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The Girl With The Purple Eyes

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Its been 97 years since a nuclear apocalypse killed everyone on earth, leaving the planet simmering in radiation. Fortunately, 12 nations had operational space stations at the time of the bombs, which held what was left of the human race. There is now only the Ark, one station forged from the many.

Over the years the Ark rules have changed. Instead of all the wolves being treated equal, like they were before the bombs, Alphas were treated as privileged and got away with almost everything. While Omegas were treated like dirt, those who weren’t forced into the breeding program where forced into the most menial jobs the Ark had, except for the few who showed exceptional promise, which weren’t many. As for the Betas they were the middle ground, they weren’t as privileged as the Alphas but they weren’t treated like Omegas either. Most Betas became guards since they could keep Alphas and Omegas calm, as well as have complete control over their bodies.

Since space and air were essential to living in space, pregnancies were monitored closely and daily suppressants were handed out to help keep pregnancies to a minimum of 1 pup per couple, anything more the parents would be executed and the child would be locked away until it turns into an adult, where it’s fate is then decided. Life or death.


The suppressants also made sure that Alphas and Beta’s couldn’t impregnate someone in their same rank, so Alphas couldn’t impregnate Alphas and Betas couldn’t impregnate Betas. They did this so there would be a higher chance that more Omegas would be born. The more Omegas born, the easier it would be to repopulate the earth once they return. So in order for an Alpha to become pregnant they'll need either a Beta or more commonly used an Omega. The same goes for a Beta but with an Alpha.


The reason why the council want so many Omegas is because they have such a high birthing rate. This is why the council created the breeding program. It allows Alpha or Beta couples to impregnate an Omega, then take the child away to raise. Once an Omega has out used its usefulness they are put in another part of the breeding program, its only purpose serves to allow Alpha’s a release from day to day life as well as to take the edge off when they enter their heat.


Now that you have a brief idea of how the Ark works you can see why Abby and Jake would be shocked to find that Abby is pregnant when both of them are alphas. Of course underneath all the layers of shock they were ecstatic.


“We’re having a baby…” Abby says as she stares down at the blood results in her hands. Her mate Jake laughs happily.


“We’re having a baby!” He laughs, his mate soon joins him. Shedding happy tears as they hold onto one another.


“We have to tell Jaha. He’ll be able to protect us from the rest of the council.” Abby says after a moment, when the fear starts to set in. Fear of how other people would react since a child having been born from two alphas hasn’t been heard of since the last grounder died.


Jake nods and takes his wife’s hand before they both make their way down to the Chancellor’s quarters. Hearing a ‘come in’ from the other side they walk through the door to see Jaha sitting on a chair, reading something on his tablet.


“Abby, Jake. Did we have a meeting?” Jaha asks as he sets down his tablet to give them his full attention.


“No. No. We just came to tell you that…I’m pregnant.” Abby says, deciding to just rip it off like a band aid.

“Pregnant?” Jaha asks confused “I didn’t see your name on the Breeding approval list.”


“Its not an Omega’s.” Abby says, her hand tightening on Jake’s slightly. Jaha glances at Jake before looking back to Abby.


“With a Beta?” Abby shakes her head

“Its Jake’s.” The chancellor sits back in surprise

“But the suppressants…” he says shocked

“They have a 99.9% success rate yes, but there’s still a 0.1% chance that pregnancy can happen.” Abby explains. Jaha nods his head as he takes in everything.


“When the council hears about this, they will want to have you both floated. But since you both hold such high positions on the Ark, that ruling would be overturned. I will make sure it will be.” Jaha says as he walks over to the couple and hugs them “Congratulations on your pregnancy.”


Abby and Jake smile at their friend and thank him before walking out, smiling widely as they walk all the way back to their quarters.


9 Months later:

“Okay your almost there. Just one last push.” The nurse says, Abby grinds her teeth together in pain as she pushes one last time before falling back against the bed, exhausted.


“You did great, baby.” Jake whispers into his mate’s sweaty hair planting a kiss on her temple.

They turn to the nurse when they see her bringing over a small crying bundle.


“Congratulations, it’s a girl.” The nurse says as she hands the baby to Abby.

“Hi baby.” Abby says with a watery smile as she takes the pup in her arms, it doesn't take long for her cries to die down. Jake smiles widely as he stares down at the two girls he loves the most in this world, he gently runs his hand over the baby’s light blonde hair.


“Do you have a name?” the nurse asks quietly, smiling at the couple. The two new parents smile at one another before turning back to the the baby in their arms.


“Clarke. Clarke Griffin.” Jake says as he looks into his daughter’s bright blue eyes. The nurse smiles before quietly walking out of the room, giving the parents a moment alone with their daughter.


A few days later:

It wasn’t until a few days later, when they were finally able to take their baby girl home, did the parents notice then two soul marks on little Clarke’s body.  Soulmarks are the first words or phrase your soulmate will ever say to you. When they appear on newborns its when their soulmate, or in this case soulmates, are older then them. Usually a person only has 1 mark, its rare to find someone with two but not uncommon. There are even some people who are born without soulmarks, such as Abby, but have their words printed on someone else, such as Jake. Clarke had two.


One which read ‘Thanks for the help, but I had that completely under control’ on her inner thigh and the another that said ‘Mochof Wanheda gon sis au ai kru’ on her shoulder blade. Jake and Abby look at one another in confusion at the second phrase having never heard a language like that before. But they decide it doesn’t matter how many soulmates their daughter has, they love her anyway.


1 Year later: 

Jake and Abby both rush to their daughter’s room having been woken to the sound of her crying in pain, Abby quickly picks her up and looks around to what could be causing it only to find nothing.


“What’s wrong with her?” Jake asks worriedly

“I don’t know.” Abby says as she looks her daughter over, she stops when she finds the cause. Jake and Abby watch as the words ‘Oh shit. Please don’t eat me.’ Form across their daughter’s ribcage.


Once the words are fully formed, the pain ends and Clarke’s cries turn into whimpers. Jake gently takes his daughter out of his wife’s hands and starts to rock her back and forth.


“Three. She has three soulmarks. One of which we done even know the language to.” Abby says frustrated


“Hey. It doesn’t matter okay? Our daughter is going to be fine and three soul marks only mean that three more people are going to love and care for her.” He says as he gives his wife a one armed hug as he holds a know sleeping Clarke in his other arm. The parents watch their daughter sleep, trying to calm their hearts from the near heart attack her cries gave them mere minutes ago.


3 years later:

Abby smiles down at her 4-year-old daughter whose pouting and staring down at the ground from where she’s perched on the examination table in the medical wing. Usually when a pup turns 4 they get their own scent which tells everyone else whether or not they are an Alpha, Beta or an Omega. Clarke happens to be an Alpha, a strong one.


This is also the time where they get their implant. Everyone on the Ark gets an implant which keeps them from turning into their wolf form. They started doing this when people began to shift and ended up destroying parts of the Ark when they lost control, hence the no shifting rule, any adult who is caught without a chip or taking is out is immediately floated. Anyone younger than the age 18 is locked up.


“Okay your going to feel a slight pinch.” Abby says as she holds up the injector

“I don’t understand why can’t we just learn to control it?” Clarke says not wanting to get the implant.


“I already told you Clarke, its safer this way.” Abby says “Are you ready?” Clarke lets out a huff and nods. Abby lines the injector up to her daughter’s bicep before pulling the trigger. Clarke squeezes her eyes shut and lets out a hiss of pain. When she opens her eyes their glowing purple.


“Clarke.” Abby hisses as she looks around to make sure no one is looking at them. Luckily all the doctors and nurses are to busy with other patients to notice. Clarke blinks and her eyes change back to their natural blue.


“I’m sorry mama. I didn’t mean to.” Clarke says, Abby sighs

“I know baby, but you have to be careful its too dangerous to have someone see your eyes.”

“I know.” Clarke says sadly, she knows that her eyes are different from other Alpha’s but she doesn’t really know why.


Usually Alphas have red eyes, Betas have blue, and Omegas have gold. There has never been a purple eyed wolf on the Ark. Abby hating to see her daughter sad, racks her brain to try and find a way to cheer her up.


“Okay, how about me and you go find your daddy and get some dinner. How’s that sound?” Abby asks, she smiles when she sees Clarke’s face immediately brighten at the mention of her father. Since he has been coming home late then leaving early for the last two days repairing something in the communications mainframe, she hasn't gotten to see him. Abby helps her daughter off the table before practically being dragged to where Jake is, Clarke telling her mom to hurry up the whole way there.


1 year later:


A 5 year old Clarke sits in the medial wing watching her mother move around helping people, she’s always been a bright kid and soaks up all the information her mother explains to her like a sponge does water. Her gaze is pulled away from her mother when she sees a young boy around 10 with dark brown hair and tan skin sneak into the back on the wing. Clarke, curious, follows him. She walks into the back room where they do the implanting to see him trying to open one of the locked drawers where the injectors are stored.


“What are you doing?” Clarke asks making the boy jump and turn to look at her, fear written all over his face before he quickly covers it with a glare and growl.


“Nothing that concerns you.” He growls, his eyes glowing red. Clarke rolls her eyes when she feels the threatening pheromones coming off him. Clarke takes a few paces towards him ignoring the look of confusion that comes over his face as his eyes go back to normal.


“If your looking for the injector, the drawer’s locked.” She says

“I’ve noticed.”

“Why do you need it anyway?” Clarke asks, tilting her head to the side as she looks at the boy, whose now growling at her, curiously “I mean it must be important if you going to risk getting locked up for it.”


“Look if your going to tell on me, go ahead otherwise either help me get the key or get out.” The boy growls as he turns back to the drawer trying to figure a way to get it open. Clarke rolls her eyes and walks over to where her mother hides the key and holds it out for the boy.


He looks at it cautiously before taking it

“Thanks” he mumbles, Clarke nods

“The implants are in the drawer next to it.” She says pointing to the drawer in question once the boy nods she turns to leave but is stopped when the boy says


“Why are you helping me?” Clarke shrugs

“Its important to you.”

“What’s your name? I’m Bellamy.” The boy asks after a moment, he knows its dangerous for her to know his name since she could turn him in but he has a feeling like he should tell her.


“Clarke.” The 5 year old says “Don’t get caught.” She says before walking out.


2 years later:


A 7 year old Clarke walks out of her Alpha class and starts to make her way to where Wells is waiting to meet her so they can play chess. She stops when she hears the sound of yelling, following the sound down another corridor she sees a group of three alphas picking on a small brunette Omega girl with olive colored skin. Clarke growls feeling like she has to protect this girl.


“Hey leave her alone!” Clarke yells as she storms over to the group. The group of Alpha boys laugh when they see her.


“What she’s an Omega that needs to be put in her place.” One of the boys says as he grabs onto the girl. Clarke growls and starts to pump out aggressive pheromones.


“I said. Leave her alone.” Clarke growls lowly, not being able to handle the amount of pheromones being sent their way, the group of alpha’s take off running in the opposite direction. Clarke glares at their retreating figures until she can’t see them anymore before turning towards the girl only to find her halfway down the corridor, walking away.


“Hey! I don’t know about you but where I come from people say ‘Thank you’ when someone helps them.” Clarke says, she watches at the girl freeze and turn towards her with a look of suspicion in her eyes.


“Thanks for the help, but I had that completely under control” the girl says, Clarke rolls her eyes

“Yea it sure looked like it and-“ the blonde alpha starts but she stops when the girl’s words register in her head as the same ones on her inner thigh. “Oh.” Clarke says dumbly


“Yeah. Oh.” The girl says as she walks over to the blonde, the two stand there awkwardly for a moment before the girl rolls her eyes and sticks out her hand “Raven Reyes.”


“Um Clarke Griffin.” The blonde responds as she shakes Raven’s hand. “So um you’re my soulmate.”


“According to what’s written on my arm you are.” Raven says when they release hands, she pulls up her sleeve to show the blonde the words that are written in her handwriting on her forearm. Clarke stares at the words in awe, biting back the urge to run her fingers over it. She pulls her eyes back up to meet Raven’s when the girl pulls her sleeve back down. “So I showed you mine you show me yours.”


“What?” Clarke asks as she things of where her words are written “I can’t- I mean right now? In the middle of the hallway?” she says as  blush covers her cheeks. Raven smirks


“Come on! Where is it?” she asks excitedly “Is it on your butt?” Raven asks with small laugh.


“Wha- No!” Clarke says, her face practically glowing red making Raven’s grin widen. The brunette grabs the blonde’s hand and drags her to a near by storage room, she pushes the blonde in before following and closing the door behind them before turning on the light.

“Okay show me.” Raven says, seeing the look on Clarke’s face she continues “What? You said you didn’t want to do it in the hallway, and now we’re not in the hallway.”


Clarke rolls her eyes and starts to unbutton her pants, figuring the girl wont let it go until she sees it.


“You know your not like the other Omegas. Most of the Omega’s I meet are extremely shy.” Clarke grumbles

“Thanks Princess.” Raven says cheekily, Clarke glares at the nickname “Also you’re not so bad yourself, most of the Alpha’s I meet are assholes”


"Don't call me princess." Clare says as she pulls her pants down to where they are just below her mark before showing the brunette “Happy now?” Clarke asks, not waiting for a response before already pulling them back up.

Raven nods. 

“So uh do you want to maybe get lunch or something?” Clarke asks

“Sure but I uh already used my rations for today.” She says “But sure.” Clarke nods and makes her way out of the closet with Raven close behind.


The two girls walk to the cafeteria chatting about everything and nothing at the same time. They did this every day, getting to know one another and wondering who thier other two soul mates could be.


It didn’t take long for Clarke to notice how skinny Raven was and how she never ate when they hung out in the cafeteria, so Clarke always gave the other girl half of her rations knowing her soulmate wasn’t getting her own for whatever reason. But she never asked or pushed for answers, waiting until Raven was ready to tell her on her own.


“My mom takes my rations.” Raven says one day when they were eating lunch together. Clarke puts down her fork and gives the girl her full attention “Finn, says she’s an alcoholic.” She says as she stares down at the food Clarke gave her “She exchanges my rations with other people so she can get Moonshine.” Raven says, she looks up when she hears Clarke’s chair scrape against the floor, she watches as Clarke’s eyes glow purple and she begins to storm out of the cafeteria. Raven quickly gets up and up and follows the blonde to see her making her way towards Chancellor’s chambers, luckily the corridor was empty so no one was there to witness what was happening.


“Wait. Clarke what are you doing?” Raven says trying to stop the blonde.

“Notifying the council about what’s happening.” Clarke growls “What she’d doing is illegal.”


“What!? No. Clarke. They’ll float her.” Raven says as she steps in front of the blonde to block her path only to have Clarke step around her, too lost in her anger to listen to reason.


“I don’t care.” Clarke growls, Raven finally has enough and grabs onto the Alpha’s arm. Clarke spins around with a growl.


“Please Clarke. She’s my mom.” Raven whimpers, trying to fight against the aggressive pheromones that Clarke is spreading making her want to submit to the alpha. Hearing the pained whimper from Raven, Clarke’s face immediately relaxes into one of concern and her eyes fade back to their normal blue.


“I-I’m sorry. I never- I mean I didn’t-…I’m sorry. I lost control. I never meant to hurt you.” Clarke says sadly, feeling horrible that she made Raven feel the way that she did.


“I know… its fine.” Raven says trying to brush it off

“Its not. No one should ever be forced to submit, it should be your choice.” Clarke says, Raven lets out a bitter laugh.


“I’m an Omega Clarke. I don’t know if you’ve noticed all the Omega’s on the ark, they aren’t shy.” Raven says bitterly, hating how the ark runs things “They’re so used to submitting that they don’t do anything that will draw attention to themselves.”


Clarke frowns, her eyes hardening “Well as long as you’re my mate. You wont ever have to submit to anyone against your will.”


“Thanks.” Raven says with a small smile, it soon turns back into a frown when she remembers why they were in this situation in the first place. “You can’t tell the council about my mom.”


“I know she’s your mom and all, Raven. But what she’s doing is wrong.”

“I know that, but… she’s the only family I have.” Raven says “You have your mom, dad and Wells and all I have is her and Finn.”


“And me.” Clarke says as she takes the young Omega’s hand “You have me and two other soulmates and we will always be there for you.” She says, Raven smiles having never thought of it like that before “Come on, lets go back to lunch.” Clarke says before leading them back to the cafeteria.


“So purple eyes huh?” Raven asks after a moment of silence, Clarke tenses

“You saw that?”

“Yeah. I mean how could I not.” Raven says, Clarke frowns as she thinks about what to say.


“You can’t tell anyone about my eyes… my mom says its dangerous and I’d get in trouble if they ever saw them. I have to keep them hidden.” Raven nods


“Sounds hard… to keep yourself in control like that all the time.”

“Its difficult sometimes… like if I get hurt or angry.” Clarke says “But I’m pretty good at keeping in control.”


“Do you ever wish you could tell everyone?”

“Sometimes. You know so I don’t always have to concentrate so hard all the time.” She says “It just gets tiring.” Raven nods in understanding


“Well I wont tell anyone. It’ll be our secret.” Raven says with a smile, Clarke smiles back happy that someone else besides her parents know. Already feeling some on the weight come off her shoulders.


It was from that day on that Clarke saw Raven and the Ark’s rules in a whole new light. It was the same day she made a silent vow to herself that she would change the Ark’s rules so Omegas no longer had to live in fear of Alphas.


6 Years Later:


A 13 year old Clarke walks down the corridor until she reaches Raven’s quarters, clutching 3 purple, Raven’s favorite color, paper mache roses. Tonight was Ravens 14th birthday, and Clarke had the whole night planned out. Both of her parents were working late so she would be home alone  so the blonde Alpha decided to have a movie night to watch the future mechanic’s favorite movie, Fast and the Furious.


Just as Clarke was about to knock on the door, it opens to reveal Finn. Clarke’s surprised look turns into a scowl as she glares at Raven’s neighbor and best friend, an Alpha named Finn. He was one of the few on the Ark without a soulmark, and Clarke hated him. He was always flirting with Raven, who was obviously her soulmate and taken, and he always seemed to have this stupid smirk on his face like he knew something that no one else did, most of the time it made Clarke want to hit him. Hard.


When Clarke told Raven about the flirting, who was oblivious to it, the other girl brushed it off saying how he was just being nice and to try and hold back on punching him since he was her best friend. So Clarke did, for Raven, but that didn’t mean she had to like it, or him, or stop fantasying about hitting him in the face repeatedly.


“Hi. Is Raven here?” Clarke asks trying to be civil, Finn smirks making Clarke’s scowl deepen.

“Yea she’ll be out in a minute.” He says “You guys doing anything fancy tonight?”


“Just watching a few movies.” Clarke says, Finn nods his head

“Would have thought a privileged kid would have done something more exciting for her mate’s birthday.” Finn says making Clarke growl. Just as Clarke opens her mouth to respond, Raven walks out.


“Hey. You ready to go?” She asks a large smile on her face, Clarke nods not trusting her voice at the moment. Raven nods before turning towards Finn “I’ll see you tomorrow?” Finn nods with a small smile on his face.


“Yea can’t go breaking tradition now can we?” He asks before pulling her into a hug “Happy Birthday” he says, he sends a wink at Clarke over the brunette’s shoulder, only succeeding in making the blonde growl in warning. Finn smirks before releasing Raven and heading back to his own home. Raven turns around to see her mate glaring in the direction Finn went.


“Hey princess. You okay?” Raven asks concerned, Clarke turns and looks at her mate. Immediately feeling her anger melt away as she slips her hand in hers.


“Yea fine.” Clarke says before handing Raven the purple paper flowers “These are for you. I would have gotten you real ones but they’re kind of hard to find in space.” She says trying to hold back a blush. Raven smiles at her mate’s dorkiness


“Thank you.” She says before leaning up and pressing her lips to the Alpha’s cheek, smiling widely when she sees her eyes flash purple for a mere second. She always loved how she was the one who could so easily break the Alpha’s control.


“So um what tradition was Finn talking about?”


“Oh its just something we would do on my birthday since we were little.” Raven says with a shrug as she plays with the roses “He would sneak an extra thing of dessert out of the cafeteria for me. He’s the only one, before you, to remember my birthday.” Clarke smiles, happy that Raven feels comfortable enough to share that with her, knowing the other girl doesn’t like to talk about herself “So where to?” Raven asks breaking herself out of her memories.


“Um I was thinking back to mine? We can have a movie night, I mean unless you don't want to. Cause I'd totally understand end-" Clarke rambles, silently cursing Finn for making her doubt herself. Raven smiles and kisses the blonde's cheek again, successfully ending her rambling and making her blush.

"Sounds great." Raven smiles, Clarke clears her throat trying to regain control of her blush

"Okay cool. I finally managed to track down all 8 fast and furious movies.”


“Seriously!? I have been waiting to see the 7th movie! I can’t believe you found all 8 of them. Best Birthday ever!” Raven says excitedly, Clarke smiles ‘HA! Take that Finn!’ she thinks to herself as they walk to Clarke’s home.


They just enter the Griffin’s quarters when Clarke turns to look at her mate with a wide smile on her face.


“Okay so before we start the movie…I got you something.” Clarke says as she gently takes the roses from Raven and places them on a nearby table.

“Wha… you didn’t have to get me anything.”


“I know.” Clarke says with a shrug “But I wanted to. So close your eyes, and stay right here.” Raven closes her eyes and listens to the sound of Clarke’s feet walk away, she hears the sound of shuffling coming from the next room over, before Clarke comes back in. “Okay so hold out your hands.” She does. “Okay now. Open.” Raven opens her eyes and gasps when she sees a helmet in her hands “This is from me, Mom and Dad. They helped me fix it up. I drew the raven on the side. We figured if your going to be the youngest zero-G mechanic than you should have your own helmet.” Clarke explains.


Raven stares down at the helmet in awe her fingers tracing over the black raven on the side.

“Thank you…you guys really didn’t have to do this.” Raven says, tears filling her eyes. Clarke shrugs


“There’s also one other thing.” Clarke says as she reaches into her pocket and pulls out a handmade metal raven necklace. “Its for good luck.” Clarke says, she watches as Raven sets the helmet on the table with her roses and gently takes the necklace, tracing the edges of the bird.


“This is the best thing anyone’s ever gave me.” Raven says quietly, Clarke gives her a small sad smile. Hating how the girl grew up but as much as she hates Finn she’s glad that he was there for her when she wasn’t. Raven looks up and holds the necklace out for Clarke “Put it on me?” she asks, Clarke’s smile widens as she takes the necklace, Raven turns around and pulls her hair up so the blonde Alpha can put it on her. Once she feels the necklace on the back of her neck she lets her hair fall, turning around she kisses the blonde on the lips. Raven's smile widens when she pulls back to see Clarke’s eyes glowing purple. “This really is the best birthday ever.” She says making Clarke blush.


“So umm…do you still want to watch the movie?” Clarke asks as she clears her throat trying to get rid of her nerves, Raven smiles and nods her head as she picks up her helmet and roses before walking over to the couch. Once the movie turns on the two girls curl into one another, basking in the quiet hum that runs through their bonds.


1 Year Later:

A 14 year old Clarke sits in the cafeteria playing chest with Wells, well at least trying to play, her mind too distracted on what she learned the night before. She doesn’t usually eavesdrop on her parents but when you hear your mother yelling at your father its kind of hard not to, and what she heard has her terrified about what’s about to happen. Its only when Wells gently shakes her shoulder does she brake out of her thoughts.


“Sorry.” Clarke says before moving a random piece on her chest board, not caring about the game any longer.


“Well, if your strategy is to lose really fast, that was a great move.” Wells teases as he jumps her piece, he looks up smiling at his friend but it soon turns to a look of concern when he sees her start to zone out again. “What’s going on?” Wells asks “Is it something with you and Raven?”


“No. No me and Raven are fine.” Clarke says “Its Nothing.”

“You can talk to me.” The young Alpha says trying to get her to open up, Clarke looks around the room to make sure no one is listening before telling him.


“My dad found a problem with the oxygen system.” She says “I’m not supposed to know.”

“They’ve had other malfunctions in the past. They always figure it out.”


“No. This one might not be fixable.” Clarke says, Wells looks down in shock “The council doesn’t want anyone to know.”


“The council meaning my dad?”

“Yeah. And my mom and the others.” Clarke says “I think he’s going to go public anyway.”

“Clarke, he can’t. He’ll get floated.”


“I know. But what if he’s right?” Clarke asks scared “Don’t people deserve to know the truth?” she asks before adding “You can’t tell your dad I told you. You can’t tell anyone.”


“Your secret’s safe with me.” Wells says “I promise.”


That night Wells was walking Clarke back to her quarters when the blonde suddenly turns to him just outside her door.

“Can you promise me something?” She asks, Wells nods “If-if something happens to me…Look after Raven for me?” Wells looks at her in surprise.


“What? Clarke what are you going to do?”

“Nothing…” Clarke lies “I just have this really bad feeling like something bad is going to happen… Just promise me you’ll look out for her for me.” She asks, the two Alphas stare at one another for a moment, before Wells nods.


“Of course.” He says before pulling her into a hug “Just please don’t do anything stupid.” Clarke nods as she pulls away.

“I’ll see you tomorrow for our rematch.” She says with a small smile, Wells smiles back and nods before saying goodnight and heading to his own quarters.


Clarke takes a deep breath before walking into her home, she sees her father filming himself at his desk, talking about the oxygen system.


“You’re really going to do this? Disobey the council?” Clarke asks as she sets her stuff down “I heard you talking with Mom. I know.”


“I’ve been thinking about this a long time. The people have a right to know.” Jake explains “Your mother doesn’t understand.”


“What’s the plan?” Clarke asks wanting to help

“You don’t need to know the plan.”

“You’re making a video, so what? Your gonna break into the communications mainframe?” Seeing the look on his face she continues “Making you either suicidal or incredibly dumb.”


“Wow. You are picking a fine moment to start behaving like a typical teenager.”

“I’m gonna help you.” Clarke says

“No.” Jake says as he stands up from his chair “No, Clarke, you’re not.”

“But I can-“

“-Absolutely not.” Jake says before pulling her into a hug “No. No, baby.” He says before pulling away “You get that stubborn streak from your mother, you know.”


“One of the many things I love about both of you.” Jake says, just as he finishes talking the door breaks down and the room is filled with guards.


“Jake Griffin, you’re under arrest for treason.” One of the guards says before he pulls him away from Clarke and handcuffs him.


“Dad? Dad? No, No, no, no, no.” Clarke says terrified as the guards hold her back, trying to drag him out the door. “Let him go. Let him go.” She yells as she tries to fight against the guards that are holding her back. “I said Let Him GO!” She yells her eyes glowing purple, all the guards immediately drop to their knees in submission, not being able to take the aggressive pheromones Clarke is pushing out. Jake immediately runs to his daughter who hugs him.


“Its going to be okay, Clarke, I promise.” He says before pulling away to see her eyes still glowing as tears stream down her face “But right now we have to run, Okay?” Jake grabs his daughter’s hand and pulls her out of the room and down a series of corridors.


“Where are we going?” Clarke asks

“I need to get you out of here.” Jake says as he opens a door one of the engineering rooms. They walk all the way to the back of the room to where a ladder is and start to climb down to a restricted area.

“Dad what is this?” Clarke says as she watches her Dad start to punch in the code to the door, trying to ignore the sounds of the guard’s boots stomping around above them, looking for them.


“When we first saw your eyes, we knew you were different” Jake explains “There’s something called a true alpha, legend has it, that a true alpha is stronger then any normal Alpha, that it could bring down a room filled with Alphas. That’s the real reason that the Ark didn’t like Alphas mating with other Alphas. They fear having a true Alpha that could possibly bring chaos to the Ark. That’s why we never wanted you to show your eyes.” He says, once the door opens they run in, Jake closes the door behind them and disenables the system so no one else can get in.


“And I’m a True Alpha?” Clarke says as she follows her father through the room.


“Put this on.” He orders as he hands her a space suit, Clarke does so “And yes. That’s why when you were first born I started building this.” He says as he stops in front of a large object that is covered with a blanket. He quickly uncovers it to reveal a ship that looks like it hasn’t been used since 2102. “I knew that if they found out about you they would have you floated immediately. Make it look like an accident.” Clarke stares at the ship in both awe and fear.


“So what? We both go in this thing to the ground? What about mom? What about the people on the Ark?” ‘What about Raven?’


“Not we. You.” Jake says as walks over to his daughter

“What? No! We don’t even know if the earth is survivable and- and-“ Clarke says as the tears come heavier.


“Clarke, listen to me.” Jake says, they both jump when they hear banging on the door, signaling that the guards found them. “I need to stay here and get you launched. There’s a radio in the ship, your mother will be looking for you, if you can prove that the Earth is survivable. Then you can save everyone.” Jake says


“But what if its not? What if this is all just a suicide mission?” Clarke cries


“I have to believe its not.” Jake says he pulls his daughter into the ship and tells her to buckle up before playing around with the controls “If you can get to Mount Weather there should be enough supplies there for you and the rest of the Ark to live off of for the next 2 years.”


“What about you?” Clarke asks, Jake smiles at his daughter sadly

“I’ll be fine.” He says before pulling her into a hug “May we meet again.” Jake whispers to his daughter.


“May We meet again.” Clarke says back, Jake kisses the side of Clarke’s head before pulling away and closing the ship door leaving Clarke to put on her helmet and buckle up, as the pounding from the guards gets louder and the door starts to gave in. Jake runs over to the controls and presses a few buttons. He looks up to see Clarke watching him through the ship window, tears streaming down her face. He doesn’t look away as he presses the launch button, not even when the guards flood the room and surround him.