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Take Me To Church

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He had the urge to vomit, the sick squeeze feelings caused to his stomach were unbearable. Ba-dump Ba-dump his heart was racing, eyes flickering around the infirmary madly. Body hot, tears spilling from eyes. Whole body was shaking from head to toe madly, palms sweating and taking heavy breaths. There was a feeling as if someone was painfully pressing on his neck -- Not killing but just hurting.

I am not okay.

Am I having a heart attack?

I feel empty, my body is...

Please help... Am I dying?  All these disturbing thought were impossible to dispose of. The curtain that seperated the bed from rest of the infirmary opened, revealing the raven behind ''Shinya, oi Shinya!'' however blue eyes were opened wide, pupils fidgeting. Guren placed a tablet inside a glass of water, foaming turning into bright red. Grabbing Shinya's forearm, he pulled the younger male up to a sitting position. He was twitching, lower half wet and moreover having an anxiety attack. First Guren put the glass away and had to calm his friend down. Sitting beside the silved haired teen he gently placed his hands on both sides of Shinya's shoulders. An omega, his friend has presented. Guren hadn't yet. 

''Shinya, look at me.'' He didn't, Guren cupped his face. It was fifth time this week and it was only Tuesday yet. ''You can get through this, stay in the present and breathe.'' 

After Guren managed calming Shinya down, freshly presented omega clung to him and panted heavy on him. 

''Drink this.'' Guren forced the drink to Shinya, silver only complied. They had gotten rid of his sticky, sweaty disgusting clothes and gave him a shirt, Goshi was generous enough to. Rest of the squad was waiting outside the door for the new omega within them to get over this and come next to them. Teachers had excused Guren only however. Others visited during breaks. There were warm towels everywhere, layer by layer so Shinya's scent didn't remain on the bed permanently. It would be troublesome. The red liquid (actually just some tablet and water but whatever) flowed down from boy's throath to stomach and he heaved over Guren, who laid him back. There were water bottles all around.

''This is horrible...Guren...'' a soft whimper, then Shinya continued wriggling showing how uncomfortable he was, pulling at his own clothes ''I thought I'd be a beta at least...This is disgusting, these pheremones.'' liquid oozing from Shinya's genitals had wetted several of the towels below his bottom. His thighs were trembling. A Hiragi...A Hiragi and Omega never got along well. Hiragi were strongest alphas all across the country. Everyone had acknowledged that already. For Shinya to be an omega was his death sentence.

Mahiru, Guren's girlfriend was also outside. She was also a strong alpha presence as she was a Hiragi, possibly next heir to top it. Ever since she was with Guren, she sticked around with the squad. Up until now only Shinya and Guren were unpresented. Mito was an alpha, Goshi was a beta alongside Shigure and Sayuri was an omega. Guren in fact wouldn't mind being an omega but he was expected to be a beta as strong as an alpha --how stupid those old geezers were. Telling that such beta in their bloodline came once every thousand years while Ichinose only existed barely for half of a thousand. Ichinose were always beta, no exception. 

There were cases Guren both let his toys to their fates and then next he would be protective of them. It was hard to tell. Shinya somehow was more interested in nurturing Hiragi's youngest child and daughter Shinoa. Nobody batted an eye though. Because Hiragi's lower branches were alpha/beta but never omega. Guren and Mahiru expected it, never talked to Shinya about it. Shinya was visibly wary and hesistant about Mahiru's presence outside the room with others.

"I talked with Mahiru," Guren said "She will tell the family and will take care of you."

"You mean...?''

"You will be her mate."

Silence enveloped the whole room. Why why why why why?!

It made sense in a way, Shinya's one part reasoned. But he didn't want to mate with Mahiru... He'd rather mate with-...

"Shinya...he...died..." words fell from Mahiru's bruised lips. Just a few days before then, Guren had presented an alpha, an alpha that alarmed Mahiru's older brother who was a senior and so far the strongest presence. If Guren from Ichinose could alarm such a person, that meant Guren was not a beta as strong as an alpha (Again, how stupid that idea is?) but rather an alpha like a beast. He appeared quite like a softie from appearance though.By the way, Mahiru and Guren had gone through their relationship then, not that a male alpha and female alpha didn't work out. Besides they didn't look forward to having children with each other if they were to be together. But it was that Hiragi and Ichinose couldn't be together.

Back to Shinya's death, there had occured a car accident. Their driver had crashed the car somewhere around their residance. Mahiru was lucky to react faster but Shinya had rolled down the cliff alongside the car, belt had stuck and Mahiru was too late.


Guren remained silent.
Mito remained silent.
Everyone did until Sayuri's sobs echoed in the hospital hall. Mahiru's amber eyes lowered onto the ground as her grip on the serum that was flowing through her with a needle. A hospital attire, bruised body didn't alter her beauty even one bit. 

Shinya's funeral was oneto be remembered by anyone that attended. Mahiru was resting on a wheelchair, massive sunglass covering her swollen eyes from crying. Guren was the most silent amongst all. Sayuri was a bawling mess between Mito's chest and Shigure's comforting gestures. Goshi's permanent mischieovus expression had turned out to me temporary. Shinoa was holding Guren and Mahiru's hands tight and crying, crying loudest out of all. She was seven maybe, but she had inherited the brains of Hiragi. Leaders of other clans were also there such as Guren's father Sakae, next to Tenri.

After Shinya's death, Sakae had found a boy named Yuu and adopted him. At first Guren protested, what is this? Are you getting a new pet over a dead pet? was the first thought that occured to him.

Turned out there was more to it however. Yuu was to present as an omega when he grew up. Knowing it, he was kidnapped and parents murdered by his abductors just last month. Human trafficking probably, whoring omegas was a common thing people didn't bat much of an eye at. Behind these were Brotherhood of Thousand night and Hyakuya Church. That info was exclusive to only a few deemed worthy by Hiragi and Ichinose were one of them. All together five houses of Hiragi, Ichinose, Sanguu, Juujou and Goshi interrogated this matter, trying to protect omegas.

That night when car crash happened, those lowlifes were following the car they were in. Probably after Shinya. But Guren knew, knew that it was better for his late friend to be date rather than be placed on either man hunt or bitched.

Yuu snuggled into Guren every night. Sometimes whimpering and crying. Boy seemed to be both physically and emotionally damaged, broken. Sakae would regularly have his check-ups done once a month to see how little kid was doing. "What will happen to me, Guren?" Yuu muttered while his head was buried in older boy's chest, listening his heartbeat. 

"What do you mean?"


Instead of an answer Yuu pressed himself closer and whimpered. 

The people that had attempted to kidnap Yuichiro, Thousand Nights, were a dangerous organization that had gained support of a Western mafia. Hiragi and they were on equal terms still, because they had developed so much on pharmacy, whole Asia were already dependant on them and their power. Guren didn't know more than that. What he knew was to listen orders and brainstorm over how to be with Mahiru. Yuu was though, damaged because of this and Shinya was dead.

Guren that night, found another ambition. He would help these poor omega. If even ones that were yet to present like Yuu were victims then he would not want anyone else to end that way. The hierarchy in world required omegas to listen others, absolute omegas to suffer. But Guren was different, he was. Ruts were going to be hard to control but he wasnt going to let that stop him. Nobody was to suffer that way.

With a blink of eye, eight years passed and Guren lost everything he had but his ambition...

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''She is not talking to anyone.''

Said young girl had brown hair with a braid on the left which was secured by a pink hair ribbon. Her eyes were large and almost like quartz -- that is because they lacked the shine. Her body was covered in bruises, lip split and eyebags red from crying. She was what, fifteen or sixteen only, another omega victimized by Thousand Nights. Norito was leaning to the black doorframe, it was Sayuri taking care of the girl rather.
''She wouldn't get close betas or alphas.''

She had told, so Guren was next to his blonde friend, discussing the matter and what they had done to the girl. It was the classic, the omegas they saved were often suffering the same fate. Mainly absolute omegas, would they even help Thousand Nights gain that much money? From nature absolute omegas and omegas were different. Absolute ones were often infertilized, as they were way too fragile to give birth. They either died at birth or giving birth. As they went into heat more often, they were bitched around. If omegas were 10% of the population, absolute ones made out only 2% of them. Females had higher chance of surviving than males. If not infertilized or bitched then they were either murdered or locked away. In fact, female omegas had better chanced at life compared to male ones... And more frequent around. Guren opened his mouth to talk about the matter but was silenced by a certain omega rushing in. Boy bumped into both adults there.

The other story was how an alpha like Guren helped out omegas this easily without losing control, as an unmated one moreover. Answer was that omegas were getting body washed before he took a look at how damaged they were, often when they sleep. When awake like the girl present currently, they were freaking out. After the first inspection they would be taken to sanctuaries. And that Guren used supressants.

Yuu's first words after bumping into males was ''Akane! Akane you are alive!'' he instantly wrapped his arms around to smaller omega, in which Sayuri warned him to be careful in case he was hurt. Goshi turned at Guren ''Visiting Hiragi residance again?''

''Well someone has to report what is going on.'' Guren shrugged as he answered. Upon this Goshi said, ''Just asking, Mahiru is still bitter about what happened...''

What happened right, Guren had found a letter Shinya wrote before his death. Which was an explanation of his inner world, his look towards life and world and more importantly feelings, feelings for Guren whom he knew ever since he was a kid. That had caused an ache to Guren's heart, a pang of guilt. Thus he had broken up with Mahiru just last year. Female alpha was upset about that naturally, it was harsh on them both because --since when was Mahiru shoving abusive violent behavior? Guren would not blame her though, as an alpha such instincts were expected from her, especially during a fit of anger and progress of breaking up over already dead Shinya. Except the fact that she had been that way towards Guren past two years. Guren was stronger as an alpha. But women were emotionally more sensitive, thus sometimes despite Guren's warnings Mahiru would go feral.

Guren took his coat and scarf. Wrapped it around his neck and headed to his car. After a ride of approximately ten minutes, Ichinose was waiting in front of Hiragi's door. Shinoa opened the door for him, Yuu's ex-girlfriend excuse you. But now, she was a popular alpha like her sister, Yuu had told her that he didn't want to get pregnant at age of sixteen yet and she had shown enough care. Only reason they didn't work out was that chemistry and Mahiru wanted her to cut ties with Guren and his gang as much as possible. So she did. But both their lives progressed better and healthier after they broke up, besides they hadn't mated yet. Shinoa had marked Yuu temporarily to avoid him getting raped or molested somewhere sometime. Both drugs they were developing and Shinoa's kindness had important roles on how he became a survivor instead of victim. Now, Yuu was ready to shout out his life story out loud.

''My~  Guren, another stray omega found? Are they dead or going to dead anytime soon as well like rest?'' she spoke in her usual singsong tone. To speak of such thing in such light hearted way...Both Hiragi genes and the truth that there were lately a lot of absolute and normal omegas that had their past related with the trafficking had found dead or died before they could even be taken to sanctuaries.

"This one is in a rather good condition actually?"


 Shinoa's reaction got ignored as Guren passed by her and entered the house. Hallway was visibly fabulous. As expected from Mikado no Oni's main house. Floor tiles were gold, leaning to maroon maybe. Walls were fine wood. In middle of the giant entrance, yellow tiles were placed in a fashion to assembly Hiragi's crest, crescent moon. Man headed to the waiting room and plopped over the fine leather couch. Ashen haired omega sat beside him ''So Guren, this question always bugged me.''

Guren turned at her raising a brow and asked, ''What is?''

''What exactly are absolute omegas?'' she asked, staring outside the window and added ''Natural selection has it that strongest survive. But ever since the beginning, sources show they are existant. But it is that they only suffer, not die out.'' Guren hummed something with a thoughtfull expression on face.

''Well, lets say an alpha is AA and beta is Aa...'' he muttered looking at the coffee table in front of him. Redwood legs and a marble surface and then continued his explanation ''That makes an omega aa.'' Shinoa seated herself on the armchair that faced Guren's way, curiosity and interest were visible on her amber orbs. ''Absolute omegas have a special condition though. Maybe it is mutated genes, think of it like a common genetic problem.''

''So it is like being color-blind or haemophilia?''

''Somehow...'' Guren muttered ''Except it is not really a medical condition either. I dont get why hierarchy treats them like shit however... Instead they need more care, did you know they rarely get the chance to mate with someone they adore back? It is because if an omega gets in heat for a week every three months, they have monthly cycles. Just like menstrual cycles of a beta woman.'' his eyes darted over the chess board over the coffee table ''They either get hunted by organizations like Thousand Nights or public prefers them infertile. If not they are put to sleep.''

''What about human rights?''

''Do they really work though? Nobody gets to defy the alpha, it might be me on supressants talking right now though. It too is my nature, as a dominant alpha compared to majority of my kin, when not on supressants I too get those urges.''

Amidst their conversation, a tall built man walked in. He had stern red eyes and short black hair, Guren never judged his brows loudly. That was done silently rather. Another alpha, presence as strong as Guren's or maybe more. Thankfully Shinoa was calm from nature and Guren was on supressants that none of them were to pit against each other. Shinoa intinctively retreated, trying to shrink in size. She knew it, she knew it better than two how they got into fights often in the past 8 years. Her older brother, Kureto, never took supressants. The fights between Guren and Kureto were on tie mostly. But 6 out of 10 were Kureto's victory.

That doesnt concern past two years, Guren knew he could lose himself if he stops taking supressants. He never does, like a drug. But it is business and then business over and over again. Guren, an alpha put this first and foremost. Alphas shaked each other's hands

"So finally a Hyakuya that is alive? Besides Yuichiro."

"Yeah, my brat seems like he knows the girl moreover."

Voices seem to die down after a few hours. It is always this way... Since the accident he feels so far yet close. The thought is so painful, unbearable but real sadly. He is locked underground, some secret type of basement? He heard muffled voices again "Here is that scent again..."

"Probably one of Mahiru's doing. She researches pheremones after all."

"I would like to see the underground lab sometime."  Then echoed his brother's laugh "Such is nature of Ichinose, dont forget despite working together we are the opposites."

Opposites...Mikado no Oni and Tsuki could never get along for past 500 years. But since when had two gotten close to one another this way. Far long as Shinya remembered, they disliked each other. Speaking of Shinya. He was the real reason of the scent and locked here often.

He was an omega, an absolute one. And that meant, more heat cycles than average omegas. He was given to Mahiru. Mahiru loved Guren, she still does. He would not deny that her love was a genuine pure one... But Shinya loved Guren too- That mate thing...Soulmate was it? Mahiru believed in its existence and would often talk to Shinya about how she loved Guren but something was missing. No matter how true the accident part was... Shinya had not died that day. Okay here comes why Mahiru plotted such thing and Shinya was kept locked under a basement, Mahiru suspected two were soulmates. It was the jealousy and disbelief that had driven such sweet person over the edge. But he was taken care of... His family said it is better for an absolute omega to stay hidden thanks to the danger outside. Plus there was the fact his pheramones were extraordinarily strong.

As soon as he heard the door close, he shifted around on his nest and looked at the damp spot on his own bottom. A flick of fimgers made it easy to understand that it was slick... He was aware his heat was about in a few days and it felt like it was going to be a strong one considering he was aching terribly all over. He felt his insides twitch in need, empitiness hurt. He was used to it however. And if anyone, he indeed like Mahiru suspected, wanted to mate with the Ichinose alpha if anyone. Shinya somehow didn't fancy idea of supressants, they messed of heat cycles and ruts. Not thay they worked as good as with other omegas.

He heard door to basement open, heavy steps echoing in the empty room. And a presemce of an alpha, Kureto. He buried himself more into the towels and blankets, a feeling that squeezed his internals and clenched around his heart with sharp nails. His heart beats audible to own ears, blood pumping rapidly. Pupils gone wide he glanced at his adoptive brother. Kureto would often come and mark Shinya temporarily but nothing more than that.

No...Not now.

But as soon as Kureto touched his hair omega calmed down. Temporary fear was gone. Thus rationality and desires conflicted. Kureto was to be mated with the Sanguu girl, it was arranged. Alpha didn't show any affection towards the omega up until now. 

My pheremones are out of control now.

He feels Kureto's nose brush his cheek. Shinya yearned and pleaded to be filled to the hilt with the alpha, purred when he felt his presence closer and pressed himself to Kureto. The tenstion between two didn't disappear. As if anything outside their breathing and instincts were gone, deaf and blind to them. Hiragi heir was arranged to mate, but didn't mean he would not fuck someone else. ''Nii-san...'' he muttered between heavy pants, must resist. ''Was that...Guren?'' sexual tension lessened between two (no matter how hard was it for Kureto to not give in to the teary and blushy mess Shinya was) but tension in general remained. Shinya remained still, Kureto's momentary glare was a sign for him to remain quiet. Wıth the green light given by the silence, Kureto continued his nuzzling''It is not important, you know he visits often.'' he said ''Besides you look like you need care.'' man straightened. ''Why are you not taking supressants?''

''You know why. Besides you nuzzled me didn't you? Now you got my smell all over--''
''I said I was here to take care.''

The glare Shinya was given was sharp enough to shatter mount Everest in two. The look alpha gave him was quick to shut talkative omega up, another thing was that...Kureto was possibly on rut. Leaning and hovering over the omega, he grabbed Shinya's neck and flipped him over his stomach and breathed into his ear. He had never done this before. He felt sudden sharp pain blooming on his nape and yowled like a cat, not that rough either. He really thought Kureto would go away but then he felt sweaty palms taking off his shirt and wondering on his body.

Don't touch me!
It feels good I need more...
I feel dirty let go! I need to get away!

Thought contradicted within Shinya's mind as second that felt like hours passed. Kureto's hand found their way to Shinya's now bare chest, softly laying him down back onto the bed "You are panicking." he said. Of course he was, and Kureto's attitude did not help at all "Why is your body reacting this much?" A good question with all honesty, as his situations had never been this intense. Shinya twitched in annoyance and whimpered. He did not want to be raped!

"Stay still I won't be doing anything Shinya." 

Instincts be damned, having him obey so easily to the orders while his spirit wanted to rebel. Yet the orders alpha gave without a doubt silenced and stilled his body. Perhaps Kureto really would not do anything, right? He was unsure on that but also a part of him...doubted he really would? "T...then what the hell are you doing?" older man simply sneered "Do you think I can't restrain myself in front of a horny bitch?" to that last remark Shinya kicked around, flailing to get away "I am not a bitch!"  but another push to his head had him still and unable to flee "Is it maybe your body is reacting to the Ichinose? Don't worry that will be taken care of now."

Shinya's eyes widened.