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Because Of You

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After talking to Donna, Miranda was in a good mood.

Donna Sheridan. She couldn't get her cheerful voice out of her head. She speculated what Donna looked like and how old she was. ' Why am I so concerned?' she asked herself. She clicked on their website again, hoping to find out more about her. But it turned out to be a big disappointment. "Oh, well..." She groaned. Before she could think about it, a hard knock on the door brought her back to reality.

"Come in," she said in her quiet tone.

"You're probably going to kill me, but I just got a call from Corfu. They canceled our photoshoot," Nigel said, full of anger.

Miranda raised her right eyebrow. "Because..." She let the question hang in the air.

"They're not interested anymore." He shrugged, expecting her outburst any moment.

"Well, screw 'em!" Miranda spoke up after a moment.

"Excuse me?" Nigel looked at her in surprise with his mouth open.

"I've done my research and discovered a beautiful spot for our photoshoot. I'm going there by myself next weekend to look around and pick out suitable locations. Come here and take a look," she pointed to the monitor.

Nigel still couldn't get over the fact that she hadn't eaten him. He couldn't recognize her at all.

"So what?" Miranda asked.

Nigel leaned over Miranda's right shoulder. The presentation of the website stunned him.

"Wow, you did an excellent job, Miranda. Where is it?"

"It's a Greek island called Kalokairi."

"Well, I hope they don't kick us out like Corfu!" he said.  

"I called and spoke to the hotel owner there today, and she assured me they'd appreciate having us. There's no problem with accommodation either. It was her idea for me to show up and check everything out first."

"Oh, so the owner is a woman? Nigel wondered.

"Yes, her name is Donna, and she was very nice," Miranda smiled.

"You're the best, Miranda. Fantastic work! As always."

He was relieved that things had turned out this way. Miranda considered him a friend. He was the only one with whom she would discuss work and personal matters here and there. But she was unpredictable. She proved it last year in Paris. And although he had submitted, he understood her reasons for doing it. No matter how ruthless and arrogant she was, he loved her. He couldn't leave her because she meant too much to him. He held one of the highest positions in the company, and after all these years, he still loved his job. Thanks to Miranda's incredible precision, tenacity, and tremendous work effort, Runway has turned into a bible in the fashion world.

 A regular week passed, and Miranda called the hotel on Kalokairi again.

"Villa Donna," came a recognizable voice.

"Hello, Donna. It's Miranda. Remember me?"

"Of course. How could I forget you?" Donna laughed.

Her merry laughter echoed right in Miranda's heart. It was such a joyful and disarming laugh.

"So what time are you landing at Skiathos airport?"

"We should land at 11:15 am, but the ferry leaves at 11:30 am. I can't make it," Miranda groaned.

"Don't worry, Miranda. I'll arrange a boat for you and then pick you up at the dock."

"Thank you so much, Donna. I appreciate it," Miranda heaved a deep sigh. "How long does the ferry from Skiathos to Kalokairi take?"

"The average journey time by ferry is 1 hrs 19 min," Donna informed her.

"I thought it would be less time, but I'm so grateful I won't have to wait for another one."

"We've arranged everything for you, and I hope you enjoy your stay."

"Thank you very much. I love it already!"

"Miranda, I'm so sorry, but I have to go now. We have a lot of work to do today. I'll see you on Friday. Have a nice day." Donna hung up before Miranda could say anything.

'Oh, Donna,' Miranda sighed, realizing she was missing Donna's voice and her infectious laugh. Donna was so easy to talk to. Maybe it was because she wasn't afraid to speak with Miranda Priestly. She probably talked to her the same way she talks to every other client. 'Enough, Miranda. You're here to work,' she said to herself.

She called Emily and Nigel to come to her office. She announced to them that she would be off from tomorrow until the following Monday.

"Is the new assistant useful?" Miranda looked at Emily.

"She's a quick learner, and she's handy," Emily muttered.

"I'll give you further instructions tomorrow evening when you deliver the Book to my townhouse at nine o'clock sharp. That's all."

Emily nodded and left the office.

"Have a seat, Nigel. I need to talk to you about what you'll need to do in my absence. I'd suggest you take some notes," she looked him straight in the eyes.

'Oh my God, don't do this to me, those beautiful blue eyes,' he admonished her mentally.

After Miranda had finished revising the Book, she slowly walked to her sumptuous bedroom late that evening. She collapsed onto the bed. Tears streamed down her face. She felt like her world had been falling apart. Yes, she had everything she needed and could have everything she wanted. But most of all, she wanted someone to love her for who she was. With painful thoughts that it would never happen, she fell asleep.