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Because Of You

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Miranda asked herself repeatedly if there are any qualified employees in the company. Not even Nigel could meet her requirement for an enchanted European island. It was essential to the photoshoot for the summer issue of the Runway fashion magazine.

‘I’d rather take care of it myself,’ she sighed. Before starting to work, she called her first assistant Emily and launched her with a dozen tasks to manage. “Then you can go home. I won‘t need you today. That‘s all.” 

‘Do I have a free afternoon?’ Emily thought in disbelief.

Miranda didn't care for her. She was busy looking for an island in Europe that would satisfy the bright idea she had in her head. Later that evening, she discovered the coveted spot. The beautiful scenery of the island of Kalokairi moved her. Its eternally azure sea, the white houses scattered all over the island, and the chapel reached the sky. Hotel "Villa Donna" and many private residences in the area provided accommodation. She leaned back in her chair, turned towards the window, and closed her eyes for a moment. Her neck was stiff. It was 10:15 p.m. when she heard the click of heels getting closer and closer, an unmistakable sign that they had finished the Book. 

"Good evening, Miranda," the startled young girl greeted her.

"Good evening?!" hissed Miranda. There were a few more peppery words on her tongue, but she swallowed them. "Put the Book on the table! That's all." Miranda said as she always did.

She called Roy, her chauffeur, to take her home. The twins had flown out yesterday with her ex-husband Stephen for a lavish holiday to the Canary Islands. The townhouse was quiet, and she missed their noise and the screaming that echoed throughout the household. After a short shower, she checked her book and dropped notes on the pages that didn't meet her needs.  She fell asleep, full of thoughts of that beautiful Kalokairi landscape. Something like this hadn't happened to her in many years.

The following day, Miranda gave several tasks to her new assistant.

"Make sure no one disturbs me." She closed the door behind her. It was the first time Miranda had ever done that. She sat down at her desk and took a sip of her hot latte. Then she dialed the number that would connect her to the hotel owner on that beautiful Greek island.

“Villa, Donna,” replied a pleasant woman’s voice. “What can I do for you?”

"Hello, this is Miranda Priestly."

"Villa Donna. What can I do for you?"

"I'd like to speak to the owner of the hotel."

"Well, then, it's your lucky day. It's me. My name is Donna Sheridan. Can I help you?"

It took Miranda a moment to recover. She certainly hadn't expected a woman to own the hotel. She was impressed. "I'm the editor-in-chief of the New York fashion magazine Runway. We'd love doing some photoshoots on your beautiful island for our summer issue."

"Really?" Donna exclaimed in surprise. "We'd love to have you here." 

"That's very kind of you. We'll need accommodations for about twenty people."

"That won't be a problem. We have many luxury hotels, private residences or apartments that I'm sure will suit you. You can come and see for yourself first," Donna joked.

The corners of Miranda's mouth twitched. "That's an excellent suggestion. Please wait a moment." Miranda flipped through her diary.

"Sure, take your time," Donna replied.

"Mmm... I could treat myself to a long weekend next week."

"That sounds great. Do you have any special requests for your stay here?" Donna asked.

"Privacy means everything to me, so I'd like to stay at your hotel and book that lovely room upstairs. Is that possible?"

"You caught me a little off guard," Donna admitted. "I mean, I'm so glad you like the room! But it's quite a long way out of town." 

"Yes, that suits me perfectly. The fewer people, the better. I suppose there's more privacy in such a remote place."

"I can guarantee you won't be disturbed."

"I couldn't ask for more," Miranda replied contentedly.

"But getting here is a little more difficult, though," warned her Donna.

"Really? Tell me more," Miranda longed for more information.

"First you have to fly to Athens and then you have to catch a plane to neighboring Skiathos because we don't have an airport here. Then you take a ferry for about an hour to the port in Kalokairi. I'll pick you up there."

"Oh! That seems like a very long trip, but I'm used to it. As soon as I get all the flight details, I'll let you know," Miranda said in an unusually soft voice. 

"Excellent. Is there anything else I can do for you?" Donna asked.

"I think that's all for now." 

"Good. I look forward to seeing you on Friday, Miranda. Have a great day," Donna said in her carefree tone and hung up.

"Who were you talking to, Mom?" Donna's daughter Sophie asked.

"You're curious. To Miranda Priestly."

"Wow? Do you mean Miranda Priestly, who runs the fashion magazine Runway? Sophie couldn't believe it. What would she be doing here?"

"You know her?" Donna stared at her in disbelief. "They want to do some photoshoot here for their magazine."

"Oh my gosh, that's so cool! Miranda is a fashion icon and a legend, Mom. I can't believe she even knows our little island exists! All the girls are going to go crazy."

"No, no, it's absolutely hush, hush for now! I guaranteed her privacy, and she's going to get it!"

"But they'll find out..." Sophie paused.

"Don't worry. I'll take care of it. Okay?"

"I understand," Sophie nodded. "But we should prepare for her visit because a bad reputation precedes it. If only half of what they say about her is true, then...” Sophie rolled her eyes.

"Like what?" Donna jumped into her speech.

"Snow Queen, The Dragon Lady..."

"Stop. It!" Donna interrupted her. "I don't care. I'll make up my own opinion when I get to know her. She was nice on the phone," she ended the conversation on the subject firmly.

"Relax, Mom. I'm looking forward to seeing her. Miranda is somebody. And knowing you, I'm sure you can handle her with ease," Sophie smiled and went to make the bed in the guest room.

Donna thought for a moment about what her daughter had told her. She was interrupted by Sky, her daughter's husband. All three of them were involved in the running of the hotel and were doing very well. It was nothing luxurious, but it was all made up for by the extraordinary quiet, and most of all, the beautiful surroundings that the Kalokairi offered. Although there was still much to be done, Donna didn't have to worry so much about the future. She could pay her mortgage and pay her valued employees on time. Even when there were no paychecks, they always stood by her, and the hotel was nearly broke. But she didn't run away, and the locals greatly appreciated that. Together, they got through the worst of it and became so close that they were like one big family.