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Wentworth Correction Facility

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In the months following Joan Ferguson’s release, Vera Bennett had been charged with collusion in the attempted murder on her life. Despite doubts regarding Joan’s account, the actual stabbing of Bea Smith had not been captured on camera due to a van that was conveniently parked by the exit of the prison compound. The only thing recorded was the screwdriver in Bea’s hand prior to the actual stabbing and Vera and Will Jackson frantically rushing out of the building following the incident.

The police and public prosecutor worked around the clock to prove Vera’s guilt. They had lost once in a case against a former Wentworth governor and they weren’t going to repeat the fiasco.

During Vera’s trial, testimony construed a picture of a governor with wanton disregard for the lives of the women at her facility. According to Joan's testimony, Bea shouted, “I gotta do this or the Governor’s gonna kill Allie.” Bea was referring to her girlfriend Allie Novak who had been hospitalized earlier that week from an overdose. One of many which occurred at Wentworth while Vera was there.

Despite Vera adamantly maintaining her innocence, she completely broke down when Jake Stewart took the stand to testify that Vera tried to entrap Joan in order to keep the chair of governor and that she had sexually harassed him, even giving him money to get him to prostitute himself shortly before the incident.

The prosecutor called Lucy Gambaro.
“You told police that you colluded with former governor Vera Bennett to harm Ms. Ferguson by sexually assaulting her?”
“Yeah, that's right,” stated Gambaro.
“Do you know if Ms. Ferguson was prevented from receiving treatment for the injuries suffered in this assault?”
“I dunno but she didn’t get help.”
“Why do you say she did not receive treatment?”
“Well, she was bleeding out in her cell and Procter was looking after her.”
“Why did you gang rape Ms. Ferguson under Vera Bennett’s orders?”
“Was afraid of her. Bennett pushed me down stairs and made me say the freak did it,” Lucy finally got her revenge.