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                “Y’know, I love the size—for sure—but I think my favorite thing is the weight.” Osomatsu bounced Choro’s monster dong like a baby, feeling the heft of it as it slapped his palms. “Doesn’t this hurt your back?”

                Choromatsu had almost disappeared into the couch cushions, hips jutting forward, knees spread. One hand covered his eye, the other eye wincing obliquely at his oldest brother, who was gently slapping himself on the forehead with the mighty mass. A rivulet of thick pre hung in a ribbon from the tip of his nose. When it broke, he slurped it from his top lip.

                Something something Dekapan something something mix-up blah blah blah, and Choromatsu had, overnight, grown a dick that put his thighs to shame. It had been quite a few overnight since then, and rather than working itself out as Dekapan had flippantly hweed, it seemed to be getting slightly worse. Not that Osomatsu much minded. He buried his face in his brother’s cantaloupe-sized balls and motorboated them wetly.

                “It smells so bad.” Oso laughed. “But I like it. Smells like…big dick.”

                Choro wiped his hair from his forehead. Being more than half-erect took a lot out of him; the room spun gently around the couch, and his extremities tingled in a manner that wasn’t entirely pleasant. Still, ten times the dick meant ten times the nerves: he nearly blacked out when Osomatsu slipped his tongue into his leaking slit. Vision reduced to rainbow paisley, Choromatsu could only gurgle as Osomatsu ate out his glans, burying his nose deep into the crevice, sucking thick precum up from inside of him.

                “Mm, it’s like really great pussy.” Oso swirled his tongue inside of his brother’s urethra. “…I assume.” He gulped, then again. The fluids gathering in his mouth were too thick to work down. He laughed, white bubbles popping between his lips. “I wanna ride it.”

                “Don’.” Choromatsu groaned weakly.

                “Why not? I’m already ruined.” Comparatively insignificant boner bouncing in his boxers, he hopped to his feet, to the dresser, where he extracted a bottle of lube. Empty. He tossed it to the ground, dug in the pile of color-coded underwear, and found a full bottle near the bottom. He gave a pleased yelp and bounded back to his favorite dick and the attached man.

                “Check it out.” Back turned to the couch, Osomatsu dropped his shorts. He held up his fist and doused it messily in lube, giving little notice to the excess that dribbled to the carpet. After giving a brief glance over his shoulder to assure that Choro was watching, he slipped his fist into his own ass as easily as putting on a sock. Choro gathered the energy to furrow his brow in concern and disgust.

                “Dude, it’s so easy.” He moved his hand freely inside of himself, lubing his insides up as far as his reach would allow. “I’m really wrecked. I don’t think I’ll be able to do anyone else for the rest of my life. It’ll be like an earthworm crawling through a subway tunnel.”

                Choro grumbled his way through the worn lecture--ruptured intestines fractured pelvis incontinence blah blah—while Osomatsu poured the second half of the lube on top of his penis, then used both hands to work it down. Choro’s balls hitched slightly at the sudden temperature change. Oso gave them a pat and whispered to them soothingly.

                “I think I’m just…like…hollow now.” The older man crawled onto his brother’s lap, keeping the godly cock tucked between his legs like a scared dog. “I’m just a nasty old cocksleeve that only fits you. Isn’t that hot?”


                “Liar.” Osomatsu hefted the weight of Choro’s bobbing erection, steering it between his legs. Though it was a wide missile, he had a wide target; it took little figuring to align them, and then he allowed gravity to do the work, letting it spread him open, sliding down on the shaft until it felt like Choro’s dick was nuzzled between his lungs.

                “Aaa…ahh…” Osomatsu purred contentedly. Choromatsu was drooling, entering the early stages of brain death. “Oh my God, there’s more dick in me than there’s me in me.” He laughed, giving the visible bulge of Choromatsu’s cock in his belly a pleased pat. He rubbed his stomach, trying to arrange himself from the outside. He could feel the meat of himself pressed to the sides, organs bogarted out of their rightful place by the unnatural intrusion. It felt wrong and so super good—comfortable in a nontraditional way, like chafing a sunburn or pushing on a cold sore.

                “This must be what it feels like to be pregnant.” Oso cradled his distended belly. “This is my baby. Hehe…” He lifted himself up somewhat, and then dropped down clumsily. Choro’s legs twitched, but he was otherwise motionless. Taking this as a green light, Osomatsu bounced himself up and down a few more times, smiling at the squelch of fluids, the way the bulge of Choro inside of him bobbed like an adam’s apple.

                “C’mon, gimme a cum enema. Wash me out real good. I wanna taste it.” Oso laughed as he fucked himself on Choro’s inhuman cock, bracing himself on the back of the couch. He tightened himself from the inside, trying to milk out his reward.

                He was warned with a searing hot trickle before the dam broke. Osomatsu yelped as a geyser of thick cum rocketed through him like a fire hose, filling him like a water balloon. His own dick began to spit pathetically as he pogoed on Choromatsu’s lap, his stomach burning, feeling ready to burst, and with no sign of slowing down. His breath came out as a high squeal; his grip on the back of the couch dropped, and he just sort of wiggled desperately.

                His guts stretched around the final few spurts. His nose was trickling; when he wiped it on the back of his wrist, he half expected to see cum smeared there. Gulping down air, he found his grip on the back of the couch with one hand, the other pressing into the warmth and softness of his gut.

                “Choroooo that was so gooood…”He mewled, pressing his face to his brother’s. Choromatsu didn’t respond. “Mmm, I just wanna stay skewered on you forever…” Choromatsu didn’t respond. “I love you…r dick. Haha I love you too though.” Choromatsu didn’t respond. “Choro?”

                Osomatsu didn’t actually know mouth-to-mouth, but he managed to fake his way through it using the power of love and a little extra tongue.