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Sure Can Smell The Rain

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September 12, 2013

"Do we really have to go out tonight," Daryl whined as he stood against the bathroom door and watched as Avery finished getting ready. It wasn't their usual date night but Maggie and Taylor had Hunter tonight and they were going out, mainly because Beth had recently gotten engaged to Graham and one of their friends was throwing a mutual get together at some bar and grille an hour away.

A get together that Daryl was slightly dreading because he doubted he'd have much in common with Graham and maybe he also slightly didn't like Graham because Graham was best friends with Avery's ex Chet. But he also knew he'd be the oldest person at the get together which was something that always made him self conscious when he hung out with Avery's friends.

Knowing that he was a good twenty some years older than them which made it even harder to find anything in common with them so he always just sat there awkwardly as they talked and he always felt even more left out. It was one reason he was convinced that Avery would be better off had she married someone her own age or at least a bit closer because then her outings with her friends could be better.

She wouldn't have a husband who was basically a god damn mute around everyone she knew which had to get on her nerves some. He knew it got on her friends nerves, though Beth was one of the better ones about not showing it. Then again Beth was also one of the few who actually supported Avery in being with him. He knew the majority though didn't like him just because of his name and his family and he had heard a few hushed conversations at different events with her friends where some had wished she was still with the ex before him.

The one named Chet who Graham was friends with. The one they had ran into when Avery had been pregnant. The one who looked like he was a model off a magazine and who Daryl had found out after the fact was in school to be a doctor.

Daryl wasn't sure why they broke up but on days when he was especially hard on himself he too convinced himself she'd have been better of with Chet. One day being a doctor's wife and having everything she ever wanted instead of being trapped with him because a baby had happened and now she didn't get to live the life she had wanted.

She had even had to drop out of college while pregnant with Hunter, though lately ever since her random outbursts last month that her doctor said sounded a bit like post-partum as well as just normal depression she had talked about going back to college next year once Hunter was one and once she could find an actual full time nanny and not have to shuffle him from different relatives every day of the week when she was in school.

"Yes we really have to go out tonight," Avery finally spoke bringing Daryl out of his thoughts as a blush washed over his cheeks. "You can survive one night with my friends," she said as she finished putting her hair up into a ponytail before walking to Daryl. "You like Beth good enough."

Daryl heaved a sigh at his wife's words and once she was close enough he slung his arms over either side of her shoulders. "I do like Beth good enough but it's the rest of your friends I don't like and I'm pretty sure the feeling is mutual."

Laughing Avery leaned in to peck his lips which caused Daryl to make a face because he was sure she'd gotten lip stick on him slightly.

"Well the rest of my friends are assholes for not liking you still after all this time but it's one night. You all can be nice to each other for one night."

"Fine," Daryl muttered out knowing it was useless to stand here and try to win her over to his side. In the end he'd lose anyway so he was just going to give up. "But don't blame me if I'm grumpy," he said before turning to head down the hallway, hearing her follow after him.

"You're always grumpy," Avery replied and Daryl couldn't help but laugh out loud at that one mainly because she was right. He was usually grumpy anyway so it wasn't like it'd be anything new for him to be grumpy tonight.

He'd just be extra grumpy in the end.

Making it to the front door, Daryl reached for the keys before turning to look at Avery. "You can drive too..since it's you who really wants to go and all."

Avery narrowed her eyes but she reached out to take the keys from Daryl, "Asshole," she muttered under her breath before pushing past him to head outside and once she was out of sight, Daryl really couldn't help the smirk that was on his lips.

"Better not wreck my truck either baby," Daryl called out as he turned around and walked behind Avery as he headed outside too. The Georgia air having a bit of a refreshing feel to it even if it was only September.

Avery chewed on her lip briefly as she looked up to eye Daryl from her place beside him at the table they were sitting at in the packed restaurant. She wasn't surprised he had chosen to sit near the end, close to a wall but she was a bit surprised that Beth and Graham had chosen to sit across from them but then again maybe she shouldn't have been surprised because out of all of her and Beth's friends they had always been the closest.

It was why Beth had been her maid of honor and why Beth was also Hunter's godmother with Merle and Zac sharing the godfather duties because neither would leave Daryl alone about it and he had been unwilling to choose between them.

"It's probably a good thing Chet couldn't come tonight," Beth who had, had one too many drinks spoke which brought Avery out of her thoughts as she paused at the mention of her ex's name. An ex who she should have assumed would have been here since he was after all friends with Graham still. "Probably would have been awkward with you here and all...and he would have brought Shae and they're engaged now. Pretty sure he didn't even buy the ring from what Graham said," she giggled as she turned to look at her fiancee.

"It's the same one he gave you when he proposed to you," Graham shrugged his shoulders and Avery felt herself blush at that before turning to look at Daryl again watching as he visibly flinched and tensed up at that mention.

It was a fact she hadn't told him. That Chet had once proposed to her. She had only just told Beth when she had been pregnant with Hunter and obviously Chet had told Graham, especially if Graham knew the ring that Chet had given Shae was the same one that Chet had given to her.

Biting her lip again Avery watched as Daryl opened his mouth to speak and she was a bit afraid of the words that would come out, mainly because from the way he had reacted to the news that she had once been engaged to Chet, he hadn't taken it well and she was afraid he'd be rude.

"Think I'm going to go outside for a smoke," Daryl spoke his words surprising Avery though his tone which was cold and harsh didn't surprise her.

Instead of verbally responding to him though, she only nodded her head and watched as he stood from his seat, quickly leaving the restaurant and once he was gone she felt a few tears escape down her cheeks. Tears that she didn't even know had built up though she knew she had been hurt by his tone.

Probably like he was hurt by the revelation that she had once been engaged before him and she had never told him. But it had been such a short engagement and only Beth and Graham knew about it. She hadn't even told the rest of her friends or family.

"Oh crap," Beth sighed which caused Avery to turn and look at her and Graham. "Was...did Graham accidentally reveal something that your husband didn't know?" she asked keeping her voice soft as a frown crept onto her lips and Avery hated that obviously Beth felt guilty.

It wasn't Graham's fault, he obviously hadn't known that Avery never really had told anyone but Beth about that brief engagement.

Avery shook her head after Beth had spoken, "Daryl didn't know but I'm sure he's fine," she said as she forced a smile because she didn't believe her words but she really did hope Beth believed them. She didn't need Beth worrying about something like this.

Beth laughed slightly, "Avery, I know your husband," she sighed as she shook her head now too. "He's going to become angry and pout because that's what he does and Graham you should really go and apologize for letting that slip," she finished before turning to look at Graham all stern or well as stern as she could look while a bit tipsy.

"Beth," Graham muttered out and Avery knew from his tone that he wasn't going to apologize. "I'm not going to apologize," he said confirming Avery's thoughts. "I didn't know that Avery's engagement to Chet was some huge secret."

"It's not really a secret," Avery cut in as she continued with her forced smile. "It just was so brief thanks to me finding out he was cheating with Shae that I just really haven't told anyone that he and I were engaged. Never felt the need too once it ended and it's not important now because so much time has passed and I'm glad I've dodged a bullet with him. A bullet Shae is obviously too dumb not too dodge."

Graham laughed at Avery's words but deep down she knew that Graham probably knew she was right since Graham was such good friends with Chet. He had to know that Shae was dumb for even agreeing to marry someone who'd probably end up cheating on her.

Just like Graham to know it was tacky of Chet to give Shae the ring that had once been Avery's even if she hadn't had the ring for long.

Though of course neither Avery or Graham said anything else and even Beth seemed to drop the subject of Graham apologizing to Daryl and deep down Avery knew an apology wouldn't do any good. Not if Daryl was already brooding over it and he probably was if his hasty exit to supposedly go and smoke was any indication.

So that meant Daryl was brooding and would probably be moody for awhile though hopefully he'd come around and hopefully he'd let her explain things eventually because she didn't want a huge thing like this to be some weird elephant in the room for days between them.

Coming out of her thoughts when she saw Daryl come back from his smoke break, Avery gave him a tiny smile as she started to reach for his hand but before she could even touch it, he moved his hand away from her grasp and yeah Avery knew then for sure he was brooding and this was going to be a some weird elephant in the room if he was acting the way he was.

Like he didn't want her to touch him. Like her touch was lethal or something to him or that she'd betrayed him in some way and Avery didn't think she'd done that. She probably should have told him about the engagement with Chet sooner but she felt she hadn't betrayed him by keeping the brief engagement from him.

"Are you just going to ignore me all night now?" Avery sighed as she looked down at Daryl as he sat on the end of their bed undressing. "I mean you haven't said a word to me since finding out about the Chet thing and I..I don't know what you want from me right now," she admitted honestly as she finally looked away from him long enough to undo the pants she had wore out tonight and slip them off.

After they were off she slipped on the plaid pajama pants she had picked for tonight before lifting her shirt off and letting it go to the floor with the pants she had taken off.

"I mean I can say sorry if that's what you want but I don't feel it is what you want," she continued in Daryl's silence as she undid her bra and let it fall off as she reached for the red t-shirt she had got that semi matched her pajama pants.

"What I want is for you to stop talking," Daryl muttered out harshly and his words stung Avery though she did her best to ignore the hurt. "Just want to go to bed and forget tonight happened, okay," he said as he looked up at her after he had kicked his jeans off, leaving himself in just his boxers.

Avery just nodded her head before blinking a few times to keep herself from crying because she knew she was close to it. The silent treatment had been bad but the way he had talked to her harshly and the look in his eyes when he looked at her...all cold and angry.

It was enough to cut her like a knife and she didn't like it. Nor did she think ignoring the subject and forgetting things was a good idea but she knew with Daryl that sometimes it was best to pick the battles wisely and right now it probably wouldn't be good to test him too much.

Heaving a soft sigh Avery finally walked to her side of the bed and got in, watching as Daryl maneuvered himself up to his side before reaching out and turning the lamp on his night stand off, though Avery kept the light on her side on.

Seeing him turn his back to her without even saying goodnight Avery once again had to blink to keep the tears back because once again they were on the verge of threatening to come out.

Leaning in close to Daryl, Avery left a light kiss on his back, feeling him tense up at her touch. Something he had never done with her and something that really still wasn't helping things. "Goodnight Daryl," she whispered against his skin softly. "I love you," she muttered wanting to say those words to him because even if they were arguing right now or having some form of an argument she still wanted him to know she loved him and she didn't want to just go to bed all hurt and angry without saying it.

After she had told him that she felt him loosen his body some and a slight smile finally graced Avery's lips because at least it was progress from him tensing up at her touch.

Leaving another small kiss on his back she moved away to turn off the light on her side of the bed and after it was off she laid back on her back as she let her eyes fall shut. Though she wasn't sure she'd go to sleep easily. Not when she knew there was still a lack of communication between her and her husband right now over something that Avery had seen as trivial but something that Daryl had obviously taken much deeper and Avery just wished that right now he'd tell her why it was bothering him so much.

But in the end she knew she'd just have to wait until he cracked even if he continued to be so cruel towards her until he did crack.