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Shake this Hell From Everything I Touch

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Dean opened to Cas’ tongue immediately, letting it lick the roof of his mouth behind his teeth and curl around his own tongue in undulating waves. Cas pressed Dean’s right wrist into the bed firmly, but Dean’s left was free and it cupped the back of Cas’ head automatically, Dean’s fingers curling behind Cas’ ear and feeling the soft prickle of the short hairs there. Cas lowered his body onto Dean, left hand braced next to Dean’s head, and when the bulge in Cas’ pants pressed into Dean’s crotch, Dean let out a gasping moan as little sparks fizzled darkly in his pelvis. Dean’s hand tightened in Cas’ hair automatically as he panted, eyes slipping closed, when Cas continued to tongue fuck him and grind their rapidly-stiffening cocks together.

Suddenly, Dean’s right wrist was moving. Cas grasped it firmly and placed it none too gently above Dean’s head. Taking his weight on his right hand, he reached up with his left to snatch Dean’s left hand away from his head and guide it back down on top of Dean’s other wrist so they were crossed above Dean’s head. Cas then pinned them there with his left hand, squeezing more tightly than was strictly necessary, since Dean wasn’t fighting him. Cas pulled back from the kiss, smiling a little as Dean’s head bobbed upwards, trying to follow Cas’ lips. He ground down with his hips again and relished the whimper it pulled from Dean’s chest. He held Dean like this, breathing heavily and watching Dean’s face as he panted beneath him. Then, Cas closed his eyes just slightly, concentrating, and in a second both Dean and Cas were naked, their clothes discarded on the floor thanks to Cas’ magic Angle mojo. Dean’s green eyes popped open suddenly as his skin was laid bare and his brow creased. Cas rolled his hips down into Dean’s again and their semi-hard cocks slipped together and Dean gasped, thrusting his hips up into Cas without thought and feeling once again that dark spark between his hipbones at the base of his spine.

“Oh, fuck, Cas…” he whispered, his eyelids drooping.

Cas leaned forward once more and mouthed at Dean’s jaw and down his stubbled cheek and neck. He kissed along the line of Dean’s collarbone until he reached the spot where Dean’s arm met shoulder. Cas sucked some of Dean’s skin into his mouth there and Dean bucked gently against him, cock hardening a little bit more each time it brushed against Cas’ now fully erect cock. Then, slowly, reverently, Cas bit down on the skin beneath his teeth, worrying a pinch of it between his front teeth and rolling it against his tongue firmly in an alternating rhythm. Dean shuddered, sucked in breath, rolled his head back, and let a guttural moan slip through his parted lips. Cas pulled back, licking gently over the reddened mark on Dean’s armpit. Dean panted beneath him, faint waves of pain swimming behind his closed eyelids.

Cas waited, still holding Dean’s wrists, watching Dean’s naked chest heave beneath him and his eyelids flutter slightly. Dean tensed his arms, rolling his shoulders back, but didn’t fight against Castiel’s grip. Instead, he opened his eyes, stared directly into Castiel’s waiting gaze, and purposefully rolled his hips, demonstrating that he was now fully erect.

“Again, Cas….. please?” Dean whispered.

Cas’ head ducked immediately back to the faint bruise and he bit down harder this time, grinding his eye teeth into the sensitive skin and gnawing on a larger chunk. Dean bucked beneath Cas, pushing his chest up and spreading it as wide as he could in his pinned position, offering his flesh to Castiel’s mouth. Dean whimpered, his eyes squeezing shut as the pain burst behind his eyes. It didn’t feel like anything Dean had ever experienced before. More intense than a hickey, but certainly not as painful as a wound. The pain tasted different in Dean’s mind, refreshing, almost, like it chased away all other rational thought. It didn’t feel good exactly, not like Castiel’s mouth on his or the roll of their hips together. It was not pleasure, but it was adjacent to it, a kind of spasm of bright nothingness in his temples. It didn’t feel bad either though, far from it. And whatever it was, this pain-pleasure, it spiked suddenly whenever Cas stopped, like an extinction burst, sensation rippled outward from where Cas’ mouth had been whenever Cas pulled back and disengaged his mouth.

“More?” Cas asked as he waited for Dean to meet his gaze again.

“God, yes, please.” Dean was limp under him, yet his muscles felt taught and shimmering underneath his skin. He was breathing heavily, yet he felt as if it was only ghosting past his lips instead of being pulled from his lungs like after a long run. Dean shuddered against Cas as Castiel bent down again, this time skimming his lips along the curve of Dean’s breast and stopping at his right nipple. Castiel hovered there for a second before gently sucking Dean’s nipple into his mouth. The soft heat made Dean’s back arch suddenly as he cried out.

“Fuck….fuck….oh…” Dean pressed himself up into Cas, suddenly hyper aware of Cas’ hand holding down Dean’s wrists and Cas’ thighs straddling Dean’s hips. Pleasure burst through him and he cried out beneath Cas, eyes wide and locked on Castiel’s.

Then Castiel bit down, hard.

And Dean’s jaw dropped open in a breathless howl. He bucked under Cas, pressing up into him despite the pain pulsing through his veins. And this, this was much more like pain, it was still not quite the same, definitely not like torture or fighting, but more like stubbing one’s toe, unexpected and intense and like nothing else mattered, like a buzz of sensation rolling behind his eyes, whiting out the rest of the universe. Dean lost track of Cas’ mouth briefly as he transferred to the other nipple. The light licks along Dean’s heaving chest felt non-existent in comparison to the fire slowly leaking from Dean’s brain down his veins to his chest. Dean didn’t even register that Cas was sucking on his left nipple until Cas bit down again, just as hard and Dean cried out under him, head slamming back against the mattress and eyes squeezing shut. Cas rolled the sensitive nub from one side of this mouth to the other, pinching it harshly between his teeth as Dean spasmed beneath him.

By the time Cas detached from Dean’s nipple and sat back, Dean was writhing and keening beneath him, hips stuttering up rhythmically into Castiel’s groin and precome leaking from Dean’s cock. Cas let go of Dean’s wrists, and soothed his hands through Dean’s hair as Dean curled towards him, delirious with sensation. Cas guided Dean onto his side and held him, stroking his hands down Dean’s shoulders, back, and sides, occasionally scratching lightly over Dean’s ass and thighs in a way that made Dean shiver. Gradually Dean’s cries quieted, his breathing slowed, and the fire ebbed enough for him to open his eyes and look up at Cas. Cas’ pupils were blown wide with desire, but he looked down at Dean with such tenderness.

“Cas…” Dean’s voice cracked.

“Yes, Dean?”

“Why - why’d you stop? I could have taken more.” Dean glanced meaningfully down at his throbbing dick and then at Cas’ cock, which was in a similar state.

“I know you could have, but this is your first time. We shouldn’t go any further without establishing some boundaries and safety precautions.”

“Oh.” Dean looked down. Stupid. Why hadn’t he thought of that?

“Dean, look at me.” Cas placed a hand gently against Dean’s cheek, urging him to look up and smiled when he did. “You did well, Dean. You are so responsive and it seems that my vessel finds that quite….. Pleasing. I often forget how fragile humans are, but in this case it makes this all the sweeter. That I can make you writhe with just my mouth and teeth is beautiful, Dean” Dean flushed a violent shade of pink. “Did you enjoy that?”

“God, yes, Cas. That was...that was...I can’ was...I -” There weren’t words.

“I know, Dean. It’s okay.”


“Yes, Dean?”

“Can I - you know - could I….?” Dean glanced at Cas’s leaking cock where it lay inches from Dean’s head and licked his lips then looked back at Cas pleadingly. Dean was curled around Cas, head resting on Cas’ right thigh and Castiel had his legs tucked beneath him. Dean’s torso curled around his knees and Dean’s thighs pressed up against Cas’ left leg.

Cas looked at him a long moment until Dean blushed and turned his eyes away. “Yes, Dean. I believe I would like your mouth on me very much.” Dean blushed harder at that, but pressed himself upward a few inches, picking his head up off Castiel’s thigh and lining his mouth up with the jutting line of Castiel’s erect cock. Dean licked his lips, then tentatively, his eyes flicking up to Castiel’s first briefly, he parted his lips and sucked gently at the head of Cas’ cock.

Cas released the breath he’d been holding in a rush, his jaw slackening as he closed his eyes. Dean grinned ear to ear before he remembered what he was supposed to be doing and opened his jaw wider, slowly sliding his mouth down the length of Cas’ cock. He tongued experimentally at the head and sucked it gently, feeling Cas pulse in his mouth and a dribble of precome escape again. Dean sucked again, this time more firmly, pressing forward shallowly and hollowing out his cheeks so Cas was sliding over the length of Dean’s tongue, which swirled at Cas’ slit each time it passed.

Cas began to pant, obviously trying to hold back his moans, so Dean sucked harder, took him deeper, swallowed around him when Cas’ dick hit the back of Dean’s throat. Cas whimpered. Dean swallowed again. Cas nearly choked on the groan that bubbled within his sternum. Dean swallowed again and Cas threw back his head and moaned, deep and gravely. Dean couldn’t grin but he swallowed again and hoped Cas would take that as encouragement to keep being loud.

“Oh, Dean...oh, oh Dean...oh yes…” Dean practically purred his delight as Cas continued to moan above him, hips thrusting shallowly into Dean’s eager mouth. Suddenly, Cas became aware that Dean’s hips were rocking ever so slightly, pushing the tip of Dean’s cock into Cas’ thigh and smearing it with precome. Cas reached down and wrapped a hand around Dean’s dick and slid it slowly from base to tip. Dean’s hips pressed into Cas’ hand and Dean couldn’t help the groan that escaped him around Cas’ cock, still sliding into Dean’s throat. Cas cried out at the vibrations and the their hips began to move in tandem, Dean thrusting into Cas’ hand as he stroked him firmly and quickly, twisting at the top, and Cas pushing into Dean’s throat with more and more abandon.

“Dean, Dean, I think, Dean I think I’m going to….” Dean hummed low in his throat and began swallowing rhythmically around Cas as Cas pumped him harder. They came simultaneously, which Dean’s brain briefly had time to register with awe at the rarity before he lost himself in the sensation that crashed through every cell in his body. Cas babbled above him, trembling and thrusting slowly as he emptied himself down Dean’s throat.