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Born Again

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Arthur walked up to each Leon, Elyan, Percival and Gwaine, waking them all up with his foot. "Everyone get up. We need to get back to Camelot now."

"What about the sorcerer Ar-" Leon stopped when he saw Arthur holding what looked like his red cloak, close to his chest. "Arthur what are you holding?"

"The sorcerer is dead. I killed him. He threw a spell at me and Merlin jumped in front of me and got him instead. When the spell hit Merlin I killed the sorcerer in anger."

"Where is Merlin?" Gwaine asked.

"Merlin is here." Arthur answered as he maneuvered his arms about and showed his knights the baby Merlin in his arms.

"That's Merlin?" Percival asked, pointing at baby Merlin who was quickly falling asleep in Arthur's arms.

"Oh he's cute." Gwaine said as he took Merlin from Arthur and held him up to look at him properly but Merlin wasn't having that as he chose this moment to let out a loud screech, waving his arms about reaching out to Arthur who was stood next to him. Arthur smiled at Merlin and took him from Gwaine.

Percival frowned when Merlin stopped crying as soon as he was in Arthur's arms. "Arthur can I try something?"

"Of course."

Percival took Merlin off Arthur and once again Merlin started to cry, he passed him over to Elyan and then to Leon and Merlin still continued to cry until Merlin was back in Arthur's arms.

Gwaine smirked. "Well will you look at that. Merlin is only happy when in your arms. Just like when he was his normal self."

"Gwaine what are you on about? Merlin and I were not a couple."

"No but Merlin was always his happiest when with you. He may be a baby at the minute but it is still Merlin. And baby Merlin seems just like our Merlin. At is happiest when with you."

Arthur sighed and looked at the baby in his arms, smiling slightly when he saw Merlin asleep in his arms.

"Get my horse. We ride back home. Now."

"Arthur pass me Merlin why you get on your horse."

Arthur carefully handed over Merlin to Percival who had woken with the movement and started to cry.

Arthur quickly got comfy and took Merlin back off Percival and started to gently rock him. "Shh shh. I'm here." Arthur comforted, kissing the side of Merlin's head.

The rest of the knights stood there open mouthed at what they saw. Gwaine cleared his throat and pointed at Arthur who just realised what he just did. "Arthur did you just-"

"Shut up shut up shut up." Arthur pointed at his knights. "You tell anyone about this I will deny everything."

Gwaine put his hands up in defense and followed the other knights movements and jumped on his horse.

When they arrived back in Camelot in the morning Arthur got off his horse whilst still holding Merlin and walked over to his friend when he spotted her laughing with Morgana and Gwen. "Andreia?"

The woman with wavy red hair that fell just past her shoulders turned and smiled when she saw Arthur. "Oh he's cute." she said and made to take Merlin from Arthur.

"Be careful he-" Arthur frowned. "He's not crying."

"Should he be?"

"You tell us. Merlin only seems to stop crying when in Arthur's arms." Gwaine said as he and Percival walked over.

Andreia held the baby up to face her. "This is Merlin? What happened?"

"The sorcerer is what happened. I need to get him in some clothes."

"I can do that. Won't be long." Andreia said as she walked off with Merlin cooing at him making him babble and try and talk back.

"Arthur where is the sorcerer?"

Arthur turned to Morgana. "I killed him in anger. I thought he killed Merlin so I killed him but then I heard Merlin babble. I need Gaius to check him over and then I can take him to mother and father and see what they say."

"Here he is."

Arthur, Morgana and Gwen looked over and saw Andreia coming back, slightly bent forwards as she was holding onto Merlin's hand tightly as he slowly walked back towards Arthur. "I am guessing he is about two Arthur. He can talk a bit." Andreia stopped and lifted her dress a little as she crouched down beside Merlin and pointed at Arthur. "That is Arthur." she said, smiling when she saw Merlin look from her to Arthur. "Arfa."

Arthur smiled and ignored Morgana and Gwen's 'aww' as he crouched down. "Close enough." Arthur held his arms out and smiled at Merlin when he slowly walked into his arms whilst still holding Andreia's hand.

Arthur took Merlin into his arms and stood up. "Arfa."

"Yes Merlin?"

Merlin lifted his arm and covered one of Arthur's eyes with his hand and then moved it away laughing.

"What's he doing?"

Andreia laughed. "He is trying to play peek a boo. I played it with him whilst getting him in some clothes."

Arthur laughed when Merlin did it again and laughed. "Come on big man, lets get you to Gaius. Thank you Andreia."

"You are welcome. See you later."

Arthur nodded and smiled before leaving with Merlin who now had his arm across the back of Arthur's neck whilst his other arm kept moving up and down, continuing to play peek a boo.

"Gaius I nee-" Arthur stopped when he found the physician's quarters empty. "Arfa."

"What's up Merlin?"

"Ma." Merlin babbled pointing to the food that was shown on the table. Arthur picked up a biscuit and handed it to Merlin who took it with a smile and started to shove as much as he could into his mouth, drool going down his chin and dripping onto Arthur's shoulder. "Ugh Merlin."

Merlin pulled the soggy biscuit out of his mouth and offered it to Arthur who shook his head. "You keep it Merlin."

Merlin gave a toothy grin and shoved the biscuit back in.

Arthur walked into the throne room and sighed with relief when he saw not only Gaius there, but his mother and father too. "Gaius. I need your help." he said as he walked over to them all.

He turned Merlin around in his arms so Gaius and his mother and father could see baby Merlin. "Arthur who-"

"This mother is Merlin. Me and Merlin found the sorcerer and he used a spell on me but before it hit me Merlin jumped in my way and saved me. All I saw were a pile of clothes where Merlin landed so I got really angry and killed the sorcerer. I went over to where Merlin landed and here you see what I found."

"Baby Merlin?" Gaius asked as he moved forwards to take Merlin.

No sooner was Merlin in Gaius' arms did he begin to cry. Arthur moved forwards quickly and took Merlin back, rocking him gently and covering his eyes with his hand before moving his hand away and smiling making Merlin laugh.

"Merlin only seems to be happy when with me or Andreia."

"Gaius can you run tests and read up to see about Merlin? See how long it will take for him to get back to how he was?"

"Yes my Lady."

"Run them all. We need to get Merlin back and you Uther dear need to find a suitable reward for Merlin for risking his own life to save your son's."

"I will think of something."

"And it better be something good. Last time Merlin saved Arthur you rewarded him with being a servant for the rest of his life."

Ygraine walked over to Merlin in Arthur's arms and cooed at him, making Merlin laugh and grab her finger.

"And you Arthur. Seeing as Merlin is only happy when with you then you can look after him."

"What? Mother-"

"No Arthur. You can look after him."

"But he is happy with Andreia too."

"Of course he is. They are the very best of friends aside from you and Merlin. Where Andreia is his best female friend, you are his best male friend. And besides. All the things Merlin does for you, it will make a change for you to do them for him."

"But mother it is his job."

"Not as far as you push him. It will do you good to actually look after someone else instead of them looking after you. Might loosen you up more. And remember Arthur I have eyes everywhere. It will be you and you alone who looks after Merlin."


"Arthur, Merlin risked his life throwing himself in front of spell that could have killed him for all he knew. I think you looking after him until he is himself again is the least you can do."

Arthur sighed. "Yes mother."

Gaius hid his smile when he faced the Prince. "If you follow me sire I will give Merlin a check over and do some tests and let you all know when I find something."

Gaius bowed his head to Uther and Ygraine and left the throne room with Arthur following, Merlin in his arms who had taken to sucking Arthur's top.