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What If Izuru still had Hinata’s Personality?

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How boring.

When Hinata signed up for the Hope Cultivation Plan, he braced himself for a lot of things. But the last thing he expected was for his life to be so boring. Now that he had every talent within him, everything was just too easy and too predictable. At first he was thrilled with the tests they did and he was ecstatic over discovering his newly equipped talents. But after some point, it just got tedious. Whatever talent they tested, the result was always the same. He passed with flying colors.

And to make things even more boring, he was stuck here in this room with nothing to do and no one to visit him.

"Kyaaah! Kamukura, look at me!"

Or so he thought as an unexpected visitor trespassed in his room.

"Kamukura, nice to meet you! I'm Junko Enoshima from the 78th class!" She perkily introduced herself as she fangirled over him. "I've been thinking about you all this time. To think that you're shut in here. It doesn't suit you at all!"

Even this conversation was already boring for him since he already predicted her murder attempt.

"I mean for you, you could do anything!" She squealed and then lowered her voice along with her hand. "For instance..." She lunged forward with the blade as she yelled, "You could suddenly die, leaving everyone in despair!"

Only to be stomped on by him.

"Great. Not even murder attempts scare me." Izuru frowned along with his comment. Was nothing exciting anymore?

"Great! My situation is awesomely full of despair right now, isn't it? It's the best!" Junko shrilled as if she was on high. "But you know, Kamukura. I'm not the only one who needs despair." She levelled her gaze at him. "You do, too."

"Despair..." He raised an eyebrow skeptically at her. "I'm the SHSL Hope. Why would I agree to your despair?"

She smiled maliciously. "Because hope is boring. On the other hand, despair is unpredictable. Just look at me now, I'm having so much fun because of despair!" She urged him on with manic eyes. "Come to me, to my despair, Izuru Kamukura."

It didn't take an analytical talent to tell that this person was just trouble. No, not just trouble but danger as well. To be associated with this person was in more ways than one, illogical. And to willingly volunteer to join her in her cause was just suicidal. So the answer was obvious even before she asked.

"Is that all you have to say?" He calmly questioned her.

"Please say yes?" She asked him expectantly.

How troublesome.

"...I refuse." He flatly turned her down.

"Ehhh?? Why not?" She whined in outrage. "It's not a bad deal. We'll have lots of fun together!" She then added in a conspiring voice, "Plus, don't you want to get even on the school that treated you like trash despite being the subject for becoming the world's hope?"

"Revenge is a petty motive with only predictable outcomes." He sighed. Won't she just give up on him and move along now?

"Yeah but if you refuse me now, you'll just stay here and live out a boring life." She was adamant on not coming back empty-handed.

This person, this Junko Enoshima, was utterly boring. And he knew better people to spend his time with.

"Just because I'm bored doesn't mean I have nothing better to do." He countered and then nonchalantly shrugged. "Besides, unlike you who has so much free time, I on the other hand have already made plans with someone else."

"WHAAAAT??? Say it isn't so!" Junko dramatically cried. "How could anyone beat me to you! Alright who's the little shit that I have to kill?"

Izuru assessed her words and her background and came to an alarming conclusion. "...You're serious."

"Of course I am! If I'm ever going to win you over then I gotta show you just how dedicated I am to you!" She proudly admitted. "Just think about it! It'll be your first taste of despair! I'll make sure to get your heart pumping just trust me, baby!! You'll have the time of your life!"

This person was truly despair's advocate.

"I see..." He sighed yet again as he lifted his foot off her. "Then I guess it should only be fair that I properly answer you."

"You will? Kyaaah! My heart's pounding in excitement!" She squealed.

In the next few seconds, Junko was knocked unconscious but not before hearing Izuru's words.

"I had to go through hell just to become hope and I don't plan on throwing it away on something as worthless as despair."