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Honesty is Your Only Policy

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They made it a point not to seem distracted by each other. Mikuni always checked ahead of time to make certain Tsurugi was out before arriving at C3. It’s not that he didn’t want to see Tsurugi—perhaps that was the reason in the beginning, but it wasn’t always like this. In the days of their youth the two had shared many highs and lows together. As they’d grown closer they’d spent nights tussling around in the sheets, pulling hair and whispering sweet nothings against one another’s sweat clad skin. In time, what had started as a few marks and bites became more noticeable. Their attendance at meetings and assignments became scattered. This had prompted a set of watchful eyes neither had ever intended for to become involved with the pair. For the sake of what was best; they parted ways. At least… that’s what Tsurugi had reasoned to himself when he would lay alone at night now.

This room of solitude had never seemed so desolate as it did now. In the past, it wouldn’t have bothered him in the slightest being alone. It was often that Tsurugi preferred it over the company of others—but he found himself now missing the quiet nights spent together reading books in the lounge. He missed the warm food prepared by his bed mate. He missed everything about their life together—so much so, that he’d even started dressing for bed properly. In the past this had been a missing habit that once annoyed his roommate. Of course, Tsurugi still had yet to own a pair of a pyjamas, but he substituted it with his ex-partner’s old uniform. The scent of the oils and fragrances Mikuni used on himself had long since dissipated, but the memories were still there; subtly woven in between the fibres of the soft cotton.

It was late at night… somewhere between the hours of 1 and 3. Tsurugi lay awake in his bed like always, waiting for sleep to catch him by surprise, but it never came. Calloused fingertips brushed along the cuffs of Mikuni’s jacket, trying to recreate some sense of comfort of his ex-lover’s embrace but it simply wasn’t there. How many weeks had it been since they had parted? Or was it months? Years maybe? …How old was Tsurugi again?

“…Kamiya Tsurugi… age 26,” he repeated to himself quietly, “Kamiya Tsurugi… age 26… age 23… age 19… 3 years… 3 years you’ve been gone.”

3 years spent together and 3 years they’d spent apart. Had it really been so long now? Tsurugi turned his face into his pillow, nuzzling against it to find some sort of relief from all of his thoughts. His legs curled closer to his body in an effort to protect himself—but from what exactly? How he really felt? It wasn’t often nights like this occurred, but then again… it wasn’t often he saw Mikuni before his eyes again either. He was so big now. He’d grown up from the sullen youth Tsurugi had originally been charged with protecting. Mikuni had become a great actor as well. His hatred seemed so genuine, and his eyes so cold Tsurugi’s heart skipped a beat upon their meeting in the hall.

…What if it was genuine though?

When they’d parted ways they had parted on rather unpleasant terms. Tsurugi could never reveal his reasons for why he acted the way he did and he knew it frustrated Mikuni—but really it was for his own good. Even in the halls, if Tsurugi had spoken and acted as honestly as his heart felt he no doubt would’ve jeopardized everything important to him. He knew without even hearing him, Touma was always watching him. Always… always watching—and he’d forgotten that before. Tsurugi had even thought once that maybe… maybe he could try and leave C3—just for one night and see Mikuni again, but a quick glance through the halls would’ve proved that impossible. Cameras were always present in C3—even if you thought they weren’t. The surveillance was constant; its only exception being the residents’ individual quarters. That was perhaps the only reason why Tsurugi and Mikuni hadn’t gotten into trouble sooner.

Did Mikuni understand all of this when he’d left? Did he understand it now?

Although there were many unspoken words that passed between them, in time Mikuni had come to know just what kind of a life Tsurugi lead. It was a life so ghastly that even mentioning it was uncalled for. What if… what if Mikuni really did hate that part of Tsurugi?

The Ace’s thoughts were beginning to run away with him—something they hadn’t done in years. He sat up in his bed and looked at the uniform around his scarred frame.

What should he do…?

He looked at the clock again: 3:15…

…It was a risk—but surely even Touma had to sleep some time… right?



Somewhere in the distance Mikuni could hear a light buzzing sound. Tired eyes pinched together as brows furrowed. Was it a bee? A truck outside revving its engine for the morning commute? Or was it his phone? It then fell silent. Hmm… well whatever it was Mikuni attempted to pay it no mind further and return to sleep.

The buzzing began again.

Nope—definitely his phone.

The blonde rose his head up from his pillow, Jeje coiled up in snake form beside him. Mikuni reached his arm over to see his phone lighting up the room and took hold of it. Whoever was calling before the sun was up better have a damn good reason. Tired brown eyes blurred and tried to focus against the blinding LED screen to make out the kanji of who was calling.

Of all the fucking people in the world… it had to be him.

What,” he barked while answering the phone. Mikuni could’ve let it go to voicemail and had honestly tried it in the past, but Tsurugi simply kept calling until Mikuni answered.

“Kuni-chan! Ah—did I wake you?” came the reply on the phone.

“It’s 3 in the morning, what do you think?” Mikuni growled in response. Already, he could feel a headache forming in-between his eyes and unconsciously rubbed at the bridge of his nose.

Oh… that’s right, most people didn’t have Tsurugi’s sleeping habits. The dark haired male felt a small sting of sheepishness and rubbed at the back of his head apologetically—even if Mikuni couldn’t see it.

“Ah—right, sorry, sorry. Uh… what’re you up to?”

“…” Mikuni stared forward with an incredulous look. He couldn’t tell if his brain was angry or surprised by the sheer stupidity of the question and responded likewise, “SLEEPING.”

“Oh right. Um…”

“What do you want Tsurugi?” Mikuni had no patience for whatever it was the other was up to.

Tsurugi on the other end for once felt a bit tongue-tied and backed into a corner by Mikuni’s sharp responses. This was a remarkably rare occurrence, as nothing ever seemed to faze the C3 hound. Tsurugi was always the one to float along with anything—but it was largely in part because he didn’t care. Tsurugi had stopped caring about whatever happened to him and his body long, long ago. The fact he found himself at a loss might have shown that there was in fact something he did care about. That rare silence being cast was enough to catch Mikuni’s attention. He raised himself up on his bed a bit more, knowing Tsurugi hadn’t hung up, but something was causing him to hesitate.

Mikuni waited for Tsurugi to try and speak honestly, knowing it was only a matter of time now.

“…I want to see you.”

Well… he’d tried to hope for something sane. Alas, “…Are you serious? It’s 3 in th—“


Tsurugi shouted out desperately, causing Mikuni to stop in his argument. Tsurugi wasn’t exactly foreign to begging and pleading over trivial matters, so it was difficult to tell just how serious he was being.

“Please… please Kuni-chan,” Tsurugi continued. In his own room back at C3 he sat on his bed, curled over himself as he clutched to the phone desperately. His eyes were squeezed shut, not wanting to picture the looks Mikuni was giving him on the other end—knowing that they were real without Touma watching, “It’s been 3 years… please. I’ll do anything. I just… just one night. Please… when he can’t see us.”

Mikuni exhaled heavily, sitting up fully now. Jeje had been awake for some time, having woken up shortly after Mikuni’s phone vibrated the first time. He sat up with his head peering to follow his Eve as Mikuni arose. Vaguely, he could make out what was being said, but he took little personal interest in the matter. He knew well how both parties felt about each other; having acted as the mediator on several occasions, but this was their issue to solve between each other. Jeje had never been one for such social constructs. As long as his Eve remained contented to use him and offer him blood he cared about little else in the world.

“You still won’t leave him,” Mikuni spoke coldly.

Ah… so Mikuni’s actions earlier that day had been genuine, “I can’t.”

“I’m not going over there at 3 in the morning to entertain a piece of broken shit that can’t think for itself.”

Tsurugi swallowed thickly, feeling his hands start to tremble. So this was what Mikuni really thought and felt when he’d left C3 that day. Guess he wasn’t just a good actor, or maybe Tsurugi was the actor in the end. Mikuni believed wholeheartedly that Tsurugi couldn’t be fixed… he was probably right. After all, Mikuni had come so close to killing him that day in the hall. Mahiru had been terrified as well as Shuuhei, but both ex-partners knew it wasn’t just a vicious attack. It was the only way for Tsurugi to be freed. Touma would never let him out of his sights otherwise and Mikuni would’ve become just as ensnared had they not separated—no; had Tsurugi not made the appropriate moves to force the separation. It was a blessing and Mikuni was paying him back for it in the only way it could be done without suspicion.

However, Tsurugi wanted to prove Mikuni wrong now. This wasn’t how he wanted things to continue nor end. He couldn’t do this again for 3 years… or longer. Not even a day longer could he go on knowing that the words Mikuni growled at him were the exact same from when Touma was watching to when he wasn’t. Tsurugi couldn’t take that hatred from the someone that had shown him kindness—even if it was in Mikuni’s own way. It was almost equivalent to imagining Yumikage or Junichirou truly hating him; but knowing it was Mikuni made it far worse.

“…I’ll come there.”

Mikuni’s eyebrows raised in surprise, if only for a moment.

“Tell me where you are… and I’ll sneak out. …Even if you lie it’s ok. I’ll still come. I want to see Kuni-chan again.”

Now it was Mikuni’s turn to fall silent. Hell… this really wasn’t what he expected at 3 in the morning, but he should’ve known better after a meeting like that there was going to be some troubled waters. He thought for a moment, letting the phone fall to his chest. Subconsciously, the Alicein tapped the edge of the phone against himself as he thought it over. Did he really want to see Tsurugi again? Mikuni hadn’t realized how long he was taking to decide before Tsurugi’s voice broke off his train of thought; and with something that to this day still made him desire to cave to the other’s needs.



Mikuni lifted the phone back up to his ear, biting back his inner desire to say ‘no’ and just be done with all of this. This was too complicated of a situation to be brought up at such an ungodly hour. To be fair however, Tsurugi had always had shit timing with things like this. So it wasn’t as if this was entirely out of the blue.

“Alright, fine. But I’m not giving you my location. I’ll meet you halfway at the train station. Take the second stop, you got it?”

Tsurugi felt a warmth rush through him. Even if Mikuni sounded unhappy, it was more than enough for Tsurugi to ride on high with. Maybe not all of what Mikuni said he’d meant, and maybe he wasn’t completely broken as they both thought. The Ace quickly rushed to get ready, not bothering to take off Mikuni’s old uniform. If he was lucky he could use it as a disguise and appear like another member of the organization.

“I’ll leave right now!” Tsurugi replied before then hanging up. He could feel his heart about to leap from his chest. Finally, after 3 years he’d be able to talk to Mikuni again—be able to see him again without piercing eyes looming over them.

Mikuni hung up the phone as well on his end and got out of bed to get dressed. He slipped on a pair of slacks first, and then a simple shirt before throwing on a jacket. Jeje rose from the bed, expecting his master to call him, but instead was met with the exact opposite.

“Stay here. The train station’s close enough so I won’t be outside of the distance limit,” Mikuni then grabbed his signature hat, and headed out.



The whole time Tsurugi walked through the halls of C3 he kept the hood up on Mikuni’s old uniform to hide his face. The straps on his hands were tucked into the sleeves of the jacket so there was not a tattletale sign of who it was on camera. He should’ve done this sooner instead of waiting so long, but the fear of Touma catching him made him terrified even now as he crept through the halls. Tsurugi was cautious, checking each hallway ahead of him to make sure it was clear before going down it. He made his way to the elevator, pressing the button for the bottom floor. Thankfully, it was the only floor level that didn’t require an ID card. Tsurugi reached a hand up to pull the hood more securely over his face to shadow it, knowing those cameras would be watching. Touma undoubtedly controlled his life in every way… but Tsurugi was getting tired of it and would take a chance to rebel if just for one final taste of a freedom he’d never get. He didn’t care what Touma would do to his body in response anymore—he knew Touma would not kill him as long as he was needed. He would be damned though… if he would be forced to die before saying what he really felt to the one he loved. He didn’t have much longer most likely, and time was ticking away faster and faster each time he used his magic.

When the elevator hit the ground floor, Tsurugi got out almost immediately. Outside of C3 Touma could not watch him. He wouldn’t know who Tsurugi was seeing and thus could not hurt them—he hoped. Touma was incredibly smart, but it was a risk Tsurugi had to take.

He marched along the streets at night, keeping his identity concealed all the way to the train station. Tsurugi may or may not have gone through a series of pleads and bribes in order to wiggle his way into getting a ticket he didn’t have to pay for, but it worked eventually. Soon enough he was sitting on the train, watching the lights of the city pass him by as he made his way to the undisclosed meeting point. He listened for the announcer to list the second stop and pulled the cable for the train.

With the train at a standstill he got off. Tsurugi looked around feverishly for the one he was supposed to meet here. There was hardly a crowd given the hour, so if Mikuni was here surely Tsurugi would be able to spot him. Alas… there was no figure around that resembled him. Had Tsurugi actually been lied to? Did Mikuni really not want to see him?

A growing sense of apprehension began to build inside of him. It was bad enough Tsurugi was disobeying the one who controlled everything about him. Even as Tsurugi had travelled further and further from his room in C3 to meet Mikuni he was quite scared to do it. C3 was all he ever knew, and while he went out on missions often enough he’d never left when not assigned to do so.

Tsurugi walked along the platforms in the station, hoping that maybe behind a pillar or a wall he’d see Mikuni standing and waiting for him. He checked from one end to the other, but there was no sign of his former partner. Tsurugi could begin to feel his chest tighten. His heart began to race with a surge of adrenaline. What if Mikuni never appeared? What would happen when Tsurugi went back to C3 and would undoubtedly have to use his ID card to get back to his room? Touma would no doubt see it in the records and then what? Then what—?!

“—Are you… wearing my old jacket?”

Tsurugi spun around at the voice, seeing Mikuni standing at the landing of the stairs to the station. An odd look of disgust and concern for Tsurugi’s attire was etched into his face, but Tsurugi didn’t care at the moment. Being too overwhelmed by fear and panic the 26-year-old crouched down onto his haunches with a bursting sob into his hands.

Mikuni, of course, being in public… panicked, “You idiot! Don’t make a scene!”

Tsurugi tried his best to take Mikuni’s words in and stifle his outpour of emotion. Bared palms rubbed at his eyes to stop the flowing tears as Mikuni walked up the stairs to retrieve the emotional heap.

“Jeez, people are going to think I gave you a hard time or something when I only just got here,” he muttered between them.

Tsurugi rose up to meet Mikuni, muttering a small string of apologies for… well, a lot of things really. There were too many to count on hand so he figured he might as well just keep going until Mikuni told him to shut up—which he did. At that point Tsurugi offered up his usual smile, which made Mikuni roll his eyes. In a gesture of kindness though Mikuni subtly offered his hand for Tsurugi to take hold of at his side and the elder obliged. The two hand in hand then began walking down the stairs to Mikuni’s place while Tsurugi wiped away his remaining tears and a few last sniffles.

Mikuni hadn’t lied.

And he wasn’t forgotten.

“For waking me up at 3 in the morning for this crap you better as hell make it up to me,” Mikuni commented offhand as they walked along the streets.

Tsurugi chuckled, finding Mikuni’s grouchy mood still charming after all these years, “I can try cooking for you again.”

“And burn down my apartment? Try again.”

“I could… do your laundry?”

“Are you going to steal more of my clothes when you do that?”


“Try again.”

Tsurugi laughed, now swinging their hands together as they walked along. He didn’t care how far Mikuni’s apartment was at the moment, he was just happy to be with him again and know that with each passing moment he was indeed not forgotten. His fears slowly ebbed away with the passing minutes and he found him relaxing his guard more and more the further away they travelled.

“…I missed you,” he muttered under his breath. Tsurugi squeezed Mikuni’s hand a little tighter, staring down at their feet walking in stride together.

Mikuni looked down at Tsurugi, not saying anything for the moment. The look on Tsurugi’s face was unmistakable though. Yellow eyes that were normally so clouded by intense emotions and confusion sparkled in the low light of the street lamps. A small but warm and genuine grin was painted on his face, and his whole posture seemed to relax. The barriers Tsurugi forced himself to be surrounded by were down, and he was showing himself honestly for once.

Mikuni couldn’t bring himself to say the same words back though, so he simply returned the squeeze of the hand, knowing that would be enough. That was in all honesty the truest way he could talk back right now. As always… his own mind became corrupted and clouded whenever he was around the other.



Reaching the apartment, Mikuni took out his keys and unlocked the door to the complex. He lived on the third floor. It was a small apartment since Mikuni didn’t need much and was often out anyways. It had a small window looking out on the city and a sill just large enough to rest a few small plants on. It even came with a clothing line to dry laundry on. There was a kitchen and a living space, which had been converted into the bedroom for the night. All in all, it was a pretty simple layout, but you wouldn’t have guessed it judging by Tsurugi’s reaction.

“Kuni-chan! Your apartment is so cute~!” he exclaimed, eagerly stepping in to look at everything.

Jeje, who had fallen back asleep while Mikuni was out had been woken by the door being unlocked upon the pair’s return. It was a good thing too as Tsurugi was quite the ball of energy—as always.

“Look at all the books you have now!” Tsurugi looked at the amassed shelves of books in the room. There were so many now. At least 3 times the amount he’d had when they pair had lived together in C3, “Do you still read as much as you used to?”

“Yes, I do. Can you keep it down?” While Tsurugi was allowed to be as loud as he wanted at C3, an apartment complex was different. It didn’t take much for other neighbours to hear someone being loud—or even a television set if the volume was high enough, “Sane people are still trying to sleep. Myself included.”

Mikuni hung up his jacket and removed his hat to get ready for bed again. Tsurugi looked over to Mikuni, noting the other’s exhaust and eagerness to return to bed. The only problem was… Tsurugi didn’t want to go to bed. Going to bed meant that the night would turn to morning, and in the morning he’d have to return to C3.

“I don’t want to go to bed,” he replied as Mikuni walked into the transformed bedroom, “I want to stay up and talk with you.”

“It’s nearly 4. I’m not having a conversation with you at 4 in the morning. We can talk later in the morning alright?” Mikuni walked back over to his bed with a yawn, slipping underneath the comforter. He left enough room for Tsurugi to roll in if he desired. However, given past experiences and the events of tonight he doubted the other would really act on it, “I’ll even make pancakes, just go to sleep Tsurugi.”

With that, Mikuni shut off the lights to the room leaving Tsurugi to decide his own fate.

Tsurugi stared down at the floor, sitting down on his knees. His hands rested on them in balled up fists, debating if he should be honest or not.

“…I won’t be here then.”

Fucking hell… was Mikuni ever going to get any sleep tonight? The blonde raised himself up from bed again and flicked on the light, staring angrily at Tsurugi, “What?

Tsurugi flicked up yellow eyes to meet Mikuni’s expression. It was worse seeing those angry emotions in person than hearing them on the phone. The C3 hound wanted to look away but he steadied his nerve. Mikuni would only become angrier if he hid his face anyways.

“I have to be back at C3 before Touma-san wakes or I’ll be in trouble.”

Mikuni about wanted to kill Tsurugi in that moment, “You made this huge deal about coming all the way here and leaving that bastard for one night and you can’t even do that? Why the hell did you even bother to come here in the first place then?!”

“I wanted to see you!” Tsurugi pleaded again.

“But only when it’s convenient for you and that piece of shit that owns you?”

“It’s not like that!”

“To hell it’s not!! You do anything that bastard tells you to do like a goddamn slave! Worse than that even. You’re completely useless and broken. You’ll never fucking change—!“

At that moment there was a loud banging at the door to Mikuni’s apartment. Fuck... they’d been too loud. Mikuni got up from his bed to answer the door and apologized profusely to his neighbours he’d awakened. Tsurugi kept his head hung in shame, wondering now if Mikuni was going to kick him out. It certainly was sounding like he was going to.

With a few last apologies, and bows Mikuni shut the door and locked it for the night walking back over to his bed. This charade Tsurugi was pulling had gone on long enough for tonight and Mikuni didn’t want to hear a word further. Holding his hand up to stop Tsurugi from saying anything or muttering a string of apologies, Mikuni simply snapped his fingers and pointed to the bed.

“Get in and shut up. I don’t want another word out of you tonight.”

Tsurugi looked up with confusion at Mikuni, but the stern expression on the other’s face left no room for argument. Thankfully, Tsurugi was rather good with orders and did as he was told. He got up from the floor and slipped into Mikuni’s bed, taking the edge furthest away from the door as well as the bed to leave Mikuni with considerable space. Mikuni himself let out a disgruntled exhale and shut off the lights for the final time that night and crawled into bed after Tsurugi. He knew the other still wanted to talk but he was in absolutely no mood for it right now and it was too ungodly an hour to do so anyways.

“Now go to sleep. We’ll talk when I wake up,” Mikuni grumbled with his back turned to Tsurugi.

Jeje had since slithered off somewhere quiet and Mikuni didn’t blame him in the slightest for it. If anything he envied his Servamp… ironically.

It was probably several hours before either of the pair fell to sleep, which was to be expected after such a series of events. Eventually though, the beckoning hand of sleep had them both succumb to its temptations and the rest of the night passed without interruption.



By the time Tsurugi woke up it was mid-morning. The light being cast in from the window to the apartment roused him enough to pull him from his sleep. Tsurugi shifted his legs and went to raise his hands to rub the sleep from his eyes only to find… he couldn’t. Blinking awake, Tsurugi opened yellow orbs against the light and tugged his arms up again. He wasn’t able to get very far in this and found himself not being able to lift his arms more than a few centimetres on either side. Tsurugi turned his head to see what was going on and came faced with the fact that at some point in the night his wrists that were bound with his signature black straps had been sealed to the floor with magic.

“Good morning,” Mikuni spoke casually from Tsurugi’s other side.

The 26-year-old spun his head the other way to see Mikuni sitting at the table in his kitchen with a cup of coffee in hand, Jeje curled around his neck. A cocky smirk adorned his features while the morning light bounced of the golden locks of hair.

“You told me you had to be back at C3 before the sun rose, but I know you wanted to talk, so I made sure you couldn’t leave before I was awake,” Mikuni took another sip from his mug, trying not to act too smugly—but oh was it hard not to. He’d wanted to do this for years.

Tsurugi stared at Mikuni wide-eyed in horror at the others actions and began flailing about trying to break the spell off his wrists and release them. Mikuni watched him struggle knowing there was no way Tsurugi would be able to get out. He was certain Tsurugi knew this as well, but he would still fight against it because that’s what broken people did.

“I have to get back to Touma-san,” Tsurugi tried to explain with a bit of panic lacing his voice, “He’s going to be really mad if I’m not there for work. Kuni-chan please!” Tsurugi began to struggle more, “Please I’ll do anything you want, just let me go.”

“Why don’t you start by telling me what the hell last night was all about?” came Mikuni’s flat reply. He set down his mug and looked down at Tsurugi with an unamused expression. All of the smug aura had vanished for the moment, leaving behind a steely anger in its wake.

“You call me at 3 in the morning screaming ‘you miss me you miss me’ and begging me to come and see you, then immediately say you need to go back to Touma without explaining anything? No, you’re not going anywhere until you tell me what’s going on in that fucked up head of yours.”

“Kuni-chan please! He’ll be mad!”

“What’s more important to you Tsurugi? Me or that bastard you sold your soul for!”

“…” Tsurugi stopped his thrashing for a moment, keeping his eyes on Mikuni.

Mikuni sighed and got up from the table, leaving his coffee behind for the time being. Jeje had slithered off the moment yelling had started between them. Even he was growing tempted to put the pair in their place, but he withheld himself for now unless the pair really got out of hand like last night.

Mikuni walked over to the bed and knelt down over Tsurugi, planting his hands on either side of the man just above his shoulders. He looked down directly into the yellow orbs that stared up at him with a concerned panic.

“Do you still feel anything when I look down at you like this?” he spoke between them.

Tsurugi could feel a heat rise from his lower back up to his neck and cheeks as Mikuni looked over him from above. His eyes were captivated by the amber ones gazing down into him—past him—searching for Tsurugi’s true feelings past his barriers. He could feel sweat beading at the back of his neck and his toes curled in a resistance to shift his legs. It had been years since they’d been like this so Tsurugi was pretty quick to respond.

Mikuni of course, noticed instantly, leaning his face in closer to Tsurugi’s.

“Well… it seems like you still get heated up like this,” Mikuni moved himself to brush his lips along the side of Tsurugi’s cheek.

Tsurugi responded instantly again, tilting his head up with a small noise to allow Mikuni more access. It wasn’t even intentional on his end, but Tsurugi’s body seemed to be acting of its own accord much to the confusion in his head. Perhaps that was for the best. Tsurugi’s body always tended to speak more honestly than his mind allowed him to.

“Does Touma not touch you the way I do?” Mikuni continued, now beginning to purr his words as he moved his lips along Tsurugi’s neck.

The soft skin of Mikuni’s lips crossed over the exposed skin, trailing above the collar on Tsurugi’s neck. Mikuni noted the rise of the man’s Adam’s apple, smiling fondly against it before continuing to the other side. He coaxed Tsurugi’s head to move with him, bringing his lips back up along Tsurugi’s jawline and cheeks until they finally hovered just a breath away from his lips. Amber eyes stared into dilated gold for a tense moment. Tsurugi still loved him, deeply and honestly. The way Tsurugi’s body reacted to Mikuni’s touch was unmistakable as anything but love.

Mikuni raised a hand to brush back a few locks of raven hair from his partner’s face. With his knuckles touching the soft skin underneath, the Eve felt himself giving into old temptations as well. Really… what was the harm in doing so if Tsurugi’s body was being this honest? Perhaps in this he could finally convince the idiot beneath him to leave that bastard in C3 behind and live his own life as Mikuni had done.

The blonde wasn’t even aware of it but he had begun to grin, and that was more than enough of a go ahead to convince Tsurugi he was ok to make a move as well. Even pinned to the ground, Tsurugi took the initiative and closed the distance between them with a solid kiss. Mikuni never once pulled away in response. Tsurugi felt a wash of relief slide down his body from that alone, and opened his mouth to kiss Mikuni deeper. Running his tongue along the seam of his ex-partner’s lips he asked for permission and Mikuni obliged.

Their tongues met with a gentle and cautious touch at first. Eyes closed, they felt around blindly for each other—trying to recall one another’s taste and pleasures. Mikuni angled his head to allow deeper access and brought himself closer to Tsurugi’s body to pleasure him better. His tongue plunged deeper with the new angle, scraping along the roof of Tsurugi’s mouth which he recalled would send his ex-partner’s head spinning. It would seem 3 years hadn’t changed that as Tsurugi released his first heavy sigh and shuddered beneath Mikuni. In return, Tsurugi nipped playfully at Mikuni’s bottom lip when they parted for air briefly. The small pull of flesh was enough to stir them both and they came crashing down again more fiercely this time.

Mikuni moved his hand that was still at Tsurugi’s shoulder down to his waist and helped lift the smaller up to him so their bodies could finally meet more soundly. Unfortunately, a blanket and clothing still separated them but that was alright for now. He tested the waters once, pushing his hips forward to meet with Tsurugi while flexing his hand along the other’s back. Tsurugi in response eagerly bucked his hips with a breath of air popping his lips free. Mikuni wasn’t about to let him get away though, and chased after those lips that belonged to him, claiming them again with a possessive bite to make the blood surge to the area. Tsurugi released a breathy whine while his hands flexed in a desperation for something to grab onto. Mikuni had no intention to release his bonds though. In fact, he had an urge for something more. It was a darker urge inside of him, but he wouldn’t have done it if he knew Tsurugi wouldn’t be able to take it. For such a slight thing, Tsurugi was remarkably strong.

Moving his hand away from Tsurugi’s head, Mikuni called on his lead around his wrist and attached it to Tsurugi’s collar on his neck. There was a brief flash of fear in Tsurugi’s eyes as he saw the magic bind his neck. He recalled their meeting in the hall and feared Mikuni would once again try to end his life—especially now that he was able to move more freely to do so.

“Relax,” Mikuni cooed against his skin, brushing their noses together, “I’m not going to kill you. Not when you’re being so honest with me.”

With Mikuni’s words of reassurance Tsurugi relaxed into his hold again and Mikuni smiled.

“Like this I can still keep you here and release your hands if you behave yourself. You want to touch me back don’t you Tsurugi?” Mikuni continued and Tsurugi nodded in earnest after a moment, “Good boy, but it’s too soon for you yet. Be patient for me.”

Mikuni then moved his lips lower, pulling on his lead to coax Tsurugi’s head up higher. He kissed down along Tsurugi’s chin and jaw. He kissed even past the collar on the other’s neck and traversed down to the point his neck met his clavicle. Mikuni slipped his tongue out, letting it swirl around the crevice of skin a moment and felt Tsurugi writhe under him.

Tsurugi’s breath caught in his chest and his hips bucked again. He could feel his skin starting to burn up under the layers of blankets and clothing. Part of him couldn’t believe Mikuni was touching him again like this after so many years—and especially after last night, but he was happy. This touch was the one he’d missed the most and had let closest to him. Mikuni’s fingers had always stayed smooth and gentle on him even when they were passionately rolling around in bed or slammed up against the wall. Mikuni always managed to be gentle in his touch. It was something that more than anything else Tsurugi truly admired about his touch alone. No one had ever handled his body with such care—as if it were delicate and sacred; not even himself. Such care being given to a body he thought was hideous made his heart soar each time Mikuni placed a new kiss on it.

“Kuni-chan…” he whispered through rising breaths.

Mikuni hummed against Tsurugi’s neck in response, moving the hand that rested on the other’s back further down to cup his ass firmly. Tsurugi responded as one would expect and bucked up into the Alicein’s hips again with a keening whine. The elder male’s head thrashed up and Mikuni pulled on his lead to keep Tsurugi still. The combination of push and pull made Tsurugi’s head spin for a moment. Mikuni’s lead didn’t choke him at all, but it created a sense of possessive ownership and that was enough to get blood coursing through his body with a heightened lust.

Tsurugi’s legs rubbed back and forth along the bedspread with the continued action bestowed upon him. He could feel heat beginning to pool in his loins and wondered if Mikuni had yet noticed the rise in his arousal as he continued to affection the other. Deciding to let Mikuni know where things stood between them Tsurugi brought up a knee and pressed it firmly between Mikuni’s legs that were spread over him. Tsurugi wasn’t harsh or grinding, but it was enough pressure to make his stance clear on where things were headed between them.

“I want you... Kuni-chan.”

Mikuni, who had up until now been quite the smooth talker, felt himself awkwardly fumble at the knee now pressing into him. His face visibly reddened with surprise and his body naturally responded with its own heat shooting down to his groin that had met contact with Tsurugi. His hand dropped from Tsurugi’s ass in a hasty attempt to support himself from buckling on top of the other.

Tsurugi didn’t let this moment go unnoticed and took it as his chance to gain the upper hand with a low chuckle between them.

“No one can touch you like I do either… right Kuni-chan?” he purred back, mimicking his ex-partner’s words from earlier.

Even against the bonds, Tsurugi managed to raise his torso up enough to press his lips against Mikuni’s quivering ones. Tsurugi was damn lucky he was as flexible as he was or this never would’ve worked otherwise. He could feel his core muscles tightening as they worked to support him and raise him up against his restraints. His knee began to rub and grind in-between Mikuni’s legs to stimulate his blood in that region.

Mikuni could feel his own strength weakening with Tsurugi’s touch. His grip on the lead tightened and he kept the distance between them short in order for Tsurugi to continue without straining himself as badly. Tsurugi circulated his knee in slow rotations, feeling Mikuni’s body heating up above him. The Ace kissed wherever he could reach on the other. His clavicle, his neck, his chin, his cheeks, his lips… As Tsurugi captured Mikuni’s mouth in another passionate embrace he decided to act as the devil between them and sharply pushed his knee up then; grinding Mikuni’s package against the fly of his pants.

Mikuni bit back a growl, hissing it out between his teeth while Tsurugi pulled at his bottom lip again. The hand on the bed now being used to support himself tightened—pulling the fabric with it as he tried to draw out his tension through it. What had started as a simple make-out session was unravelling quickly and Mikuni was running out of patience with his playful bed mate; as he usually did when around Tsurugi.

With a low hum underneath his breath, Mikuni pulled on his lead again. He released the magic on Tsurugi’s wrists in a moment of ill-advised haste and crashed his lips against Tsurugi’s again with a bruising force. Tsurugi’s hands in response flew up the moment their restraints were dispelled and braced themselves against Mikuni’s back to hold him close. Tsurugi pressed his body snug against Mikuni’s from beneath, sharing in their mutual heat as lips met with a thunderous force.

Mikuni was losing his control which was exactly what Tsurugi wanted. They could act as themselves here without anyone knowing how they really felt around each other. Minds became corrupted with a flurry of intense emotions whenever their eyes met. Hands itched desperately to reach out to one another and continue their rotating game of cat and mouse. Dominant and submissive, they both had it bad for each other. It appeared 3 years of separation hadn’t completely smothered the flames between them. Mikuni kissed just as violently as he did when they had lived together. Tsurugi’s hands were just as desperate to hold as they’d been the first time they were intimate. Fingers clawed along Mikuni’s back, begging for more than the simple bump and grind they were indulging in.

Mikuni broke apart their kiss with a wet pop, breathing down heavily at his partner with a lusted gaze shared between them, “…I don’t have any lubricant anymore… we’re going to have to improvise. You ok with that…?”

Mikuni knew the answer. Tsurugi would always agree to anything but habits were hard to break and he wanted the other to be aware rather than thrust inconveniences upon him. Tsurugi liked that about Mikuni and nodded in earnest; eager to plunge back in their shared heat.

The pair crashed down again, this time with Mikuni bringing the pair both down to bed so their muscles were no longer straining. The hand not holding onto his lead, once again acted and began ripping at the covers to pull them away from their bodies. Mikuni had dealt with barriers long enough between them and was eager to feel Tsurugi’s body against him after so long apart.

“My mind always gets so hazy around you damnit,” he cussed through his breath as they parted for air.

Both of their lips were beginning to swell from the intense kissing, but neither seemed to mind it. What do you expect after 3 years of quietly lusting under the sheets alone? With the covers finally pulled far enough, Mikuni kicked the remainder away from his bed into an uncaring heap beside them.

Tsurugi was busily working on raising Mikuni’s desperation up to his own level, kissing feverishly along any revealed skin he could find. His hands skimmed up Mikuni’s back and along his shoulder blades to reach the base of his head. Fingers interlocked with the various gold tresses and kneaded them gently to massage the scalp beneath. Mikuni’s hair was so beautiful. Tsurugi had found himself on more than one occasion envious of it and took almost every opportunity available to run his hands through it.

Much to the 26-year-old’s delight, Mikuni seemed to be coming undone rather quickly the way he sighed heavily into Tsurugi’s touch and rolled his head to meet the other’s hand. Never once did Mikuni stop in his rush to undress them however, and worked to quickly undo the fly to Tsurugi’s pants. Buttons were rather tedious metal obstructions, but at least Tsurugi made himself convenient enough to never wear a belt. That was about the last thing Mikuni wanted to deal with right now and inwardly groaned at himself knowing he’d have to get his own off at some point.

With his fly undone, Mikuni slipped his hand into Tsurugi’s trousers, cupping his half-hard length still shielded by his underwear—for the time being. Mikuni didn’t care if he partially pulled down Tsurugi’s slacks in the process with the force of his entry; they’d be coming off soon enough anyways. He inhaled deeply with a shudder feeling Tsurugi’s arousal swelling in his hand. It was so warm… it made Mikuni’s heart pound loud enough he swore he could hear it in his own ears.

“God you’re warm here…” he whispered between them as he moved his head down to kiss along Tsurugi’s neck again.

Tsurugi himself had lost much of his own control when Mikuni had finally slipped his hand in and had all but stopped his own hand movements. Instead of methodical fingers roaming along the base of Mikuni’s head, they now twitched uncontrollably with each movement of Mikuni’s palm against his heated arousal. The whimpers Mikuni had been hoping for since they’d started finally began to spill from Tsurugi’s mouth. The bottom of the pair fell back against the bed again and his knee relaxed against Mikuni’s groin giving back the poor blonde some sense of control. Mikuni’s grin widened and he felt something primal stir inside of him as he began to feel more roughly inside of Tsurugi’s trousers.

“Is this how much you missed me Tsurugi?” he cooed against the crook of the man’s neck, “…I’m disappointed~ I expected more from you after 3 years.”

Tsurugi had little sense left within him to respond back with something witty. Mikuni’s palm was like fire against him and sent burning desires shooting down his back. His mouth opened with a moan and he arched his chest up as the first call of desire rattled through him. Hands fell from Mikuni’s head ungracefully; scanning along the bed spread to find a better purchase.

“Tsurugi,” Mikuni purred his name again travelling devious lips up along the large muscle in his neck.

Tsurugi bit his lips together, breathing heavily as sweat beaded along his brow line. Mikuni’s travelling lips edging closer and closer to his earlobe was driving him just as mad as the circling hand against his pulsing groin. Mikuni seemed to be all too aware of this and bit down firmly on the pierced lobe as he squeezed Tsurugi’s package. Tsurugi cried out in response, banging the palm of his hand against the bed with pleasure once before bringing it over his mouth. Mikuni caught him though—momentarily releasing his lead to pull Tsurugi’s hand down and force the other to look at him. Mikuni reluctantly let go of Tsurugi’s ear in the process, speaking against Tsurugi’s skin as their eyes met in close proximity.

“Don’t be quiet. No one’s watching us this time,” he kept his gaze locked with Tsurugi’s golden one, “Show me how much you want me… no holding back.”

Mikuni them moved up, pressing a kiss on Tsurugi’s sweaty brow before moving down on the other. Tsurugi felt the urge to lean up and see where Mikuni was going—but he knew damn well where the other was headed with that look. He felt the zipper to his—or rather, Mikuni’s jacket being undone. The clasp for the front lapel was loosened and the garment opened. Mikuni took both hands to push up Tsurugi’s shirt beneath and kissed along the scarred skin of his torso. Each scar Tsurugi carried looked so painful normally—even if they didn’t cause physical pain any longer. However, right now Mikuni could only see them as desirable. Cruel as it was, he could recall each scar that had been made when they were together. Some were from long before, and others like the large one on his stomach, ones Mikuni would never forget. Mikuni took a considerable amount of time admiring the large scar that stretched across Tsurugi’s abdomen, keeping to it with an extra tender affection. Tsurugi didn’t need to jump out in front of him that day—Mikuni was sure he could’ve protected himself, and yet he did it anyways.

Mikuni moved the hand not currently rubbing Tsurugi’s loins in a slow circle, out to find one of Tsurugi’s hands. Blind fingers felt for the other’s palm and interlocked together as Mikuni kissed the old wound in both thanks and forgiveness. Tsurugi gripped Mikuni’s hand tightly in response. He didn’t feel shame or guilt over this wound in specific. Actually… with many of his scars Tsurugi never felt they were ugly around Mikuni. The way his ex-partner had handled them with such care and affection every time they were together was yet another thing that warmed Tsurugi’s tattered heart. Mikuni knew that these scars were just as much a part of Tsurugi as anything else and treated them as such.

“Kuni-chan…” he pleaded again with a whisper before Mikuni finally moved away from them and continued on to his main goal.

Further and further down the blonde head traversed, reaching the hem of Tsurugi’s slacks. Mikuni ran his tongue along his bottom lip, feeling his mouth water at the prospect before him. Tsurugi seemed to know instantly and his arousal twitched eagerly in response. This only made Mikuni’s lusted gaze burn brighter as he roughly yanked down Tsurugi’s trousers and briefs to reveal his half-hard arousal. Mikuni cast aside the garments soon after, no longer finding their presence needed.

Tsurugi shuddered in response to the sudden cold air kissing his half erect self after such warm contact. The hand holding onto Mikuni’s squeezed tightly again while eagerly awaiting Mikuni’s mouth on him.

“You’re not nearly as ready as I’d hoped,” Mikuni teased, much to Tsurugi’s surprise and forced the man to lift his head and look down at Mikuni who at the same moment descended over Tsurugi’s length.

Damn bastard--- he did that on purpose to capture Tsurugi’s gaze, and Tsurugi knew it with the way he was smirking and keeping amber hues fixated on Tsurugi’s face while sucking him down. With the hot mouth engulfing half of his length Tsurugi moaned again into the room, digging nails into the back of Mikuni’s hand. Mikuni revelled in the reaction, knowing he was the only one that could make Tsurugi break down like this. That annoying bastard was always wearing a mask to hide himself behind, but Mikuni would be damned if he was going to put up with it a moment longer anymore. They had been together too long to wear masks anymore, and Mikuni would be the only one to remove Tsurugi’s if he had to rip it off the damn idiot. Tsurugi probably would never believe him… but it was when all of his barriers were down that the Ace of C3 was at his most beautiful.

With his own lusting drive pulling at him to hurry up and stop dawdling on how erotic his partner was beginning to look, Mikuni focused back on pleasure. Mikuni bobbed his head up and down in the beginning, warming himself up as well as his partner. Tsurugi was already quickly becoming a hot mess with legs spread wide to accommodate. Mikuni took advantage of this removing his hands from Tsurugi (much to the other’s reluctance) and rested them on the inner of Tsurugi’s bared thighs. The skin here was so soft it clashed violently with the rest of Tsurugi’s body. It reminded Mikuni much like the skin of a peach and made his desire soar. He swallowed against Tsurugi’s length making the other twitch and resist the overwhelming temptation to buck his hips.

Mikuni then slipped his mouth over the head of Tsurugi’s erection, running his tongue along the side to coat it in his saliva. This was Mikuni’s property now and he’d be damned to let anyone else take it from him. He would mark every part of Tsurugi to claim his stake if he had to.

Moving his mouth around, Mikuni made sure to kiss and caress every part of Tsurugi’s swollen length with his own taste. His hands rubbed against Tsurugi’s thighs in circular motions to stimulate the nerves there. It seemed to be working given how much Tsurugi’s chest began to bounce up and down with his breathing. Tsurugi had always been shit with receiving blow jobs. The man could certainly give them, but receiving he had no stamina and quickly became undone. Mikuni knew to watch for Tsurugi’s limit though and continued on; flicking his tongue against the base of his erection.

Tsurugi felt his head spinning with each lick and kiss against his hot arousal. Mikuni was being more thorough than he ever recalled the other being in the past. Tsurugi could hear his breathing becoming more and more audible as time passed. His skin was nearly covered in a sheen of sweat now and it caused the clothing still upon him to cling uncomfortably to his person. Mikuni didn’t seem to care and took Tsurugi’s head back into his mouth. He swirled his tongue slowly over the slit while one hand reached up to pump Tsurugi once. Tsurugi grit his teeth in response again, feeling another moan brewing inside him. He hit his palm against the bed once again as Mikuni slowly dragged his hand up along the erect length. The wet sounds of saliva and precum resounded in his ears and made his cheeks flush a vivid red. Mikuni could feel the tension coiling inside the other and watched his stomach flex and twitch with resistance to call out again. So beautiful… even if he was shit at taking it.

Mikuni ran his hand up slowly again, squeezing around the base of Tsurugi’s length. Moving his mouth back over the head, he could taste the precum mixing with his saliva now. Tsurugi was getting there and about damn time given his own arousal was now becoming painfully erect. Mikuni hollowed his cheeks as he began to descend lower on Tsurugi. He wanted to squeeze the other deeply enough that it finally pushed out the moan he knew the other was holding back. To be safe, Mikuni pressed his thumb flatly against the thick vein of Tsurugi’s arousal. Mikuni didn’t want anything ending early between them.

Inch by inch, Mikuni worked his way down, hollowing his cheeks with each suck, and then blowing down hot air as he descended further. By the time Mikuni was halfway down on him, Tsurugi’s moan finally released with an arc of his back. Each subsequent breath after ended with a pleading whine for his ex-partner. Tsurugi’s form thrashed from side to side in desperation for something deeper. Mikuni took each sound in stride, letting it ring in his ears and swim down to his swelling girth. The golden locks of hair on his head were beginning to cling to his skin due to his own heat. It was only when a bead of sweat slithered down his cheek and dripped down onto Tsurugi’s groin did Mikuni finally have enough and released Tsurugi’s length from his mouth with a wet pop. A mixture of saliva and silvery precum clung to his lips as he pulled back. A single swipe of his tongue sent it down his mouth where it belonged. Mikuni panted down at Tsurugi, admiring the other’s flushed skin glistening in the sunlight.

Yah… from now on this was definitely going to be his. Fuck Touma… that bastard could rot in hell.

“Up,” Mikuni snapped his fingers with a breathy order.

Tsurugi did his best to oblige, but with such a dazed head it was hard to focus on everything. Mikuni managed to get up himself just enough to remove his own clothing. Starting first with his shirt and then onto his slacks at last he was finally met with his ornate western belt and inwardly cursed his sense of style for including it. Wet fingers fumbled with the buckle for a moment, but being too impatient to focus Mikuni quickly became irritated with it. Tsurugi, who’d managed to at least sit up by now, noticed Mikuni’s feverish struggling and learned over to help. His hands were shaky and slicked with sweat, but he was less impatient than Mikuni was at the moment. Mikuni watched Tsurugi with another surge of primal desire pushing at him and felt his cock twitch in eagerness to plunge into that open mouth. Hell… nearly any orifice on the raven hair would do at the moment. He needed to claim Tsurugi now and hard.

Just as luck would have it at that moment the belt came loose on Mikuni and Tsurugi undid his fly, helping Mikuni’s slacks off. Too eager for his own good, Tsurugi kissed at the base of Mikuni’s navel, eager to taste the other’s skin again. Mikuni had to heavily fight back the urge to grab hold of the other’s head at that moment and shove him face first against his throbbing need. He knew Tsurugi wouldn’t have minded it, but he really did not have the stamina to hold on through that.

“Off—off,” he snapped before he could lose what little sanity he had remaining. Mikuni swirled his index finger in a circular motion—indicating for Tsurugi to turn around.

Tsurugi did as instructed and removed himself woefully from Mikuni’s skin, turning himself and preparing to get on his hands and knees.

“No—“ Mikuni stopped him, grabbing his waist and pulling him flush against his stomach. Mikuni could feel his bared arousal poking into the dip in Tsurugi’s lower back right before meeting his ass and had to bite down another powerful instinct to just mercilessly plow into him.

“Arms out… of the jacket,” he panted, taking a moment to sway his hips back so he wasn’t driven as mad by the other’s bare skin.

Tsurugi was now becoming quite confused by Mikuni’s orders and looked back over his shoulder at the other. Golden hues were ebbed with uncertainty and innocence and that just about sent Mikuni over the edge.

“Jesus Christ—“ Fuck it. He’d do it himself and helped the jacket off Tsurugi in a rather rough gesture. Of course… he’d have to get the shirt off next. However, Mikuni simply didn’t have the time or patience to do so. It was at that moment a thought crossed his mind and he threw his jacket back onto the C3 member, zipping it up and tying the loose arms back around Tsurugi to pin his arms down inside of it; just as his cloak would do.

“You like me so much… you can be surrounded by me as I fuck you until you can’t think straight,” he hissed breathlessly in Tsurugi’s ear; making the other flush from head to toe.

To say Tsurugi didn’t enjoy the idea of being fucked senselessly by Mikuni was the world’s most grand of understatements and he knew it. Indulging in the dangers of a fully undone Mikuni, Tsurugi tempted him further with a wicked grin. When the pair were fully indulged with each other they were a dangerous force to be reckoned with. There were no boundaries and no limitations on how far they were willing to go with each other.

“I want you to fuck me until I don’t know anything but you,” Tsurugi purred back against his former love, “I want to be stuffed so full by you that I can’t walk for days... I want you to be dripping out of me every time I move my legs. Every time I look at you… I want to be brought to my knees thinking of you coming inside me. Paint my legs white so anyone that ever looks at me knows that you own me.”

Well if Mikuni had any chance of holding onto his sanity it was gone now. At this point Tsurugi would be lucky if he was even stretched before Mikuni took him without remorse. The moment Tsurugi had finished his statement his mouth was jammed full with Mikuni’s hand. A muffled moan slipped out as his tongue slathered the digits invading him with his saliva. Mikuni’s other arm fell to Tsurugi’s waist and pulled him up flush against his body once again. Mikuni’s cock was throbbing against Tsurugi’s back door, making the Ace scream out in desperation with his mouth stuffed full. As desperately as they both wanted to be joined after fooling around for too long, Mikuni refused to be ‘that guy’. The moment he felt his hand was coated enough to not cause Tsurugi any pain, he pulled from the other’s mouth leaving a few strands of saliva trailing in his wake.

Mikuni had absolutely no patience to bother with counting fingers and started off by inserting two into Tsurugi’s quivering hole. Tsurugi cried out and pulled against Mikuni’s arm, but the other held fast to him. Tsurugi was unexpectedly tight for his personal habits which made Mikuni wonder how long it had been since anyone had touched him. Mikuni abandoned the question for the time being. He couldn’t be fucked to ask about it right now; likewise, for Tsurugi’s comfort level. The raven hair had brought this down upon himself so it was his own fault if he couldn’t handle it now.

Pumping the two digits in and out, Mikuni started by only going as deep as half of his fingers. He didn’t want Tsurugi to tear, having not expected him to be this tight. Soon enough though, he felt the ring of muscles begin to give way and relax and brought his digits in further until they were buried in fully. The pair were both panting heavily, watching Tsurugi’s body practically sucking in Mikuni’s fingers. Tsurugi’s legs were spread wide over Mikuni’s with his hips tilted up to watch himself. Mikuni in turn was hunched over Tsurugi’s shoulder, breathing in the other’s scent as he stretched him out.

Not long after his first two fingers were accepted the third was finally added in. Tsurugi’s body seemed to accept the third finger much more easily than it had the first two, which was all Mikuni needed to know the other was ready for him. With a brief look shared between them they kissed again in a messy collide knowing what was to finally come after waiting for so long. Tsurugi began first by parting and raising himself up on his knees. Without the assistance of his arms he trusted Mikuni’s guiding arm to position him, lowering himself enough to feel the Alicein’s erect head proudly greeting his entrance. It stung in the sweetest way knowing that first plunge was about to wreak havoc on him and in a breath’s release the two collided.

Tsurugi and Mikuni’s worlds both went blank for a moment as they connected again. They were both pretty sure they’d cried out in unison at having finally met after so long. Alas, there was no time to savour the moment for what it was worth. They were both quickly approaching their limits with each other. Mikuni was the first to come to, more or less, and peered glossy eyes up at Tsurugi who was panting heavily with a flushed countenance. Mikuni had never felt his desire pour so warmly into his heart as it did in that moment. Seeing Tsurugi’s face without any mask hiding it was the most beautiful thing he’d seen in this world for quite some time. It almost gave him hope for something better than the reality they were both tied to. He could feel Tsurugi’s muscles struggling to accept him and did his best to wait patiently for the go ahead now that they were finally slotted together.

“…You really…” Tsurugi panted, finally opening his eyes. Tears streamed down from the corners as he shifted his hips—trying to find some better way to take Mikuni into him. It seemed to prove impossible however, “…fuck--… you have grown bigger.”

Having thought he’d already lost any hope of sanity in this, Mikuni was taken yet again as something inside of him finally snapped. Whether Tsurugi’s words were a go ahead or not, Mikuni took them as such and sunk his hips back before plowing in again just as deeply. Tsurugi’s chest thrusted upwards with another cry breaking from his mouth. Mikuni didn’t care anymore of the consequences and carried on with a reckless abandon. Hands possessively clung around Tsurugi, digging into his shoulder and lower abdomen. His mouth bit into the juncture of Tsurugi’s neck, marking him for all to see. Every time Tsurugi would be in the eye of the public they would know who was fucking him. He was going to plow him hard enough Tsurugi would be walking with a limp for a week. So help him if they crossed paths again and Tsurugi went weak in the knees knowing exactly who really owned him.

“Call my name,” he growled against Tsurugi’s ear as he slammed his hips into the other, “Be mine and mine only. Call for me… Tsurugi.”

Tsurugi himself was a bit preoccupied with his hips practically being bruised by the force behind Mikuni’s thrusts. His mind went blank with each pound into him, causing Mikuni’s words to blur in and out of his ears. He had no idea what the other was saying, but his body still somehow responded.

“Kuni-chan…!” he began between moans but it wasn’t enough for the one taking him.

Mikuni brought them down against the bed in a sudden surge of primal instinct. His body curled over Tsurugi’s, never once stopping the driving force of his hips as he slammed full force into the one beneath him. He could feel his head peaking against the other’s prostate, making his head spin. Each slap of wet skin together sent both of their senses spiralling as Tsurugi too began to buck his hips back against Mikuni’s own. Picking up the pace, Mikuni began driving home faster and harder as Tsurugi screamed louder. Tsurugi’s face was buried against the bed in a mixture of sweat and tears. He could feel his erection dripping down onto the sheets as the need to cum swelled inside him while his arms strained against the jacket tied around him.

“Call my name!” Mikuni demanded again, clawing his hand against Tsurugi’s patch of revealed skin by his neck.

‘Kuni-chan’ wasn’t good enough anymore. That was the barrier between them speaking. He wanted his full name; the one he knew that Tsurugi held with a high regard inside him. If he couldn’t even get that out of Tsurugi when they were like this then there really was no hope for him.

There was a small sound from beneath Mikuni; something like a choked gasp or clipped moan. Mikuni knew what it was and quickly grabbed hold of Tsurugi’s length to keep him from coming. Tsurugi’s cock twitched violently at the resistance it met, filled to the brim and ready to burst. Tsurugi whined in protest not knowing who or what was stopping him, as his body desperately tried to release.

“No you don’t…” Mikuni gasped as he continued on, “I’m not letting you come until you call for me.”

Tsurugi whined again in feeble protest for his body. He was past his limit now. He couldn’t support himself with his arms tied to his back. Mikuni surrounded him in his heat and it made Tsurugi’s heart feel like it was going to burst from his chest. Each time Mikuni plunged into him Tsurugi could see bursts of white at the corners of his eyes. He was completely smothered by the one he adored most and wanted to stay buried beneath him forever.

“It’s now or never Tsurugi…” Mikuni was quickly approaching his limit now. He wouldn’t be able to stay them both off forever. His thrusts were becoming erratic and shallow. His will to persevere on fading with the sweet beckoning of release drawing ever closer. He pleaded once more, knowing this was their last chance. Would Tsurugi choose to live life for himself or was he truly broken beyond repair? “Leave him… call my name…!”

Tsurugi, true to their words earlier, was quickly losing his ability to think straight—hell even look straight as he lay top half on the bed with his ass raised to meet his maker. The only sounds he could make out in his pounding ears were the wet slaps of skin and grunting moans of his ex-partner bearing his all into him. For Tsurugi, this was perfect… just like this in this little world knowing nothing but Mikuni’s cock swelling inside of him… But something was making this perfect world go away. Why was it leaving? Who was pulling him away from it all? Blindly, he reached a hand out to try and pull it back to him, not knowing he was reaching out in the real world as well.

“Mikuni…!” he whimpered, seeing his reaching hand being taken just as his illusionary world faded to white.

“…I got you.”

They came in a violent burst together. Tsurugi spilled himself onto the bed beneath while Mikuni poured into him with a powerful thrust. Tsurugi’s entire lower half felt raw—what of it he could feel that is to say. He could feel something warm and wet trailing down his legs as they swayed back and forth. Was Mikuni still fucking him as he came? Tsurugi had no idea and weakly turned his head back to see. He was met instead with a passionate kiss finally sending him down to the bed completely with Mikuni’s arms wrapped tightly around him.



The next time Tsurugi came to it was mid-afternoon. Fuck, Touma was going to be furious—yet, somehow that seemed rather trivial at the moment. Tsurugi wasn’t sure why at first until he looked over to see Mikuni passed out peacefully beside him. Tsurugi stole a moment to himself and reached a hand to pet the golden locks of hair away from the other’s face. It was then Tsurugi noticed that the straps on his hands were missing as well as his remaining clothing. Hadn’t he been pinned down by them earlier, as well as restrained by the jacket? The C3 member looked around him, unconsciously raising a hand to his neck to feel his collar was gone too. What the hell? He didn’t remember taking these off. Well… he could replace them anyways if need be. He needed to get back to the base. He was sure he had a number of missed calls from work and got up to retrieve his clothing.

Upon attempting to do so however, the 26-year-old felt himself buckle and toppled over just past the bed into an uncoordinated heap. Inwardly, he cursed at his body for being so unstable and tried to help himself up again. As he shifted his legs, grabbing onto the bookshelf for support, he felt something sticky ooze down between his legs from a place all too deep inside to be of comfort and went bright red.

“You told me to fuck you until you couldn’t walk for days,” a voice spoke out behind him. Tsurugi turned his head to see Mikuni laying on his side in bed with a hand resting beneath his head to prop himself up. A classic smirk of a smug victory was painted on the blonde man’s face. It should’ve been a sin to look that good while playing the devil’s advocate.

“You wanted me to be dripping out of you every time you moved your legs and have them be painted in white. And I did just that. Although, I’m flattered you actually went as far as to buckle your knees when looking at me.”

“Where are my clothes Kuni-chan?” Tsurugi tried to ignore the burning heat in his cheeks and cover his destroyed ass to the best of his ability.

“Laundry,” Mikuni replied simply.

It was about at that time Tsurugi actually noticed the subtle sound of the washer going near the entryway. Shit, he didn’t have time for this, he needed to get back to the base.

“I’m borrowing your clothes then.”

“What for?” Mikuni knew damn well what for, but he indulged in playing with Tsurugi a bit longer.

“I need to get back.”

“Nah~” Mikuni rolled onto his back then, laying his arms behind his head as he stared up at the ceiling, “I don’t think so.”

Tsurugi looked back over to Mikuni not understanding what the other was getting at.

“After you fell asleep I took the liberty of calling up the president. Told him that you were done working for C3 and you had a new owner that was going to be paying you better.”

Tsurugi’s brows furrowed not liking this game anymore.

Mikuni let a silence settle into the room for a moment, drawing on the tension rising in the air. His grin grew wider and he dearly wished for a moment that he smoked like his ex-partner did so he could play the classic villain like in those old black and white films. He turned his head back over to Tsurugi then and cast a devious look.

“I bought you.”