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Its Gone

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I apologize in advance for such the short chapter.  This is been in drafting for 2 months and I decided to go ahead and share it


So, while we were drunk me and Fresh had sex.  It was okay.  But even for a,, 'jock' like me.  I needed a ego enough to search up on google; "How to be good at sex" right before.  He wasn't quite sure if he was alone, he had a blacked out memory of Goth filming him and Fresh enjoying themselves.

Damnit, he hopes Goth doesn't share that.

He was tilted upside-down on the couch, with his legs dangling off the side of the couch and in a  very weird position on his stomach, Fresh was behind him, burying his skull into Paperjams neck.  Humming in satisfaction as the presence of him, he moved his head-- which ached like hell, by the way --to the floor, where shot glasses littered the table, and on the pool table, the fucking pool table, was Goth talking to 'daddy'.  Aka his pretty sexy boyfriend, Palette.  But it was funny, the first time he met Palette, he thought he was a girl.  Which was rather hilarious

He forced himself up and looked around.