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todoroki and the age regression quirk

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When Midoriya walked in through his apartment door he had a few expectations for the night.

He’d been out for almost a month doing hero work in another district a few hours over and when he’d been told he could finally go home he’d texted his boyfriend a quick message and received an answer almost instantly.

Shoucchan 9:52AM

I’ll be waiting for you

It had been a really short message but those simple words had made the day go by faster and he may have possibly smiled more than usual. Even the few villains he’d apprehended couldn’t make his mood drop!

Afterall, he’d finally be home and Todoroki would have made some food for him, would get his bath ready, they’d finally get to talk in person and god he’d really missed his voice (his phone didn’t do Shouto justice! all that interference). And because he was tired they’d go to bed early. It happened every time he was away for so long and even though it became routine, it never got boring.

Of course, all of those plans came crashing down when he opened his door and felt he’d knocked someone over! An ‘oomph’ caught his attention and he was instantly checking who had gotten hurt. He hadn’t really expected to find his boyfriend facedown on the floor, his body several inches too short, and clothes nearly coming off his body.

“Sh-Shouto?!” he squeaked out as a pair of annoyed mismatched eyes looked back at him.

“Welcome home…” silence engulfed them for a second and Midoriya couldn’t help but take in how…vulnerable Shouto looked.

His eyebrows twitched every few seconds and it wasn’t long before his features softened and his eyes widened. His voice was more high pitched and just full of life, which was so different from his usual monotone. He was wearing a white shirt that Midoriya knew was his because Shouto prefered V-necks to T-shirts and he even had his shoes on. “What happened?! Are you okay?!”

A sigh escaped Shouto’s lips, “I’m…fine, though I don’t know how this happened,” he raised his hand and Midoriya could see it was slightly scraped.

He closed the door behind him and was about to pick up Shouto but his boyfriend stopped him with a shake of his head, “Don’t worry, I can get inside by myself.”

Midoriya nodded, “Ok.”

Shouto turned away from him, his hand still raised and Midoriya took that chance to take his phone out and snap a picture because yes he was worried about his boyfriend but how many times did stuff like this happen?! He needed to document it!

It was only a few steps into the house that Shouto gave up on keeping his pants on and Midoriya couldn’t help the internal squeals and external blush that adorned his face because his boyfriend had just gone up in the cute department!

I need to tell Uraraka about this!

“Come on, pretend I’m not four feet tall, I’ll tell you what happened,” came Shouto’s embarrassed voice. Maybe the flash had been too loud or maybe his squealing hadn’t been internal? He wasn’t sure but if Shouto wasn’t worried then he wouldn’t make a fuss about it…depending on what his boyfriend told him.

As it turns out Shouto’s “situation” had already been taken care of. Aizawa and Recovery Girl had already been informed, he’d had a few tests run, and it was only a matter of time before the effects of the age regression quirk wore off.

“We think it was accidental since I haven’t come into contact with any villains with that quirk,” Shouto explained as he massaged Midoriya’s head, soap bubbles coming up in the air. Midoriya hummed, glad that it was nothing serious. 

“It’s different, but I like it,” Midoriya confessed, his eyes closing. 

Ever since he walked through the door he’d seen something new. Todoroki’s expressions were less guarded and happened instantly, his face would get flushed every time his laugh came out as a giggle or when he’d slip in climbing the kitchen stool or when he’d ask Midoriya to grab him the shirt he had Momo make him because he forgot to take it off the hanger in the morning.

Shouto tsked and tugged at his locks softly, “Come on, get out now and let’s get to bed, you’re tired.”

Midoriya nodded as he got up from his bath and took the towel Shouto gave him. He watched as his four foot tall boyfriend moved around the bathroom unplugging the tub and quickly rinsing it. He washed his hands up to his elbows and scowled when he accidentally sprayed himself with too much water. 

Midoriya couldn’t help but laugh and once he’d semi-dried his hair and put on his boxers he did what he’d been wanting to do since he’d seen Todoroki in child form - he picked him up, “I-Izuku! Put me down!”

“Not this time,” Midoriya answered, a huge smile plastered on his face. He walked out of the bathroom and practically jumped into bed, a little scream escaped Shouto as they landed in a heap of limbs and laughter.

Midoriya exhaled loudly, “I was not expecting coming home to find my boyfriend turned into a child but…it was fun.”

Shouto rolled his eyes as he moved to turn off the bedside light, “Only because you’re not stuck like this, do you know how inconvenient it is being four feet tall?” 

“Mmmm,” Midoriya hummed as he grabbed Shouto and pulled him to his chest, “It’s a good thing you have me as a boyfriend.”

A small giggle escaped Shouto and this time he didn’t try to hide it. He turned to face Midoriya and smiled, “Well, it would be a shame if being the #1 Hero’s Boyfriend didn’t come with any perks.”

Midoriya poked Shouto in the stomach, “Goodnight, Shoucchan.”

Shouto kissed Midoriya’s cheek, “Goodnight, Izuku.”