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when i can't sleep (i find my way to you)

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After sharing a room with Namjoon for so long, Jeongguk had become accustomed to his snoring. Jeongguk could sleep through just about anything – except for silence, apparently.

Namjoon was spending the night somewhere else, leaving Jeongguk alone in their room. At first he’d been delighted; it wasn’t often he had the room to himself, and despite liking his living arrangements, it was sometimes nice to be alone, too.

That was, until he found himself in his bed, in the dark, at around midnight, unable to sleep. The bunk under his was deafeningly quiet, the silence louder than any sound Namjoon could ever make. After Jeongguk had been tossing and turning for more than half an hour without even one hint of sleep, he was starting to get annoyed. He hated not being able to fall asleep; it felt like he was wasting time.

Jeongguk opened his eyes, staring at the dark ceiling, contemplating what to do. He could read one of Namjoon’s books (he always left several lying around on the bedside table) hoping that he would be more sleepy by the time he closed it. Or he could go sleep in one of the other rooms.

He thought about going to Hoseok, Taehyung and Jimin’s room first; he often found himself in there, playing games and goofing around. If you wanted to have fun, it was definitely the right place to go. If you wanted to sleep, however? Not so much. Knowing them, they were probably still awake, and would be for quite some time; they didn’t have anything scheduled the next day. Yoongi and Seokjin usually went to bed at a reasonable time (when Yoongi came home from the studio, that was). Besides, they did have a very soft carpet he’d always wanted to lay on, but deemed too weird while sober and in the company of others.

Making up his mind without really thinking it through – he was desperate, damn it – he grabbed his blanket and clambered down the ladder. The light in the corridor was still on, so finding his way to the room wasn’t difficult – not that it would have been, anyway. He opened Yoongi and Seokjin’s door as softly as possible, the dim light enough for Jeongguk to glimpse both Yoongi and Seokjin’s forms in their respective beds.

And then there was the fluffy carpet. Jeongguk shut the door as quietly as he’d opened it, taking a few steps into the room before lying down. The carpet was, decidedly, not quite as inviting as he’d thought it would be, but it was soft and not too thin, so he didn’t feel like he was sleeping on the floor. He tucked the blanket tight around him, already feeling the cold seeping into him from below, but the soft noises of people sleeping, moving around occasionally, was enough to lull him to sleep, causing him to stay.

Jeongguk felt himself slipping into a dreamy state when he heard a soft whisper from one of the beds.

“Jeongguk-ah? Is that you?”

Jeongguk lifted himself up a bit, turning towards the bed belonging to the voice. Yoongi’s words were laced with sleep and from what Jeongguk could make out in the faint lighting he looked equally as tired.

“Yes,” Jeongguk whispered back.

“What are you doing on the floor?”

“I couldn’t sleep,” Jeongguk replied, as if that was a sufficient, reasonable explanation. Yoongi sent him a look that told him it really wasn’t. “It was too quiet in my room,” he elaborated.

Yoongi looked Jeongguk over thoughtfully for a few second before lifting up his duvet invitingly. “Come here.”

Jeongguk hurriedly scurried up from the ground, leaving his blanket on the floor, and crawled into Yoongi’s bed. The bed was noticeably warmer than the floor, warmed up by Yoongi’s body heat. Yoongi was lying as he usually did, his legs and feet pulled up under him, resembling a small ball. Jeongguk personally though it was adorable, but he wasn’t sure Yoongi would appreciate his opinion.

When Jeongguk lay down beside him, Yoongi scooted back a bit, giving Jeongguk more room. Jeongguk snuggled into the soft madras, pulling the duvet around him, careful not to steal the whole thing from the other. Lying in the fairly small bed, sharing a duvet, they were very close, but Jeongguk found he didn’t mind; he quite liked it, actually. Being a bit taller, his head was higher on the pillow, so he could feel Yoongi’s breath on his collarbones, small puffs of warms that seemed oddly comforting. He felt himself calming down slowly, sleepiness once again taking over his brain. “Go to sleep,” Yoongi ordered sotfly, and Jeongguk was happy to finally oblige.


From then on Jeongguk always went to Yoongi and Seokjin’s room when he couldn’t sleep (and maybe sometimes just because).