut the implant out when she suddenly is overcome with the most unbearable pain she has ever felt in her life. Falling to her hands and knees in pain, gasping. She feels her eyes burning purple, she tries to take a deep breath but lets out a groan when she feels her organs shift around inside her. A scream soon follows when her bones begin to crack and shift.


As soon as the pain had come it ends, Clarke opens her eyes to find herself closer to the ground then she was before, that’s when she realized what happened. She turned into a wolf, stumbling over her new found paws she goes over to the ship and looks at her reflection in the window. Her wolf has silky white fur and her eyes glow purple before turning back to Clarke’s blue. Clarke barks happily and starts to run around the ship, stumbling as she goes before taking off into the woods, all the scents seeming to be so much clearer in this form then they were in her human form. Clarke runs around the woods happily, taking in all the new sights, smells and sounds. She even discovered that the Earth did have wildlife, which meant that she had food. She also found a small stream nearby, she had water. The earth was survivable.


Its wasn’t until when she returned back to her ship around sunset, did she realize that she couldn’t shift back into her human form. The implant, which was damaged in the drop, allowed her to shift into her wolf form but just like how on the Ark it had kept her human, it now keeps her stuck in this form. She had tried to bite it out a few times but had only succeeded in giving herself a painful shock every time she tried to remove it. Clarke lets out a pained filled howl into the fading sun, not because of the implant shocking her but because she’ll never get to see her family or mate again with no way to contact them, especially in this form. She thought about going to Mt. Weather but soon gave up on the idea when she realized she wouldn’t be able to do much.


That’s how she lived life, everyday she went out in search for a way to contact the ark, and failed to find one. But she had discovered something else, there were survivors on the earth. So she helped them where she could, protecting them against the reapers, which she soon learned where experiments from the mountain. She protected them against the banished and other clans who attempted to invade. Killing anyone who tried to hurt the only people she found on earth. She even picked up bits and pieces of their language, along with gaining a name. Wanheda. She translated it to ‘Commander of the Dead’ and even though she hates killing others and wished all these people would stop killing one another, she wears the name proudly. Happy that she was able to save these people when she couldn’t save her own.


1 Year later:

It has been a year since she crashed landed on earth, a year since she was in her human form, a year since she last saw Raven, when she met another one of their soulmates. She had been in her home, a cave hidden behind a waterfall having long since moved away from the ship which held too many painful memories, when she heard it. A women screaming and the sounds of fighting, following the noises she sees a small army of 200 Azgeda warriors, a mix of wolves and humans, attacking a village named ‘Ton DC’. Clarke growls and attacks the warrior closest to her who is attempting kill a child.


Clarke is on her 15th kill when the Trikru army shows up she watches as some warriors shift into their wolf forms while others fight as they are. It doesn’t take long until the Ice nation army to retreats with 170 less warriors then they came with. Clarke watches, her once white fur now red, as a large brown wolf with glowing silver eyes stands next to her, both of them watching at the Trikru chase the 30 warriors out of their land. Clarke turns and looks at the wolf next to her when she hears the sound of bones snapping back into place, until all that’s left is the figure of a woman.


“Mochof Wanheda gon sis au ai kru” (thank you Wanheda for helping my people) the girl says, her voice rough. Clarke stares at her soulmate in shock, although she couldn’t see much of anything besides her green eyes since she was covered in mud and blood, she was beautiful. Clarke nods her head as if to say your welcome, wishing she could say something back to let her know that she’s her soulmate but not being able to. So Clarke watches as her soulmate walks away with a woman, who Clarke knows as Anya, having met her a couple of times over the year. All the while praying that they will meet again.