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Because Of You

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Miranda asked herself repeatedly if there are any qualified employees in the company. Not even Nigel could meet her requirement for an enchanted European island. It was essential to the photoshoot for the summer issue of the Runway fashion magazine.

‘I’d rather take care of it myself,’ she sighed. Before starting to work, she called her first assistant Emily and launched her with a dozen tasks to manage. “Then you can go home. I won‘t need you today. That‘s all.” 

‘Do I have a free afternoon?’ Emily thought in disbelief.

Miranda didn't care for her. She was busy looking for an island in Europe that would satisfy the bright idea she had in her head. Later that evening, she discovered the coveted spot. The beautiful scenery of the island of Kalokairi moved her. Its eternally azure sea, the white houses scattered all over the island, and the chapel reached the sky. Hotel "Villa Donna" and many private residences in the area provided accommodation. She leaned back in her chair, turned towards the window, and closed her eyes for a moment. Her neck was stiff. It was 10:15 p.m. when she heard the click of heels getting closer and closer, an unmistakable sign that they had finished the Book. 

"Good evening, Miranda," the startled young girl greeted her.

"Good evening?!" hissed Miranda. There were a few more peppery words on her tongue, but she swallowed them. "Put the Book on the table! That's all." Miranda said as she always did.

She called Roy, her chauffeur, to take her home. The twins had flown out yesterday with her ex-husband Stephen for a lavish holiday to the Canary Islands. The townhouse was quiet, and she missed their noise and the screaming that echoed throughout the household. After a short shower, she checked her book and dropped notes on the pages that didn't meet her needs.  She fell asleep, full of thoughts of that beautiful Kalokairi landscape. Something like this hadn't happened to her in many years.

The following day, Miranda gave several tasks to her new assistant.

"Make sure no one disturbs me." She closed the door behind her. It was the first time Miranda had ever done that. She sat down at her desk and took a sip of her hot latte. Then she dialed the number that would connect her to the hotel owner on that beautiful Greek island.

“Villa, Donna,” replied a pleasant woman’s voice. “What can I do for you?”

"Hello, this is Miranda Priestly."

"Villa Donna. What can I do for you?"

"I'd like to speak to the owner of the hotel."

"Well, then, it's your lucky day. It's me. My name is Donna Sheridan. Can I help you?"

It took Miranda a moment to recover. She certainly hadn't expected a woman to own the hotel. She was impressed. "I'm the editor-in-chief of the New York fashion magazine Runway. We'd love doing some photoshoots on your beautiful island for our summer issue."

"Really?" Donna exclaimed in surprise. "We'd love to have you here." 

"That's very kind of you. We'll need accommodations for about twenty people."

"That won't be a problem. We have many luxury hotels, private residences or apartments that I'm sure will suit you. You can come and see for yourself first," Donna joked.

The corners of Miranda's mouth twitched. "That's an excellent suggestion. Please wait a moment." Miranda flipped through her diary.

"Sure, take your time," Donna replied.

"Mmm... I could treat myself to a long weekend next week."

"That sounds great. Do you have any special requests for your stay here?" Donna asked.

"Privacy means everything to me, so I'd like to stay at your hotel and book that lovely room upstairs. Is that possible?"

"You caught me a little off guard," Donna admitted. "I mean, I'm so glad you like the room! But it's quite a long way out of town." 

"Yes, that suits me perfectly. The fewer people, the better. I suppose there's more privacy in such a remote place."

"I can guarantee you won't be disturbed."

"I couldn't ask for more," Miranda replied contentedly.

"But getting here is a little more difficult, though," warned her Donna.

"Really? Tell me more," Miranda longed for more information.

"First you have to fly to Athens and then you have to catch a plane to neighboring Skiathos because we don't have an airport here. Then you take a ferry for about an hour to the port in Kalokairi. I'll pick you up there."

"Oh! That seems like a very long trip, but I'm used to it. As soon as I get all the flight details, I'll let you know," Miranda said in an unusually soft voice. 

"Excellent. Is there anything else I can do for you?" Donna asked.

"I think that's all for now." 

"Good. I look forward to seeing you on Friday, Miranda. Have a great day," Donna said in her carefree tone and hung up.

"Who were you talking to, Mom?" Donna's daughter Sophie asked.

"You're curious. To Miranda Priestly."

"Wow? Do you mean Miranda Priestly, who runs the fashion magazine Runway? Sophie couldn't believe it. What would she be doing here?"

"You know her?" Donna stared at her in disbelief. "They want to do some photoshoot here for their magazine."

"Oh my gosh, that's so cool! Miranda is a fashion icon and a legend, Mom. I can't believe she even knows our little island exists! All the girls are going to go crazy."

"No, no, it's absolutely hush, hush for now! I guaranteed her privacy, and she's going to get it!"

"But they'll find out..." Sophie paused.

"Don't worry. I'll take care of it. Okay?"

"I understand," Sophie nodded. "But we should prepare for her visit because a bad reputation precedes it. If only half of what they say about her is true, then...” Sophie rolled her eyes.

"Like what?" Donna jumped into her speech.

"Snow Queen, The Dragon Lady..."

"Stop. It!" Donna interrupted her. "I don't care. I'll make up my own opinion when I get to know her. She was nice on the phone," she ended the conversation on the subject firmly.

"Relax, Mom. I'm looking forward to seeing her. Miranda is somebody. And knowing you, I'm sure you can handle her with ease," Sophie smiled and went to make the bed in the guest room.

Donna thought for a moment about what her daughter had told her. She was interrupted by Sky, her daughter's husband. All three of them were involved in the running of the hotel and were doing very well. It was nothing luxurious, but it was all made up for by the extraordinary quiet, and most of all, the beautiful surroundings that the Kalokairi offered. Although there was still much to be done, Donna didn't have to worry so much about the future. She could pay her mortgage and pay her valued employees on time. Even when there were no paychecks, they always stood by her, and the hotel was nearly broke. But she didn't run away, and the locals greatly appreciated that. Together, they got through the worst of it and became so close that they were like one big family.

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After talking to Donna, Miranda was in a good mood.

Donna Sheridan. She couldn't get her cheerful voice out of her head. She speculated what Donna looked like and how old she was. ' Why am I so concerned?' she asked herself. She clicked on their website again, hoping to find out more about her. But it turned out to be a big disappointment. "Oh, well..." She groaned. Before she could think about it, a hard knock on the door brought her back to reality.

"Come in," she said in her quiet tone.

"You're probably going to kill me, but I just got a call from Corfu. They canceled our photoshoot," Nigel said, full of anger.

Miranda raised her right eyebrow. "Because..." She let the question hang in the air.

"They're not interested anymore." He shrugged, expecting her outburst any moment.

"Well, screw 'em!" Miranda spoke up after a moment.

"Excuse me?" Nigel looked at her in surprise with his mouth open.

"I've done my research and discovered a beautiful spot for our photoshoot. I'm going there by myself next weekend to look around and pick out suitable locations. Come here and take a look," she pointed to the monitor.

Nigel still couldn't get over the fact that she hadn't eaten him. He couldn't recognize her at all.

"So what?" Miranda asked.

Nigel leaned over Miranda's right shoulder. The presentation of the website stunned him.

"Wow, you did an excellent job, Miranda. Where is it?"

"It's a Greek island called Kalokairi."

"Well, I hope they don't kick us out like Corfu!" he said.  

"I called and spoke to the hotel owner there today, and she assured me they'd appreciate having us. There's no problem with accommodation either. It was her idea for me to show up and check everything out first."

"Oh, so the owner is a woman? Nigel wondered.

"Yes, her name is Donna, and she was very nice," Miranda smiled.

"You're the best, Miranda. Fantastic work! As always."

He was relieved that things had turned out this way. Miranda considered him a friend. He was the only one with whom she would discuss work and personal matters here and there. But she was unpredictable. She proved it last year in Paris. And although he had submitted, he understood her reasons for doing it. No matter how ruthless and arrogant she was, he loved her. He couldn't leave her because she meant too much to him. He held one of the highest positions in the company, and after all these years, he still loved his job. Thanks to Miranda's incredible precision, tenacity, and tremendous work effort, Runway has turned into a bible in the fashion world.

 A regular week passed, and Miranda called the hotel on Kalokairi again.

"Villa Donna," came a recognizable voice.

"Hello, Donna. It's Miranda. Remember me?"

"Of course. How could I forget you?" Donna laughed.

Her merry laughter echoed right in Miranda's heart. It was such a joyful and disarming laugh.

"So what time are you landing at Skiathos airport?"

"We should land at 11:15 am, but the ferry leaves at 11:30 am. I can't make it," Miranda groaned.

"Don't worry, Miranda. I'll arrange a boat for you and then pick you up at the dock."

"Thank you so much, Donna. I appreciate it," Miranda heaved a deep sigh. "How long does the ferry from Skiathos to Kalokairi take?"

"The average journey time by ferry is 1 hrs 19 min," Donna informed her.

"I thought it would be less time, but I'm so grateful I won't have to wait for another one."

"We've arranged everything for you, and I hope you enjoy your stay."

"Thank you very much. I love it already!"

"Miranda, I'm so sorry, but I have to go now. We have a lot of work to do today. I'll see you on Friday. Have a nice day." Donna hung up before Miranda could say anything.

'Oh, Donna,' Miranda sighed, realizing she was missing Donna's voice and her infectious laugh. Donna was so easy to talk to. Maybe it was because she wasn't afraid to speak with Miranda Priestly. She probably talked to her the same way she talks to every other client. 'Enough, Miranda. You're here to work,' she said to herself.

She called Emily and Nigel to come to her office. She announced to them that she would be off from tomorrow until the following Monday.

"Is the new assistant useful?" Miranda looked at Emily.

"She's a quick learner, and she's handy," Emily muttered.

"I'll give you further instructions tomorrow evening when you deliver the Book to my townhouse at nine o'clock sharp. That's all."

Emily nodded and left the office.

"Have a seat, Nigel. I need to talk to you about what you'll need to do in my absence. I'd suggest you take some notes," she looked him straight in the eyes.

'Oh my God, don't do this to me, those beautiful blue eyes,' he admonished her mentally.

After Miranda had finished revising the Book, she slowly walked to her sumptuous bedroom late that evening. She collapsed onto the bed. Tears streamed down her face. She felt like her world had been falling apart. Yes, she had everything she needed and could have everything she wanted. But most of all, she wanted someone to love her for who she was. With painful thoughts that it would never happen, she fell asleep.

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"Do you know when Miranda will arrive and what time?" Sophie asked her mother.

"She's arriving on Friday, and I've instructed Markos to help her get on the boat and help her with anything she needs. She probably won't be thrilled about the boat, but there was no other way to arrange it. The ferry leaves too early, and she'd have to wait four hours for the next one. I'll pick her up around 2:30 in the afternoon."

"Have you picked out a room for Miranda yet?" Sophie asked.

"Sure. Didn't I tell you?" Donna wondered.

Sophie shook her head.

"She chose my former hotel room because she really likes it and it's situated away from public places. As I said, she's very particular about her privacy, and she was very pleased when I guaranteed that no one would disturb her here. I will take care of it myself."

"Wow. I don't know what to say to that. I wouldn't have thought Miranda would settle down here with us," Sophie stood in awe. "I can't wait to meet her."

"Really?" Donna raised both eyebrows.

"Miranda is such an icon, Mom," Sophie wrapped her hands around her mother's waist.

"Just please don't tell anyone yet," Donna reminded her again.

"Don't worry, Mom. I won't tell anyone," Sophie promised.

The next day Miranda woke up late. "Oh no! It's so late!" She looked at her watch. She relaxed when she realized that her extended leave was starting and she didn't have to go to work. She had several messages on her answering machine. There was one message from Nigel and one from Emily, and a message from her twins. She called Nigel first to get the definite details and left a message for Emily to remind her to bring the Book on time. Then she chatted with her daughters and was pleased to hear that they were enjoying the holidays. She was ready to begin her adventure. "I'm going to see Donna on Friday!" She will meet that charming woman whose voice etched into her brain without explaining why that is. Her cheeks lit up, and she felt that this weekend would be unique.

Donna sat by Aphrodite's fountain, dipping her palm in the sparkling water. 'The Fountain of the Goddess of Love.'  They said that whoever drank from it would find eternal love. Sadly she didn't find anyone who loved her. On the contrary, she reopened her heart to the man who broke it again. Her focused thoughts wandered to Miranda. She wondered if what they say about her was true.

"Mom, you have a phone call." Sophie snapped out of her thoughts.

"Donna Sheridan. What can I do for you?" she uttered a learned sentence.

"Donna!" her best friends Tanya and Rosie shouted into the phone.

"Oh my God, I'm so excited to hear from you. How are you?" Donna shouted back.

"We're having a great time. We have wonderful news for you."

"Tell me!" Donna pleaded.

"No, no. We'll tell you on Friday," Tanya giggled. "We'll arrive at your little island around 1:30 pm."

"1:30? Then I won't be here. I'm waiting for a visitor to pick her up." 

"Her?" "The information stunned them.

"Yes, Miranda Priestly is coming," Donna said.

"What? You've got to be kidding! Haven't you heard of this woman?" 

"Yes, I have," she replied. "Soph told me. I'll make up my own opinion when I get to know her," Donna said.

"Yeah, well, that's all you, isn't it? You're always trying to find something positive in everyone. But I'm warning you, Donna. Miranda is unpredictable, moody, and bossy. What brings her to Kalokairi?"

"She wants to do some photoshoots for her magazine, but she'd a better look around first," Donna explained.

"Miranda and her Runway are second to none in the fashion world. No one can match her. She's exquisite. But she's a bitch, Donna," Tanya echoed her.

"Okay, I get it." Donna lowered her eyes. "I gotta go, girls. I'll see you on Friday."

"We can't wait. See you then, honey."

Tonya's bitter remarks about Miranda confused Donna. She couldn't believe it; she didn't want to think that everything they said could be true.

"Is everything okay, Mom?" her daughter wrapped her arms around her.

"Yeah, everything's fine," Donna lied. She didn't want to talk about it now. "Tonya and Rosie told me they had some surprising news, but they didn't want to give anything away. They're coming over Friday afternoon."

"Tanya and Rosie are coming?" Sophie's face lit up. "I am so happy having them here. I wonder if Tanya will wear her stiletto heels again."

They both burst into laughter and went off to their respective homes. Two two-story houses stood side by side, located near the hotel.

"What clothes should I bring with me?" Miranda asked herself. She was the editor-in-chief of the most prestigious fashion magazine, but she wished to relax and get away from the daily routine this time. She packed the clothes she liked to wear and felt comfortable in. The front door clicked. 'It must be Emily,' she thought. It was half-past eight.

"'Emily! Bring the Book upstairs."

Emily gasped. She moved no further than the first staircase. Was this proof that Miranda was starting to trust her? She put her feet up on the lovely carpet and tried to distract herself with thoughts of all the times she'd fantasized about it. To peer deeper into Miranda's protected privacy. And now she stood there with her mouth open.

"What are you staring at? Give me the Book!" Miranda's firm voice brought her back to reality.

"Oh, sorry." Emily blushed.  
"Is there something I should know about?" Miranda asked, looking Emily straight in the eyes.

'Oh gosh, don't look at me like that,' Emily begged Miranda in her head. She summed up all the critical events that had happened during the day.

"Okay," Miranda said. "Tomorrow morning, you'll make sure everyone delivers these urgent instructions."

"I will," Emily took the file from her hand.

"That's all," Miranda let her go.
Emily got up and wished Miranda a wonderful weekend. After she left, Miranda disappeared into the bathroom and took her time in the shower. She put the Book in her travel bag and checked the packing list one more time to make sure she hadn't forgotten anything. Then she fell asleep.

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Miranda took advantage of the long flight to review the Book. After landing, a hired driver was waiting for her outside the airport. By the time she got to the mainland, there were plenty of people waiting. They couldn't help staring at her. She was used to it and didn't mind as long as they left her alone. She put on her glasses and observed the area. Many sailboats and boats were bobbing on the waves of the water. She didn't see any suitable boat to take her to the island and paid no attention to the ship that had just appeared.

"Mrs. Priestly?" A young man approached her. "My name is Markos, and I'm here to help you find the best place on the boat," he pointed to the ferry.

"Excuse me? Don't tell me I have to use this, whatever this is," Miranda frowned.

"Trust me, Miss Priestly. I'm following Donna's instructions, and this ferry will take you to Kalokairi."

Miranda struggled with disbelief, but when she heard the announcement, "Please come aboard.  We leave in ten minutes," she got in.

"Is it safe?" Miranda was worried.

"Of course, it is safe, Mrs. Priestly. Please follow me." Markos tried to calm her, but she couldn't help being suspicious. She was relieved to feel the solid ground under her feet again. She took a deep breath of fresh air and closed her eyes.

Donna arrived at the pier at the same time. She was anxious because she had forgotten to ask what Miranda looked like. But Miranda's presence was so remarkable that she had no problem noticing her. The sun shone and sparkled on her perfectly styled silvery-white hair. Donna hadn't given Miranda's appearance much thought, but her hair color had caught her by surprise. As Donna approached, she couldn't help but notice her slender figure. Miranda presented herself in the best possible way. She couldn't wait to see Miranda's face.

"Miranda!" Donna called her name.  

Miranda opened her eyes as she heard that familiar voice calling her name. She turned and saw Donna approaching her. She was wearing a beautiful embroidery blue dress. The sun danced happily in her long blonde hair.

'Oh, how charming she is!' Miranda's heart skipped a beat.

"Welcome to Kalokairi, Miranda. So nice to meet you," Donna greeted her. She could have sworn Miranda had the bluest eyes she had ever laid eyes on. And she smelled so wonderful. Donna wondered if that was her signature scent. 

Donna had a huge smile on her face. Miranda couldn't help but smile as well. "My pleasure to meet you, Donna."

"I hope everything went well," Donna asked.

"Well, let's say I'm just excited to be here." Miranda didn't want to talk about her travel issues.

"Let me help you," Donna took her luggage.

Miranda was impressed by her spontaneity. "Wait, Donna. I can do this on my own," she said after a moment and followed her to the jeep.

"Get in, and we'll go to the hotel," Donna winked at her.

"I don't mean to be rude, but is this car safe?" Miranda was suspicious again.

"Don't worry, Miranda. It's safe, and I'm a good driver," Donna assured her.

Miranda said nothing and got in. Neither of them said anything during the ride. Miranda's thoughts converged on the lovely woman at her side. She was thoroughly taken aback by herself. She didn't understand what was happening to her, but she felt her feelings for Donna grow stronger.

Donna wished she could see inside Miranda's head to see what was going through her mind. She had never met anyone like her, and she couldn't remember the last time she had been so nervous and excited at the same time. The minute she looked into Miranda's face, there was something about it that gave her butterflies and made her want to get to know her better.

"So here we are." Donna's voice brought Miranda back to reality.

Miranda looked around, but she didn't see any houses. That confused her a lot.

Donna caught her desperate look.

"The hotel is up there," she pointed a finger up.

Miranda looked up. "Oh my God," she gasped.

"Hey, Sky, come help us," Donna called to the young man who had appeared in the archway.

"Miranda, let me introduce you to Sky, my son-in-law." 
"It's wonderful to meet you, Mrs. Priestly."

Miranda recognized him immediately. "Miranda, please," she shook his hand.  She was amused to see that she had caught them both off guard with her offer. Miranda surprised herself most of all. The locals didn't take their eyes off her, but they didn't bother her. She felt free, and she liked it.

"Let's go to the hotel, shall we?" Donna said when she regained her composure.

As they passed the ‘VILLA DONNA‘ entrance of the built archway, Donna told Miranda that the entire area belonged to the hotel.

"You'll find that getting into the hotel is quite... rough."

"What does that mean?" Miranda asked with concern, wondering what surprise she was in for this time.

"We call it 'stairway to heaven' or 'hell,'" Donna winked at her. "Depends on your current mood."

"Stairs?" Miranda rolled her eyes. "As if I don't have enough stairs at home," she muttered.

"The stairs are very steep and uneven, so you have to watch where you put your feet. I mean, wearing high heels isn't the best choice," Donna winked at her.

Their eyes met.

"Let's go," Donna broke the emotional and electrifying tension between them.

Miranda nodded and made her way upstairs. Her breathing was intermittent as she walked further and further up the endless stairs.

"Are you okay, Miranda?" Donna asked when she heard her breathing.

"I think I need another pair of lungs," Miranda whispered.

"We'll be right there."

"That's good to hear," Miranda gasped.

When they reached the top, Miranda was stunned by the view. "Wow! What a gorgeous view!"

Donna could hear the genuine joy in her tone. "I'm glad you like it here," she beamed.

"Is this the hotel?" Miranda stared at the house set into the rock.

"It used to be a hotel. We've done some renovations inside, and now we reserve it only for our friends and distinguished guests."

"So no tourists?" Miranda asked in a shocked tone.

Donna shook her head. "That's why I could guarantee that no one would disturb you. Let me show you to your room."

"The stairs seem to be my companions here," Miranda sighed.

"So this is your room, Miranda." Donna opened the door. "I hope you like it, though it's far from luxurious."

Miranda surveyed the spacious room, separated into a living room and bedroom by a magnificent curtain.

"We did a lot of rebuilding last year, so the bathroom is en-suite now," Donna opened the door.

"Wow, what a wonderful surprise," Miranda peeked inside. Then she looked out the bedroom window. "What a magnificent view facing the sea!" Miranda was full of praise for it. "I'm so excited about this place."

Donna had a feeling that Miranda was serious about it.
"There's another surprise you might like," Donna said. She opened the French window onto the spacious terrace. "You can lie down here in complete privacy. No one will disturb you, and maybe a hot tub will come in handy."

"Wow, that's beyond my expectations. I'm touched by how much you care about my comfort and privacy."

"Are you hungry or thirsty or...?" 

"Stop for a moment, please!" Miranda grabbed her hand. 

The suddenness of her voice surprised Donna. "I'm sorry, I'm acting like a fool," she whispered.

"Excuse me?" Miranda couldn't believe her ears. She lifted Donna's head, and this time, Miranda looked into Donna's beautiful blue eyes. "You're the most charming person I've ever met in my life. No one has ever treated me as nicely as you have."

Donna realized how close their lips were. Someone knocked on the door. They pulled away from each other, trying their best to hide their excitement.

"Come in," Miranda said.

"I'm sorry to disturb you, but a customer is demanding to speak with the hotel owner," Sophie apologized.

"Miranda, this is my daughter Sophie, the most precious thing I have." Donna kissed her on the cheek.

"It's wonderful to meet you, Mrs. Priestly!"

"Miranda, please," she smiled at her.

Sophie didn't hide her astonishment. "Oh, may I call you Miranda?

"Of course," Miranda smiled.

"I wonder why they call you The Dragon..." Sophie thought aloud.
"Stop right now and apologize!" Donna stopped her.

"Lady?" Miranda finished the question. "You know, the crap you hear about me could be true, or it could be as false as whoever told you. But I don't care how they talk about me," Miranda smiled.

"You should smile more often. You have a beautiful smile," Sophie said instead of the expected apology.

"I'll think about it," Miranda laughed. She was enjoying the experience of trying them both to feel relaxed in her presence. It was so refreshing.
"Well, I think it's time to leave you alone now so you can get some rest. I can only hope that despite this awkward moment, you will enjoy your time here. If you need anything, let me know."

"I will, thank you."

After they left, Miranda sat down in a comfortable chair by the open French window. All the unexpectedly exciting moments that had occurred between her and Donna were preventing her from calming down.

"What's gotten into you?" Donna still couldn't understand what had just happened.

"But Mom, she was cool with it," Sophie gave her mother an innocent look.

"Cool with it?" Donna fumed. "Are you kidding me? I'm grateful for Miranda's kindness in letting it go. Damn! You told me Miranda was horrible, and look at you! You're the one who crossed the line. Congratulations, Sophie. What a first impression!"

Chapter Text

Meanwhile, Miranda took a shower and enjoyed the water running down her naked body. It was stimulating after so many hours of travel. She tried calling her daughters again, but no one answered. She settled on the bed and listened to the pleasant sound of the sea. Her focused thoughts wandered to Donna again as she tried to perceive how it could be that she felt such warmth and physical attraction to her. She had never been attracted to women and had never experienced anything like it. It frightened and excited her at the same time. 'What the hell is wrong with me?' She looked out the window, and when she saw the tavern was empty, she decided to order a drink. She ordered a chocolate frappé and continued editing the Book. A moment later, she noticed two women watching her discreetly. They were sitting at the bar, whispering something to each other. She was sure they knew her, but she paid them no attention until Donna's shrieking voice cut through the silence.

"Will you see what the tide has washed in?" 

"For one night. And one night only." The two women and Donna ran toward each other while shouting, "Donna and the Dynamos!" 

"Oh my God, Donna, we are so excited to see you again." Tanya and Rosie hugged her.  

"Look at you! These are new, though. Where did you get them?" Donna giggled and touched her breasts. "Husband number four?"

Miranda gasped while viewing it.

"Dynamo! Dynamite! Sleep all day and rock all night!" They laughed and screamed.

"We have a total bombshell for you. Rosie and Bill are getting married!" Tanya said.
"Is that true, dear?" Donna asked.
"Yes, Bill and I are getting married next month. I've come to get your blessing." Rosie's face beamed with joy.

"What great news! Congratulations to you both! Oh, dear! You can't imagine how happy I am!" Donna hugged her and only now noticed that Miranda was watching them. Seeing her again made her happy.

"Oh, I'm sorry to disturb you, Miranda. We're noisy, I know," Donna apologized. "May I introduce you to my backup girls, Tanya and Rosie," she introduced her best friends.   

"Your what?" Miranda peered at Donna through her glasses.

"Backup girls, my ass!" Tanya joked.

"About twenty years ago, we used to sing at music festivals in Europe. We called ourselves 'Donna and the Dynamos,'" Donna explained.
"Yeah, we had the whole world at our feet," Tanya sighed. 

"You were a singer?" Miranda stared at Donna.
"Oh yeah, she was the leading lady, the life and soul of the party!" Rosie exclaimed. "The guys were crazy about her, but she fell for the wrong guy."   

"Rosie, stop it." Donna groaned, feeling humiliated.   

"Oh, Donna, it's over. Soph is fine with it," Tanya said.

"I brought all this on myself because I was a stupid, reckless little slut!" Donna bit her bottom lip.
"Wow! Don't you sound like your mother?" said Rosie. "Stop blaming yourself. You've punished yourself enough. You live like a nun, and you forgot to live your own life."

Donna sighed resignedly.

Miranda realized that a painful episode in Donna's intimate life had opened up.

"Donna!" A male voice called her name.

"It's Harry!" Rosie waved at him.  

"Well, the most careful daddy," Tanya smiled.

Miranda had no idea what they were talking about.

"Yes, Harry is such a sweetheart. I'll be right back," Donna said and left.

"Look, Petros is with him! It's great that Harry stayed here, and they're both are helping Donna." 

The buzzing of Miranda's cell phone interrupted them from their conversation. Miranda couldn't believe Emily had the nerve to call her.

"I hope you have a good reason to call me," Miranda said. She listened for a moment and then resumed her call. "Don't you ever dare call me about little things like that again! I suppose you and Nigel are qualified enough to handle this. That's all," she hung up.

Tanya and Rosie stared at her in panic.   

"You don't have to say anything. It's written all over your faces. The Dragon Lady, Snow Queen, career-obsessed Miranda Priestly has revealed her true colors."
"No one here thinks badly of you, Miranda," she heard the most loving voice behind her.   

"I don't care what people say about me." Miranda shook her head. "But my girls... it's so unfair to the girls; it's just..." Miranda paused as she realized she had just confessed her weak spot. "Well, I'd rather go to my room. It was nice meeting you." They all watched her leave in complete silence.

"What happened?" Donna asked her friends in a desperate voice.

"Donna, what's wrong with you? You've become so quiet," Rosie worried about her best friend.

"What do you mean?" Donna raised an eyebrow.

"What's troubling you?" Tanya hugged her. "There's more to it, isn't there?" 

Donna hesitated before telling them. 

"Oh, come on, honey," Tanya squeezed her hand softly. "We're here for you."

Donna told them about the little sparkling moments between her and Miranda. "It was so unexpected and intense. It just made me feel alive again. I don't know what to do." She buried her face in her hands.

Miranda watched them from behind the curtain in her room and felt the burning pain in her heart. She would do anything to take away her sadness.  But Donna had friends. Crazy, but real friends. She had someone she could count on, which was a strange thing to Miranda. She regretted acting so fiercely. "That's so me," she sighed and went back to the editing.

"Wait!" Does it mean you have emotional feelings for Miranda?" Rosie wondered.

"Shh." Donna looked around. "I'm not sure what it is, but I haven't felt anything like this before. And she's a woman, for God's sake!" Her voice broke.

"And what...?" Rosie started to continue, but Sky interrupted them. 

"Sorry, but Sophie and I need to talk to you for a minute."

"Sure, excuse me, girls," Donna apologized and walked aside.

Miranda heard a soft knock on the door. "Who is it?" she asked.

"Rosie and Tanya."

Miranda couldn't have been more surprised, and after a moment, she invited them in.  

"Sorry to bother you, Miranda, but we're here to apologize. We didn't mean to offend you," Tanya began to speak.  
Miranda stared at them, waiting to see what would happen next.

"We won't deny that we hadn't heard of your reputation and that we didn't warn Donna..." she paused for a moment.

Miranda puckered her brows and cleared her throat. She wanted to kick them off.

"You have to understand that Donna means so much to us," Tanya continued. "Life hasn't shown her a kind face and has bruised her emotional core so many times. Even though she's tough enough to deal with it independently, we always intend to protect her. Can you forgive us?"
Miranda put the Book aside, got out of bed, and remained standing by the large open French window leading to the terrace.

"I can only envy Donna for having such loyal friends. And you have nothing to apologize for."

Miranda's behavior confused Tanya and Rosie.

"I'm going through a tough time now, and this kind of incompetence from my staff is unacceptable," she paused. "But it means so much to me that Donna has treated me so nicely, despite knowing of my reputation! She is so sweet, kind and funny. I would never hurt her." Her burning cheeks flushed.

"Please don't hurt her feelings, which you have unexpectedly unleashed in her," said Rosie. 

Miranda gasped. "I, I would never hurt her," she repeated as if in a trance.   

"And one more important thing, please don't tell Donna we were here," Rosie winked at her.

Miranda nodded, unable to move or say anything.  

"It's up to them now," Tanya whispered as they left.

Miranda paced back and forth, trying to relax. Their flattering words echoed in her head. 'Is it possible that someone has feelings for me? Especially someone as beautiful as Donna?' She could tell as she thought of the tender glimpses that were happening between them. It sounded so surreal to her.

"Sophie," she heard that loving voice.

"Turn the music down. Can't you hear it roaring?"  
"But Mom, it's Friday, and disco night is around the corner," Sophie countered.   

"So what? You haven't forgotten that we have an exceptional guest here who has no interest in hearing a riot under her windows, have you? Move to the beach. No questions, Soph."

Her demanding tone stunned Miranda. Sophie didn't dare say anything because she knew it would be pointless.

A few minutes later, Miranda watched as Donna said goodbye to her best friends.   

"Goodbye, sweetheart," Tanya said. "Bill's waiting for us, and Rosie can't wait to... you know," Tanya expressed the lovemaking with her fingers.

"Hey, you! What do you think of me?" Rosie frowned.

"You never change," Donna laughed out loud.
Miranda laughed too.  

"I'm going to miss you so much," Donna whimpered.   

"We'll be back on Sunday" were the last words Miranda heard before they drifted too far out of earshot.
"And Miranda's here," Rosie poked her.   

"And we'll want a detailed report," Tanya laughed.   

Donna grinned. They hugged her one last time, and soon they disappeared from her sight. Her honest thoughts led her straight to Miranda. She still couldn't recover from the state Miranda had left them in. She felt compelled to hear Miranda's explanation. Besides, she longed to see her again. She ran and knocked on Miranda's door, heart pounding.

"Who is it?" asked Miranda after what seemed like an eternity to Donna.

"It's me. Donna."
Miranda couldn't breathe with the sheer excitement. She hadn't hoped to meet Donna today. "Please come in," she opened the door.   

When Donna walked in, the whole room lit up. Donna stood there, still in that beautiful blue dress with her hair casually pinned up. Her golden curls fell restlessly into her lovely face. 'She's so beautiful,' thought Miranda.   

"Sorry to bother you, but, you know, I, I hope Tanya and Rosie didn't offend you. They're loud and crazy, but they wouldn't hurt you," she assured her.
"I know I've been too harsh. It was, um, you know, that stern look your friends gave me." She paused for a moment. "My assistant made me angry, and I let my negative feelings flow out at them." Miranda looked at her guiltily.

"You know, the truth is, sometimes words jump out of Tanya's mouth faster than she has time to think about them. So I was worried she'd said something inappropriate."  

"I'm sorry, but the way you described it." Miranda burst into a sudden burst of laughter. It was such a heartfelt and unexpected moment.

Her laughter was so contagious that Donna burst into laughter as well.

"And yet so accurate. So everything's fine now?" Donna asked, still giggling.

Miranda nodded. "Sure."

"So I can leave in peace now," Donna smiled. 
Miranda stood in stunned silence. ' No, please don't go. Oh no, I don't want you to leave,' she screamed inside, but no sound came out of her mouth. "Would you like to take a walk along the beach?" Miranda asked before Donna reached for the doorknob. She didn't understand what she was doing, but she knew she wanted one thing: to be with Donna. 
"Oh yes, I would love that!" Miranda got the answer she longed to hear.   

"But first, I have to make some arrangements. I'll meet you outside the hotel in half an hour if that's okay?" Donna offered.
"Perfect. I'll be there," Miranda smiled at her.

"Great. I'll see you then." Donna smiled back and closed the door.

Donna needed at least half an hour to calm down and think. A million questions ran through her head, but she couldn't find any logical answer to how this woman could have caused such emotional turmoil. There were so many mixed emotions boiling inside her, and it was too much to handle. It all was happening so fast. It was hard to control her feelings, and she knew she was in trouble.

Chapter Text

They walked side by side in complete silence as if neither of them knew where to start.

"May I ask?" Donna broke the awkward silence. "When you talked about girls, were you referring to your daughters?"

"Yes, I was," Miranda replied.

"How many daughters do you have?"

"I have two, Caroline and Cassidy. They're twins."

"Twins? That's sweet." Donna looked at her in surprise.  "How old are they?"


"Fourteen!" Donna didn't know Miranda's age. She'd say she might be in her fifties, and she'd had children later in life. "So you have two little ladies," Donna smirked.

"Yes!" Miranda rolled her eyes. "They don't listen to anything I say."

"You don't have to tell me that. I've been there too," Donna said with a mischievous grin.

They sat down on the bench. Miranda wanted to know more about life in Kalokairi. Donna filled her in on all the fascinating aspects of everyday Kalokairi life and suggested places Miranda shouldn't miss during the photoshoot. She was impressed by Donna's genuine interest in her work.

"Hi, Donna," a group of about ten young people greeted her from a distance.

"They're going to the nightly disco on the beach," Donna informed her.

"What are you doing?" Miranda asked in surprise when Donna started to take off her shoes.

"Let's do it together," Donna encouraged her. "Let's go for a run on the beach."

Miranda couldn't remember the last time if ever she had been out barefoot. She didn't have time to think about it because Donna grabbed her hand, so she had to run.

"It'll do you good," Donna said.

Donna was right. Miranda had never experienced such a liberating feeling before. She felt the fresh breeze, the soft murmur of the sea, and the woman she loved by her side. But she was quickly running out of breath.

"I ... I can't..." Miranda gasped and dropped into the sand.

"Are you all right, Miranda?" Donna worried.

"Yeah," Miranda exhaled heavily. 

"Mmm, probably it was not as great an idea as I'd hoped," Donna apologized.

"Oh no, it was amazing, but my physical condition was not," Miranda joked. "I had even more fun than I expected. Are you always this spontaneous?"

"I think so. And if I am, I'm out of my mind," Donna laughed.

Miranda's mouth curved into a wide grin. Whatever this woman was doing, she was enjoying it.

"When was the last time you did something for the very first time?" Donna asked.

"Mmm, I think I just accomplished a lot today," Miranda giggled. "Sometimes, the most enjoyable moments are the ones we didn't plan at all."
"Yeah, I agree, though," Donna paused for a moment, "you know I'm embarrassed by Sophie's behavior. I don't know why she behaved the way she did. It was unacceptable."

"Don't worry about it," Miranda said. "She's young and brave. I liked that."

"Thank you." Donna blushed. "But she's stubborn, and sometimes that drives me crazy."

" Does it?"

"She gave me such a surprise last year. I almost lost my sanity. But I deserved it because I was a silly, reckless little slut!"

"Why do you say that about yourself?" Miranda sat down next to her.

"Because it's true. I don't even know who the hell her father is!" Donna sobbed.

Miranda didn't know what to say. She would have liked to ask what happened, but she didn't want to make it worse. "You raised your daughter alone?" Miranda asked quietly.

Donna nodded. "I didn't have a choice. When I found out I was pregnant, my mom told me not to bother coming back home."

"What? Your mother kicked you out of the house because of your pregnancy?" Miranda couldn't believe it.

"That's what she did. Those were the last words I ever heard from her." 

"How old were you?" Miranda asked.


"Nineteen!" Miranda's eyes widened.

"I was taking care of an elderly lady named Sophie," Donna continued. "We built a wonderful relationship, and I named Sophie after her. She was such a loving grandmother, but she died after five years. She left me a lot of money, this hotel, and this lush island in her will. You can imagine how shocked I was!"

"Yes, it's unusual. It proves you were family to her. Does that mean you own this island?" Miranda asked, stunned by this fact."

Donna smiled. "Yes, I am. I was young and foolish enough to think I could keep the hotel running. It was a much harder task than I could have imagined, and I had to take out a huge mortgage to begin some of the necessary renovations. Last year, everything changed for the better, though. Harry provided me with a generous cheque for Sophie's wedding, but she and Sky used it for other improvements, such as the bathroom. Fortunately, Sophie was a well-loved woman who had built up a team of competent people to run the island in their respective parts, and that's how it's going to stay."

Donna stopped talking and stared out at the rippling sea. The sun was sinking below the horizon. "I'm sorry. I don't know why I'm bothering you with all this," she stood up and shrugged. She turned and walked away. 
'Oh my god, what just happened? What a charming woman by my side, and I'm babbling about my past! Why would she care? She has enough of her worries to deal with,' ran through her mind. 'Was this a mistake to open up to her like this?'

Miranda didn't have time to think. She stood up and rushed over to her. "Donna! Don't push me away." Miranda looked into Donna's saddened face.

Donna looked at her but said nothing. Miranda didn't know how to handle this situation. She let her fingers intertwine with hers, and when Donna squeezed them, she breathed a sigh of relief that she hadn't rejected her gesture. She wanted to let Donna know that she was there for her.

They didn't speak to each other as they walked back. It was pitch black now, with only a few torches lit along the path. They could hear music, loud voices, and laughter coming from the beach party. When the hotel was in sight, Donna stepped off the path that led to it. There was a small niche among the trees. Miranda wondered what was going on, and then her whole world twirled when Donna pressed her lips to hers.

"Oh, God! Oooh. It feels so wonderful. Please don't stop," Miranda moaned. The kiss was turning her on, and she started to want more.

"Hmm," Donna whispered, "I thought kissing you would be weird, but it's so freaking hot."

"Yeah, I've never experienced anything so intense and beautiful," Miranda purred in Donna's ear, which sounded like heavenly music to her ears. I've never kissed a woman like this before."

"Me neither. This. Is. Amazing!" Donna let out a loud gasp while tangling her eager hands in Miranda's hair. She felt the erotic excitement throughout her body.

"Oh, you're shivering." Miranda caressed Donna’s face with her fingertips.

"This is what I feel like when I am with you, Miranda. You've given me back the feelings I lost long ago. And I'm craving for more," Donna said in a mesmerizing voice.

"I don't know what you've done with me, but I love it," Miranda murmured, kissing Donna's earlobe, which made her shudder.
Donna believed every single word that came out of Miranda's mouth. As soon as Miranda’s lips came down on hers again, Donna was close to fainting. She slowly kissed her back, wrapping her arms around her. “I wouldn’t mind kissing your lips every day,“ she groaned.


"I promise," she ruffled Miranda's hair even more.

Miranda pulled her closer. "I can’t stop thinking about your lips on mine," she said in a sultry voice. 

"Me neither. Oh, this is such a beautiful evening!" 

"I don't want this evening to end," Miranda hugged her tightly. Donna felt exceptional. She asked herself if she knew what love was before she met her. Miranda's tight hug made her feel safe. They kissed once more and then left the niche and returned to the hotel.

Chapter Text

"Ah, there you are," Sophie was relieved when she saw them coming. "Some guy named Nigel called a few times and said you call him as soon as possible," she informed Miranda.

"Thank you, Sophie. I'll take care of it right away," she thanked her and left for her room.

Donna felt a little jealous. 'Who is this Nigel?'

"Tell me, what is she like?" Sophie burned with curiosity.

Donna tried to compose herself. There were so many emotions swirling through her body. "She's nice so far. How come you're not at the party?" Donna wondered.

“Sky and I thought we would invite Miranda to dinner. Do you think she would accept it?“

"I don't know. It's not as easy as you think," Donna replied. 

"But you two get along well, don't you?" Sophie said.

"We do, but Miranda may be tired or have other reasons to decline."

"Please give it a try, Mom," she looked at her with her innocent eyes.

"You're not making it any easier for me, you know that?" sighed Donna. But the chance to spend time with Miranda made her promise to try.

Miranda had sensed for some time that something's going on. Irv Ravitz was hell-bent on getting her kicked out of Runway again. She knew it would be a much tougher fight this time. It was his revenge because she never gave him a chance to win her heart, let alone her beautiful body. Just the thought of it made her sick to her stomach. After her phone call to Nigel, she had a brief talk with her daughters. They promised to call back the next day. She lay back on the bed and ran her fingers over her closed lips, still feeling Donna's hot kisses. She closed her eyes and let her thoughts run free. 

"Miranda?" she heard a beloved voice calling her name. 

She peeked out the window. "Donna!" She exclaimed happily. 

"They'll be serving dinner soon, and we'd love to have you join us." 

"That's so kind of you. I'd love to go. Just give me a minute to get ready."

"Oh, sure." Donna was thrilled that Miranda had accepted the invitation."

Donna couldn't have come at a better time. It was just what Miranda needed. To forget about work and enjoy time with the one she'd fallen in love with.

When Miranda appeared, Donna was left standing in awe. "Oh, you look so beautiful!"

"Thank you." Miranda blushed.

 They had a big smile on their faces because they were together again.

"I've missed you so much," Miranda whispered in Donna's ear.

"Me too," Donna smiled at her. "I want you to know that it's just a little family dinner. Sophie and Sky will be there, and Harry and Petros, our closest friends. I'll tell you about them later if you want." Miranda nodded. 

"Miranda, we're so glad you came," Sophie greeted her when they emerged. Donna introduced Harry and Petros to her.

"The pleasure is all mine," Miranda smiled.

Sophie hugged her and apologized for her behavior earlier that day.

"Don't worry about it. It was nothing."

"I didn't mean to offend you. You said you don't mind what people say about you? I'd be scared."

"As long as it doesn't involve my daughters, I don't care."

"It must be hard for them to hear other people talk about you like this."

Miranda nodded. "Yeah. They're unhappy about it. The older they get, the more they get upset about it."

"How old are they?" asked Harry.

"They just recently celebrated their fourteenth birthday."

"Fourteen?" 'Only fourteen?' Harry looked at her in disbelief. He'd expected them to be about Sophie's age.

"So dinner's here," Donna said, and together with Sky and Pepper, they brought an enormous amount of food.

"That looks delicious!" Miranda gasped. 

"Would you like white wine with dinner?" Donna asked.

"Yes, but not too much, please."

Harry made a short toast, thanked Miranda for joining them, and wished her to enjoy her stay on the island. Miranda was having one of the best days of her life. She wanted her girls to be there with her.

"It won't be a problem for you, Mom. You always say what's on your mind," a smiling Sophie brought Miranda back to reality. Sky, Harry, and Petros nodded their heads.

"See how much they respect me!" Donna said to Miranda. "That's what you get when you're too nice."

"Oh Donna, you're incredible," Harry laughed out loud, followed by the others. "You have to understand, Miranda. There's no one on the whole island that people respect more than our Donna."

After a delicious dinner, Harry told one joke after another.

“Oh, jeez, Harry, stop,“ Donna wiped her eyes from laughing. Miranda had her best laugh ever. "I wish Rosie were here too," Donna said.

"Bill's pretty funny too," Sky said.

"They were born for each other. Lone wolves," Harry joked.

"Well, the same goes for you," Donna teased him.

"And whose fault is that?" He looked at Sophie.

“If I weren’t looking for a dad, you would never have met,“ came the cheeky answer.

"It was her diary," Sky pointed at Donna.

"No, no. It was your stubborn wife. She shouldn't have done it in the first place." 

Miranda watched the ongoing conversation. "What does that mean?"

"This young lady found my diary and..." Donna cleared her throat. "Well, to make a long story short: she wanted to know who her father was and sent them a wedding announcement in my name. And believe it or not, they all showed up the day before the wedding day."

Miranda was silent, but she was beginning to understand Donna's words to her on the beach.

"I just wanted to know who my dad was. Sam, Bill, or Harry? I thought I'd know him as soon as I saw him. But I seem to have inherited something from each of them, so it's not so bad. I spend most of my time with Harry anyway." Sophie hugged him. "And I love him so much. Any plans for tomorrow?" She turned to Miranda.

“Your mom recommended me some great places to see, so I'll take a walk and look around.“ 

"You wouldn't happen to have an issue of your Runway magazine with you, would you?" Sophie whispered. 

"I've packed one with me. You can come with me, and I'll give it to you."

"That would be great," Sophie's face lit up.

"Are you leaving already?" Harry asked her, surprised.

"Yes, I am. Thank you for inviting me to dinner. I enjoyed it, but it's been a long day, and I feel exhausted." 

"Thank you for accepting our invitation. It was a great pleasure to meet you."

Sophie's cell phone rang. Her best friends, Ali and Lisa. She looked at her mother with a desperate look on her face.

"Okay. I'll walk Miranda to the hotel and bring the magazine to you." 

"I love you, Mom," she kissed her. "Thank you for tonight. I knew you would make it possible," she whispered into her ear.

"I hope to see you soon, Miranda," Harry, Petros, and Sky said goodbye to her.

"I'm sure of that. Good night."

"Good night."

 "I'm so happy you're coming with me," Miranda murmured on their way to the hotel.

"I couldn't pass up this opportunity. I love spending time with you."

"I'm so happy you do," Miranda squeezed her hand.

When they entered the room, Miranda started looking for the Runway magazine.

The editing Book was lying open on the bed. Donna leaned over to look at the contents. She turned a few pages, and here and there were Miranda's handwritten notes. 

"There it is," said Miranda. 

Donna straightened up, and Miranda hugged her from behind. Donna felt an unspeakable wave of happiness sweep through her body. "I've always dreamed of this hug," Donna shuddered.

"And did it live up to your expectations?" asked Miranda.

"More than that." Donna turned to Miranda and gave her a passionate kiss."  

“I love you so much,” Miranda whispered, her hand stopping on Donna’s breast.

"Oh my God!" Donna moaned loudly. "May this evening never end," Donna didn't hide her excitement. "But I have to go now. I don’t want to make them suspicious, you know,“ she almost apologized.

"I know, though I wish you could stay," Miranda sighed.

Instead of an answer, Donna kissed her again. "I can't wait to see you tomorrow. Good night."

"Night, Donna."

"Where's Sophie?" Donna asked as she returned to the tavern.

"She and Sky went to the party with Ali and Lisa," Harry informed her.

"Aha. Well, It's time to go to bed."

"Oh no! Are you going to leave us too?" Harry asked sadly.

"Stop whining, Harry. You have each other," she winked at them. "I'm wiped out. It's been a busy day."

"I have to say, Miranda, surprised me a lot," said Harry. "What a woman. A great pleasure to meet her."

"Yes, she's very nice," Donna smiled. "Could you please lock the front door?"

"Done it already."

"Thank you. Good night."

"Good night, Donna."

Donna laid on the bed and peeked into the Runway magazine. It was so exciting. But she couldn't stop thinking about the silver white-haired woman who turned her world upside down. By the time she turned to page six, she had fallen asleep.

Miranda stepped out onto the terrace and looked up at the sky. She couldn't focus on anything but what had happened between her and Donna. The memory of their first kiss put a smile on her face. She thought of the rare moment when they intertwined their fingers. When they ran down the beach, when her hand came to rest on Donna's breast hidden in her dress, after a while, she went to bed. 'It's so amazing to be in love,' she thought before sleep overcame her.

Chapter Text

The next day Donna woke up with a smile on her face. She hadn't felt so refreshed and happy in a long time. 

She heard Sophie's voice coming from downstairs.

"Mom, are you here?"

"I'm washing my hair," Donna replied.

Sophie brought breakfast into her room. While Donna was still in the bathroom, Sophie sat down at the table and looked through the Runway magazine.

"Oh my God, you're such a sweetheart," Donna kissed her daughter on the cheek when she saw the breakfast.  

"I'd love to do this," Sophie said, pointing to the sketches.

Donna smiled. Sophie had a great talent. She had been painting and drawing since she was a child. She had drawn countless portraits of Donna, but she had no problem drawing anything. Donna kept all her artwork. "You can show Miranda some of your paintings," she said.

"What?" "You're not serious, are you? Forget it, Mom."

Donna wanted to say something, but Sophie's hand gesture stopped her. "How about fanning your hair?" She turned the subject.

"Oh, yes," Donna said without thinking twice about it. It was one of her most minor favorite activities, so she accepted such an offer. She didn't have the patience for it. So often, she let her hair dry.

"You look gorgeous, Mom. The guys will go crazy for you," Sophie giggled.

"Yeah, right," Donna laughed.

"Well, Mom, I have to go now. I'll see you later." She kissed her on the cheek, took the magazine with her, and left.

Miranda was awakened by the sunlight gently tickling her cheek. Although it hadn't been a long sleep, she felt refreshed and full of energy. The view from the window of the azure sea and the enchanting surroundings fascinated her. She took a deep breath of fresh air and closed her eyes. After a short shower, she dressed in a white blouse and white capri pants with side slits.

"You got everything?" She heard Donna's voice.  

Miranda rushed to the window to look at her. She looked out and couldn't believe what Donna was wearing. "Dungarees?" She rolled her eyes.  

"Where are you having the party tonight?" Donna asked.

"Down at the beach. I can tell Miranda probably wouldn't have liked the noise if we'd stayed here yesterday." Sky apologized.

"Yes, that's why I asked you to go down to the beach."

"I completely understand that, Donna. We don't want to scare our lovely guest, do we?" He winked at her.

"Exactly," she smiled. "Here's the shopping list, but if you find anything useful that we may need, take it." 

She took off her hat and ran her fingers through her curly hair.

"Got it," Sky nodded and left.  

"Good morning, Donna," Miranda greeted her.

Donna lifted her head. "Good morning, Miranda," she smiled at her.

"Would you like to join me for breakfast?"

"Oh, sure, I'd love to.

"You're so charming," Donna gazed at her as Miranda appeared.

"Oh, thank you," Miranda blushed.   

"Did you sleep well?" Donna asked.

"Yeah, though I couldn't fall asleep for a long time." 

"Why? Is there something wrong with the bed? Or does the mattress not suit you?" Donna panicked.

"No, no, nothing like that. Everything is perfect. It's just, " Miranda paused for a moment. "I've missed you so much, and I couldn't wait to be with you again."

"I missed you too." Donna looked around before she took Miranda's hand and squeezed it. Miranda returned the sweet gesture and smiled at her.

"What do you usually have for breakfast?"

"If I'm at work, fried eggs," Miranda replied.

"Fried eggs?"  Donna looked at her in disbelief.

"Yes, do you have any problems with fried eggs?" Miranda teased her.  

"No, I don't. I'd just expect some rare or expensive food. How about lunch?"

"I love bloody steaks," Miranda laughed. "I'm often invited to business lunches. And sometimes there's no time to eat anything."

"Say no more." Donna put her hand over her mouth. "I'll serve you something yummy. I'll be right back."

Miranda nodded with a smile on her face. "I can't wait."  

"Good morning, Miranda." Sophie hugged her from behind.

"Good morning, Sophie," Miranda greeted her. "What brings you here so early?"

"My job."

"I suppose working in hospitality must be a challenge."

"You're right," Sophie agreed. "It's hard sometimes, but I love my job. My mom was the best teacher, and she taught me everything. I witnessed all her ups and downs because things didn't always go smoothly. I love and admire her very much."

"Breakfast time is here." Donna ended their current discussion. "Hot latté and croissants with walnut filling. Enjoy your breakfast, Miranda."

Miranda tasted the first croissant. "Oh gosh. I haven't had anything this delicious in a long time," she gushed.

"Our guests are raving about it. We offer lots of other fillings, but these are the most popular, even though this is not a typical Greek breakfast," Donna explained.

"These amazing croissants reminded me of when I lived in Paris," said Miranda. 

"Thank you so much for the Runway magazine, Miranda. I like it," Sophie said.

"I'm so glad to hear that. Are you interested in fashion?" 

"Oh, yes. Girls and I are always trying to create something. Aunt Tanya sends us some fashion magazines from time to time, but I've never seen Runway. I've always liked fashion sketches and imagined the process of making them into real clothes."

"You don't say!" Her words made Miranda happy.

"Sophie's been drawing and painting since she could hold a pencil. She's so talented..."

"Mom," Sophie moaned.

"Okay, fine. I'll keep my mouth shut," Donna frowned.

Miranda wanted to say something, but the ringing of her cell phone stopped her. "My girls are calling!" She stood up and walked aside.

Meanwhile, Donna and Sophie cleared the table, and Sophie returned to her office.

Miranda looked happy when she returned.

"Good news?" Donna asked.

"Yes. Girls are well, and they were pleased that I like it here."

"Well, good for you."

"And what about you and Soph? Is everything okay?"

"It was nothing. Sophie thinks I'm biased as her mother, you know?"  Donna shrugged. "Maybe she's right."

"Do you have any of her drawings? I'd like to look at them," Miranda said. "I'm serious, Donna," she assured her, seeing the doubt on her face.

"Follow me," Donna stood up.

Miranda stood up and followed her.

"But promise me you won't tell her about this," Donna turned to her. "She wouldn't like that."

"You have my word."

"Welcome to my house," she let Miranda in. "I'll show you around the house later, but first, we'll go to my kingdom," Donna said and ran up the stairs. "Here we are," she opened the door to her beloved room. 

"Wow, it looks so comfortable here," Miranda looked around the room. "Oh! And another beautiful view of the sea! It reminds me of my hotel room."

"Maybe because it was and in a way still is my room," Donna winked at her.

"Your room?" Miranda wondered.

"I've lived in it for sixteen years. Sophie and I had the whole floor to ourselves. That's why it has a separate entrance. Last year Harry and Petros came up with the idea of remodeling these old houses to have decent living space and privacy. I didn't want to leave my hotel room, but I loved this place. And it's great that Soph and Sky have their own love nest." 

"That's why I feel so good in that hotel room." She stroked Donna's cheek with her fingertips.

"I'm glad you do." Donna closed her eyes.

"Is that a wedding photo?" Miranda pointed to a large framed photo of Donna and Sophia.

"Yes, it is. It's been a year."

 "You both look irresistible. And look over there! Oh my God, that's you with Rosie and Tanya!"

"Yeah," Donna giggled. "Donna and the Dynamo in action."

"I wish I could see you in that gorgeous costume. You're so damn sexy in it."

"Oh, I am?" Donna's cheeks flushed like a tomato. "Who knows what you'd think of me when you see me on stage. I mean, I'm not the same person when I perform as I am in private, you know? It always takes me a while to become my old self again," she winked playfully.

Miranda laughed out loud.

"You're so beautiful when you smile," Donna looked at her adoringly. "Make yourself comfortable, and I'll bring the drawings," Donna broke the lingering romantic tension between them.

Miranda sat down on the shaggy white rug in front of Donna's bed with a pile of different-sized pillows around it. On the wall hung a picture of Donna wearing a gold spandex outfit. It felt cozy and romantic at the same time. Miranda longed to feel Donna's lips on hers again.

"There it is," Donna interrupted her thoughts. She sat down next to her and spread Sophie's drawings on the floor. Miranda looked at it intently.  Donna couldn't read any adequate expression on her face and was nervous about the result.

"Do you want me to tell you the truth?" Miranda teased her a little.

"'Of course,' Donna looked at her, 'why is she asking me that?'

"You were right. Sophie has natural talent. I would allow her to work for the company.

"Are you serious?"

"You bet. Believe me. All jokes go aside when I talk about the work," Miranda said in a tone that made it clear she was serious.

"Yes, I knew it," Donna said, kissing Miranda on the cheek. She gathered up the drawings and took them back. Miranda had to smile. She loved Donna's spontaneity.

"You may think I'm crazy, but I never know when Sophie might show up." 

"Don't worry. It'll stay between us. You have my word," Miranda assured her again.

"Thank you, that means a lot," Donna said, and then Miranda got what she wanted. Donna's hot lips were on hers. It took her a second to recover from the unexpected but beautiful attack.

"Oh, Donna, my sweet enchantress," she sighed, taking the initiative. She breathed tiny kisses on Donna's cheek and whispered sweet nothings.

Miranda found it so arousing when Donna buried her hands in her hair. None of her ex-husbands ever seemed to treat her right.

"Gosh, you're driving me crazy," Miranda moaned as she unbuttoned her buckles. She wanted her with a burning desire that came straight from her heart and soul.

"I'm overwhelmed with happiness. I want you more and more," Donna whispered.

"Mhm, tell me how much," Miranda groaned. "I've missed your kisses and touches so much. I swear it was the longest night of my life," she whispered, eagerly rolling up Donna's blouse, through which the white lace bra showed through. For the first time, she touched her naked body with her lips. The touch nearly took her breath away. Her heart pounded wildly. 

Donna's body shuddered with excitement.  "Yes, yes," she moaned. 

Miranda ran her fingertips over Donna's bottom lip. "You are so beautiful, Donna. I could look at you for hours."

Donna's eyes filled with tears. Tears of happiness.

"Oh no, are you crying? I didn't want to make you cry," Miranda's voice broke. 'Oh God, I screwed it up. Again.' She sat up. Tears of despair welled up Miranda's eyes. 

"Oh, Miranda, my sweet little angel," Donna smiled, laying Miranda on her back. "Your beautiful words brought tears to my eyes. No one has ever said anything so beautiful to me."

Miranda held her tightly against her. "I...I was scared that I screwed it up," she sobbed. "I can't imagine my life without you."

"You took the words right out of my mouth," Donna kissed her on her forehead. "Do you even realize how amazing you are to me?"

Miranda rolled her over onto her back and glanced into Donna's eyes in which she saw full of love and lust. Miranda ran her tongue over her closed lips, demanding entrance into her mouth. Donna parted her lips to let her in. Their tongues played with each other for a long time.

"You're an amazing kisser," Donna moaned. "I can't get enough of this. It turns me on so much when you kiss me like this."
Just as Miranda was about to take a closer look at Donna's pulsating neck, Harry's voice slashed their erotic activities.

"Donna? Are you here?" Harry called.

"Oh no, no, no, no, not now!" This interruption made Donna furious. "Give me fifteen minutes," Donna said after a while.

"Okay, I'll meet you at the tavern."

"Damn!" Donna felt miserable. "I'm so sorry, but I have to go."

"Shh." Miranda put a finger to Donna's lips. "It's okay, honey. We have time," she helped her adjust her clothes.

"I want to be with you," Donna whined as they walked downstairs, arms wrapped around each other's waists. "How can I hide all the joy and excitement you've brought into my life?"

Miranda kissed her once more. Her words were like a balm to her soul. "We won't miss anything. I'll wait as long as it takes."

"I'll try to get back as soon as I can." Donna pulled her closer.

"I can't wait because together is my favorite place to be," Miranda whispered while biting her earlobe.

"Oh God, let's go now, or I'll never leave!" Donna laughed.

"Good point," Miranda smiled and went to her hotel room. She felt relaxed, happy, and fulfilled. Runway didn‘t come to her mind for one second. What's more, she didn't mind at all! For the first time in almost twenty years! She even toyed with the idea of leaving Runway. Just not now. Now she had to win the battle against her boss! Then quitting her job at Runway will be the sweetest revenge. 

Chapter Text

Miranda went out onto the terrace and looked around. She liked this quiet and beautiful place where, as Donna had promised her, and she didn't have to worry about her privacy. She wondered if the people here were that nice or if Donna had told them to leave her alone. She looked down into the tavern and was surprised to see that Donna was still there, sitting at a table with her daughter. Looking at them gave her an idea.

"Mom, look who's coming," Sophie exclaimed in surprise."Hey girls," Miranda greeted them.

"Where are you going?" When she saw the bag slung over Miranda's left shoulder and the bound Book under her arm, Sophie asked.

"I'm going to look around for some places we can use for our photoshoot," Miranda replied as she placed the book titled 'Runway' on the table.

"Isn't it a little inconvenient to carry this book with you?" Sophie couldn't take her eyes off of it.

Miranda caught the curious look she was hoping for. "It's a mock-up of everything in the current issue, and I'm editing it right now. Do you want to take a look?"

Sophie hesitated for a moment. "Are you serious?" 

"As long as you promise not to tell anyone," Miranda paused for a moment.

"I swear I won't!" Sophie replied quickly. "You have my word."

"Maybe you can give me something in return."

"Oh, me?" Sophie couldn't have been more surprised.

"Your mom said you like to draw. I'd love it if you draw something for me," Miranda suggested.

"What? Me? No, Miranda, I, I'm not as good as my mom thinks I am," Sophie panicked.

"No pressure, Sophie. It's not about you, Mom. Just draw anything you like. I'll be happy to look at it," she smiled at her.

"Okay. I'll try my best," Sophie agreed.

"Great," Miranda smiled and winked at Donna, who returned the wink with a smile. She understood Miranda's intention very well.

"Are these your notes?" Sophie wondered, having seen them on several pages.

"Yes, they're mine. That's my way of editing. I'm going through every detail, and when I don't like something that needs improvement, I let my staff know. My assistants deliver the Book to my apartment every night, and I return it to them in the morning with my notes. Then they go to the art department to give them the Book," Miranda explained the process.

"Every night?" Donna arched her eyebrows. "What time do you go to bed then?"

"That depends on how much editing I have to make. I usually get it done around one or two in the morning. Some days I go to bed so late and get up so early I almost cross myself in the hallway." 

Sophie burst into a burst of laughter. "Who knew you could be so funny?"

Donna rolled her eyes. While Miranda and Sophie had lively discussed the Book, Donna left for the kitchen and returned less than ten minutes later with the food. 

"Hey girls, it's time to get something good to eat," Donna said.

"Oh, my, Tiramisu," Sophie's face lit up. "Mom's weakness," she winked at Miranda.

Donna closed her eyes for a moment. Miranda had to fight to keep her love-struck gaze away.

"Can we go now, Donna?" Harry suddenly appeared.

"What took you so long?" Donna asked him sharply. Miranda could still hear the anger in her voice. 

"I would have been here sooner, but Lavros was late. Again," Harry apologized.

"Oh, these people!" Donna sighed. "Okay, let's go. I want to be back as soon as possible. And you," Donna turned her head to Miranda. "Take good care of yourself. Those paths are pretty rocky and very treacherous."

Miranda nodded. "I'm aware of that."

"Good. Don't hesitate to ask for help if you need it. I'll see you later," Donna said and then left. 'How I'd love to stay here with you,' ran through Donna's mind.

"Mom's right. A lot of people hurt their ankles because of that," Sophie said.

"I'll take care of myself, I promise. But I'm a little worried I'll get lost somewhere," Miranda said with a nervous smile.

"Don't worry, Miranda. I'll get you our guide. Mom started it when we moved here, and as you'll see, she wrote down everything. Sky made it look like a real guidebook, but everything inside, he kept it the way Mom wrote it. You'll love it," Sophie giggled and scurried off.

'She's so much like Donna,' Miranda thought with a smile on her face. 

"So here it is," Sophie said as she came back. "I hope mom doesn't kill me," Sophie laughed. 

Miranda looked at her questioningly. "Wait, if you're in any trouble... "

"No, no, it's okay. This guide is just not determined for tourists, you know. They wouldn't take us for the serious company anymore," she grinned. "You'll find lots of useful advice in it, and I can guarantee you won't get lost even if you wanted to."

Miranda gave her a broad smile. "Thank you so much, Sophie. I appreciate that you don't think of me as just another tourist."

"I'd love to come with you, but I have to stay," Sophie surprised her.

"You would? Perhaps we can find time for that," Miranda smiled again.

"And one more thing," Sophie said. "Take this bottle of fresh lemon water with you. It might come in very handy."

"Oh, what would I do without you?" Her concern touched Miranda.

Sophie blushed and wished Miranda to enjoy exploring the surrounding area.


Miranda went in the same direction as she did with Donna yesterday. She could still feel her gentle hand. There were many beautiful and exciting places. She took lots of pictures from different angles. She couldn't believe she'd been wandering around for over two hours. The guide was very unusual, peppered with many of Donna's witty remarks that made her laugh a lot. So funny and very practical at the same time. It was so detailed that, as Sophie said, she couldn't get lost in it even if she wanted to. 

Miranda found a quiet spot in the shade under the olive trees. She was grateful to Sophia for lending her this excellent guide. She enjoyed swimming in the crystal waters of the pleasantly warm Aegean Sea. It was liberating to feel what it was like not to be hunted by paparazzi or curious people.
'If only my girls were here,' she thought. And Donna. 'Where are you wandering now?' She sighed as she walked back to her spot. She slung her blouse over her back and continued editing the Book.

"I have to admit that Miranda surprised me a lot," Sophie continued. "She's completely different from what people say. At least so far. We chatted for a while before she left. She was very nice."

Donna started to say something, but Sophie's hand gesture stopped her. "I know what you want to say, and you were right," said Sophie. "And I was right when I said you could handle her with ease. I think that's the main reason Miranda is so nice. So it's fifty-fifty," she winked at her mother.

Donna didn't know what Sophie was referring to, but she was pleased with Miranda's impression of her.

"Are you going to look after her?" 

"Yes." Donna nodded. "It's not very polite to let her wander off on her own. I mean, we should be on hand when she needs to find the best spots for their photoshoot. We could save her a lot of time," she felt guilty.

"She'll be fine, Mom. I'm sure she understands our situation. I just hope she'll be happy enough to come back eventually."

Her daughter's concern touched Donna's heart. She hugged her and kissed her cheeks. "I love you so much, Soph."

"I love you too, Mom."

"Hey there," Pepper greeted them warmly. "I hope to see you at the party tonight."

"I'm not in the mood to go," Donna declined the offer. "I've had a hectic day.." 

"Just come for a short while," Eleni begged her. "You can always spice things up."

"I hope that's a compliment," Donna grinned.

"Of course, it is. Take Miranda with you. She's down by the Trees," Pepper informed her.

"So now you know where to find her," Sophie winked at her. "I know you're tired, but it would be great if you could make it to the party."

"I do not promise anything. I'm sure you can have a good time without me," Donnawinked at them before walking away.

Donna would have liked to give Pepper a big hug for that information. Miranda was closer than she thought. Her heart began to race. She couldn't wait to be with Miranda again. And then she saw her. The sun was shining in her silver-white hair. Her right hand quickly wrote something in the Book. She was busy editing, and for some reason, Donna didn't expect to see anything else.

Suddenly, Miranda started to hear a noise. She looked up and couldn't believe she saw Donna.

"Hi," Donna said merrily. She looked radiant in the white beach dress.

"I thought you'd never come," Miranda said softly.

"Tell me about it!" Donna rolled her eyes. "I'm so exhausted." She sat down next to Miranda. "How have you been? Did you find any good spots?"

"Oh, yes. There are so many breathtaking places. Some are harder to get to, but we'll deal with that."

"I'm so glad to hear that, though, I think. It wasn't very polite to let you wander off on your own. I mean, we should have been on hand when you needed to find the best spots for your shoot. We could have saved you a lot of time."

Miranda looked at her adoringly. "Your genuine concern for my comfort never ceases to amaze me."

"I want you to be comfortable here. Did you swim?" Donna asked

"I swam a little, and it was amazing. The water is so hot. But as much as I enjoyed it, I wish my daughters were here with me," she paused.

"You looked so happy this morning when you were on the phone with them." Donna put Miranda's hand in hers and stroked it.

"Oh, I was. I mean all the years I've missed. I've been so stupid, you know. All I did was worry about work and let others take care of the twins. I don't know if I can fix this." She paused again. Tears glistened in her eyes.

"Don't be so hard on yourself, Miranda. "Just because you put your job before your family to some extent doesn't mean you're not a good mother," Donna tried to comfort her. "And I'm sure your daughters know very well how much they mean to you and how much you love them."

"I hope so," Miranda sighed.

"Didn't you say they talked to you differently today than they ever have before?" 

Miranda nodded. "Something's changed. It's strange, but I got the feeling they wanted to ask me something, but in the end, they didn't."

"Where are they, if I may ask?"

"What kind of question is that?" Miranda asked instead sharply.

Donna was taken aback by her unusual tone. 

"They are in the Canary Islands with my third ex-husband," she said in a quiet voice again. "They have a good relationship, and I don't want to interfere with it. Stephen is a responsible and sensible man, and I know I don't have to worry about the girls."

"Their father?" Donna asked with a racing heart. For some reason, she felt a sort of jealousy without knowing why.

"No, no," Miranda shook her head."You know, having kids is a miracle. "You know, having kids is a miracle. When I got married the second time and Greg and I was thinking about having a family, the doctors told me I couldn't have kids. That news was tough to swallow, but we had to learn to live with it. Then, when I turned thirty-five, I got pregnant! It was such a huge shock. Both of us had been busy, and our jobs fulfilled our lives, and this news changed everything. I was expecting twins!” Miranda rolled her eyes, recalling the memory. “But once we absorbed the shock, we both were very excited about having kids. The childbirth was complicated, but we made it with help from the doctors and the medical staff. We were a happy family. In the beginning, we succeeded in combining work and parental responsibilities.
However, I was getting busier and busier, and without realizing it, I sort of started pushing my family aside. When I came home, I was so tired that Greg, who cared a lot about the girls, required marital obligations. But you can imagine how low my mood was for having sex. It was the beginning of the end. We kept arguing daily, he was so jealous, and as I am most of the time surrounded by men, he told me many disgusting things. Also, his ego took very severely because I was making a lot more money than he did. Then one day, he just packed his bags and left. Never cared for the girls.”
Suddenly, Miranda stopped, looking off into the distance. She was so beautiful.

Donna couldn’t find any reasonable explanation for what attracted her to Miranda, but she was happy. 

“I’m boring, aren’t I?” Miranda said in a silent voice.

“Are you kidding?” Donna wondered. “I want to know everything about you,” Donna leaned on her elbows.

Miranda looked around and then bent over Donna and gently touched the buttons of her blouse.

“These three little buttons are the way to your naked breasts, do you realize that?“ she sighed in a silent, sexy voice. “Making love with you must be beyond amazing.“

"Mmm, I wouldn't be so sure about that," Donna questioned, quite surprised at how Miranda went straight to the point. She was relieved that Miranda had brought it up.

"Excuse me?" Miranda furrowed her brow and tilted her head questioningly.

"I mean, I, well..." Donna didn't know how to say it, "I can't even remember the last time I did that," Donna said after a moment, blushing heavily.

"Then we're on the same page. I'll do all I can to make you happy." Miranda gently stroked Donna's cheek with her fingertips.

"You make me very happy, Miranda. You do. I'm just not sure I can satisfy your needs," Donna whispered shyly.

Miranda kissed the tip of her nose. "Never in my wildest dreams did I think I'd ever fall in love again. And certainly not with a woman. It just hit me without warning, and it was like nothing I'd ever experienced in my life. Yes, I'm confused and maybe even scared, because as strange as it sounds, I'm happy with you. I believe you're the best thing that ever happened to me." 

Donna couldn't breathe with all the happiness she felt inside her. "I have to be honest with you. I think about you a lot. Ever since you arrived, all the time, actually," Donna said with a twinkle in her eyes. "You make me feel comfortable, and you should know that means everything to me."

Tears welled up in Miranda's eyes, and she tried to blink them back.

"Maybe it's time to think about going home," Donna said. "I'm pretty hungry. What about you?"

"You're right. I'm hungry too," Miranda admitted.

"How about pancakes?" Donna suggested. 

"Pancakes?" Miranda exclaimed in surprise. 

"I love pancakes," Donna smiled. 

"Well, I haven't had pancakes in ages, so I'm all for it. Breakfast for dinner is always fun," Miranda choked out a laugh.

"You wouldn't regret it! Would you like pancakes with chocolate syrup or wild blueberries," Donna asked as they walked back.

"Wait... you're going to make them yourself?" Miranda raised her eyebrows in surprise.

"And who else would make them?" Donna replied in surprise as well.

"Well, I thought they were going to serve us at the tavern."

"If you want, we can..."

"No, that's fine. Maybe I can help you."

Donna grinned."That's sweet of you, but I can do that. We don't have guests working."

"I thought I was more than just a guest." Miranda teased Donna.

"Of course you are. You're my guest." Donna winked at her.

They sat at the table, enjoying delicious pancakes with wild blueberries. Miranda's eyes were soft and dark, just like the blueberries. After eating, Donna washed the plates and cups, and Miranda wiped them with a cloth.

"Oh gosh, you don't have to do that."

"Why not?" Miranda wondered. "Look, I've done it, and it didn't hurt at all," Miranda poked her gently.

"You're just incredible," Donna laughed heartily. "You'd make a great housekeeper. I think I'll hire you."

"Calling me a housekeeper!" Miranda burst into tears of laughter. Her laughter was so disarming. "I need to take a shower now. I want to wash the salt and fatigue off of me," Miranda said when she had calmed down. "I'll be back if you want me to," she smiled at Donna and walked towards the door.

"Wait, Miranda. You don't have to go anywhere for that. You can shower here," Donna stopped her.

Miranda turned around. "You're right. If it doesn't bother you, I'll be happy to accept your offer."

"Great, follow me." Donna led her to her room upstairs. She opened the door to her en-suite bathroom. The bright sun shone through the large window.

"Here are the bathrobes, some nightgowns and pajamas, and over there, you'll find bath towels. Use whatever you want," Donna said, closing the door behind her.

Miranda took a quick shower. As she began to wipe her wet body with the towel, she suddenly realized that Donna had offered to let her stay the night. Her heart went boom boom, and she had to sit on the edge of the tub for a moment. Wearing Donna's bathrobe on her naked body irritated her to the point of insanity. She remembered Donna's concerns about getting her needs met, but now the same fears hit Miranda's mind. She took a deep breath and entered Donna's room. She was lying across the bed, her loose hair falling over her face. Miranda cautiously approached her and gently tried to brush her hair away. Donna opened her eyes. 

"Oh, I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to disturb you," Miranda apologized.

"You didn't mean it? Donna was confused.

"I thought you were asleep," Miranda clarified.

"How could I have fallen asleep? "I'm waiting for you," Donna whispered in a husky voice.

"You are?" Miranda smiled sweetly at her. She leaned over and kissed her. 

Donna pulled her closer, and they both gazed deeply into each other's eyes, "I love you so much, Miranda."Donna stroked her hair.

"I love you too. “There’s nowhere else I’d rather be than in your loving arms,” Miranda kissed her pulsating neck.

"If you kiss my neck, you might as well take off all my clothes, too." Donna blushed heavily. She didn't know where the courage to say that came from, but it came from her heart. 

"You know... you're in my inappropriate thoughts," Miranda breathed hot air against her ear.

"Oh, I am?" Donna kissed her passionately, moaning loudly. She couldn't get enough of kissing and touching Miranda.

Miranda wanted so much to hear those magic words. This assurance that she couldn't hurt Donna's feelings. All that sweet caressing made the rising romantic tension between them even hotter. But there was no time to enjoy it without fear of being caught.

Until now.

Chapter Text

Miranda kissed her cheeks, forehead, nose and planted small, tender kisses all over her face. She started nibbling Donna's earlobe, which made Donna pretty turned on. She looked into Miranda's eyes, and the look made her shiver. They were full of love and lust. Miranda continued to lick Donna's neck with varying intensity. Donna's hands ran wildly through Miranda's hair. Donna's never been kissed like this before.

"Are you okay?" Miranda whispered, blowing hot air against her ear.

"Yeah!" Donna let out a helpless moan. "I'm more than okay," she murmured.

Miranda slowly ran one hand over Donna's hip, teasing her with each touch. She alternately kissed her on the lips, neck, and ear and began to kiss her way down to unbutton her blouse. Something Miranda had longed to do earlier in the day but couldn't. Now, however, she didn't have to worry about being caught. She slowly unbuttoned them. One. Two. Three. When she unbuttoned the last button, she was mesmerized by the splendor of Donna's beauty.

"You are so beautiful," Miranda gasped, squeezing her breasts. "They look... magnificent," she gushed. Donna was close to fainting as Miranda began to play with her nipples, slowly circling her fingers around them and then licking and biting them. It was a hot, sweet, narcotic pain. Donna shuddered under Miranda's hands, moaned softly, and dug her nails into Miranda's back. It was burning, sweet, narcotic pain.  It made her realize that Miranda was still wearing her bathrobe.

"Wait, honey," Donna whispered.

Miranda paused, confused.

"What? You, you don't want me, you don't like it."

"No! No! "Donna shook her head as she heard where Miranda's thoughts were going. "I'm horny as hell," her cheeks burned.

"So?" Miranda didn't see what the problem could be.

"Look at you, sweetheart! That's just not fair," Donna teased her.

Miranda's frustration couldn't have been more obvious. "Excuse me?" Miranda sat up.

"I want to see you too," Donna smiled sweetly. "Let me take this off." Donna removed her bathrobe.

"So?" Miranda didn't see what the problem could be.

"Look at you, sweetheart! That's just not fair," Donna teased her.

Miranda's disappointment couldn't have been more obvious. "Excuse me?" Miranda sat up.

"I want to see you too," Donna smiled sweetly. "Let me take this off." Donna removed her robe.

A shiver of eagerness ran through her body. She was stunned by Miranda's soft, slender figure with soft curves and smooth porcelain skin she had never seen before.  Donna sat up, looked at Miranda's flushed face, and said, "I want you so desperately," and moved her hands to cup her breasts. It was the first time she had ever touched Miranda's body, and she was fascinated by how good it felt.

"You can have me. I'm yours." Miranda bit her bottom lip.

Suddenly everything became so intense. Donna rolled over on top of Miranda and held her wrists above her head, pinning them to the mattress. She was kissing her wildly and passionately. Then she bit, sucked, and ran her tongue over each nipple until Miranda gasped and moaned. Her breasts were so soft and warm, and her nipples were getting super hard.

"Oh, good lord... This... is...beyond... amazing," Miranda moaned, pulling Donna to her as they ground against each other. She ran her fingers over her back, and when she was about to grab Donna's ass, she gently slapped it and said, "What the hell?"

This time it was Donna who didn't understand Miranda's point. "What?" Donna asked.

Miranda rolled Donna over but said nothing. Miranda smiled and kept her gaze on Donna's eyes. The loss of Miranda's kisses and touches was almost unbearable.

"What's wrong? Tell me," Donna demanded an immediate answer.

Miranda trailed her fingertips down her body to the waistband of her skirt. "Mmm, speaking of justice, what the hell is this? How come I'm completely naked, and you're still fully clothed?" She paused.

"Fully clothed?" Donna widened her eyes. "You're a devil, Priestly," Donna laughed loudly and unzipped her skirt. "So?" 

"Mmm, yes, that looks much better," Miranda winked at her. "I'll take care of the rest," she giggled, gently spreading her legs. Miranda slowly worked her way down her jaw, her neck, her chest to her nipples. She bit and sucked and flicked her tongue over each nipple, making her gasp and scream. "Mhm, you like that, don't you?" Miranda teased her.

"Oooh... Oh my God! Yes! Yes!" Donna cried. "Keep it is going!" 

Every Miranda's move and touch did set off fireworks inside her. Miranda didn't want to rush the foreplay. But she also kept in mind that since Donna hadn't had sex in who knows how long, she might appreciate it if she stepped it up a bit. Donna's sounds and shaky breathing told her that she was already fully aroused. The sexual intensity was escalating. She slowly slipped her hand under the waistband of Donna's panties, and between her legs, to the first pussy she'd ever touched that wasn't hers. 

"Hmm, you're so fucking wet," Miranda couldn't take it anymore and pulled Donna's panties down.

"Um, I haven't shaved in a few days because I didn't know..." Donna's cheeks flushed with embarrassment.

Miranda hushed her with a kiss. "As if I care. I love you just the way you are. Do you even realize how wonderful you are to me?" She whispered into her ear.

It was a beyond great feeling. 'When was the last time someone other than me touched me down there?' Donna thought as she suddenly felt something indescribably overwhelming. At that moment, Miranda's fingers touched her clit for the first time. Her body arched, and a loud moan escaped her throat. "Oh my God! Don't stop!" Donna couldn't get enough of those exquisite sensations she was experiencing after such a long time. 

Miranda’s fingertips brushed gently against her clit and then slowly ran her fingers down to her entrance. "Oh, you're so fucking wet," Miranda purred as she felt that incredible wetness and warmth for the first time. She teased her for a moment longer and then slowly slid her first finger into Donna's wet pussy.

“Mi... Mi-ran-da! Mi-ran-da! Donna was shaking and moaning her name. 

"You're amazing," Miranda whispered as she slid her second finger inside her and slowly pumped it in and out. Donna's breathing got more intense, and she started moving her hips with Miranda's fingering pattern. Miranda went deeper and curled them up when Donna‘s pussy suddenly squeezed very tight around her fingers, just for a while. 'Did I just hit her G-spot?' Miranda got wetter just thinking about it. She fell in love with the sound of Donna’s wetness. 

"Faster, please,' Donna whimpered. "I'm really close, I'm so close," Donna spoke between shuddering breaths.

She didn’t have to repeat. And then, it all came together. The pressure, which had been building, was reaching the breaking point. Donna couldn’t keep herself quiet. She shook, and she twitched, and she cried out when she cum. 

Miranda fingered her to her first orgasm. She watched Donna's face as she came, and it was almost enough to put her over the edge. She was mesmerized by Donna's beauty in all her nakedness. She had never seen a woman like this before. It was the best feeling she had ever experienced.

"Are you okay?"Miranda asked, giving her a loving look.

"I love you so much, Miranda. I, I would have never thought that making love to a woman could be so fucking beautiful," she whispered in a trembling voice, thrusting her fingers into Miranda's hair, and hung on. Miranda moaned and kissed her deeply.

"I love you too, honey. Making you happy is my priority," Miranda bit her bottom lip gently. 

"That's so sweet," Donna's eyes filled with tears of happiness. "I want you so bad. I want you, Miranda.” Donna breathlessly moaned into her staggering kisses.

“Then take me. Nothing is stopping you,” a smirk flashed across Miranda’s lips.

"No, nothing is..." Donna stroked her cheek with her fingertips. She started kissing her on her eyelids, on her cheeks, on her lips. "I've never experienced anything so wonderful," her voice trembled with excitement. 

"Neither have I," Miranda moaned.

Donna wrapped her arms around Miranda's shoulders to pull her close, her hand seemingly rested on her breast. Miranda moaned again. "You know, I can have an orgasm just from playing with my breasts," she revealed her little secret.

"Wow! Really?" Donna was stunned, and she immediately started playing with her nipples, slowly circling them with her fingers and then licking around them.

"Oh my God, you're so amazing with your tongue," Miranda whispered and started breathing a little faster.

"Gosh, it works," Donna moaned loudly as Miranda's body began to shiver all over. One of Donna's hands touched her lower parts. She was so wet. She gently rubbed her clit and slid two fingers into her hungry pussy.  

"Mmm, Don-mmm, yes," Miranda moaned aloud.

She began to move her hips back and forth against Donna's fingers, breathing heavily. She was all wet, and Donna couldn't resist the urge to taste her. She released her fingers and ran her tongue along the entire length of her vagina. Miranda was surprised, shocked even, to see Donna sucking and flicking her tongue around her clit. It was an overwhelming sensation. Donna's tongue moved just the way she liked it. It felt so good. She kissed the inside of Miranda's thighs and worked her way to Miranda's pussy. 

"You taste so good," Donna murmured while Miranda's hips were grinding against her face. Donna clung to her legs tightly, totally devouring her pussy.

"Donna! Oh, Donna! Aaah, good, good," Miranda let out a few big moans as a sign of pleasure. 

Donna breathed out hot air against her clit, fingering her again as she continued pleasuring her orally. It wasn't long before Miranda's entire body shuddered, and she came in heavy waves.

Donna stared at her in amazement. She was fascinated that she could touch another woman's naked body and realized how blessed she was. She was blown away by how hot Miranda looked and how she glowed after sex.

"Are you still worried about your ability to satisfy my needs?" Miranda smiled at her. "And you have never been with another woman before?" she wondered.

"Never, not even once," Donna replied, surprised by her question. "And I never ate pussy before. I just wanted to make you feel good," She said with a hint of uncertainty that Miranda immediately noticed.

Miranda hugged her tightly. "I just wanted to say that you were amazing. That great tongue of yours brought me so much pleasure. It was seriously nothing like I had ever felt before in my life. The best orgasm I've ever had!"

The passion between them was so natural, so intense and hot, that it rose so high above them that they couldn't control it. When the initial curiosity and shyness disappeared, the two women relaxed completely and lovingly indulged each other with successive lovemaking. No one was more in love than the two of them. The sex was beautiful, but the magic between them created something much more. After a long night of lovemaking, they fell asleep just as the sun was beginning to rise.

Chapter Text

Miranda woke up around nine o'clock. She slowly opened her eyes, and it took her a moment to realize she wasn't in her room. Donna's naked body hugged hers so tightly that she could not move. A blissful smile appeared on her face at the memory of their night of insatiable passion. Her fondest desire was to keep it that way forever. Donna's arms were her favorite place because they made her feel happy and fulfilled. It was so simple, yet so powerful. Donna shivered a little and rolled over onto her other side. The sight of her naked body turned Miranda on, but after such a long night, she didn't want to wake her up so early.
She carefully slipped out of bed, grabbed her clothes, and quietly walked to the downstairs bathroom. While showering, she began to think about how she would handle her last day with Donna. She couldn't imagine that in a few hours, everything would be a beautiful memory. She didn't understand why she was thinking about it now when she was so happy. Or maybe that was why? Was it too good to be true? Was it all just an affair, or could she hope for it to be what she wanted most? Even though Donna had returned her love and Miranda believed she loved her, doubts still crept into her heart. 
'Stop it,' she said quietly to herself. She dried herself with a towel, dressed, and went to the kitchen to make herself some coffee.

Donna woke up half an hour later. She opened her eyes and looked at the alarm clock, whose display read nine-thirty. Her hand deliberately searched Miranda's body. She quickly turned and stared at the space. She didn't know what was going on. Throwing back the covers, she pulled her robe up to look for her. Her first thought was that Miranda might be in the bathroom. She knocked once, twice, three times, and she opened the door when there was no answer. She wasn't there.

As she opened the door to her room, she smelled the pleasant aroma of coffee wafting from the kitchen. Her heart pounded with joy. How could she have thought that Miranda had left her? She stood dazed as she peered into the kitchen. Miranda was busy preparing breakfast, unaware that Donna was watching her.

"Have I mentioned today how lucky I am to love you?" She wrapped her arms around an unsuspecting Miranda's waist.

Nothing could have made Miranda happier. Miranda turned to face her, unable to say anything. Donna looked beautiful. Her hair was tousled, her face showed a trace of the sleepiness that suited her so well, and she was wearing a robe loosely belted at the waist. Miranda had to control herself to keep the robe from slipping off Donna's body and onto the floor. Every detail of her appearance turned her on.

"Breakfast will be ready soon," Miranda winked at her.

"I can't wait. I'm going to take a quick shower. I'll be right back." Donna kissed her and ran off.

Miranda's heart started to racing. She closed her eyes for a moment to savor the excitement she felt all over her body. Donna pulled her with a force that eclipsed anything she had felt so far. The breakfast was ready to be served. Miranda set the table and prepared a delicious cup of coffee for Donna. 

"Wow, that looks amazing," Donna praised her efforts as she sat down at the table.

"I hope you enjoy your breakfast," Miranda said in an insecure voice. 

"Are you kidding me? I love it when you spoil me like this," Donna laughed heartily.

"I was going to bring you breakfast in bed, but I didn't make it because you were faster than me," Miranda sipped her coffee. 

"Did you want to bring me breakfast in bed?" Donna couldn't believe what Miranda had just said.

"Yes." Miranda shook her head. 

"N... next time?" Donna cleared her throat. "Does that mean you'll come back to me?" 

"Of course, I will," Miranda replied.
Donna stopped eating, tears glistening in her eyes. Miranda took Donna's head in her hands and gave her a deep, dark kiss that shot through Donna's body like a flash of fire. 

"You didn't have any doubts, did you? I love you so much and..." she took a deep breath and looked straight into Donna's eyes, "and I would be happy if I could ... if I could hope that..." 

"That it won't end today!" Donna blurted out impatiently, throwing her arms around Miranda's neck.

Miranda released a sigh of relief. "I can't tell you how happy I am that you feel the same way," she said so gently that Donna felt a chill run down her spine. At the same time, something warm and joyful came alive inside her.

"I want nothing more than to be with you," Donna whispered, hugging Miranda tightly. "But it won't be easy, the insane distance between us, you know?" she sighed.

"I know, honey. The distance is a big obstacle, but one day, we will never have to say goodbye, only good night," Miranda looked into her eyes and smiled. 

Miranda's positive attitude with a view of their future together moved Donna to tears. "I'll wait as long as it takes. Although I wish we could stay together now," Donna sobbed.

"Me too," Miranda whispered.

"When do you plan to come, and for how long?"

"If all goes well, late next month, for a week," Miranda felt a lump in her throat. It weighed on her how little time she and Donna had left.

"Next month? And for a week?" Donna's face brightened. "That sounds wonderful to me."

"I'll be busy, and we might not have as much time to be together as we'd like." Miranda looked at her sadly. 

"The important thing is that you'll be here! We'll work something out so we can see each other. What about your daughters?  Will you take them with you?" Donna startled Miranda with her unexpected question.

"I hadn't thought about that," Miranda admitted honestly. "They never come with me because I wouldn't have time for them."

"What about changing it this time? They're fourteen and might welcome the opportunity to learn more about your work," Donna chose her words carefully. "I'm sure there will be plenty of time for you to enjoy it here together."

"Sounds great, but I'm not sure they'd like it here," Miranda shrugged. "You know, I hate to admit it, but they are pretty spoiled by luxury," Miranda said almost in apology.
She wasn't sure how her daughters would react to the environment here. They were spoiled by all the amenities not available on the island. Or at least in Donna's part of the island. Plus, the twins were at that age where a parent doesn't know what to expect from teenagers. 

Donna was surprised by her honesty. "Our girls will take care of them, and you don't have to worry. I'm sure your daughters will love it here," Donna smiled.

"I'll think about it," Miranda said in an absent voice. 

"Good." Donna got up from the table and took the used dishes away.

Donna understood that Miranda needed to be alone with her thoughts. The last thing she wanted was for Miranda to feel like she pushed her into something. She wondered if she'd overdone it. Miranda's unexpected kiss on her neck chased away all her gloomy thoughts as quickly as they had come.  

"I'm going to go pack my things. It's not exactly my favorite thing to do, so the sooner it's done, the better." Miranda tried for a lighter tone, but Donna could feel how much she had to fight it. 
She turned to face her, and the sadness in Miranda's face froze her to the core. If someone had placed a massive boulder on her chest, she might have felt easier than she did now. Taking a step forward, she wrapped her left arm around Miranda's waist and pulled her close while her right hand grabbed the back of her neck. Miranda's mouth willingly gave in to the attack of Donna's lips. She loved the feeling of Donna flooding her with her passion and the familiar heat rising in her body. They eagerly undid the buttons on their blouses. The desire that attacked them was overwhelming. They clotheslined the path to the sofa in the living room. Softly spoken words were interrupted by sighs and moans. The lovemaking was as beautiful as before, only more intense, much more intense. They lay with their bodies pressed together and slowly exhaled the beautiful moments. 

"You are so beautiful," Donna whispered, spanking Miranda's butt. 

"Aaah, that's so exciting," Miranda moaned.

"Donna? Are you here?" Rosie's voice ended their joyous moment.

"Oh my God, I forgot they were coming," Donna said, smacking her forehead with her palm.

Panic paralyzed them for a moment but quickly turned into endless giggling as they searched for their outfits.

"Wait, these are mine," Miranda choked out a laugh.

"Does it matter?" Donna threw her panties at her. "Oh my God, I feel like a crazy teenager," she giggled.

They quickly adjusted themselves, and Donna hurried to open the door. 

"Gee, you're home!" Rosie and Tanya greeted her warmly and walked in.

"I'm sorry it took me so long, but..." Donna didn't finish her apology.

"Oh, Miranda! I'm so glad to see you again," Rosie exclaimed in surprise when she saw her.

Miranda was sitting at the table with her glasses on, editing the Book. Donna just stared at her in disbelief and had to fight to keep from laughing. She didn't understand how Miranda had done it all so quickly and admired her ability to handle this delicate situation with such grace.

"Nice to see you too," Miranda returned her smile. She caught Donna's smile and glanced back at the Book. She knew what that smile meant. 

"What can I offer you?" Donna asked still with a smile on her face.

"Nothing, honey. Harry invited us to lunch, and I'm full." Rosie patted her stomach. 

"Busy?" Tanya asked Miranda.

"I haven't had any reason to make any significant changes yet. Hopefully, that's a good sign."

"Can I take a look?" Tanya asked again.

Miranda took off her glasses and looked at her searchingly. Donna was fascinated because she looked stunning. 

'What the hell is she doing?" Rosie pleaded through her teeth. Donna shrugged her shoulders.

"I'm afraid that's not possible," Miranda shook her head disapprovingly, much to Tanya's disappointment. Even though Tanya was Donna's best friend, Miranda didn't have much faith that she could keep a secret. She wasn't worth the risk. 

"I have to go pack my things," Miranda said with a hint of sadness in her voice.

Donna walked Miranda to the door. "Will I see you before...?" Donna couldn't finish the question. Tears flooded her blue eyes.

"Please don't cry," Miranda tried to be strong. "I'll be back after I pack my things, I promise," she smiled a little and rushed quickly to her hotel room. 

Donna couldn't move, and her heart clenched in pain at the sight of Miranda leaving.

"What happened?" Rosie put her hand on her shoulder.

Donna threw her arms around her neck. "She's leaving tonight. I don't want her to leave." Donna's voice broke. The tears flowed and flowed, her sobs crushing her body.

Rosie held her tight, not knowing what to say to comfort her. The sadness in Donna's eyes broke her heart. She thought she would never see her friend this tormented again.

"It smells so good in here," Tanya said after a moment of silence, deliberately changing the subject of the conversation to distract Donna from her state of mind.

"That's Miranda's scent," Donna said softly.

"I wonder what perfume Miranda wears. You wouldn't happen to know?" Tanya asked.

"I have no idea," Donna shook her head. She realized that she had loved the scent from the very beginning. It was feminine, delicate, elegant, and refined.

"You smell like her." Tanya looked at Donna curiously.

"What do you mean?" asked Donna.

"Oh dear," Rosie blurted out, "we interrupted you, didn't we?" 

Donna turned her head towards her and immediately understood what Rosie meant. There was no point in denying it. A glance at the unmade bed spoke volumes. This unexpected information changed Tanya's gaze from curious to questioning.

"You don’t say?“ Tanya winked at her. Donna blushed bright red. "Oh my, you did it, didn’t you?“ Tanya’s eyes widened. "Donna Sheridan, you shady lady!“ Tanya said her favorite phrase. "Wow, you jumped on that pretty quick," she poked her. "So tell me, how was it?" Tanya burned with anticipation of what Donna would reveal.

"Yeah, it was pretty quick, but it all came spontaneously. Remember when I said I had feelings for Miranda? It wasn't anything I planned. It just hit me without warning. And fortunately, Miranda felt the same way. We're fortunate that we fell in love at the right time in the right place."

"I'm so happy for you! No one deserves it more than you. "Did it live up to your expectations?"

Donna nodded her head. "Oh yes. More than that. It was instant heaven. If this would be my reward for all the years I hadn't had sex, I couldn't have asked for more. My love for her continues to grow. And now she has to leave, even though I know she loves me and has promised to come back. I trust her, but I'm so scared that something inevitable might happen again, like what if the photoshoot doesn't happen for some reason? What then?" Her eyes welled up with tears again. "I'm still sad about everything that happened with Sam. It just hits me from time to time. Sometimes it takes me days to get over it. I hate myself for it because I know he's not worth it. I don't know what to do with myself right now. I'm so confused."

Rosie and Tanya looked at each other. They knew they had to help Donna now and chose their words carefully.
"Look, we understand your worries more than anyone else, but stop hurting yourself any further." Rosie and Tanya hugged her. "Miranda is a strong woman who gets what she wants. I mean, even if the photoshoot doesn't work out, Miranda will be back without a doubt," Tanya said convincingly.

"You think so?" Donna felt a little better.

"Sure, Miranda loves you, Donna," Rosie tried to comfort her. It's about time you put Sam out of your mind and open your heart to Miranda."

"Yes, you're probably right. But how am I supposed to explain to myself that I've fallen in love with a woman? What about Soph? How do I explain it to her? Or to someone else?" Donna began to panic.

"Sometimes, we just don't know the answers," Rosie said after a moment's thought. "Are you happy with her?"

"Oh yes, I am. I feel alive," Donna smiled.

"Great!" Rosie smiled. "Those who love you know who you are, and besides, you don't have to prove anything to anyone. Don't worry about the past or the future. Learn to be happy. Otherwise, you will run out of time. If not now, when?"

"Just recently, I read somewhere that sometimes the bad things that happen to us in life put us right on the path to the best thing that will ever happen to us. All my life, I've wanted to know what it's like to be loved. Most of all, I wanted to know how to love. And finally, I knew it all at once."

"Miranda couldn't have crossed your path at a better time. It doesn't matter who hurt you or broke you. What matters is who made you laugh again. And I haven't seen you look so radiant in a long time. I'm so happy for you, Donna." A wide smile appeared on Rosie's face.

"Me too," and added, "I guess Aphrodite couldn't take your endless suffering anymore."

Donna and Rosie looked at her in utter surprise, but before they could say anything, they heard an urgent pounding on the door.

"Mom, Mom, it's urgent."

Donna rushed to open the door. "What's going on?"

"Is Miranda here?" Sophie asked.     

"No, she's in her room packing her things," Donna's voice broke.

Sophie was so distracted she hadn't even noticed that. "Have you heard the news?"

"What are you talking about?" Donna furrowed her brow and looked at her daughter questioningly.

"There's a general strike at the airports starting tomorrow."

"What?" Donna couldn't believe her ears. "Where did you get that information?"

"They have just announced it on the TV news. So far, they have announced its duration until Wednesday, so that means Miranda has to extend her stay here."

Donna didn't know what to think about that. Part of her was excited that Miranda would be staying. The other part of her feared her reaction to this unexpected news.

"She could use a private plane," said Tanya.

"The airspace will be completely closed," Sophie replied. "You need to tell Miranda immediately, Mom. She'll accept it from you."

"I wish I had your confidence," Donna sighed heavily.

"You two get along pretty well, don't you? So if Miranda accepts the news, it would be great if you both came to the party. It starts at nine. See you later," she kissed her mother on the cheek and ran off.

"See? See? Someone up there wants you to be together. And I don't mean your mother," Rosie and Tanya chuckled.

 I think Tanya nailed it," Rosie winked at Donna. 

"So run and let Miranda know about this exciting news!" Tanya encouraged her.

"What the hell is wrong with you? How can you call that exciting news?" Donna fumed. "Do you even realize how serious this situation is?" 

"Of course we do. Yes, it's miserable, but these things happen, and I'm sure this isn't the first time Miranda has been in an unexpected situation. There's no reason for her to be angry with you," Rosie tried to calm her down. 

"That's what I'm most afraid of. Who knows what's in store for me," Donna sighed and left to let Miranda know about the unexpected turn.

Chapter Text

Miranda didn't spend much time packing, as almost all of her clothes remained intact in her luggage. She looked around the room and took a deep breath. Even though she hadn't spent much time here, she loved it. She sat back in her chair and tried to sort out her thoughts about the unexpected love affair between her and Donna. Anxiety set in again as she realized how little time they had left. 
It took Miranda a moment to recover from her half-sleep enough to realize that the gentle knock on the door was not a dream but reality. She jumped out of her chair and opened the door.

"Donna," she exclaimed happily. "I'm sorry you were waiting, but I fell asleep for a while.

"Sorry to disturb you, but..."

"You never disturb me!" Miranda interrupted her.

"I don't bring you good news," Donna said in a severe voice. No sign of a smile, on the contrary, an earnest, sad face. Miranda's astonishment could not have been greater. She had never seen Donna like this before.

"I've come to tell you that the union has called a strike at the airports, and it's scheduled to last until Wednesday. That means nothing is flying, and nothing is taking off."

Miranda's features stiffened, her eyes dark and cold. "What?" Miranda frowned. "I'll call Emily and have her send a private jet," she grabbed her cell phone.

"That's pointless," Donna said. "The airspace is closed to everyone," she shrugged helplessly.

"There has to be a way to get me home," Miranda mused aloud.

"I wish I could help. I'm so sorry, I really am," Donna apologized once more, deciding it would be better to leave and give Miranda time to get over it.

The sight of Donna leaving woke Miranda up perfectly. Before Donna could reach the doorknob, she took several quick steps towards her. "No, please don't leave," Miranda begged her.

"Are you sure? I understand that you're upset, and I just hope you're not going to have any troubles at work because of this. 

Miranda was very pleased by her interest. It wasn't just polite concern but genuine interest.
"No, you don't need to worry," she smiled at her. "I just... I may be acting like a fool, but I hate surprises. The magazine deadline is coming up, and many things need to be done that require my presence. Hmm, it's going to be pretty hectic." Miranda thought for a moment. "I'll leave that to Nigel and Emily. We'll see how they can handle such a situation. For the first time, you know, I find myself in a situation where work doesn't come first, although it may not seem like it. Suddenly it's just you," she looked Donna straight in her eyes. They were full of a mixture of tenderness and love again.

"I don't know what to say," Donna said after a moment. "This may sound selfish, but I'm happy you don't have to go anywhere." 

"Me too," Miranda said, kissing her. "You know, it's a huge relief that the twins aren't home. It would have been much harder for me to deal with." 

"Yes, of course, I understand you completely," Donna said, patting her on the back.

Miranda shivered. "Oh, Donna," her knees buckled.

"Are you okay, Miranda? Donna was frightened.

"Hug me, please."

Donna hugged her tightly. "I love you, Miranda Priestly," she whispered in her ear. "I'm so happy we can be together."
"I'm so happy we can be together."

"Yeah... just the thought of having to leave you was driving me crazy." Miranda fidgeted. "I just needed to make sure this was all happening."

"I was just wondering if you wanted to..." Donna hesitated for a moment.

"What, baby?" Miranda's curiosity flared.

"...if you'd like to move into my house," Donna finished the sentence.

Miranda's face lit up. "Are you serious? Really? You have no idea how happy your offer made me. I want nothing more than to be with you. I love you so much, Donna Sheridan," she kissed her. "Aren't you afraid it'll look suspicious?" Miranda outlined her concerns. "You know what I mean."

"Yes, I do. On the contrary, I think my girls welcome the fact that I won't be alone in the house. And it certainly won't occur to them that we've fallen in love."
And it certainly won't occur to them that we've fallen in love."

"That sounds logical.  I have a secret wish, though," Miranda said after a moment.

"Do you?" Donna burned with curiosity.

"To make love to you in this room."  Miranda gave her a dreamy look.

"That's been my secret wish for years," Donna's face lit up.

Miranda just swallowed. "Really?

"It's always been my dream. To give me to someone I can really trust. This room means so much to me. These walls have seen all my ups and mostly my downs." Donna grinned bitterly. "How many tears have I cried here... and now I want to experience the most beautiful feelings of happiness, passion, and pleasure... with you."

"Are we all set, Sky?" They heard Pepper's voice through the slightly ajar window.

"Yeah, I think so. I bet Donna will be pleased. And hopefully, Miranda will enjoy it too."

"Are they even coming? Pepper asked.

"That's a good question," Sky replied, looking up. "That depends on how Miranda takes the fact that she can't fly home as planned and has to stay here for a few more days. Sophie and I are both anxiously awaiting the result. Let's hope Miranda doesn't break Donna in half," he joked, and they both burst out laughing.

"Well, they have a pretty good opinion of me," Miranda sulked.

"You know it looks good on you when you get mad like that," Donna laughed softly.

"Really?" Miranda smiled. She loved her teasing. "What are you celebrating today?"

"Now and then, we're all getting together for a celebratory dinner. We're singing and dancing, drinking, eating, having a good time. This year's highlight is the wonderful news of Rosie and Bill's wedding. I'm so glad Rosie is finally happy," Donna said excitedly. "They're both such a great match, and I think they're going to have a good marriage."

"I hope it works out for them," Miranda smiled. "I haven't had any good experiences with it." 

"Would you come to the party with me, please?  I don't want to go alone." Donna wrapped her arms around Miranda's waist.

"Mmm, honestly, I'm not a party girl at all," she said, much to Donna's disappointment.

"We don't have to be there all the time, honey. It's going to be a dinner in honor of Rosie and Bill. I'd like to introduce you to my people," Donna said in a firm voice. "That doesn't mean you'll lose your privacy."

Miranda stood stunned by Donna's speech. "I didn't say I didn't trust you or the people here. My point was that I don't like to attend parties, fundraisers, or any social events. And when I do have to go, I usually don't stay more than twenty minutes." 

Donna stared at her, not knowing what to say.

"Having said that," Miranda continued, "I'm willing to make an exception just for you." She stroked Donna's cheek with her fingertips.

"I love you so much."  Donna smiled happily.

The ringing of Miranda's phone interrupted their conversation. "Oh, my girls calling," she happily picked up the receiver.

"I'll pick you up in about an hour," Donna said, winking at her and walking away.

When Donna returned home, Tanya and Rosie were no longer there, which surprised her. She hadn't been at Miranda's long enough for them to think that... She felt her cheek burn, and that pleasantly arousing feeling coursed through her body again. She didn't even try to understand what was happening to her. She was happy and in love. It sounded so plain and straightforward. She couldn't wait to be with Miranda again. 
When Donna picked her up for the party, Miranda couldn't take her eyes off her.

"Oh my God, you look gorgeous," Miranda said when she saw Donna in a dark green silver woven dress with a plunging neckline and pumps. "You're damn sexy," she swallowed and kissed her gently on the neck.

"Kiss my neck, and I'm not responsible for what comes after," Donna moaned.

"We'd better go before I lose control," Miranda grinned.

Their arrival caused a great shudder. Everyone looked at Miranda with great curiosity. Some were seeing her for the first time. Others speculated how many thousands of dollars she had on her. Local girls were excited to see the most powerful woman in the fashion industry with their own eyes.

"Miranda, I'm so glad you came," Sophie hugged her.

"There was no reason to refuse," Miranda smiled.

"You're a treasure, Mom," Sophie whispered in her ear. "I knew you could do it."

Donna always opened social events.
"I'm so glad we're all getting together again after a while. Tonight we have a perfect reason to celebrate. First of all, it's a real pleasure to welcome our distinguished guest, Miranda Priestly, the editor-in-chief of the Runway fashion magazine from New York," Donna introduced her. There was a cheerful round of applause. Sophie translated her speech into Greek, as not many of the older generation spoke English.

"And before we sit down to eat, drink, and be entertained, I would like to tell you some wonderful news that I am sure will delight you as much as it does me. Two wonderful people have decided to get married."

Donna had to wait for Sophie's translation before saying the names of the two lucky people. It was amusing to watch them look at each other and wonder who they might be.
Sophie nodded for Donna to continue.

"Let's raise our glasses and cheer on our soon-to-be-married couple, Rosie and Bill."

The crowd received the news with thunderous cheers.

"Now that's cause for celebration," laughed a surprised Harry.

After the toast, they served dinner. Donna was about to get up to help, but Sky stopped her.

"Relax, Donna, everything is taken care of. Just attend to your guest," he smiled at her.

"O-okay, fine," replied Donna, who was a little confused.

After a tasty dinner, the party got underway. The youngsters took over the dance floor while the others found a place away from the loud music to talk undisturbed, which Miranda welcomed with relief.
Miranda's world was the loud clacking of heels, not decibels. She loved music, but this loud sound was tearing her ears apart.
Rosie recounted her humorous experiences with Bill. She had countless of those.

"You two have found each other," Donna giggled.

Rosie put her hand on hers. "You don't know how happy I am," she gushed."We can't thank Sophie and you enough for bringing us together."

"But..." Donna started to object, but Rosie stopped her. "You know what I mean," she looked at her.

"Yeah, I think I do."

"So, have you set a date and place for the wedding?" Miranda asked.

"Actually, that's why we came, but maybe it's not appropriate to talk about it now," Rosie said.

"What? Are you kidding me? Did you hear that, Tanya? Our best friend is getting married, and she said it's not appropriate to talk about it," she said theatrically. "Of course, it's appropriate!"

"Well, what we know for sure is that we want to get married in this magical place that brought us together." Rosie looked at Donna.

"You're damn lucky you chose Kalokairi," Donna giggled.

"We didn't even think of any other place." Rosie's face lit up. "We don't have a date set yet, but we thought next month would be just perfect."

"Wonderful." Donna's eyes shone with happiness. "We're going to give you a beautiful wedding."

"Can I ask you to dance?" came a voice behind Rosie's back.

"Bill!" She exclaimed happily. "Our wedding has just been confirmed here."

"Wonderful news!" He kissed her. "Thank you so much, Donna."
They both believed it would work out that way, but their love was born against a backdrop of events that were very painful for Donna. While everyone else had found different kinds of happiness, she had lost everything. Miranda's arrival came at just the right time. For both of them. Rosie had come to believe that the spirit of Aphrodite controlled their destiny.

"Are you with us, Rosie?" she heard Bill's voice.

"Yeah, I'm sorry, I was lost in thought."

"Yes, I noticed that," he chuckled, leading her to join the dancing crowd.

"Oh god, just look at them," Donna sighed. "They make me so happy."

"It took Bill a little longer than expected, but Rosie's patience paid off," Tanya said as she sipped her glass of wine.

The evening had been enjoyable. Miranda was having a great time, as she had recently at her first dinner with Donna and her friends. She had noticed that people were very comfortable in Donna's presence. Tanya and Rosie told stories from when Donna was "the life and soul of the party, el rock chick supremo." Miranda listened with great interest.

"She always knew how to spice things up, but she never let anyone disturb her. I always had to fight for the boys' favor," joked Tanya.

"Yeah, and she always managed to disappear every time." Rosie gave her a reproachful look.

"But always alone," Donna said.

"Yeah, until..." Tanya didn't finish the sentence, much to Miranda's disappointment.

"We want Donna and the Dynamo," the merry group approached them. Among them were Sophie, Sky and their friends.

"I just hope whatever happens now doesn't change anything between us," Donna bowed to Miranda before leaving with her friends.

Miranda noticed a hint of uncertainty in her voice. She wondered what that might mean and what she could expect.

"Now you're going to see something!" Harry teased her eagerness. "Let's sit closer so we can get a good look."

Miranda obediently stood up and followed them. Her movement caught everyone's attention. The platinum white hair was hard to miss. She could feel their stares, but she didn't mind because she was used to it, and it didn't bother her.

"Miranda, would you like to join us?" Sophie stopped at their table.

"No, no, she's already taken," Harry replied.

"Oh my God! Sophie exclaimed dramatically. "And what is she going to do with old men like you?"

"Did you hear what our little girl said?" Harry asked Bill.

What would you expect from our daughter?" Bill laughed and pulled her tenderly to him.

It was an unexpectedly powerful experience for Miranda. Something incredible was happening before her eyes—the harmony between them. No rivalry, no jealousy. They were happy no matter who her father was, even though it might not have been either of them. Maybe it was the third. But they just didn't care.

"That's right. She's so like Donna," Harry laughed. "The apple doesn't fall far from the tree."

"Hey, Mom's great." Sophie patted him on the back and went back to her friends.

"Seems like you have a great relationship," Miranda said.

"Yeah, she's such a wonderful girl. I love her like she's my own," Harry muttered.

"So do I," Bill said. "Donna raised her so well." 

"Ladies and gentlemen," Pepper's voice interrupted their conversation. "Please welcome Donna and the Dynamos."

"Yes, yes, finally!" Sophie yelled.

The lights faded, and three female silhouettes could be seen in the shadows. Donna was facing the audience with her left arm slightly raised, while Tanya and Rosie were visible in profile, all holding microphones.
Miranda was overly excited because she could tell that they were wearing the spandex costumes she had seen in the framed picture in Donna's room, even in the dim light. When Dancing Queen began to play, Donna gently nudged both of their hips, and when they started to sing, all the lights came on.
Miranda just swallowed. They looked incredibly fresh and sexy. The costumes fit their bodies perfectly.

Tanya, tall, with a great figure that would be the envy of any model. Her costume was seemingly simple but very sophisticated. The neckline barely covered her nipples. All accentuated by mid-thigh boots. Tanya was the eccentric type, and the costume suited her.

Rosie, the smallest of the two and a little chubby. But the costume was perfectly cut and tailored and made her look a little slimmer. Her assets were her full breasts, and her perfectly cut cleavage drew stares from the audience.

But Donna shone like the brightest star. Miranda longed to see her in this costume, but it exceeded all her expectations. Her ornate outfit was gorgeous and damn expensive. She was laced in gold, with a fancy pattern and large ruffles studded with glittering sequins on the sleeves and legs. The push-up bra only accentuated her sex appeal. Her every move and gesture was full of joy. 'When I'm on stage, I'm kind of a different person,' Miranda remembered Donna's recent words.
And while Rosie's costume slimmed her down a bit, Donna's costume added quite a bit to her thighs and buttocks. Miranda couldn't take her eyes off her.  When Donna leaned in and sang just for her for a moment, she was amazed. Almost ecstasy came when Donna wiggled her buttocks in front of her. Miranda noticed the stripe under the fringe that imaginatively divided her buttocks in half. Donna knew how to drive an audience crazy, and Miranda could imagine how crazy the guys must have been for her. Miranda took a quick sip from her glass of wine to hide her growing arousal. From the moment her foot touched this magical island, she had been riding an endless wave of absolute happiness.

"So, how did you like it?" Harry shouted over the cheering crowd.

"Wonderful," Miranda said.

"There's no one better than our Dynamos." Bill whistled loudly.

It was clear that the audience wouldn't let Donna and her friends leave without adding another song. They sang Super Trouper and Waterloo, and Miranda could enjoy it now. Donna's warm voice caressed her soul.
She found herself squirming in her chair and stomping to the beat. 'God, if only someone could see me!" she laughed inwardly. Harry and Billy sang along with the crowd. Although Miranda knew and loved ABBA songs, she preferred to keep quiet. A top-rated karaoke show followed their performance.

After changing their clothes, Donna, Rosie, and Tanya headed to Miranda's table.

"I'm done," Donna breathed heavily.

"Mom. That was something worth seeing," Sophie hugged her tightly. "You were wonderful, but I wish you would sing more songs."

"Thank you, darling. We tried our best," Donna smiled.

"You were fantastic," Miranda agreed.

"I'm so glad you liked it," Donna said with profound relief.

"And what about our costumes? Did you like them?" Tanya couldn't resist the question.

"It was her idea to wear them," Donna exclaimed out.

"The costumes are perfect. You look amazing in them. A joy to look at."

"See?" said Tanya. "I told you she'd love it."

Miranda's words warmed Donna's heart. She didn't want to hear that she would ever have to wear this costume again. It took quite a while for Tanya and Rosie to change Donna's mind. For some reason, she was afraid of Miranda's reaction. And now the woman who ran the biggest fashion industry in the world was sitting next to her and who openly admired their costumes.

Donna and Miranda were alone at the table, which was OK with them. 

"Are you serious about the costumes?" Donna asked again.

"Of course, I am" Miranda nodded.  "It even gave me an interesting idea for my magazine."

"Really?" Donna looked at her in surprise. "Are you always such a workaholic?"

"Hmm, considering it's a working visit, then yes," came the teasing reply.

Donna laughed. "Does a working visit allow you to dance with me?" she whispered in Miranda's ear.

"Dance? With me?" Miranda was startled. "I'm sorry, Donna, but I don't feel comfortable around so many strangers. And I can't remember the last time I danced." 

"They'd be playing something in slow tempo, and the people here wouldn't care about us. I know them," Donna tried to convince her.

"Look, Donna, I love you more than I love you to the moon and back, and that's why I'm here with you right now. But please don't drag me into something I don't want to do," Miranda said firmly. "But," she paused for a moment, "I wouldn't mind dancing with you in private," she smiled at her sensually. 

Donna's eyes widened. Miranda had her right where she wanted her. "Oh my God, how could I resist this offer!" Donna had to force herself not to hug and kiss her. She couldn't wait to get back to their love nest.

Chapter Text

They giggled and poked each other all the way home. In the hallway, Miranda pushed Donna against the wall.

"A quickie against the wall? Yes, please," Donna moaned and tangled her hand in Miranda's hair. "Do me a favor and undress me."

Miranda's eyes sparkled. "Believe me, I'm thinking of nothing else but ripping that fucking dress off you all the time."

Donna gasped softly at hearing such a dirty word come out of Miranda's mouth, but it turned her on even more. "You make me so damn horny!" she moaned loudly.

Miranda unzipped Donna's dress. Donna held up her hands, and Miranda helped her get rid of the dress. She didn't take her eyes off her and slowly placed her hand on Donna's lower abdomen, and her palm slid down. With her eyes still on Donna's face, she moved her fingers into her panties and began to gently massage her clit. Donna couldn't hold back a surprised yelp. "Oh, yeah! yes!."

Miranda pulled the panties down and started licking her intensely. Donna began to make loud noises, so Miranda began licking the entirety of her pussy with ample saliva. Her pussy was warm and delicious. Miranda extended her tongue as far out as she could. 

"Oh, geez! That's it, eat me, go deeper. Yes, just like that..." 

"Come for me," Miranda whispered. 

It only took a few minutes before Donna climaxed like never before, and her pleasure reached a new level she had never dreamed of.

Donna woke up around five in the morning, but Miranda's place was empty. She guessed that she must be in the bathroom, so she used the downstairs bathroom without much thought. When she returned, Miranda's place was still empty. 'That's strange,' she thought. She knocked on the toilet door, and when there was no answer, she opened it, but there was no sign of Miranda. Only now did she notice that Miranda carefully laid her clothes out on the chair. Donna couldn't help smiling. When they had returned from the party, there had been no thought of such a thing. The memory of another series of extraordinary lovemaking had her pleasantly aroused. Her eyes trailed down to the bedside table where Miranda's glasses and the Book were missing. She went downstairs again and headed for the living room. Miranda sat on the bed, the book resting on her thighs. The way she looked at Donna stabbed her at heart. Miranda's eyes welled up with tears. The sadness on her face was immeasurable. Something wasn't right.

"Something happened?“ Donna let the question hang in the air.

"No, no, nothing like that,“ Miranda replied.

"Thank God," Donna sighed deeply. "But something's going on, isn't it?" She sat on the edge of the bed. "Or should I go away and leave you alone?" she questioned.

Miranda shook her head. "No, it's kind of you to come. We need to talk."

Donna panicked. She couldn't explain the sudden change. Just a few hours ago, everything had been as beautiful and exciting as it always was when they were together. Their last night of lovemaking confirmed it. And yet, something had changed.

"You know, I was thinking about last night's party."Miranda paused for a moment, "and I realized how happy you all were together. The bond you have with each other is so wonderful, and you should cherish it." Miranda began to speak in her usual calm voice. 
Miranda paused for a moment, "and I realized how happy you all were together. The bond you have with each other is so wonderful, and you should cherish it." Miranda began to speak in her usual calm voice. She looked at Donna with a sad look.

"I'm sorry, I don't know what you mean," Donna said in a shaky voice.

Miranda put the Book aside and asked Donna to sit across from her. She took Donna's hands in hers. She took a deep breath and continued. "I love you so much..."

"But?" Donna jumped in, unable to stand the tension any longer.

"I was wondering... do I have the right to drag you into my life?" Miranda looked her straight in the eye.

"Excuse me? I do. Not. Understand." Donna said in a broken voice.

"I'm constantly in the paparazzi's crosshairs, and the tabloids never miss an opportunity to smear me. Since I got divorced, it's gotten much worse because they're trying to catch me with a potential candidate for Mr. Priestly Number Four. I don't care what they say or write about me, but my girls, it's so unfair to them that they have to deal with this crap. Deep down, it hurts," her voice broke. "And it scares me to think how much they could hurt you or Sophia or anyone else. I mean, they'd be digging into your past, snooping everywhere, manipulating this or that. Nothing would stop them," tears streamed down her face.

Donna snuggled her to herself without words. She gently stroked her hair, trying to calm her down to understand what she had just heard. She could feel Miranda's tears rolling under her nightgown.

"I can't tell you how much this all means to me and how relieved I am," she whispered in her ear after a few moments of silence.

Miranda pulled away from her wet chest and looked at her in puzzled confusion. "Relieved?" She didn't understand.

"Yes, because I thought...that... that..."

"What?" urged Miranda impatiently.

"When you said if you had the right to drag me into your life," she shuddered, "it scared me. I mean, just a few hours ago, we were so happy, making love," she cleared her throat. " I swear you made my heart skip a beat for a moment. I thought it was over," she finished her sentence with an effort.

"You can't imagine how hard that was for me," Miranda sobbed. "But because I care so much for you, I had to. I'd rather rip my heart out than have someone ruin Sophie's life or yours."

"I’m amazed at how intensely you‘re trying to protect us. You offered me the chance to back out while we were still in the beginning, didn't you?" Donna paused.

Miranda nodded. It sounded harsh, but that's what she meant. Still, she couldn't imagine it at all. "Yes, it was my obligation to let you know that being involved with me isn't easy. Though I said that I don’t care what anybody writes or say about me, I now have this fear that one day you are going to discover that I'm not as nice as you think I am.“
"What are you talking about?" Donna arched an eyebrow.

'Don't tell me you haven't heard about my bad reputation," Miranda said firmly.

"'Yes, I have, but I always make my own opinion of people, you know. My friends always shake their heads and say I'm too kind, but I am that way. I don't care what they say in the tabloids or the gossip magazines."

"You don't know how much I appreciate it and what it means to me," she squeezed her hands gently. But you don't know these people, Donna. They're disgusting in every sense of the word. Once they discover your wonderful island, they'll never leave it. They'd put you, your family, your friends, all of them under the magnifying glass for 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They'll bother you all with all sorts of stupid questions. They'll take pictures of you and your island, that's my point, you know? You wouldn't have a minute to yourself."

"Look," Donna said after a moment. "I don't underestimate anything you've told me, Miranda. Yes, I do not deny that it sounds a little scary. But now that you've let me know what we might be dealing with, trust me, we'll be prepared for those unwanted visitors. And I don't think anything could hurt us more than what we went through last year," she lowered her eyes.

"Are you sure about that? From what you've told me, I understand that this is a harrowing experience for you, and that's what I'm warning you about. They're going to dig into your past." Miranda sighed heavily. They might open up old unhealed wounds for you," Miranda sighed again.

Donna fell silent for quite a while.

"Speaking of my old unhealed wounds. If someone had told me a week ago that I would be out of my mess in a few days, I would have called that person crazy. But that's what happened. You showed up in the middle of my chaos, and in just two days, you made me realize that I can be happy without the person I once thought I needed the most."

Miranda's eyes moistened with emotion. "You mean that guy." 

"Yes, that's him. His name is Sam Carmichael," Donna replied.

"You still have feelings for him, don't you?" Miranda asked directly.

Donna looked at her in surprise. Deep down, she felt the need to talk to Miranda about her past and finally close this chapter for good.

"I understand that you're pretty confused about all of this. I care about us, Miranda, and I don't want you to have any doubts, especially about my relationship with the man around whom the hints keep swirling. Up until now, he's been a part of my life. No, he hasn't. I've been the one hanging on to him all these years. Sounds silly, doesn't it?" Donna smiled bitterly. "Even though he broke my heart twice and we had no future ahead of us, I couldn't let him go. So that you understand what I meant by helping me get over it so quickly, I want to share my story with you, if you'd like," Donna paused. 

"Of course I want to!" Miranda replied immediately. 

"Wait a minute, let me show you something." Donna stood up and took a thin pink book from the bookcase. "It's the diary I kept the year I was pregnant with Sophie. Unfortunately, my daughter found it when she was going through some old trunks last year. Open it and read it, please." Donna handed her the diary.

That caught Miranda off guard. "Me?" she gasped. 

"Yes. I'd appreciate it if you did that for both of us." Donna kissed her on the cheek.

Miranda cleared her throat, opened her diary, and read:

'July 17th. What a night! Sam rowed me over to the little island.'

"This is it. It is Kalokairi," Donna informed her.

"I see," Miranda nodded and continued reading. 'We danced on the beach, we kissed on the beach, and dot, dot, dot.'

What does dot, dot, dot mean? Miranda asked, confused.

Donna smiled and blushed. "Um, you know, that's the kind of thing we do quite a lot these days."

"You mean, Let’s do some 'we shouldn’t be doing this‘ things?" Miranda winked at her.

Donna laughed heartily. "Yes, exactly."

"Dot, dot, dot, that's cute," Miranda giggled. "I'll have to remember that," she added, returning to her reading.

'Sam's the one. I know he is. I've never felt like this before. All this time, Sam has been telling me he loves me, and now he's announced that he's engaged, so he's gone home to get married, and I'm never going to see him again.'

That was damn cruel," Miranda said as this was new information to her.

"My whole world flipped over. Sam told me he loved me. He slept with me. Then he tore my heart to pieces. I yelled at him that I never wanted to see him again, but deep inside, I was dying. I had to face up to the fact that whatever existed between us was over. He was my first love, but he didn't have to be my last. Let's keep reading."

'August 4. What a night! Though I'm still obsessed with Sam, Bill's so wild. He's such a funny guy. One thing led to another and dot, dot, dot.'

Donna didn't comment on this, so Miranda continued.

'August eleventh. Harry turned up out of the blue, so I said I'd show him the island. He's so sweet and understanding, I couldn't help it and dot, dot, dot!'

"Sam was gone, and although they were both gentle and nice, I didn't fall in love with either of them. But my worst nightmare came a month later when I didn't get my period. I knew inside of me I was pregnant. It was such a strange, indescribable feeling. And yet, I was shocked when I went to my local gynecologist, and she confirmed it! I didn't know what to do, so the first thing I did was call my mother and tell her about my pregnancy. I knew she wouldn't be proud of me, but I didn't expect her to kick me out of the house. When she told me not to bother coming back, she broke my heart into a million pieces."

Miranda saw tears in Donna's eyes. "Honestly, I don't know what to say. I know I'm not the best mother in the world, but I would never throw my daughters out of the house for anything. What the hell kind of mother forbids her pregnant daughter from coming home?" Miranda fumed. "That's beyond understanding and completely inexcusable!" 

"My mother was like a general.  She had everything lined up, and my father, who wanted to be at peace with her, rarely disagreed. She was obsessed with my school grades and even drove me to piano lessons to ensure I didn't mess around. The turning point came in high school. I was in class with Tanya, and her good friend was none other than Rosie," Donna smiled. "They liked to sing as much as I did, and our voices fit together quite well. We entered several competitions and were quite successful. Then Rosie got the idea to go to Europe. I don't need to tell you how much my mother loved the idea! But Tanya's parents were from the so-called high society, and my mother was very much inclined towards those people, so she let me go for her."

"Your mother never tried to contact you again?" Miranda still couldn't get over the cruel decision.

"No, she didn't," Donna shook her head. "Why would she do that? She hung up immediately after the phone call and clarified that she wanted nothing more to do with me. I decided to stay on the mainland. I found a sublet with Rosie and Tanya's help, and they stayed with me for a few more weeks. We sang in the local bars and became immensely popular. After one of our performances, someone mentioned that they were looking for someone willing to look after an elderly lady daily. I visited her the next day, and she offered me not only a job but also accommodation. She was a great comfort to me when my mother was not around. I was nineteen and immature to have a child, and she helped me so much when Sophie was little. She was a great, great grandmother. She loved us like we were her real family. As I mentioned earlier, I named Sophie after her.
Rosie and Tanya would come back to us for a while, and we'd keep singing, but then it stopped. By then, Tanya had a significant drinking problem, and Rosie became a famous cookbook writer and traveled worldwide. Over the years, she stopped by now and then, which was good because we kept in touch, and when we set Sophie's wedding date, I was able to invite them. Twenty years later, the past crossed my path again when my daughter read the diary and wanted to know who her father was and sent out a wedding announcement on my behalf. All three of them showed up the day before the wedding day. I was shocked when I met them at my old goat house."

"Goathouse?" Miranda exclaimed.

"Yes, but it doesn't exist anymore. Sophie housed them there to avoid meeting me. But it's all my fault because I had unprotected sex with all three of them, and my daughter knew it!"

"Oh, you're too hard on yourself, Donna. How many young people had protected sex back then?" Miranda tried not to make Donna feel so guilty. "People do it all the time."

"Well, that's not an excuse," Donna replied. "I should have acted responsibly."

"But honey, that was years ago! You were young and desperate. When our feelings are hurt, we do things we wouldn't normally do. Be proud of what you've accomplished instead of constantly blaming yourself. I'm sure Sophie had no hard feelings towards you. Neither do I. Never apologize for being a fucking strong woman. You know what I mean?" Miranda squeezed her hands tightly.

Donna wanted to say something but couldn't. Miranda's encouraging attitude gave her pause for a moment. "I'm so glad I opened up to you," she moved closer to her. "I knew it was the right thing to do, even though I was kind of afraid of what you'll say back!"

"Why did you even think of that?" Miranda couldn't believe it. "Look at me, darling. I'm built from every mistake I have ever made. Your past doesn't change my feelings for you," she smiled at her.  

Donna was so happy for Miranda’s deep understanding of her insecurities. She had never opened up to anyone else like this except her best friends, Rosie and Tanya, but with Miranda, it was different. "You see me at my worst, but only talk about my best. I want you to know that it means everything to me,“ her hand wove through Miranda’s hair and continued with her story.

"I never told anyone about it, and I kept it to myself all these years. Even my best friends didn't know about it. They thought Sam was her father. And then when they suddenly showed up, all I cared about was that Sophie never found out. Of course, I couldn't know that she already knew everything and that she was the one who invited them. However, I did meet them and learned that they were three strangers who had coincidentally met on the mainland. Each of them thought he was her father, but none of them knew it could be any of them. It drove me crazy to look into Sam's face after all these years and feel like he never left. Deep inside, I was both angry and happy that he was back. Sure, I hadn't told him, but I knew that he could sense that I still had feelings for him and that he felt the same way about me. I was so desperate. I was busy preparing for the wedding and dealing with it all at the same time. I kept thinking about them because I couldn't figure out why they had shown up the day before Sophie's wedding, and after I threw them out of the goat house, I had no idea where they were or when they would show up again.
Sam somehow managed to find me alone, and we talked for a while. It was quite an uncomfortable conversation, and he tried to tell me what was best for Sophie and me. He pissed me off with his stupid remarks, and I told him I didn't need a middle-aged man telling me how to run my life.   

Then the wedding day came, and he met with me again and asked me who would walk Sophie down the aisle. When I told him it would be me, he asked what if her father wanted to do it too? I begged him to stop and told him how much he had hurt me by letting me go, and I ran away from him, crying up to the church. By the time I got near, I had to pull myself together enough to keep from going completely insane.
When the priest said I was representing Sophie's family, I couldn't take the tension anymore. I stood up and said we should welcome Sophie's father too. That's when the madness began! The three stood up at once, looked at each other in confusion, and quickly sat down again. Sophie told me that she knew and invited him, and I replied that she couldn't because I didn't know which one it was. It was at that exact moment that it hit me. That's why they were all there. It was so embarrassing in front of all those people and especially my daughter. I begged her for forgiveness, but she assured me that she couldn't care less if I slept with hundreds of men and that I was her mom and loved me very much. I was red on my ass," Donna rolled her eyes. "I had to tell her that I hadn't slept with hundreds of men, and I thought we could finally move on and concentrate on the wedding ceremony." 

"Am I boring you yet?"  Donna gave Miranda a questioning look.

"Of course not! Do I look bored?" Miranda wondered. "I'm anxious to hear what comes next," she urged her to continue.

"It won't take long because we are getting to the point where everything has screwed up. Sam walked towards the aisle and asked if he understood that Sophie could be his, Harry's, or Bill's. So I said yes, and told him not to blame me because it was his fault and alone. Sophie was unhappy about the ongoing situation and said that he just dumped on me and left and married someone else.
So he started telling us that he had to come home because he was engaged. He said to his fiancée, Lorraine, that he couldn't marry her and went right back to Kalokairi. I asked him why he hadn't called me then. He told me he was such a fool that he thought I would be waiting for him. And when he arrived, he found out I was off with some other guy. So he meekly went back to Lorraine, who allegedly called him an idiot and married him to prove it."

"Did he say he thought you were going to wait for him? Did I miss something?" Miranda shook her head in disbelief.

"Exactly! I couldn't believe he had the nerve to say that to my face. He told me he loved me the whole time and then leaving me the day after we slept together. He realized he was engaged and had to go home to get married. How in the world are you going to wait for someone who hurt you and left you for another?" 

"Hell, yes, that was my point! So he came home to marry someone he didn't even want?" 

"I didn't get it either, but when he pointed his finger at me, I lost it. That was the last straw. Oh my God, at that moment, I felt like the world's biggest slut. I didn't understand why in the world he was doing this. It pissed me off so much that he had to talk about it in front of all those people. When I looked at Sophie and saw the horrified look on her face, I asked him to leave and never come back kindly. It wasn't hard at the time because Sophie's wedding was everything to me. I had worked so hard for it, and I certainly wouldn't let anyone ruin her wedding any more than it already was at that moment. Not even Sam Carmichael.  The ceremony was beautiful, and we enjoyed every minute of it. The days after, not so much. Of course, I tried my best not to show how much I was hurting, especially my daughter. I just said I was disappointed in Sam's behavior, and she apologized a million times for what she did to me. They didn't even go on their honeymoon because of it. They decided to stay with me until I felt better."

"It was very thoughtful of them," Miranda said. "You and your daughter, it seems like nothing, and no one will ever break your bond."

"That's true. I've never regretted a second of having my child. It hasn't always been easy, but I wouldn't have had it any other way. And to our good fortune, there were always so many kids around us that she grew up with. I made my living giving them piano and English lessons."

"Oh, silly me," Miranda smacked her forehead. "I kept thinking there was something unusual here. And this is it. I've noticed that the young people speak perfect English, and Sheridan doesn't sound Greek to me either. Now I realize you mentioned wanting to go to Europe, and you speak with the same accent I do. Are you from New York?" Miranda wondered. Her gestures and facial expressions made Donna laugh.

"I love you so much," she kissed her cheek. "Yes, indeed, I am from New York," Donna smiled broadly. "I lived there until I was 19."

Miranda was fascinated by how much they had in common. She wanted to say it out loud, but her curiosity about what would follow commanded her to keep quiet. At least for now.
"You know, my daughters play the piano too, but I rarely make their recitals, which I'm very sorry about. Their teacher says they're talented, and I hope she means it." Miranda smiled bitterly. "That's the other side of the coin when you're a celebrity. It's often hard to tell what they mean sincerely and when it's just an act."

"Yes, it must be hard. I can listen to the girls if you'd like. Do they only play the classics?"

"Sure, what else?" Miranda raised an eyebrow.

"You know, I didn't enjoy it because playing Chopin, Rachmaninoff, and others over and over for hours was boring. So whenever mother wasn't home, I'd listen to the songs playing on the radio and just try to catch the tunes on the piano. I could have spent all day doing that. It was so much fun. That's what I tell my students: do your homework first, and then just play for fun and discover that joy. Music should be fun, not torture."

Miranda stared at her. "I never thought of it that way. You are truly an amazing woman," she played with Donna's hair.

"I can be pretty strict too," Donna smiled.

"Really?" Miranda teased her. "Can I ask you something personal?"

"Of course. You can ask me anything, honey."

"You've never dated anyone?"

"A lot of men wanted to date me, some of them were very rich indeed, and they came back, again and again, hoping I'd change my mind. But the lesson I learned was too hard. I stayed single because I didn't need anyone ruining my life. I was ruining it perfectly on my own. My heart was taken by him, even though he wasn't worth it." Donna shrugged. "I don't know if I could have ever let him go if it hadn't been for you," she smiled admiringly at Miranda. "Thanks to you, I was finally able to get my life back on track. To wipe away my tears, erase him from my thoughts, and start over because I missed being myself. I'm so happy to be me again. And that's my answer to your question: No, I don't have feelings for him."

Miranda felt immensely relieved. "It means so much to me. It touches me deeply to hear that I'm the reason that helped you get back on track. I'm mostly known for getting people out of the track," she smiled bitterly. "I'm not saying I'm perfect. I know. I'm far from it. I'm just saying that I'm worth it."

Donna put Miranda's hand to her heart. "You make my heart dance. I love you just the way you are, Miranda. I want all your flaws, faults, smile, giggles, jokes, sarcasm, and everything. I don't want you to change one bit. I just want you."

Miranda was all soft. She secretly hoped her reputation wouldn't put off Donna. "You know, one of the main reasons my marriages failed was because my exes tried to change me instead of accepting me as I am. When I went through my recent divorce, I said to myself, if he was stupid enough to leave, be smart enough to let him go. And even though it hurt more than I expected, it was very liberating. I could finally start breathing freely, and I didn't have to argue with him about anything. The pain didn't last long anyway, and my daughters and I became very close, which I am incredibly grateful for. I promised them I wouldn't bring them another father. But now everything has changed," she smirked at Donna. 

Donna blushed heavily. "I know we're going to have to approach all of this very carefully, and it's certainly not going to be easy. None of us know what kind of reaction we can expect from our daughters. However, you are my future, Miranda. I want to start a new chapter in my life, and I want it with you because I believe strongly in us. I do."

"Thank you so much," Miranda sobbed. "I feel the same way. I guess we're going to have to face bigger obstacles to be with each other. I may be a difficult person to love, but when I love, it's with everything." 

"Oh, you're not a difficult person to love, honey. It's the other way around," Donna smiled. "You found parts of me that I didn't know existed, and I found a love in you that I no longer believed was real. I only wish I had known you earlier," Donna whispered.

"Me too, but who knows if it would have worked. I think we met at the right place at the right time. I'm so comfortable with you, and, amazingly, I don't have to pretend to be anyone or anything. I'm so ready for our future together."

Donna kissed her passionately and whispered, " I'm so ready for Let's do some 'we shouldn't be doing this' things."

Miranda grinned. "Yeah. Let's misbehave."