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Secrets, Lies and Private Eyes

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Despite the truckload of drugs they were obviously giving him, Jake had had a restless night. He hadn't been in too much pain. That much was being taken care of by the meds, but the dreams that had haunted his sleep had been unsettling to say the least. They hadn't been nightmares per say, although some bits certainly qualified, but the fact that they were filled with people and places he had no memory of was disquieting enough. His father had featured in them as well, leading him to wonder whether the other people from his dreams were in fact people from his life as well.

He hadn't been in the frame of mind to ask many questions when his father had visited him the previous day, but now his mind was filled with questions. Only he wasn't sure whether he was going to like the answers. For that matter, he didn't even know what to expect of himself. He had no idea what kind of guy he was, after all.

He remained preoccupied throughout a check of his vitals administered by a pretty young nurse and the arrival of a tray of mushy something masquerading as breakfast. The mushy something turned out to be something related to applesauce, at least that was what his brain came up with. How weird was it that he could recall what applesauce tasted like but had no idea what he even looked like? Listlessly, he ate a couple of spoonfuls, before abandoning the undertaking when there was a knock at the door.

The young nurse from earlier peeked her head in the door. "Mr Doyle, someone from the police is here to see you," she announced before opening the door fully and allowed a woman to enter.

The moment Jake laid eyes on her, a strange sense of unease took hold of him. She seemed familiar, and at the same time, her presence appeared to unsettle him, for a reason he couldn't fathom. True, the woman, though good-looking, looked like she had been through the wars. She sported a sizable cut over one of her eyebrows held together by a dirty looking butterfly bandage and bruises were evident both on her face and neck. Flecks of what looked like dried blood were stuck in her blond hair. As she walked through the doorway with a noticeable limp, she looked more like a recently battered wife than a police officer.


Having been forced to put on the vest strapped with explosives underneath her jacket and wearing the concealed microphone that would allow Sydney to keep tabs on everything she said, Leslie had found herself forced to follow through with the plan so far. Sydney had made it very clear to her that it would take only a call from his cell phone to detonate a bomb he had one of his minions deposit in an undisclosed public place. Also, should he suspect that she was trying to get rid of the vest or alert anyone on any way, he would detonate the explosives she was wearing, taking out her and everyone around her in a sizable radius. He had walked her up to the floor where Jake was still being guarded, leaving little chance for her to escape or warn anyone. Then, he watched unobtrusively from the other end of the hallway while Leslie approached the officer guarding Jake.

Leslie's vague hopes that she would be denied entranced were shattered when the uniformed officer took one brief look at her and let her pass with a mere nod of the head, obviously recognizing her from the police station. Besides, Leslie's relationship with Jake was the subject of so much gossip at the station, it was no wonder that no one thought twice about it when she showed up at the hospital to see him.

During the brief wait for a nurse to come and check to see if Jake was up to answering questions, Leslie glanced around desperately for anything that might help her get out of her current predicament, but every option she considered was a dead end and would undoubtedly end with Sydney blowing up both her and who knew how many other people.

After what seemed like an eternity a nurse showed up and after sticking her head into Jake's room for a second, she appeared satisfied and ushered Leslie inside before closing the door behind her, leaving her alone to face Jake. Leslie's heart was pounding in her chest like a jackhammer. Her mind, just a moment ago home to a whirlwind of frantic thoughts suddenly went completely blank. She could hardly breathe, much less move. All she knew was that she couldn't go through with it.

"You must be with the police," Jake suddenly said, jolting her from her frozen state.

"Jake?" Leslie mutter, her voice almost toneless.

"Do we...know each other?" Jake asked tentatively. "I don't know whether they told you, but I highly doubt I can tell you anything about what happened. Thing is I don't remember anything. Not just about what happened, but about everything...," Jake trailed off. If she hadn't known him better, she would have thought he was nervous.

Suddenly, Leslie's earpiece came to life with Sydney's voice, startling her:

"There's a gun taped to the back of your vest. Take it and kill him now!"


Jake was growing increasingly nervous. He didn't think he was the type to panic at nothing, but something was wrong here. The police woman, if she really was with the police, there was something not right about her. It wasn't just her beat-up appearance, but also the way she had reacted when he'd explained about the memory loss. And then, the way she'd suddenly jerked back bodily, the panicked look of a trapped animal on her face, that seemed very odd to him as well.
"Is everything all right?" he asked, not really sure what to do. He wished he knew something of what had landed him here. If the police was interested in what had happened, it was possible that he had been involved, in whichever way, in something criminal. Not necessarily as a perpetrator, maybe he had been merely a victim, but that didn't mean that there couldn't be someone after him even now for revenge.
Suddenly, the woman who clearly wasn't a police officer, shrugged out of her suit jacket, revealing a vest strapped with explosives.

"Woah!" Jake exclaimed, for an idle moment wondering if it was possible that he was some sort of terrorist without knowing it.

The woman paid no attention to him however. Reaching behind her back, she produced a gun furnished with a silencer from somewhere. Jake slowly raised his hands, ignoring the painful pull the motion caused on his numerous injuries.

Even though he knew he couldn't possibly win this one, he dove off the bed and onto the floor even as the woman came walking toward him, gun in hand. The impact from the fall along with the tearing of pulled IVs, wires and leads, was far more painful than he could have imagined and for a moment, Jake was sure he was going to black out. Over the ringing in his ears and the shrill wailing of a medical alarm, he could hear three pops, doubtless the sound of the gun being fired. He half-expected to feel the impact of bullets follow, but no new pain added to his already considerably agony.


Time was running out. Leslie had no idea if Jake had realized what she was planning on doing, but for now he was as safe as he was going to be on the floor. Between the wailing of an alarm triggered by some sort of monitoring device and the muted sound of gunfire, someone was bound to come barging into the room any second. Once they did, Leslie's deception would be discovered and Sydney would probably not hesitate to detonate both bombs. Leslie had just ripped out her earpiece when the door flew open. Not knowing what else to do, Leslie leveled the gun on the nurse who had entered, motioning for her to step aside and keep silent. The nurse, her eyes wide with terror, complied without making a sound. Leslie raced past her to the door and locked it to prevent anyone else from entering this potentially lethal danger zone.

Leslie motioned for the nurse to join Jake who was starting to try and get up from his position on the floor in front of the bed. She just hoped that for once in his life he would stay put while she struggled to get out of the bomb vest. There was a knock on the door. The sound was repeated almost immediately and then someone tried the handle.

"Police, open up!" a voice demanded from outside. Leslie was forced to ignore them as she struggled to open the window only the realize that it was the sort that wasn't designed to open. Out of time and options, she fired another shot at window. The glass shattered with a crash and she tossed the ball of explosives and fabric out the window. She wasted no time watching it fall, but dove down to the floor herself, throwing herself in front of Jake and the nurse. Her last thought before everything went black was that she was sorry, so very sorry. She hadn't managed to bring herself to fatally shoot Jake and now dozens of innocent people were going to die because of it.