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Born Again

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Arthur was on the training field with his knights. He went with his knights that morning and brought in the renegades and as much as he hated to admit it, he couldn't fight back as well as he normally does. He told his father he wanted to train and his mother told him no that he was to look after Merlin but once Arthur told them how it was, Ygraine changed her mind and told her son her and Uther will watch him whilst he trains.

He would have been more than happy to have Merlin there with him but after what happened a few weeks back with Gwaine he couldn't risk Merlin hurting himself, especially now he was getting older, he seemed to be more into things now, wanting to try everything.

"Ygraine love you can't leave me with him."

"I can and I will. He is only nine years old he can't do anything to you. Just watch him and look after him and take him down to Arthur at noon."

"What am I supposed to do with him?"

"You look after him." Ygraine kissed Uther on the cheek and looked over at Merlin who was sat on Uther's throne. "Bye Merlin."


Uther stood and watched as his wife left the throne room, the doors closing behind her and then frowned and looked up to see his crown floating in midair. He turned on the spot, not taking his eyes from his crown and watched as the crown floated towards Merlin before lowering.

Only instead of resting on Merlin's head, it dropped right down and hung around his neck. Uther walked over to Merlin and removed his crown from around his neck. "That's my crown Merlin."

"I know. I want one."

"Maybe one day you will have one."

"Like Arthur's?"


"Not so wide though because I don't have a big head."

Uther couldn't help but laugh as Merlin smiled at him before jumping down from his throne.

"Why is Arthur's mother's crown different from yours?"

Uther sat down on his throne, facing Merlin. "You can call her by her name. Her crown is different because she is Queen."

"And Arthur's different because he is Prince?"

"Yes. Speaking of Arthur do you want to take a slow walk down to meet him?"

"Yes please."

When Uther stood up Merlin held his hand out to Uther. "Arthur said I have to hold his hand because I have a thing about running off."

"We don't want that do we." he said and took Merlin's hand, walking from the throne room.

"Right then John. You are my most brutal knight. I need you to come at me with everything you've got. Don't go easy on me. I have been slacking with training and I need to get on top form again quick so don't hold back."

The knight John cracked his knuckles before picking up a mace with his left hand, swinging it as he picked up an axe with his right. "Are you sure about this Arthur?"

"Yes John."

Uther tried to ignore the people who stopped going about their business to watch him as he walked through the town, holding tightly onto Merlin's hand. "Has Arthur finished training then?"

"Nearly Merlin. We can sit and watch him finish. He told me what happened last time you sat alone up there. Poor Gwaine."

"I didn't mean to."

"I know that Merlin. I would have loved to have seen his face though."



"I know he shouted Percival who rushed over and looked down his trousers before telling him he was fine. But if he was fine I don't understand why he collapsed into Percival's arms after."

Uther chuckled. "I am guessing it was with relief Merlin."

Merlin and Uther walked onto the training field and Merlin looked panicked when he saw Arthur blocking every move a brutal knight threw at him, but Arthur was weakening and the knight still carried on. "No!"

Uther looked down at Merlin and Arthur turned and saw Merlin's eyes flash gold, as he shook in anger. Arthur turned back to John and saw him trying to block every weapon that was floating in mid air, attacking him before throwing him from the ground and landing hard on his back.

Arthur rushed over to Merlin, trying to calm him down.

"Check and see if John is alright." Uther barked at a couple of knights.

"You swore Arthur. You swore."

"And I mean it Merlin. You will not lose me. I was alright. I was just training."

"That's not training."

"I have to agree with Merlin Arthur. Why was John brutally attacking you and not letting up when he saw you faltering?"

"Because I ordered him not to. I need to back on form again." Arthur explained to his father before giving Merlin his full attention. "What you just did to John then."

"He was attacking you."

"I know and I told him to but you didn't know that I can only imagine what it looked like from your point of view. I'm sorry Merlin." he said and hugged the shaking boy. "Just how powerful are you Merlin?"

"Very I think. I know the druids call me by another name."

"What name Merlin?"


Uther gasped.

Arthur stood up and picked Merlin up with him. "Father what's wrong?"

"Arthur. Emrys is the most powerful sorcerer there is. I dare bet you that if an evil sorcerer comes and Merlin tells them he is Emrys they wouldn't dare try anything with him and know they are looking at death if they did do."

Arthur looked at Merlin who was smiling at him. "Well get you, my powerful little sorcerer."

"Yours Arthur?" Uther asked.

"You know what I mean father."

"Do I?" he asked and walked away before Arthur could reply.

"I'm sorry for hurting your knight Arthur I didn't know. I can heal him with my magic to say sorry."

"Come on then."

It was a few weeks later and Merlin was now thirteen and confusing Arthur. Now Merlin was older he tried to get Merlin to join in some of the things he wanted to do before but couldn't as he was too young but he would either say no or ask Gwaine or Percival to teach him.

"Merlin what's wrong with you?" Arthur found himself asking the sorcerer.

"Nothing why?"

"Obviously something is. Have I done something?"

"Not that I know of."

"Merlin why are you avoiding me?"

"I'm not avoiding you. Can I go now?"

"No you can't. What is going on with you lately Merlin. It's like all of a sudden you don't want to be near me anymore."

"I do Arthur it's just that-"


"Well you have been with me all day and night since I was two Arthur. I thought you would be starting to get sick of the sight of me. "I'm thirteen now old enough to walk around Camelot on my own."


"I'll catch you later." Merlin interrupted and quickly left Arthur's chambers.

When the doors shut behind Merlin, he leaned back on them and sighed, letting out a breath he didn't know he was holding.

"I am guessing you need to talk to someone and Arthur is the wrong one to talk to."

Merlin opened his eyes and saw Andreia stood there. "Please."

Andreia smiled and pulled Merlin from off the door. "Come on then."

Merlin walked into Andreia's chambers and sat down at the table, chin resting in his hands and stayed silent as Andreia sat down facing him. "I know why Merlin as I have been through this with you before when you were older."

"I remember. I started to have feelings for Arthur not long after I arrived in Camelot. You saw right through me then and you have now."

"That's because I know you Merlin. Better than Arthur otherwise he would have noticed why you are like this no matter what excuse you give. Plus Arthur isn't that clever and I am."

Merlin laughed. "At least when I was older I could control myself more."

"Yeah and now you're thirteen and your feelings are all over the place."

"It's best if I avoid him. Ugh why did it have to be Arthur that I fell for?"

"Merlin don't avoid him. You avoid him and it will make not only you worse but Arthur as well. Just get along with him, show him that you are alright and then when you turn sixteen..."


"If you still like Arthur at sixteen you come to me."

"What for?"

"Because I have a plan."

Merlin looked up and found himself smiling at Andreia's smirk.