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Because Of You

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Miranda kissed her cheeks, forehead, nose and planted small, tender kisses all over her face. She started nibbling Donna's earlobe, which made Donna pretty turned on. She looked into Miranda's eyes, and the look made her shiver. They were full of love and lust. Miranda continued to lick Donna's neck with varying intensity. Donna's hands ran wildly through Miranda's hair. Donna's never been kissed like this before.

"Are you okay?" Miranda whispered, blowing hot air against her ear.

"Yeah!" Donna let out a helpless moan. "I'm more than okay," she murmured.

Miranda slowly ran one hand over Donna's hip, teasing her with each touch. She alternately kissed her on the lips, neck, and ear and began to kiss her way down to unbutton her blouse. Something Miranda had longed to do earlier in the day but couldn't. Now, however, she didn't have to worry about being caught. She slowly unbuttoned them. One. Two. Three. When she unbuttoned the last button, she was mesmerized by the splendor of Donna's beauty.

"You are so beautiful," Miranda gasped, squeezing her breasts. "They look... magnificent," she gushed. Donna was close to fainting as Miranda began to play with her nipples, slowly circling her fingers around them and then licking and biting them. It was a hot, sweet, narcotic pain. Donna shuddered under Miranda's hands, moaned softly, and dug her nails into Miranda's back. It was burning, sweet, narcotic pain.  It made her realize that Miranda was still wearing her bathrobe.

"Wait, honey," Donna whispered.

Miranda paused, confused.

"What? You, you don't want me, you don't like it."

"No! No! "Donna shook her head as she heard where Miranda's thoughts were going. "I'm horny as hell," her cheeks burned.

"So?" Miranda didn't see what the problem could be.

"Look at you, sweetheart! That's just not fair," Donna teased her.

Miranda's frustration couldn't have been more obvious. "Excuse me?" Miranda sat up.

"I want to see you too," Donna smiled sweetly. "Let me take this off." Donna removed her bathrobe.

"So?" Miranda didn't see what the problem could be.

"Look at you, sweetheart! That's just not fair," Donna teased her.

Miranda's disappointment couldn't have been more obvious. "Excuse me?" Miranda sat up.

"I want to see you too," Donna smiled sweetly. "Let me take this off." Donna removed her robe.

A shiver of eagerness ran through her body. She was stunned by Miranda's soft, slender figure with soft curves and smooth porcelain skin she had never seen before.  Donna sat up, looked at Miranda's flushed face, and said, "I want you so desperately," and moved her hands to cup her breasts. It was the first time she had ever touched Miranda's body, and she was fascinated by how good it felt.

"You can have me. I'm yours." Miranda bit her bottom lip.

Suddenly everything became so intense. Donna rolled over on top of Miranda and held her wrists above her head, pinning them to the mattress. She was kissing her wildly and passionately. Then she bit, sucked, and ran her tongue over each nipple until Miranda gasped and moaned. Her breasts were so soft and warm, and her nipples were getting super hard.

"Oh, good lord... This... is...beyond... amazing," Miranda moaned, pulling Donna to her as they ground against each other. She ran her fingers over her back, and when she was about to grab Donna's ass, she gently slapped it and said, "What the hell?"

This time it was Donna who didn't understand Miranda's point. "What?" Donna asked.

Miranda rolled Donna over but said nothing. Miranda smiled and kept her gaze on Donna's eyes. The loss of Miranda's kisses and touches was almost unbearable.

"What's wrong? Tell me," Donna demanded an immediate answer.

Miranda trailed her fingertips down her body to the waistband of her skirt. "Mmm, speaking of justice, what the hell is this? How come I'm completely naked, and you're still fully clothed?" She paused.

"Fully clothed?" Donna widened her eyes. "You're a devil, Priestly," Donna laughed loudly and unzipped her skirt. "So?" 

"Mmm, yes, that looks much better," Miranda winked at her. "I'll take care of the rest," she giggled, gently spreading her legs. Miranda slowly worked her way down her jaw, her neck, her chest to her nipples. She bit and sucked and flicked her tongue over each nipple, making her gasp and scream. "Mhm, you like that, don't you?" Miranda teased her.

"Oooh... Oh my God! Yes! Yes!" Donna cried. "Keep it is going!" 

Every Miranda's move and touch did set off fireworks inside her. Miranda didn't want to rush the foreplay. But she also kept in mind that since Donna hadn't had sex in who knows how long, she might appreciate it if she stepped it up a bit. Donna's sounds and shaky breathing told her that she was already fully aroused. The sexual intensity was escalating. She slowly slipped her hand under the waistband of Donna's panties, and between her legs, to the first pussy she'd ever touched that wasn't hers. 

"Hmm, you're so fucking wet," Miranda couldn't take it anymore and pulled Donna's panties down.

"Um, I haven't shaved in a few days because I didn't know..." Donna's cheeks flushed with embarrassment.

Miranda hushed her with a kiss. "As if I care. I love you just the way you are. Do you even realize how wonderful you are to me?" She whispered into her ear.

It was a beyond great feeling. 'When was the last time someone other than me touched me down there?' Donna thought as she suddenly felt something indescribably overwhelming. At that moment, Miranda's fingers touched her clit for the first time. Her body arched, and a loud moan escaped her throat. "Oh my God! Don't stop!" Donna couldn't get enough of those exquisite sensations she was experiencing after such a long time. 

Miranda’s fingertips brushed gently against her clit and then slowly ran her fingers down to her entrance. "Oh, you're so fucking wet," Miranda purred as she felt that incredible wetness and warmth for the first time. She teased her for a moment longer and then slowly slid her first finger into Donna's wet pussy.

“Mi... Mi-ran-da! Mi-ran-da! Donna was shaking and moaning her name. 

"You're amazing," Miranda whispered as she slid her second finger inside her and slowly pumped it in and out. Donna's breathing got more intense, and she started moving her hips with Miranda's fingering pattern. Miranda went deeper and curled them up when Donna‘s pussy suddenly squeezed very tight around her fingers, just for a while. 'Did I just hit her G-spot?' Miranda got wetter just thinking about it. She fell in love with the sound of Donna’s wetness. 

"Faster, please,' Donna whimpered. "I'm really close, I'm so close," Donna spoke between shuddering breaths.

She didn’t have to repeat. And then, it all came together. The pressure, which had been building, was reaching the breaking point. Donna couldn’t keep herself quiet. She shook, and she twitched, and she cried out when she cum. 

Miranda fingered her to her first orgasm. She watched Donna's face as she came, and it was almost enough to put her over the edge. She was mesmerized by Donna's beauty in all her nakedness. She had never seen a woman like this before. It was the best feeling she had ever experienced.

"Are you okay?"Miranda asked, giving her a loving look.

"I love you so much, Miranda. I, I would have never thought that making love to a woman could be so fucking beautiful," she whispered in a trembling voice, thrusting her fingers into Miranda's hair, and hung on. Miranda moaned and kissed her deeply.

"I love you too, honey. Making you happy is my priority," Miranda bit her bottom lip gently. 

"That's so sweet," Donna's eyes filled with tears of happiness. "I want you so bad. I want you, Miranda.” Donna breathlessly moaned into her staggering kisses.

“Then take me. Nothing is stopping you,” a smirk flashed across Miranda’s lips.

"No, nothing is..." Donna stroked her cheek with her fingertips. She started kissing her on her eyelids, on her cheeks, on her lips. "I've never experienced anything so wonderful," her voice trembled with excitement. 

"Neither have I," Miranda moaned.

Donna wrapped her arms around Miranda's shoulders to pull her close, her hand seemingly rested on her breast. Miranda moaned again. "You know, I can have an orgasm just from playing with my breasts," she revealed her little secret.

"Wow! Really?" Donna was stunned, and she immediately started playing with her nipples, slowly circling them with her fingers and then licking around them.

"Oh my God, you're so amazing with your tongue," Miranda whispered and started breathing a little faster.

"Gosh, it works," Donna moaned loudly as Miranda's body began to shiver all over. One of Donna's hands touched her lower parts. She was so wet. She gently rubbed her clit and slid two fingers into her hungry pussy.  

"Mmm, Don-mmm, yes," Miranda moaned aloud.

She began to move her hips back and forth against Donna's fingers, breathing heavily. She was all wet, and Donna couldn't resist the urge to taste her. She released her fingers and ran her tongue along the entire length of her vagina. Miranda was surprised, shocked even, to see Donna sucking and flicking her tongue around her clit. It was an overwhelming sensation. Donna's tongue moved just the way she liked it. It felt so good. She kissed the inside of Miranda's thighs and worked her way to Miranda's pussy. 

"You taste so good," Donna murmured while Miranda's hips were grinding against her face. Donna clung to her legs tightly, totally devouring her pussy.

"Donna! Oh, Donna! Aaah, good, good," Miranda let out a few big moans as a sign of pleasure. 

Donna breathed out hot air against her clit, fingering her again as she continued pleasuring her orally. It wasn't long before Miranda's entire body shuddered, and she came in heavy waves.

Donna stared at her in amazement. She was fascinated that she could touch another woman's naked body and realized how blessed she was. She was blown away by how hot Miranda looked and how she glowed after sex.

"Are you still worried about your ability to satisfy my needs?" Miranda smiled at her. "And you have never been with another woman before?" she wondered.

"Never, not even once," Donna replied, surprised by her question. "And I never ate pussy before. I just wanted to make you feel good," She said with a hint of uncertainty that Miranda immediately noticed.

Miranda hugged her tightly. "I just wanted to say that you were amazing. That great tongue of yours brought me so much pleasure. It was seriously nothing like I had ever felt before in my life. The best orgasm I've ever had!"

The passion between them was so natural, so intense and hot, that it rose so high above them that they couldn't control it. When the initial curiosity and shyness disappeared, the two women relaxed completely and lovingly indulged each other with successive lovemaking. No one was more in love than the two of them. The sex was beautiful, but the magic between them created something much more. After a long night of lovemaking, they fell asleep just as the sun was beginning to rise.