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Beloved Nightmare

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Chise jumped with a shout. Bright lights assaulted her vision and her stomach swam. Sweat coated her brow as she struggled to calm her racing heart.

"Nightmare?" A deep voice sleepily rumbled.

Movement beside her brought her attention to Elias who was slowly sitting up to regard her. He blinked a couple times and waited for her to speak.

"Yeah." She murmured.

"Want to talk about it?" He hesitated as if he wasn't sure that was the right response. Chise had been teaching him how to recognize emotions, act on them and form the appropriate response to them. It was most definitely a process. It was good enough for her. She turned to him and scooted herself closer. The sunlight was now bearable, and his warmth brought the comfort she seeked.

"It was about you." Chise pushed the words out, looking down at her hands which seemed suddenly very interesting. Elias made a noise, and Chise squeaked as he easily pulled her onto his lap sideways. As always, he bent his thick neck down to rub his muzzle against her cheek. He stayed silent and waited for her to continue if she wished.

"You," she paused and pushed her weight into his broad chest, feeling a living, beating heart pumping under thick chords of muscle, "died, and I couldn't save you. I wasn't strong enough. No magic I could produce worked. I was weak. You were bleeding so much and I-I tried to stop it." Her heart started to pound just from the fresh memory, and her throat dried as she tried for formulate more words. Elias' heart beat soothed her racing one. He was alive, and it was just a dream.

"I held onto you even when you were gone." Tears started to collect in her eyes.

Elias said nothing and gently squeezed her in his arms and rested the side of his head on her shoulder. Chise started to cry.

"I don't know what I'd do if I ever lost you." She turned to straddle his lap and sobbed softly into his thin night shirt. Clipped gentle claws scrapped up and down her back in a soothing manner.

"I'm here, and I will never leave you." He could never promise it to her, in case something did happen to him. Elias would never lie to her, even on his deathbed. This girl has wormed her way into his heart, taught and showed him things he thought were never capable for a being such as himself. He silently vowed to be the best he can be for her, and always be there even if its comforting her after a nightmare.

Chise's sobbing tapered away. She pulled back to look into his red eyes. After living with him for so long, she could read his emotions through those little red orbs. It was important for her to figure out a way to know what he was thinking, or what mood he was in. She sure wouldn't get any expression from his face.

He was concerned. But the way his body had curled around her spoke of protectiveness, and she smiled with bright green eyes.

Elias nuzzled her cheek and before he could pull away Chise gently grasped his head and kissed his front teeth where lips would usually be. He rumbled in acknowledgement.

Chise grinned and wiped the tears from her face. She tentatively reached to rub along his neck and collarbone. Accepting the invitation, Elias dove forward to have Chise trapped under him and nipped her neck then proceeded to lick each red spot of irritated skin.

Chise let her head fall back and expose her neck to Elias' treatments. She tried to reach and unbutton his shirt but struggled to push the buttons through the holes without looking. Elias paused to undo his shirt and toss it to the side. Chise hastily sat up to marvel at his sculpted chest and abdomen, she licked her lips and set to smoothing her hands down the bumps and ridges of his plum skin. Elias licked his teeth as her wandering hands slowly moved down his front to rub at the slight 'V' line of his hips.

Elias interrupted her exploration to get his large hands under her shirt and lift it over her head. They have done this once before, with much hesitation and awkwardness, but heat still went to Chise's face as she was uncovered for him to see.

Elias hummed in approval as he held her arms down from covering herself and licked her perky breasts. Chise gasped and squirmed in his hold as he delivered little bites to her hard nipples and pulled.

It didn't take long for Elias to strip Chise of her pants and underwear and before she could even process his movements he had her laying at the edge of the bed, legs held apart by his hands and his tongue slowly descending on her puffy, pink folds. Chise moaned as Elias swirled around her nub. She grabbed the sheets and bucked, his strong arms holding her thighs in place. He abandoned her nub in favor of dipping the tip of his tongue into her entrance. Elias growled as she arched her back and bucked harder against his hold, making him adjust his grip on her thighs to move down and grasp her ass.

He devoured her, leaving Chise gasping praises and encouragements. Much to her dismay he stopped and stood between her outstretched legs. Chise sat up and looked into Elias' eyes. Hunger, want, need and....affection. Chise's heart stuttered and she smiled as her hands teasingly rubbed the tent in Elias' pants. His mouth opened in a sigh.

"Chise please...." He rumbled. She was waiting for him to ask, and smug satisfaction rose in her mind. Chise was the only one to make the Child of Thorns, The Magus beg, and a thrill ran in her blood. She slowly pulled his pants down, and his thick cock sprung free, standing at attention and leaking before her face. Chise licked her lips and wrapped two hands around his girth making him twitch.

Making eye contact, Chise licked the slit of Elias' length and stuffed the crowned head into her mouth. Elias moaned at the sensation of suction and tight lips around his arousal.


That earned a look of surprise from Chise but the magus wasn't looking anywhere but the ceiling, and giving a pleasing view of strained neck muscles and chords held taunt under his smooth skin. She never paused. Elias never cursed except the occasional 'damn' or 'damnit'. It made her almost giddy that she could extract such an out of character reaction from him. She wanted to make him do it again, that was better than begging to her.

Chise moved both her hands up and down his cock in a swirling motion as she sucked on the flared head. Another curse escaped his mouth and Chise grinned around his dick.

It was incredibly hard not to thrust into her mouth and Elias was losing control. He gently stopped Chise from her polishing and bent over her. At this rate if she kept this up he'd be spent in minutes.

"Ready?" He panted as he lined up with her awaiting hole.

Chise nodded and Elias slowly pushed in. Pain and pleasure assaulted her at the wide intrusion and she gasped. Elias nuzzled and licked her neck in comfort as he continued to push in.

Not noticing she closed her eyes, Chise opened them to see Elias staring at her. He rumbled deep in his chest and rested his weight on his elbows and tucked his forearms beneath her back, while doing so he pushed himself to the hilt within her. His hips bumped flat against her hot flesh, and he carefully started to thrust making his heavy sac slap her ass.

Pain faded away into searing hot pleasure and Chise whined, "Fa-faster!"

"As you wish," he bucked once and began to fuck her.


Chise jolted awake. She cupped the back of her head as a wave of pain blossomed. Pulling her hand away she discovered blood. She whipped her head around to see that she was inside a church. Candles lit up the alter at the front and cast disturbing shadows of men in black robes. They stood at the base of the alter with multiple.....magical looking spears had a gun with a curious chamber attached to the bottom where a clip would reside. Her gaze wandered to a priest tied to a stray chair beside the robed men. The man slowly lifted his head and made eye contact with Chise.

Blood sluggishly trailed from his nose and escaped from the cloth tied tightly around his head to mute his mouth. Simon! It was Simon!

"I'm so sorry." Was Simon's choked reply to her frightened look. That was all he said before sagging in the chair as much as he could with the bindings and hung his head.

What was going on? Where was Elias? How-? Chise stumbled to stand and looked around the church. A body was crumpled on its side against a row of pews. Unmistakable horns rose from the figures bent head.

No. Nonono....

Chise ran and tripped to get to Elias' side. She heaved his heavy body backwards to lay his head in her lap.

"Elias," Chise hiccuped as tears started to form. He didn't stir. Chise moved a hand infront of Elias' nose, and her heart stopped when she felt no exhale so she placed a hand over his chest and felt a faint thump, painstakingly followed by another and so on. He's alive. Her eyes lead back to the alter and group of men standing. They made no move to stop her, or help her. Seeing as she wouldn't be interrupted, yet, Chise closed her eyes and focused on a healing spell. Her vision blurred as she tried over and over to conjure up a spell strong enough for the magus dying in her arms.

Tears flowed from her eyes as Elias continued to bleed from tears in his white shirt, the fabric slowly becoming more and more red. What had happened? What lead up to this? She couldn't remember.

Chise grabbed his head roughly, "Elias! Elias!" She yelled. Deep red blood leaked from in between his teeth.

"Don't leave me alone.....don't. Please don't." Chise sobbed and hugged Elias' limp head to her chest. She felt so weak. How many times had he saved her from death? And she couldn't return the favor. Shame and self hate rolled in her gut.

"I love you," she whispered," I love you, Elias Ainsworth." Chise choked.

Heat from Elias' body was fading and she gathered him up as much as someone her size could and held onto him tightly, as if her grip could save him.

Elias' slow heartbeat stopped beating against her arms.

Chise buried her face in the crook of his bloody neck and wailed.