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Only You Can Be My Alpha

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Louis was now in his late thirties and pregnant with the last litter of pups he would have. Harry and him had decided that after this, their family would be complete and they could finally sit back and watch their family grow itself. Since their first litter together, Louis had given birth to a set of twins, one more batch of triplets, a little Omega boy, and he had the last twins in his womb right now.

The first set of twins had been two Alphas, of course, a girl named Kalani and a boy named Kezra. Next was the triplets with two Omega girls named Emmila and Breely, and an Alpha boy named Kanta. After that came Louis’ precious Jasper, the only Omega boy Louis would ever have, and he was mother’s perfect little sunshine. Now he was carrying boy Alpha twins, but he never named any of his pups until they were born, so he had no idea what they would be called yet. Something ridiculous. Go out with a bang.




The sixteen-year-old Chaska made a beeline for his parents’ teepee with a determined heart and prominent issue to discuss. Eya and all his siblings mostly lived right next to their parents, but not constantly in the same teepee since Eyadon had taken it upon himself to take care of his siblings because the duty ‘fell on him’, a very future-Pack-Alpha desire. They basically just went back and forth between the two teepees, and there was even a flap that connected them, but Eyadon was coming from the complete opposite direction. He arrived in no time and pushed the entrance open, carefully approaching his mother’s nest. Eya obviously knew he would be accepted because he’d been born in it all those years ago, but he still didn’t want to wake him.

He quietly sat down and crossed his legs while gazing fondly at his spooning and sleeping parents. He could tell they were knotted, so they must have fallen asleep pretty recently, and the Chaska reached out to tuck some of his mother’s lengthy hair behind his ear and run his hand down the exposed arm.

“Magnificent, isn’t he?” his father lowly rumbled, voice groggy from exhaustion.

Eyadon’s eyes shifted to the Pack Alpha and he smiled in agreement before continuing to affectionately pet his mother’s hair. “Yeah… I can’t believe he carried me in here like this too,” he said as he moved his hand to press against Louis’ rounded belly, rubbing circles into it in wonderment.

“Omegas are precious creatures,” Harry murmured in fascination, nuzzling his nose into Louis’ bond mark and causing a tremble to travel down the Omega’s body. He pulled the quilts up higher so they were covering his belly more, and Eya assisted from where he was sitting.

“Yeah, they really are,” Eya seconded, needing to mention why he was here but not yet finding the words he wanted. “When is he going into labor?” he settled for as a distraction.

Harry hummed and sniffed around at his mate’s neck and as far down as he could get while still being connected. “Couple of days at most. He’s almost ready, it won’t be long now,” the Pack Alpha reported gleefully, tightening his arms around his mate and pushing his knot further inside.

Louis stirred from all the movements and communication around him and he peeked an eye open to see his firstborn, and then turned his head to address his Alpha. “Are you two talking about me?” he croaked tiredly, barely able to keep his eyes open.

“Yup,” Harry answered, giving the Omega a kiss on the corner of his mouth.

“Oh, good… I love being the center of attention,” Louis muttered gladly as he rolled back to face his Alpha teenager. “What’s on your mind, Eyawe?” he asked in interest before suddenly groaning in pain and shoving his face into their blankets to muffle the sound.

Harry was on it instantly and leaned over his mate, planting kisses on his face and mark while shushing him sweetly. “Everything alright, Mama?” he faintly whispered, knowing loud volumes upset the Omega in times like this.

Louis nodded and took a few seconds before lifting his head back and taking a deep breath. “Yeah—” he gritted with a wince, “—they’re just kicking.”

Harry moved his hand back to the belly and the fond was written all over the Alpha’s face as he felt the twins wiggling around. “This never gets old,” he sighed dreamily.

Louis furrowed his eyebrows and scoffed out a short laugh. “Oh…it gets old,” he argued with a strained tone.

“They’re just saying hello,” Harry defensively pressed.


Eya had been grinning at his parents’ lighthearted bantering, and he couldn’t stay quiet any longer. “See, I want this. I want what you two have.”

“Don’t you worry about that, Eya darling. You’re a Styles, you’ll get what you want,” Louis assured, imperceptibly elbowing Harry in the chest as he said it.

“Comes with the title,” Harry said, breathing in his mate’s scent and letting it out slowly.

“Well, that’s kinda what I came to talk to you about,” Eyadon continued, but still trailing off before he could get it out.

“Hmm? What’s going on, baby?” Louis asked, reaching out to cover Eyadon’s hand with his own for support, only showing a slight grimace on his face from more movement in his womb. “You can tell us anything.”

Eyadon knew that of course, but the two encouraging looks he was receiving from his parents were the thing to finally push him over the edge. “I wanna court Miri,” he blurted tensely. “I’ve chosen her as my mate.”

“And you’re just figuring this out now, are you?” Harry inquired flatly.

“Papa, hush,” Louis chastised, giggling at his comment but throwing a harsher elbow into his chest, promptly trying to fix the situation. “Did you talk to her father about this?” he asked in delicious and tangible amusement.

“Well…no,” Eyadon admitted as his face fell, “That’s where I need your help?”

Louis raised a rounded eyebrow and Harry hummed behind him, both taking the piss out of their son’s nerves. “Oh, I see,” the mother mused teasingly.

“How do I tell him?” the Chaska demanded.

“Carefully,” Harry muttered into Louis’ neck, the Omega cackling uncontrollably as a result, but quickly schooling his features when he saw Eyadon’s deadpan scowl.

“Harry, don’t scare him,” Louis scolded to try and atone for his previous inclusion. “Sweetie…if we’re being honest, this isn’t gonna surprise your Uncle as much as you seem to think it will. In fact, I’d go as far as to say that he’s been expecting this your entire life,” Louis said comfortingly.

“Really? What do you mean?” Eya asked with rapt attention.

“Eya, you chose Miri as your mate when you were pups,” Harry piped, propping himself up on his elbow as he pulled his knot out of his Omega when it went down, and properly joined the discussion.

Louis whimpered from the sensitive slide, but both Alphas ignored it like the background noise it was. “I did?” Eyadon squeaked embarrassingly high.

“Haven’t you always had these feelings for her as long as you can remember?” Louis panted, secretly suffering from his pups trying to kick their way out through his stomach.

“Well, yeah but—”

“You hadn’t even been out of my womb for two months before your wolf had already chosen her. We all saw it. This isn’t exactly a new concept,” the uncomfortable mother gritted through his teeth, trying to sound pleasant but failing miserably.

Harry turned his full attention to his mate for a moment, biting into his bond mark and smiling proudly when Louis relaxed his muscles and mewled in satisfaction. “Don’t forget Miri reaching for your stomach when Eyadon was still inside you on the day of their birth,” Harry added, chuckling at the memory and Eyadon’s flabbergasted expression.

“Oh yeah,” Louis gasped as he vividly recalled that fleeting moment sixteen years ago. “That’s right. Miri knew before you even born, Eya. If that doesn’t tell you something, nothing will.”

“Everyone knows then? That’s great. So Zayn won’t be mad?” he asked hopefully.

“Oh no, he’ll be furious,” Harry said tonelessly as Eyadon groaned in defeat.

Louis couldn’t help laughing again but tsked his Alpha and assumed the peacemaker persona for the millionth time in these two’s relationship. “But he’s had a long time to prepare for the day he gives Mirima to you. Just talk to him, it’s not like he can stop you in the long run. Besides, he’s secretly happy about it. I just don’t think he’ll ever show you that.”

“Wow… I still can’t believe everyone knew,” Eyadon said in blatant surprise.

“Oh, please. Even if we weren’t your parents and hadn't been there since your very first breaths, it would still be obvious now,” Louis informed in amusement.

“It would?” Eyadon guiltily asked, not really wanting the answer.

“Pfffftt,” Harry spat condescendingly, getting a sharp slap on the hip from his Omega but continuing anyway. “Don’t think your midnight strolls through the woods together are even remotely sneaky. We know where you go, and we always know what you’re doing.”

The Chaska blushed and scratched at his neck awkwardly. “... Oh.”

“Tell you what—” Louis cut in, seeking eye contact with his firstborn and smiling warmly when he got it, “—You march right in there, and you tell that scary Zayn that you’re gonna make his daughter the happiest Omega on Earth, and you tell me how that goes, okay?” he said firmly, encouraging his son because it was about damn time those two took this leap together.

“I will,” Eyadon promised, standing up with renewed motivation and holding a hand to his heart. “She’s my forever.”

“Then you’ve no time to waste,” Louis said with a wink.

Eyadon grinned like the sun and ran straight out of their home, presumably on his way to confront Zayn on courting Miri. May the Gods watch over his soul.

“Offspring,” Harry muttered in annoyance, but both parents knew there was no real negativity behind it.

“Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, my love,” Louis sighed, turning back to press their lips together.

Harry smiled against the kiss and pulled back to gaze into his favourite oceanic eyes. “Yes, but nobody could ever love anyone as much as I love you.”

“Yes, that’s true,” Louis vainly agreed with a smirk. “But they can be happy.”

“Not happier than you make me,” Harry compromised, running his hands across all the skin he could reach.

“Harry, it’s not a competition,” Louis tried to scold, but the words were bathed in a pleasured moan from his Alpha’s soft petting.

“I know it’s not,” Harry quickly assured, grinding his hips into his Omega’s lower half. “I’ve already won.”

Louis breathily chuckled and reached a hand back to tangle his fingers in the Alpha’s amazingly fluffy hair. “We won each other,” he romantically professed.

“We won everything.”

Louis closed his eyes and smiled, sending his routine thank yous to the Gods for granting him his destined family. “Give me back your knot then, champion,” he taunted seductively.

Harry smirked into Louis’ neck and slowly buried himself into his mate where he belonged. “Thought you’d never ask.”




Louis and Harry grew old peacefully together. They’d unfortunately seen the natural deaths of all the older generation and a good portion of their family as well, but considering they were timely deaths, it was easier to handle. However, it was always double the pain because when old bond mates died, they always did it at the exact same time together, and almost always in their sleep. Zayn, Niall, Parsel, and Draco were almost the last ones standing from the old days. Sadly, Wewe had passed away when Louis had turned fifty two. He’d lived an unnaturally long life as it was, and there had been a grand funeral in his honor.

All three living family couples were completely surrounded by grandpuppies, and they couldn’t be more pleased with how their lives turned out. Miri and Eyadon had four pups so far, Carmela had bonded to Kurt’s Kasen, and Louis’ Jasper bonded with Draco’s Alpha son, Pythan. If Louis’ being honest, at his age, he couldn’t keep track of all the bonds that had been made, and the amount of grandpuppies he has anymore; he just knew how ecstatic he would get when they would visit him.

Many conversations had taken place as him and Harry grew older that encompassed Louis complaining about the lines he could feel on his face when he smiled, and Harry always shushed him, professing that he worshiped every single one because it means he’s made Louis happy. The Omega would always blush and agree that Harry made him perfect, and they’d fall back asleep because tranquil naps together now took up a majority of their slow-paced days.

Eyadon had been promoted to Pack Alpha when he was thirty five, and Harry was blatantly overjoyed at getting his time to himself and his mate without having to wake up and go to meetings every day. Eyadon still consulted him on many things that stumped him, but Harry’s knowledge of Chehalis was basically limitless and he’d answer any question that were asked.

Rogues still showed up every once in awhile, patrol duty was still a necessity, but that certain group had stayed true to their word and they’d ended up settling down somewhere in the east, never bothering Chehalis again.

Harry and Louis did nothing but smile and laugh all the way up to their end, passing through the worlds wrapped in each other’s arms. It was a depressing day for Chehalis when Eyadon and Nori found them that morning, but their parents were somewhere far away and happy now, so their sons and daughters and grandpuppies of all genders had to smile through their tears. They'd meet again someday.


--- (Present time) ---


When the bond mates opened their eyes, they made several shocking initial discoveries. The first of which being that they were somehow young again, and they gazed at each other with lumps in their throats.

“Harry,” Louis choked as Harry reverently caressed the Omega’s cheek.

“Oh, my beautiful Louis,” the Alpha said in wonder. “You look just as you did when I met you.”

Louis ran his hands up and down Harry’s young chest and blew a big breath out of his lungs. “Were we really this attractive?” he teased, leaning up for a kiss.

Harry granted it to him, but pulled back to touch their foreheads together. “You were always this attractive to me, Lou,” he murmured, guiltily sliding his hands down to squeeze handfuls of Louis’ arse in his palms.

Louis giggled and lightly pushed him away. “Yeah, right…we were wrinkly old farts.”

"Your eyes had never aged a day,” Harry recalled, staring down into the exact same mesmerizing colour of blue that he’d seen every single day of their lives together.

Louis grinned and jumped up into his mate’s arms, tightening his hands into Harry’s energetic hair and reveling in the passionate energy they had again.

The second thing they noticed when they decided to figure out where they were—before mating right there in the field—was that they were actually surrounded by everyone they’d ever lost. Not only that, but every generation of Chehalis since the very first Pack Alpha connected everyone with a pack bonding mark.

Harry stared at all his predecessors with respect, going down the line until he got to his father and mother, but he noticed something was a bit different. They were also young again like he was, and taking a look around, he discovered everyone was back in their prime age of life without a wrinkle to be seen. Even Ianalfto was looking shockingly handsome and chiseled, and Louis had to blink several times to ensure this is truly what he was seeing. Wewe was additionally back to his former status, and Louis rolled his eyes that the iconic bunny was even here, but of course he would be.

Harry had dragged Louis over to his parents for an emotional first meeting, and Anneya finally got to tell the Omega how proud she was to share her bloodline with him. Joéna and Norman held their leader couple too, having become Desmond and Anneya’s best friends in the afterlife. A twenty-ish Chibs, Daven, Perniar, and Katniss came up behind their old Pack Alpha and crushed him in a group hug that would probably break bones in the world of the living, but what caught Louis’ attention was just beyond them, silently watching the scene before her.

There under the arm of Lauranna, was the insufferable Camila in all her astounding glory, grinning at him and surrounded by Peeta, Jade, Kurt, and Jax. Louis choked out a sob and ran to her as fast as he could, throwing himself against the pair and wailing into their necks as the rest of the family broke down in an emotional reunion. Harry quickly came over too and added himself to the embrace.

When Louis finally got a hold over himself, he pulled back to look his dear sister in the face. She wiped his tears and gave him her classic wink. “See?” she said as Lauran hooked her chin over her Omega’s shoulder and took her in her arms. “It’s like I said… Everything’s alright.”




Harry and Louis had figured out pretty early on that they could mate all they wanted without getting pregnant obviously, and they spent a shameless amount of time rolling around in the fields together, mating as furiously as they did when they had been this age alive.

Everyone in the otherworld had teepees similar to those they’d had in life, but Harry and Louis couldn’t get out from under the stars. They didn’t think they’d still be able to watch the stars together, so they ate up every chance they could get.

“Harry, I don’t think I can find any words. To describe this. What I’m feeling,” Louis mentioned as he lay on Harry’s chest atop the softest grass that's ever existed.

Harry tightened his arms around his mate and tipped his chin up to look into his eyes. “I don’t think there are any words, Lou.”

Louis pushed himself up a fraction more to smash their lips together and roll completely on top of him, always determined to be touching as much as possible. “What should we settle on, then?”

Harry pursed his lips in thought as he rubbed circles into Louis’ hips with his thumbs. “We could tell each other how much we love each other,” he suggested.

“I already know,” Louis argued with a smirk as a butterfly landed on his shoulder.

Harry’s eyes moved to the critter and he let it walk onto his finger, holding it up between them in fascination. “Kimimela,” he murmured thickly as it took flight and went off to someplace in the vast expanse of wherever they were.

“Yes?” Louis responded jokingly, laughing when his mate fondly shook his head and gave him a show of his dimples.

“It was only you, Louis. Just you. You’re the only one it ever could have been, and I wouldn’t have had it any other way. You gave me everything, and I can’t believe I get to have you forever just like I always wanted. I’m the luckiest Alpha alive…well…that ever did live. I love you, Louis Styles,” he professed with eyes full of tears, sitting them both up and holding his mate in his lap as tightly as he could.

Louis’ tears were welling dangerously in his eyes and threatening to fall at a moment’s notice, but he kept his composure enough to give his mate the signature snark that had made Harry fall in love with him in the first place: “Pansy.”




The end.