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Because Of You

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The next day Donna woke up with a smile on her face. She hadn't felt so refreshed and happy in a long time. 

She heard Sophie's voice coming from downstairs.

"Mom, are you here?"

"I'm washing my hair," Donna replied.

Sophie brought breakfast into her room. While Donna was still in the bathroom, Sophie sat down at the table and looked through the Runway magazine.

"Oh my God, you're such a sweetheart," Donna kissed her daughter on the cheek when she saw the breakfast.  

"I'd love to do this," Sophie said, pointing to the sketches.

Donna smiled. Sophie had a great talent. She had been painting and drawing since she was a child. She had drawn countless portraits of Donna, but she had no problem drawing anything. Donna kept all her artwork. "You can show Miranda some of your paintings," she said.

"What?" "You're not serious, are you? Forget it, Mom."

Donna wanted to say something, but Sophie's hand gesture stopped her. "How about fanning your hair?" She turned the subject.

"Oh, yes," Donna said without thinking twice about it. It was one of her most minor favorite activities, so she accepted such an offer. She didn't have the patience for it. So often, she let her hair dry.

"You look gorgeous, Mom. The guys will go crazy for you," Sophie giggled.

"Yeah, right," Donna laughed.

"Well, Mom, I have to go now. I'll see you later." She kissed her on the cheek, took the magazine with her, and left.

Miranda was awakened by the sunlight gently tickling her cheek. Although it hadn't been a long sleep, she felt refreshed and full of energy. The view from the window of the azure sea and the enchanting surroundings fascinated her. She took a deep breath of fresh air and closed her eyes. After a short shower, she dressed in a white blouse and white capri pants with side slits.

"You got everything?" She heard Donna's voice.  

Miranda rushed to the window to look at her. She looked out and couldn't believe what Donna was wearing. "Dungarees?" She rolled her eyes.  

"Where are you having the party tonight?" Donna asked.

"Down at the beach. I can tell Miranda probably wouldn't have liked the noise if we'd stayed here yesterday." Sky apologized.

"Yes, that's why I asked you to go down to the beach."

"I completely understand that, Donna. We don't want to scare our lovely guest, do we?" He winked at her.

"Exactly," she smiled. "Here's the shopping list, but if you find anything useful that we may need, take it." 

She took off her hat and ran her fingers through her curly hair.

"Got it," Sky nodded and left.  

"Good morning, Donna," Miranda greeted her.

Donna lifted her head. "Good morning, Miranda," she smiled at her.

"Would you like to join me for breakfast?"

"Oh, sure, I'd love to.

"You're so charming," Donna gazed at her as Miranda appeared.

"Oh, thank you," Miranda blushed.   

"Did you sleep well?" Donna asked.

"Yeah, though I couldn't fall asleep for a long time." 

"Why? Is there something wrong with the bed? Or does the mattress not suit you?" Donna panicked.

"No, no, nothing like that. Everything is perfect. It's just, " Miranda paused for a moment. "I've missed you so much, and I couldn't wait to be with you again."

"I missed you too." Donna looked around before she took Miranda's hand and squeezed it. Miranda returned the sweet gesture and smiled at her.

"What do you usually have for breakfast?"

"If I'm at work, fried eggs," Miranda replied.

"Fried eggs?"  Donna looked at her in disbelief.

"Yes, do you have any problems with fried eggs?" Miranda teased her.  

"No, I don't. I'd just expect some rare or expensive food. How about lunch?"

"I love bloody steaks," Miranda laughed. "I'm often invited to business lunches. And sometimes there's no time to eat anything."

"Say no more." Donna put her hand over her mouth. "I'll serve you something yummy. I'll be right back."

Miranda nodded with a smile on her face. "I can't wait."  

"Good morning, Miranda." Sophie hugged her from behind.

"Good morning, Sophie," Miranda greeted her. "What brings you here so early?"

"My job."

"I suppose working in hospitality must be a challenge."

"You're right," Sophie agreed. "It's hard sometimes, but I love my job. My mom was the best teacher, and she taught me everything. I witnessed all her ups and downs because things didn't always go smoothly. I love and admire her very much."

"Breakfast time is here." Donna ended their current discussion. "Hot latté and croissants with walnut filling. Enjoy your breakfast, Miranda."

Miranda tasted the first croissant. "Oh gosh. I haven't had anything this delicious in a long time," she gushed.

"Our guests are raving about it. We offer lots of other fillings, but these are the most popular, even though this is not a typical Greek breakfast," Donna explained.

"These amazing croissants reminded me of when I lived in Paris," said Miranda. 

"Thank you so much for the Runway magazine, Miranda. I like it," Sophie said.

"I'm so glad to hear that. Are you interested in fashion?" 

"Oh, yes. Girls and I are always trying to create something. Aunt Tanya sends us some fashion magazines from time to time, but I've never seen Runway. I've always liked fashion sketches and imagined the process of making them into real clothes."

"You don't say!" Her words made Miranda happy.

"Sophie's been drawing and painting since she could hold a pencil. She's so talented..."

"Mom," Sophie moaned.

"Okay, fine. I'll keep my mouth shut," Donna frowned.

Miranda wanted to say something, but the ringing of her cell phone stopped her. "My girls are calling!" She stood up and walked aside.

Meanwhile, Donna and Sophie cleared the table, and Sophie returned to her office.

Miranda looked happy when she returned.

"Good news?" Donna asked.

"Yes. Girls are well, and they were pleased that I like it here."

"Well, good for you."

"And what about you and Soph? Is everything okay?"

"It was nothing. Sophie thinks I'm biased as her mother, you know?"  Donna shrugged. "Maybe she's right."

"Do you have any of her drawings? I'd like to look at them," Miranda said. "I'm serious, Donna," she assured her, seeing the doubt on her face.

"Follow me," Donna stood up.

Miranda stood up and followed her.

"But promise me you won't tell her about this," Donna turned to her. "She wouldn't like that."

"You have my word."

"Welcome to my house," she let Miranda in. "I'll show you around the house later, but first, we'll go to my kingdom," Donna said and ran up the stairs. "Here we are," she opened the door to her beloved room. 

"Wow, it looks so comfortable here," Miranda looked around the room. "Oh! And another beautiful view of the sea! It reminds me of my hotel room."

"Maybe because it was and in a way still is my room," Donna winked at her.

"Your room?" Miranda wondered.

"I've lived in it for sixteen years. Sophie and I had the whole floor to ourselves. That's why it has a separate entrance. Last year Harry and Petros came up with the idea of remodeling these old houses to have decent living space and privacy. I didn't want to leave my hotel room, but I loved this place. And it's great that Soph and Sky have their own love nest." 

"That's why I feel so good in that hotel room." She stroked Donna's cheek with her fingertips.

"I'm glad you do." Donna closed her eyes.

"Is that a wedding photo?" Miranda pointed to a large framed photo of Donna and Sophia.

"Yes, it is. It's been a year."

 "You both look irresistible. And look over there! Oh my God, that's you with Rosie and Tanya!"

"Yeah," Donna giggled. "Donna and the Dynamo in action."

"I wish I could see you in that gorgeous costume. You're so damn sexy in it."

"Oh, I am?" Donna's cheeks flushed like a tomato. "Who knows what you'd think of me when you see me on stage. I mean, I'm not the same person when I perform as I am in private, you know? It always takes me a while to become my old self again," she winked playfully.

Miranda laughed out loud.

"You're so beautiful when you smile," Donna looked at her adoringly. "Make yourself comfortable, and I'll bring the drawings," Donna broke the lingering romantic tension between them.

Miranda sat down on the shaggy white rug in front of Donna's bed with a pile of different-sized pillows around it. On the wall hung a picture of Donna wearing a gold spandex outfit. It felt cozy and romantic at the same time. Miranda longed to feel Donna's lips on hers again.

"There it is," Donna interrupted her thoughts. She sat down next to her and spread Sophie's drawings on the floor. Miranda looked at it intently.  Donna couldn't read any adequate expression on her face and was nervous about the result.

"Do you want me to tell you the truth?" Miranda teased her a little.

"'Of course,' Donna looked at her, 'why is she asking me that?'

"You were right. Sophie has natural talent. I would allow her to work for the company.

"Are you serious?"

"You bet. Believe me. All jokes go aside when I talk about the work," Miranda said in a tone that made it clear she was serious.

"Yes, I knew it," Donna said, kissing Miranda on the cheek. She gathered up the drawings and took them back. Miranda had to smile. She loved Donna's spontaneity.

"You may think I'm crazy, but I never know when Sophie might show up." 

"Don't worry. It'll stay between us. You have my word," Miranda assured her again.

"Thank you, that means a lot," Donna said, and then Miranda got what she wanted. Donna's hot lips were on hers. It took her a second to recover from the unexpected but beautiful attack.

"Oh, Donna, my sweet enchantress," she sighed, taking the initiative. She breathed tiny kisses on Donna's cheek and whispered sweet nothings.

Miranda found it so arousing when Donna buried her hands in her hair. None of her ex-husbands ever seemed to treat her right.

"Gosh, you're driving me crazy," Miranda moaned as she unbuttoned her buckles. She wanted her with a burning desire that came straight from her heart and soul.

"I'm overwhelmed with happiness. I want you more and more," Donna whispered.

"Mhm, tell me how much," Miranda groaned. "I've missed your kisses and touches so much. I swear it was the longest night of my life," she whispered, eagerly rolling up Donna's blouse, through which the white lace bra showed through. For the first time, she touched her naked body with her lips. The touch nearly took her breath away. Her heart pounded wildly. 

Donna's body shuddered with excitement.  "Yes, yes," she moaned. 

Miranda ran her fingertips over Donna's bottom lip. "You are so beautiful, Donna. I could look at you for hours."

Donna's eyes filled with tears. Tears of happiness.

"Oh no, are you crying? I didn't want to make you cry," Miranda's voice broke. 'Oh God, I screwed it up. Again.' She sat up. Tears of despair welled up Miranda's eyes. 

"Oh, Miranda, my sweet little angel," Donna smiled, laying Miranda on her back. "Your beautiful words brought tears to my eyes. No one has ever said anything so beautiful to me."

Miranda held her tightly against her. "I...I was scared that I screwed it up," she sobbed. "I can't imagine my life without you."

"You took the words right out of my mouth," Donna kissed her on her forehead. "Do you even realize how amazing you are to me?"

Miranda rolled her over onto her back and glanced into Donna's eyes in which she saw full of love and lust. Miranda ran her tongue over her closed lips, demanding entrance into her mouth. Donna parted her lips to let her in. Their tongues played with each other for a long time.

"You're an amazing kisser," Donna moaned. "I can't get enough of this. It turns me on so much when you kiss me like this."
Just as Miranda was about to take a closer look at Donna's pulsating neck, Harry's voice slashed their erotic activities.

"Donna? Are you here?" Harry called.

"Oh no, no, no, no, not now!" This interruption made Donna furious. "Give me fifteen minutes," Donna said after a while.

"Okay, I'll meet you at the tavern."

"Damn!" Donna felt miserable. "I'm so sorry, but I have to go."

"Shh." Miranda put a finger to Donna's lips. "It's okay, honey. We have time," she helped her adjust her clothes.

"I want to be with you," Donna whined as they walked downstairs, arms wrapped around each other's waists. "How can I hide all the joy and excitement you've brought into my life?"

Miranda kissed her once more. Her words were like a balm to her soul. "We won't miss anything. I'll wait as long as it takes."

"I'll try to get back as soon as I can." Donna pulled her closer.

"I can't wait because together is my favorite place to be," Miranda whispered while biting her earlobe.

"Oh God, let's go now, or I'll never leave!" Donna laughed.

"Good point," Miranda smiled and went to her hotel room. She felt relaxed, happy, and fulfilled. Runway didn‘t come to her mind for one second. What's more, she didn't mind at all! For the first time in almost twenty years! She even toyed with the idea of leaving Runway. Just not now. Now she had to win the battle against her boss! Then quitting her job at Runway will be the sweetest revenge.