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Friend Like Me

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The sensual beat once filling the room came to a halt when the annoyed prince interrupted the two young women from their sexual spinning and erotic wiggling. Todoroki had no interest in entertainment that only surrounded sex. He was constantly reminded that as the Prince of Endeavor and simply as a man coming of marrying age, he should have been at the point where that kind of entertainment was highly pleasing. However, he craved less sexual and more emotional or comedic performances. Put simply, he wanted to find a show that brought forth emotions other than lust.

Todoroki was torn from his frustrated thoughts as he heard the next group being called in. More girls wearing different colored silks and jewels emerged from the entrance. They showed off their arms and legs through colorfully tinted waves of other delicate fabrics. Their rather revealing clothing implied the exact same thing as the last performance.

"Didn't see that one coming..." Todoroki muttered bitterly. He contemplated telling them to leave before they even began their raunchy nonsense, but he laid back in his throne with a sigh of defeat. He lowered his head to the side to lean on his palm as he awaited the commencement of their performance.

Without warning, a thunderous and upbeat rhythm emitted from the assembly of drums and brass instruments set off to the side of the hall. The girls began to sway to the beat as they split up into two even groups with some space left in the center between them, as if forming an arrow without a point. An abrupt period of silent stillness then washed upon the group before a young man all but magically appeared between the two sets of girls. He wore a similar outfit except he wore royal blue and white silks and had a white cape gallantly flowing behind him. He had curls of black hair flooding around a golden band atop his head. He looked no less than a beautiful gem of royalty himself.

Todoroki's eyes widened at the sight. He could barely see the man's face as his throne was too far away, but his mind was already creating a highly detailed picture. The prince's daydreams were, once again, ceased when the instrumental picked back up and the man began singing a playful tune. Throughout the performance, he did perplexing magic tricks and posed in a comical fashion according to the lyrics. God, he was simply adorable.

As the music intensified, he made even more people magically appear into the scene and he became the leader of a whole circus following his lead in perfect sync. As the end was approaching, the young man sidestepped toward the stairs leading to the royal throne while snapping his fingers to the beat and keeping his head low. Todoroki felt his heart beat faster with every step and the heat in his cheeks gaining their sheen as the man came closer. At the very bottom of the stairs, the man lifted his head up and flashed the most gorgeous smile the Prince had ever laid eyes on in his 22 years of living before bowing dramatically and disappearing with the music.

Completely agape, the prince sat up in his throne with his hands "casually" covering his mouth to avoid any indication of complete infatuation with the m- the performance. He leaned to his servant to speak.

"Tell him that I expect to see him tomorrow at noon to discuss future performances. Notify the rest that they will perform at a later date. Dismissed." He rose from his throne and slowly proceeded to the exit from the Grand Hall. As he reached the double doors, he jolted and turned on his heel into the other direction. His servant noticed this and halted his walk to regard the prince.

"Is there something else you need, Your Highness?" He asked.

"What was the man in the center's name?" Todoroki asked as he feigned simple curiosity.

"His name is Midoriya Izuku, Your Highness. When he performed in his homeland, he was often referred to as 'Deku.'"

"Deku..." What an odd, yet endearing stage name it was... or maybe it was just the man attached to the name, but Lord knows Todoroki's abilities -or lack there of- to form rational opinions at the time. The dreamy prince's lip curls into a slight smile and he nods before turning around once more. " Thank you. That is all."