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Its Gone

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Paperjam was unconscious.


He felt almost dead.

But he wasn't dead.


Even in his unconscious state, he managed to get himself off the ground. Paperjam, now was limped and weak. He started to crawl his drained body on the rooftop of the Empire State Building, completely unaware of his surroundings.

He then all of a sudden tripped, and now was completely aware with the sudden jolt of pain. Now a scar with blood on his chin, but he did not fucking care.

He lifted his head, and with his finally adjusted sight. He saw four items. All of the items belonged to Fresh. His lover.

His Phone, His Glasses, His Hat, and His Jacket.

Paperjam slowly crawled over to the items, and looked over each one. For some reason, the jacket was wet and salty. While the rest were dry.

He made a face of confusion, as he turned his head to look around.

And then he saw it.


There was Blood on the ground, a Execution knife lied upon the dry red stain. He was surprised.


"No.. no, no no.."

He sprinted up, not caring whatever hurt, and leaped to the knife.


"Please Fresh.."

"Why did you leave me..?"


".. Why..?"


He looked from the top ceiling all the way to the ground.

And there lied his corpse, being sent to a hospital.