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The Rake

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The first thing Dean registered when he came to was that he was no longer in the forest.

There was something plush against his head and back, warm and comforting compared to what he just went through. There was a sharp pricking feeling in his arm, and moving it around he not only found that it was a needle, but found that there was something around his wrists. He couldn't see what it was with his eyes closed, so he opened them only to be blinded by the morning light from the window beside him. He had to shut his eyes against the light, and eased himself into being able to look with the light in them.

He moved his wrists around experimentally, feeling that what ever was on them was soft, but restricting. He lifted himself up enough to see that the bonds were soft restraints. Last time he saw these being used it wasn't for this purpose. Why was he bound to the bed? Or more importantly, where the hell was he, and where was Sam?

The thought of Sam reminded him of the hunt that they'd been on. The supposed Rake, which had managed to injure him pretty badly, and had taken Sam right out from under him. His chest grew tight, and he felt his breath catch in his chest at the thought of how long he may have been gone. How long had he been gone anyway? If it was already daytime, then the least amount of time that could've past would be at least half a day.

'' Doctor. He's panicking again.'' Came a soft voice from the hall. There was suddenly two doctors flanking either side of him. One was clearly a female, while the other he couldn't tell. The female doctor was forcing him to look at her for some reason. She was babbling something about him needing to get his anxiety under control. Dean clearly heard him say something about giving him a sedative to calm him down, and that made his heart rate skyrocket. He couldn't sleep. If he slept then there was less of a chance of finding Sam alive. What were these doctors doing to him? He needed to get out of here. He needed to find Sam. His brother was going to die if he didn't find him. What if he was already dead? What if he'd been to late to save Sam?

There was a sharp prick in his arm, and less than a minute later he was already feeling the affects of the sedative. His body was going numb. His mind was going blank, and his breathing was slowing with his heartbeat. He could barely see the nurse through his half lidded eyes anymore. She was giving him a sincere smile as she patted his arm generously. Dean heard her say something about things getting better. He couldn't believe her. Sam was going to die, and if he died then things weren't going to get better at all.

Dean's eyelids slid closed against his will, forcing him into sleep.




There were so many things that Sam could wish for right now. The thing at the top of that list would have to be a big heaping dose of painkillers.

He was hurt. He was hurt really bad. You could tally off the injuries that he had right now, and you'd have an entire hand in use.

For starters, his right arm was broken. Even with the sleeve of his flannel in the way, he could tell the arm was sticking out at an odd angle. His shoulder wouldn't move at all. The pain rocketed through him anytime he tried to move his right shoulder. He could probably sum it up to it being dislocated. 

There was aloud scream from deeper inside the cave. It was loud, and ear piercing as it echoed off the walls. Sam's anxiety skyrocketed, and he pushed himself back against the cave wall. He was scared. It was hard to breath, and his heart was beating so fast it felt ready to jump right out of his chest. Where the hell was Dean?

Sam was afraid that Dean was already dead. Dean was probably dead, and no one would come to find him before he'd meet his own death. A quiet sob escaped Sam's lips as he pulled his legs up to himself. The Rake was going to kill him, and he had no way to fight back.




 When Dean woke up again it was already sunset. the light was low, and let a beautiful golden glow bathe over him. Even with the glass separating himself from the light, it was still warm.

'' Look's like sleeping beauty finally woke up.'' Came a voice from his left. He shifted against the cuffs, turning even though the meds made his movements sluggish. He was expecting to see another doctor or nurse like before when he'd woken up. What he wasn't expecting was to see Bobby standing against the doorway. His arms were crossed over his chest, and he was looking Dean dead in the eyes. '' The doctors said you'd be out for a solid day with what they pumped into you. Guess you proved them wrong.'' Bobby mused.

'' Bobby.... What are you doing here?'' Dean asked, voice strained from what must've been yelling. Just what had he gone through between the forest and now?

'' I came about you. Doctors called on your cell when you got here.'' Bobby explained. '' They said that you were suicidal because your gun was slipped in your belt, and your machete wasn't to far off.'' Bobby said.

'' I was in a fight for my life. What would you expect?'' Dean asked, pulling against the bonds again. Silence fell, a crushing silence that threatened to choke Dean if somebody didn't say something soon.

'' There's been no word about your brother.'' Bobby said. '' Do you know what happened to him?'' Dean fell silent at that. '' Dean?''

'' Bobby how long have I been out?'' Dean asked, turning back to face Bobby. Bobby lets out a deep sigh, finally choosing to cross the room to take a seat beside the bed.

'' You've been out cold for almost two days Dean.'' Bobby explained.

'' Two days?'' Dean's heart shattered. He'd been here for two days, while Sam was trapped with the Rake for the same amount of time. His breath hitched in his throat, and his heartbeat began to race again. Sam had been suffering for two days, and he'd done nothing but sleep. How could he let that happen. Sam was his problem, he had to protect him, and he let him down. He wasn't there for him when he needed it most. Now Sam could be dead, and it was all his fault.

'' Calm down son. They'll knock you out again if you freak out like before.'' Bobby warned.

Hell NO! Dean wasn't going to get knocked out again, and risk putting Sam in further harms way. So he did was he did best, he sucked it up, locked it, and threw away the key. Taking a deep breath, he let out all of his worries, and tried to stay focused on explaining what had happened to Sam. It was hard. Harder then h thought it would. Bobby looked to be rather impressed with what he was telling him. Guess he'd never heard of the Rake either. This creature was this much trouble, and not a single hunter had encountered it yet? Someone really needed to pay more attention to these things.

When Dean was done he felt ready to fall right off that edge again. The Rake's mind tricks were messing with him bad, and he still felt the affects of it. He wished for it to stop, but he bet it was just like with that ghost sickness he'd gotten. It wouldn't go away until he'd killed the source. Bobby mumbled something under his breath, and it caused Dean to worry some.

'' What is it?''

'' I believe that Sam is in grave danger from what you said for one thing.'' Bobby admitted.

'' You think?'' Dean asked, slamming his head back down on the pillow. God his chest was starting to kill him. His pain meds had worn off, and the stitches were starting to tug and pull uncomfortably with ever wrong move. '' Bobby, you've got to get me out of here.'' Dean said, looking up to him after a moment of silence.

'' What, are you nuts?'' Bobby asked, eyeing Dean with one of the most incredulous looks he could muster. '' You're injured Dean. Going back out there may just get you killed, and what good will that do for your brother?''

'' I have to find Sam, Bobby. He's still out there, and God knows if he' already dead.'' Dean yelled, pulling at the cuffs hard enough to cause the bed railing to creak. '' Sam's been suffering for two whole days, and I couldn't stop it. I have to find him.'' Dean said.

'' You'll get yourself killed you idjit.'' Bobby said.

'' Then let me die, but I can't let Sam die.'' Dean said.

'' I swear. You boys are going to be the death of me one of these days.'' Bobby said, reaching for a lock pick buried in his pocket.




He never thought he'd be that happy to bail a hospital like that. If he could've seen the look on the nurses faces when they saw that he'd managed to get free of his restraints to escape. It would've been priceless.

However, that wasn't important. What was important is that he was now behind the wheel of his own car speeding down the highway to Adirondack National Park to find Sam. His mind was dead set on finding him, no matter what happened to himself. True, he was screaming in pain from his own wounds, but that didn't matter. Sam was worse off, maybe even dead, and he had to find him. Bobby was following hi not far behind in his truck, both of them flying at impossible speeds as they went.

When Dean finally found where he'd left the car before, he pulled over, parking the impala as Bobby pulled up behind him. He was already at the arsenal, pulling out another machete for himself and strapping it to his belt. He was already ready for the hike by the time Bobby reached him with his own weapons in hand. Dean took one quick glance back, seeing that Bobby had both a machete, and a gun.

'' You won't be needing that Bobby.'' Dean said, closing and locking the trunk of the impala.

'' Why not?''

'' We found out the hard way that bullets don't work.'' Dean said. '' The Rake did try to avoid our attacks with the machetes, but he never avoided a bullet to the head or heart.'' He explained. Dean took all of two steps into the brush, and pain shot through his chest as he stumbled over a tree root he hadn't seen. He'd almost forgotten how bad the terrain was for them to hike the first time. Now that he was injured, it was going to be tougher than before.

'' Are you sure you can do this Dean?'' Bobby asked, watching as Dean laid a hand on his chest right over his stitches. He couldn't lie, Dean shouldn't be out here like this. He was still hurt from what ever the Rake had done before, and it was clear that he was in pain.

'' I'll be fine Bobby.'' Dean mumbled, reaching for his flashlight. '' What matters now is that we find Sam.'' Dean said, turning the flashlight on to illuminate the pathway. '' If my memory is correct, we went down this path for a good ways before straying.''

They started hiking as the moon stretched out into the night sky once more.




'' This is where you last saw him?''

'' I'm sure of it.''

Dean was standing at the bottom of the small drop off that he and Sam had encountered the last time they'd walked these woods. Like he thought, he found where he'd fallen before, the blood already dried and stuck to the brush. There was no other trace of anything being there, but Dean remembered where he'd seen the Rake drag Sam.

'' I remember when the thing had me down it grabbed Sam.''

He hears his brothers scream for help.

'' He was dragging him in this direction. Towards the trees there.''

He see's Sam scraping at the ground to stop himself.

'' I'd say there's an out cove somewhere around here that he's got Sam holed up in.'' Bobby said.

'' Then we're going to find it.'' Dean said. He took a few steps forward, watching for anything to tell him that Sam had been taken this way. It didn't take long to find something. The item bumped against Deans boot when he hit it. Reaching down he gripped the item in his hand, and found it was Sam's gun. The item was destroyed. The barrel was crushed flat, and the handle was a mangled mess of metal that if Dean hadn't been careful he would've been cut for sure.

'' That his?'' Bobby asked.

'' Yeah.'' Dean said, hope filling his heart. They were on the right track. Dean dropped the ruined pistol, and took another look at the ground around them. It was still a few feet in front of them, but it was there. Sam's machete lay out in the brush, covered in dried gray blood from the Rake's wounds he'd inflicted. Dean picket it up, finding that the sheath for it wasn't far behind. He quickly sheathed it, hoping that Sam could still wield it when they found him. '' We're going the right way.'' Dean and Bobby kept walking in the direction that they'd found the weapons. There weren't any other remains of the kidnapping, not even any brush being crushed or splattered with blood like it was where Dean had fallen. They walked, and walked, and walked, until Dean's foot suddenly met air. He couldn't stop himself from falling. He fell straight into that hole, and he fell a good few feet before he hit the ground hard. He tried to tuck and roll like their father had taught them to, but he couldn't.

'' Dean!'' Bobby crouched down beside the hole, pushing brush aside to see where Dean was. His flashlight illuminated the cavern, showing him that Dean was sprawled on his back. He was groaning as he tried to push himself up. Just from looking at him Bobby could tell that he was in pain. The wound on his chest clearly wasn't doing to good. '' You alright kid?''

'' Why didn't I see this?'' Dean mumbled, pushing himself back. His hand hit something slick and cold against his hand. He pulled his hand out of the substance, looking at the crimson that stained his fingers. When he looked back down to the source he found that it was a puddle of blood. Bobby had noticed it from above, and was shinning the flashlight across the floor looking for the source. It wasn't long till they found it, and the body was right beside Dean. Dean almost jumped out of his skin at the sight, but was filled with joy and relief to know that it wasn't Sam's body there. This was another man who was clearly older, and much more heavy set. Whipping his hand off, Dean stood from the ground as a thump sounded off nearby. Bobby was now down there with him, shinning his light on the body.

'' God, what the hell happened to this guy?'' Bobby asked, eyes trained right on the man's mutilated body.

'' The Rake did it.'' Dean said, reaching for his flashlight. The machete wasn't to far away from it either. '' Guess this guy was snatched right before it grabbed Sam.'' Dan said.

'' Whatever the case, this may mean that your brother is still ali-''

There was an ear piercing scream from deep in the cave. Dean's body ran rigid when he heard it, and he couldn't stop himself from screaming out the owners name.

'' SAM!''

Dean was running in seconds, following his gut as he ran for where the scream came from. Sam was in trouble, and he had to stop it. He was alive, and he was in trouble. He was going to get him out of here.




Sam couldn't sit around anymore. His backpack was now empty of the few provisions, being a few power bars and a bottle of water, that he'd brought with him. He decided that even though he needed the bag that he couldn't carry it out. So he left it on the ground, still open and filled with the empty wrappers and bottle. Trying to stand was harder than it looked. He was down to one arm, his other to stiff and pain laced to move even an inch. His other arm could move, but his shoulder would sting and burn from the cuts that were no doubt infected by now.When Sam did stand his world spun dangerously around him. It was dipping and churning in a concoction that made him feel ready to drop again. Sam's hand shot out to grip the wall, but it wasn't enough to keep him standing. His hand still slipped down the wall, catching on the rock as he hit the ground. His palm split open from the jagged rock, and he felt the blood well up as it stung. That pain wasn't anything compared to what happened when he landed on his broken arm. Pain rocketed through his body, and he had to bite his lip to keep from yelling. His shoulder was so stiff that instead of popping back in, the muscles held it right where it was. It was so painful, feeling your own shoulder shifting around outside where it should be. He couldn't even imagine what was going to happen when it got back in place.

'' That hurt.'' He muttered through gritted teeth. Sam tried to push himself up again, but his vision was still swimming, and he felt ready to pass out.

His vision may have been bad, but he could still see the gray creature that stepped before him. Fear crept into his mind as his vision began to clear, and he was sent into full blown panic. The Rake stood over him, growling in malice as it crouched down to get at eye level with him. It's eyes were black as midnight, but glowed with the purity that a monster like this shouldn't posses. Sam found enough strength from the adrenaline pumping in his veins to push himself up to a sitting position, but he never dared to stand. The Rake watched him the entire time, waiting for Sam to snap, to finally give into it's ability to cause fear. Sam never did give in, he used that fear to get himself up. That's when the Rake stroke again.

The creature reached out to Sam, and brought it's claws across Sam's broken arm leaving deep gouge marks inside. Sam screamed from the pain, adding it to the list of things that he needed to get looked at when he got out of here. Sam kicked at the Rake, hard enough that the Rake was thrown back a good few feet. It gave Sam an opening to run, and e took it. However, he was to week to go for long. He made it all of maybe ten feet before he was down again, this time landing on the other arm which wasn't as painful as this. Sam groaned as he tried to stand back up, but was tackled by the Rake when it jumped up onto his back. It pressed him into the ground, claws sinking into his cut shoulder making it bleed blood and infection. Sam cried out once more, the pain overwhelming as the Rake tore through his clothing. It was going to kill him. He was going to die. He wasn't going to be able to learn if Dean was ok or not.

'' HEY!'' There was a yell from overhead, and he couldn't lift his head enough to see it. The Rake howled at the person, and was off of Sam after a moment or so. The Rake was running around mad as someone chased it through the cavern. He couldn't see anything. Why couldn't he see anything?.... Oh wait, that was because someone was blocking his sight.

'' God Sammy. What the hell has he done to you?'' Sam thought he'd never feel as happy as he did then to hear his voice.




Dean was shocked to say the least when he saw the condition Sam was in when they caught up with him. The Rake had been right there like they'd feared, and Bobby was working on chasing the creature down while he stayed behind to get Sam.

'' God Sammy, what the hell happened to you?'' Dean mumbled, watching as Sam looked up towards him. Dean could see just how pale his brother was, his face white as a sheet, and covered in a sheen of sweat. Dean could see the claw marks on Sam's back were severely infected, and if it went a step further Sam was going to get blood poisoning. From just looking his arms seemed to be ok, the same for his legs.

'' You're alive.'' Sam mumbled, voice shaking when he spoke.

'' Of course I'm alive. Think I was stupid enough to get myself killed?'' Dean asked, crouching down to put a arm under Sam's. His arm snaked under Sam's bad arm, which he hadn't realized, and when he tried to pull him up Sam cried out in pain. Dean was confused for a moment, until he felt the way that Sam's shoulder literally shifted under his hand, and not the way that its supposed to. Dean immediately set Sam back down, maneuvering around him to get a look at his arm. Sam was starting to shake from the effort it took not to pass out from the pain. Dean knew this, and decided against removing Sam's jacket to get a better look at the wound. Instead he just moved the jacket aside, just enough to get a good look at the shoulder.

'' Dean.... Stop... hurts.'' Sam mumbled, vision going in and out as the pain took over.

'' I know Sammy, just bear with me for another minute.'' Dean said, now pushing the flannel Sam had on aside. There was no doubt about it, his shoulder was dislocated. It was dislocated bad, bruising blue and purple all over from the muscles tightening. Dean went to set a hand on his lower arm, and elicited a whimper of pain from Sam as his face scrunched in pain. He took a look at his arm, sliding the sleeve up just enough to see the blue and black skin that indicated a broken arm as well. Dean let a whistle pass his lips, wondering how his brother was still alive. Tallying off his injuries he found countless amounts: broken arm, dislocated shoulder, infected cuts, even more cuts, and a fever. Sam should be dead, and somehow he was still fighting.

'' How bad?'' Sam asked, pulling at the sleeve to get it off of his broken arm. Dean took note that there was a deep cut also on Sam's palm, and silently added that to the injury tally. Sam was going to be a pain to get out of this cave, and Dean knew that Sam knew this.

'' It's not looking great.'' Dean said. '' But you're alive. That's what matters now Sam.'' Dean placed a hand on Sam's good arm, unable to hide the worry that sparked when he felt how he was shaking.

'' The Rake marked me Dean.'' Sam said, moving his good arm to grab his brothers. '' He marked me. I can't escape him.''

'' That's why I'm not going to let it get to you again Sammy. It's not going to hurt you again.'' Dean said. There were sudden footsteps echoing off the walls of the cave, and Dean felt Sam's hand tighten on his arm. Dean could tell without looking that it was Bobby's footsteps, but Sam was still so terrified that the Rake was going to find him that he couldn't tell the difference. Bobby came bounding in a moment later, gray stained machete held tightly in one fist with his flashlight held up in the other.

'' The damn thing got away from me.'' Bobby said, answering Deans question before he could ask. '' He's using the cave system to get around quickly. We've gotta go before he finds us again.''

'' Sam's hurt.'' Dean said, looking away from his brother to glance at Bobby. '' He needs time.'' Dean said.

'' We don't have time.'' Bobby said. Dean looked back to Sam, who was watching him through his matted hair which had flung into his face.

'' Think you can stand?'' Dean asked.

'' Stand, yes. Run, no.'' Sam said, voice shaking.

'' OK  then. We can work with that.'' Dean said, sliding an arm under Sam's good one. '' We're up on three. One, two, three.'' Dean lifted Sam's body off the floor, supporting his weight as Sam tried to get his footing. It was slow, but he soon had his feet steady against the ground as he leaned on Dean for support. Sam was already panting, and Dean could now feel the warmth coming off of his skin from fever. He just hoped that Sam would stay conscious to get out of the cave, and to the impala. He could conk out when they had him in the car, and were speeding to a hospital. '' Think you can make it Sammy?'' Dean asked, worried that Sam wasn't going to make it like he'd hoped.

'' I don't know Dean.'' Sam admitted, panting out every word. His vision was so fuzzy now that even the light was blurring with the color. He almost went down right there had Dean not been there to hold him up.

'' Whoa. Easy there little brother.'' Dean said, feeling Sam waver in his grip. Sam was going to pass out if they didn't get moving. '' OK, Sammy, we're going to start walking.'' Dean warned.

'' Lets go already.'' Sam panted. Dean did as Sam said, starting to back track his way through the cave with Bobby hot on their heels. The process was slow, and was growing slower as time went. Sam was stumbling every few feet, having to rely more and more on Dean for support. Dean could tell he was getting tired, his body probably in shock from all the injuries. They were within sight of the cave entrance, the moonlight starting to pour through. It was still a good ways away, but it was still there. There was a small ledge to the floor of the cave, and Sam didn't see it till his foot had caught the edge of it. He fell forward, caught only by the grip Dean had on him.

'' Dean, stop!'' Sam gasped through gritted teeth. A pained whimper escaped his lips as Dean helped to ease him back down to the ground. Sam was painting as Dean set a hand on his forehead to gauge his temperature. His skin was on fire, meaning his fever had spiked. Sam leaned into the touch, a sigh of relief escaping from the coolness of Dean's palm. This wasn't going to end well.

'' Just rest for a minute Sammy. Then we've gotta get you out of here.'' Dean said. Sam nodded, taking in a quick breath as his head lay back against the wall. Bobby was watching Sam closely, noting how he was ready to pass out now that he was resting.

'' Dean. We've got to get him out of here now before he can't move.'' Bobby said.

'' He can barely walk as it is.'' Dean said. He ran a hand over his face, feeling the stress building up as he took a glance at Sam. He was about to turn away, but stopped when he felt a spike of panic in his gut. There was something moving over Sam's left shoulder, and it was causing Sam to freak out. Sam was pushing himself away from the thing as it tried to wrap a  clawed hand around his neck.

'' Dean!'' Sam cried out.

'' GET BACK!'' Dean shouted, taking out his machete to strike. The Rake snarls at Dean, and goes for the kill shot on Sam. Even though he's injured, Sam was quicker. He threw himself to the side, avoiding a single scratch, but managing to give the Rake a chance to leap on top of him. Dean and Bobby kept the Rake from doing that, lashing out with the machetes to keep it at bay until it was away from Sam. The Rake was snarling low, and anger took over as Dean took the machete and slashed at the Rakes neck. His attack missed, giving way to the Rake being able to grab his arm, and throw him across the cave.

'' DEAN!'' He heard Sam yell as he hit the wall with enough force to knock the air out of his lungs. His chest was aching probably as bad as Sam's arm was. Then he felt a trickle of something on his chest, and when he looked down at his shirt he saw the blood starting to spread from there. His stitches had ripped back open.... Well shit.

'' I'm fine.'' Dean said. There was motion off to his right, and when Dean looked up Bobby was going toe to toe with the Rake. The creature currently had the upper hand, and was using his sharp claws to dig into Bobby's arm as he swung the machete across the creatures chest.

'' A little help!? Anytime now!'' Bobby yelled, making another deep cut in the creatures neck. It was starting to grow sluggish, its injuries catching up fast as he made quick work of him.

'' Hold on.'' Dean said, gripping his machete as he ran towards Bobby. Sam was watching with blurry eyes as Dean and Bobby worked together to fight the creature. They were blocking out all the effects of the creature, and focusing on the hunt. Meanwhile all he could do was sit there and look pretty, or maybe he looked half dead. He really couldn't tell.

'' Dammit. Why won't you just die!?'' Dean yelled, stabbing the machete towards the creature. The Rake simply dodged, and used the motion to knock Bobby back. When he fell the machete flew from his hand, and slid across the cavern floor towards Sam. The machete bounced off of his foot, and using his good hand he grabbed it. The Rake was staring right at him, and he was out for blood. Dean could see it in the creatures eyes. He wasn't having it with him or Bobby. He wanted Sam. The Rake took one look at Dean, and it's eyes gleamed with need for blood lust. The creature shot forward, and was in front of Sam in seconds.

'' NO!'' Dean shouted.

Sam let a scream of terror pass his lips as he held the machete out in front of him like he was afraid to even hold it. The Rake was there, and it never saw the machete before it was driven through his chest. The Rake literally impaled itself on the machete. The Rake let out a shuttering howl as it backed away, taking the machete with it. Sam's grip let go of the handle, and his hand shook in mid air as he watched the creature shudder. The Rake stared at Sam with those bright glowing eyes, and then that brightness flared and faded leaving behind the darkest black he'd ever seen.

There was a strange feeling that ripped through Sam at the sight of the creature dying. All of the panic he'd felt before was literally flowing out of his body, right through the mark on his neck. It took the form of a black ball of energy, and when all this energy was out of his body the mark vanished. The ball of energy swirled in the air around the creature, and then dissipated into the air along with the creatures like. The Rake slumped to the side, and died a silent death.

'' Sammy?'' Dean approached his brother quickly, worried that that had done more damage than it showed. Sam looked directly at Dean, and what he didn't see was fear. Sam did look like he was in pain, but he didn't look afraid for his life anymore. '' You alright Sammy?''

'' It's Sam.'' Yeah, he's alright. '' I'm fine.''

Dean sighed in relief, suddenly feeling the urge to sit before he got light headed himself. Sam was going to be OK. They'd killed the Rake, and Sam was going to be OK. They were going to be OK.




'' You sure the kids going to be OK?''

'' Relax Bobby.'' Dean mumbled, looking over his shoulder to see Sam sitting on the bed. '' Sam's fine now. Guess what ever that black stuff was is the reason he was so terrified when we found him.''

'' What ever. Just make sure the idjit actually listens to what the doctor told him.''

'' Trust me Bobby. He's bed ridden by my rules for at least a week.'' Dean said.

'' Make it two.''

'' What ever. Adios mi amigo.'' Dean hung up on Bobby, setting his phone beside the bed side lamp.

'' What did he have to say?'' Sam asked, trying his best to work the remote with his stitched up hand. It was rather hard to move his fingers around the gauze they'd wrapped his hand in.

'' He said rest.'' Dean said, falling back on his bed.'' And he said that you better listen to what that doctor said about your shoulder.'' Dean said.

'' I know Dean. Leave it in the sling for at least three to four weeks. the same for the cast.'' Sam said, bobbing the sling and cast outwards on his left arm.

'' And?''

'' And take the antibiotics for the infection, and fever.'' Sam said, feeling like a child for having to repeat what the doctor told him. '' I don't even see why I have to take that, my fever broke yesterday when we left the hospital.'' Sam said.

'' The doctor said with the infection it could come back at any time.'' Dean warned.

'' I don't feel sick.'' Sam said. Dean sat up on the bed, and in two quick strides was beside Sam's bed. Sam didn't protest when Dean placed his hand against his forehead, but he didn't like the way that it felt against him. His hand was rather cold.

'' Your warm.'' Dean said, pulling his hand away.

'' No I'm not.'' Sam muttered.

'' Still as stubborn as ever.'' Dean mumbled, looking down to the clock. It was late, and Sam couldn't take anymore of the antibiotics or pain meds till morning. Doctors orders, but Dean was starting to think screw the doctors orders.

'' What ever.'' Sam tried to adjust himself on the bed, but found it was harder than he thought. Dean stepped up, helping to adjust the pillows so Sam didn't have to lay back and risk rolling over on his bad arm. '' Thanks.'' He mumbled.

'' No problem.... Bitch.''

'' Jerk.''




There was the sound of crying when Dean woke up around two in the morning. It was soft, almost like something was muffling it. He thought he could just ignore it, thinking it was just coming from one of the neighboring rooms. It took almost five minutes before he realized that it was coming from their room, from Sam's bed.

Dean was up in seconds, eyes searching the darkness to find his brother. He reached over, flipping on the lights to find that Sam was curled up on his side. His weight was all on his bad shoulder, and it had to be painful because Sam was truly sobbing into the mattress. Whether it was from the pain or not Dean wasn't sure, but he had to stop Sam's pain.

'' Sammy? What's the matter?'' Dean asked, hiding his worry as he moved around the bed to get him up. Sam took in a sharp breath, hand flying to his face to whip at his eyes.

'' The Rake. It was after me again. I felt it attack me.'' Sam said.

'' No. That was you falling on your bad shoulder Sammy.''Dean said, carefully grabbing Sam's arm to pull him back up. Sam was shaking under his grip, and his skin was burning hot. Sam's fever had spiked again, and it had spiked pretty high. Looking back to the clock Dean saw that it was about two in the morning. Still a few hours till Sam could take anything.... but Dean didn't care. Sam was hurting, and needed something for it. '' You need your meds Sam.'' Dean told him, getting him set in a sitting position once more.

'' Don't need them.'' Sam whimpered past the pain.

'' Dude, you're hurting. You need your medicine.'' Dean said, moving to grab the bag with Sam's prescription. '' And your fevers spiked again. You must've had a nightmare.''

'' Dean.'' God, Sam sounded so scared again. It was like he was trapped in that cave, and he was being chased by the rake all over again. '' Hurts.''

'' I know it does.'' Dean said. He poured a few pills from the two bottles into his hands, and hoping that Sam could take them he turned to drop them in his hand. Sam didn't argue when the capsules landed in his hand, but his hand still shook  when they landed there. Dean turned away from Sam to find him some water to take the pills with. When he had the water he came back to the room, and found Sam just staring at the pills as they shook around in his shaking hand. He was truly out of it. '' Sammy.''

'' It's cold in here Dean.'' Sam mumbled, never looking up to Dean when he spoke.

'' You're running a fever man, what were you expecting?'' Dean asked, setting the water down on the bedside table. '' Now take those.'' Sam stared at the pills for a moment, the popped them all back at once. He drank the entire cup of water that Dean had brought him to get the pills down. The plastic cup never made it back on the table, it just rolled out of Sam's hand to land on the floor beside him.

'' Sam?'' Dean reached out to lay a hand on his forehead again. It was still hot, and Sam was leaning into the touch. '' God, you're really sick aren't you?'' Dean mumbled.

'' M'not sick.'' Sam mumbled.

'' Then you're delirious Sam. You're sick.'' Dean said.

'' Dean?'' Dean looked straight at Sam, and was met with what he liked to call teh puppy dog eyes.

'' Yeah, Sammy?''

'' M' sorry.'' Sam mumbled, his eyes sliding closed as he leaned back on the bed.

'' Sorry for what?''

'' Sorry for letting it get me.'' Sam said.

'' You mean the Rake?''

'' Yeah.'' Sam said. '' My fault he got me.'' Sam whimpered, leaning back against the pillows behind him.

'' It's not your fault Sam.'' Dean said. '' You had no control over that. We've never hunted something close to it.''

'' A wendigo is pretty close.'' Sam mumbled.

'' Ok then. It was close.'' Dean said. '' But we've never faced a Rake before. Probably won't ever again. So how could you have known what to do?''

'' I should've known not to let it get close.'' Sam said.

'' Or maybe you should've learned to avoid it after you shot three rounds into it.'' Dean said. Sam slumped in the bed, breath starting to come more even as he began to slip away. The pain meds were definitely kicking in now.

'' It won't come back, right Dean?'' Sam asked, squeezing the cast on his left arm tight enough to turn his knuckles white, and pull at the gauze and stitches on his hand.

'' Sam.'' Dean watched as Sam's head lolled to the side, and his eyes locked on his. They were tired, but still focused on him. '' It's dead. You stabbed it right through the heart killing it. He's not coming back.'' Dean said.

'' It's dead.'' Sam reminded himself. Dean set a hand on Sam's somewhat good shoulder, giving it a quick squeeze as Sam's eyes close, and his head falls back against the pillows. His muscles relax under Dean's palm, and his breath evened out into soft snores. Dean sighed heavily as he moved back to his own bed, falling into the hard springy mattress. There was no way he was getting back to sleep this time, so he'd wait it out. He'd wait for Sam's fevered nightmares to start once more, and pull him from his sleep. Then he'd be there to stop the nightmares in their tracks.One of these days he'd look back on these moments. He'd remember the times that he would be there for his brother after a rough hunt like this one, and he'd remember the way that he had to help him through the rough of it. Sam was his little brother, and he had to help him get through tuff times just like this. He wasn't letting anything get his brother while he was healing, and that was a promise. So until Sam was on his feet, and could hunt once again he would stand by his side, be his rock, and keep all the uglys of the world away.

'' I've got you Sammy.'' Dean mumbled. '' Nothings going to get you.''