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tongue technology

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Jimin liked it when Jungkook hugged him. He smelled of peaches and a faint hint of cigarette smoke, courtesy of the places he goes to. Kookie's smell. He would make it into an air freshener if he could. Jimin's special air freshener.


Jimin also liked it when Jungkook plays with his hair. It's not very long but Kook tends to play with it at random times. Sometimes he'd braid it. Sometimes he'd just run his fingers through it.


Jimin likes it when Jungkook holds his hand. It's a weird fit. But that's where he feels safe. It's equal to one of his hugs. Since Jungkook can't hug him for long periods of time in public, he's content with his hand being held.


To ARMYs, Jungkook is the maknae and Jimin is the hyung. It's he who tops, not Jungkook.


To Jimin, Jungkook is daddy. He's helpless around Jungkook.

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"Jimin, do I look fat in this dress?", muttered Hoseok.

"...Hyung, why are you even in that dress? And yes, it's tight 'round your ass. And your... dick... is showing.", replied Jimin, his eyes turned away most of the time.

"Dunno, ask the soju. And Jungkook.", Hoseok replied bluntly, making the maknae's laughter explode from the confines of his mouth.

"For God's sake, Jungkook...", sighed Jimin, tired yet amused by the maknae's antics.

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"Hyung, it hurts. Be gentle.", Jungkook whimpered, his fingers grabbing at the hem of his shirt.

"It's okay, Kook-ah. Hyung's here. I'm sorry. I'll try to be gentle", Jimin whispered as he caressed Jungkook's cheek, his brows knitted together.

"Okay, hyung. I believe you won't hurt me on purpose."

"But please, be quick, hyung."


Jungkook's mewls, whimpers and complaints filled the living room as Jimin tried to be as gentle as possible while swabbing at Jungkook's wounds.

"Told you to be careful and stop running around unnecessarily."

"You got yourself injured and now I have to ─". Jimin's nagging cut short by Jungkook's fingers pinching his lips.

"Hyung, shh. Remember what I said? You're more attractive when you're not saying at all. And you just smile."

So that's what Jimin did.


Like an idiot.


( But that's his true identity anyway. Jungkook's idiot. )

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"Kook-ah, let's play with Namjoon!", beamed Taehyung as he dragged Jungkook over to the Rap Monster controlled by the game controller and away from Jimin.


* * *


"Jungkook, say "Ah~". ", smiling when Jungkook obliged and let Taehyung spoon feed him some of his jjajangmyun, letting Jimin's jjamppong hang, along with his mouth.

"Kookie, you're such a messy eater!", laughed Taehyung as his fingers moved to wipe the jjajangmyun sauce off Jungkook's lips and licked it off his fingers.

Let that sink in. 

* * *


"Hyung, can I sleep with you? It's cold tonight.", Jungkook mumbled sleepily as he trailed after Taehyung, his hand holding tight on his hyung's shirt.

Taehyung was supposed to sleep alone tonight.

But now, Jungkook was with him. 


And Jimin was cold in bed.

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Once upon a time, Jimin─ like all kids─ had a girlfriend in his childhood years.

He only knew her surname. Jeon.

They ran together, danced together, ate together, got messy and then bathed together.

Of course, the manners his parents taught him helped hide the truth from him.

As they say, "ignorance is bliss".

He'd never try to look at a girl's private parts.


Which is why only now he knows that Jeon is a boy

And is debuting with him.

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I sighed. A very long sigh. Another overtime.

I was thankful that Seokjin would care for my son like his own. My son with Jimin.

Nights like this, I missed Jimin a lot. But, just as he comforted my son, Seokjin comforted me too.

"Sleep tight, Prince Jeon. I will be here when you wake."

"Jin, you're my consort now. Just call me Jungkook." "Yes, my lord. I mean─ Jungkook."

His hesitation further weighs me down.

After all, he was my fiancee before I retaliated against my father's orders and married Jimin.

But Jimin. Oh, dear Jimin. He perished in the war.

And Seokjin, loyal Seokjin, was there to catch me as I fell,


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Jeon Jungkook is a picky eater.

Don't misunderstand me, he eats everything.

You just need to put Park Jimin in the equation so he'd actually eat voluntarily.

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For the nth time in that month, Jungkook wakes up with Taehyung's morning wood poking his ass and Jimin's poking his thigh. Not to mention, both of their hands under his shirt─ Taehyung's on his chest, Jimin's on his back. And he's warm. And comfortable.

Their relationship is like this. They're lovers, friends and housemates.

Out of the three, he'd embody himself as the omega. Taehyung, alpha. And Jimin, beta. Though Taehyung is the alpha, he's their maternal─ or rather, paternal─ figure.

Taehyung's a barista-cum-businessman. He owns the Dream cafe.

Jimin's a chef at the diner neighbouring the cafe. 

And Jungkook, is a burden on the both of them, hogging a window seat at the cafe to fill in his journal with words, sketches, doodles, notes, pictures. 

He's putting himself in the pages, bound tightly together. 

Jungkook is usually honest and open to his partners.

But a magician doesn't tell all his secrets. 

* * *

For the first time in forever, Taehyung wakes up to Jungkook's cold skin and still chest. He tensed, giving doubt a moment in the spotlight. Panicked, he wakes Jimin.

Jungkook is gone.

He left his journal on the bedside table. It's usually hidden somewhere Jungkook deems safe. 

He finished his journal. Like him, the journal is done with it's journey. 

Like him, it brings them to tears and breaks their hearts.

Like him, it's cold.

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It was hard not to notice how Jungkook was growing well.

Taehyung noticed all the signs, even little ones.

For example, the cutely innocent way Jungkook either sleepily parades his morning wood to the bathroom or effortlessly beats Usain Bolt's famous record. There's also that thing where Jungkook used to need his help with opening a jar or a can, reaching things on shelves farther than his reach, and how he gets upset over the littlest of things like a few locks of hair being stubborn.

And today, Jungkook shows yet a few more signs.

It was just the two of them in their dorm. Namjoon and Jimin had a schedule. Seokjin, Yoongi and Hoseok are off doing god knows what in god knows where. Jungkook has just returned from his own schedule and is now sprawled out in front of the television, shirtless.

It was a torturously sinful sight.

Taehyung, in his own way of trying to win the maknae over, is making the boy some ramyun while he sleeps. Unfortunately, his choice of cooking location has led him to this particular situation.

The ramyun's slow cooking time in hot water gave him the opportunity to appreciate the sight bestowed upon him. 

His post-schedule messed up hair, his peaceful expression, his plump lips; the artfully sculpted curves of his clavicles and broad shoulders, his exposed-to-air perky nipples; abdominal muscles precisely partitioned by years in the gym with a hint of baby fat, his ordinary looking yet special in its own way navel; and at last, the wispy trail of dark hair leading to la-la-land, his nether regions.

The pants the coordi-noonas made him wear accentuated the juicy thickness of his dancer thighs, along with the seemingly strategic wrinkles framing his bulge. Those thighs tapered off into muscular yet slender calves and ended at his manly feet, complete with contrasting cute toes.

Which moves when its owner arose a the smell of the now cooked ramyun.

"Hyung, did you make food?", Jungkook asked, his voice raspy and laced with sleep. 

Opting to let the question answer itself, Taehyung took a deep, ramyun-scented breath and thought to himself, "Good God, I'm fucked."

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Only now, Jungkook noticed how often Taehyung's eyes traveled over every crevice of his body.
"He must have some serious flyer miles─", mused Jungkook to himself.


Okay, let's do this the basic way. 5 Wives, 1 Husband.








Question #1: What?

As in, what made him realize it?


Answer: Kim Taehyung's behaviour.


He had always been a hyung dear to Jungkook. They were like Bangtan's blood siblings. It was obvious that Taehyung, being his 'real' hyung in the group, would dote on him even more than Jin hyung, their 'mother' would.

Taehyung once ran to the convenience store in the morning to get him kimbaps and some onigiris because he found out that Jungkook usually buys his lunches in the cafeteria. When asked as to why he would do so in those ungodly hours, he stated that he didn't want the maknae to waste his money on food not worth the price. Jungkook joked about it, saying that he should probably make the maknae a lunchbox next.

The next morning, he woke to the sight of a nagging Yoongi who was periodically waving a bandage roll around. Taehyung had injured himself. There was a lunchbox on the dining table. Catching sight of Jungkook, Yoongi restarted his nagging, "You should've stopped instead of cooking with just your left hand! Stubborn kid!" Taehyung's face was that of a scolded five year old. Cute. And scarlet.


Question #2: Where?


Answer: Everywhere / Anywhere.


In bed, in the dorm, in the car, at schedules, in the bathroom ( it happened, don't ask. ) and in the toilet ( once again, don't ask. ).

Even when he was at school. Also, the practice room. The studio. In the streets. In restaurants─ no, food places. The mart, the supermarket, the convenience store.


Question #3: Why?


Answer: It was like an epiphany.


At that moment, everything in the world made sense.

That's when he realised the answer to the first question. So, no reason.

Everything just clicked.


Question #4: When?


Answer: As he was eating Kim Taehyung's ramyun two days ago.


Don't laugh. He nearly choked. Taehyung saved him.


Question #5: Who?


Answer: Everyone but him.


Question #6: How?


.....This has been answered in question 3. Damn it. He's out of ideas.


Conclusion: Jeon Jungkook is slow.


Jeon Jungkook is also writing this because he's home alone.



Just as he finished the last sentence, he heard the familiar sequential beeping of the passcode, signaling someone─ anyone's return. This caused him to abandon his journal and run to the living room, eager to be put out of his misery.


"Kook-ah, I'm home! I bought pizzas for us since the other hyungs won't be back till later!", shouted Taehyung, struggling to unshoe himself and balance the boxes of pizza. The mere sight of this caused a multitude of imaginary domestic!taehyung scenes to run through Jungkook's mind, making him stumble momentarily, the sound alerting Taehyung to Jungkook's presence.


"Welcome home, hyung. I missed you.", Jungkook whispered, slightly out of breath from the images in his head, his cheeks flushed.

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“Hyung…”, called Jungkook as he nuzzled his face against the side of Taehyung’s neck, his arm wrapped securely around the elder’s waist.
“Yes, Kookie?”, Taehyung replied tenderly, his face partly buried in the boy’s hair, something he had always wanted to do.
“I know. I probably should have forgotten this some time ago but… what were you thinking while you were making ramyun a few days ago?”, inquired Jungkook.
Memories of his impure thoughts came back to him, making his cheeks and ear tips flare with embarrassment. “Um… to be honest, they were dirty ones.”. Taehyung said, his cheeks burning up further.
“Ah. That was a given. I had no shirt on. But… pray tell, how impure were your thoughts?”, purred Jungkook, his fingers moving to caress Taehyung’s stomach.
“Rather than highly impure, they were more… detailed.”. said Taehyung upon clearing his throat.
“Essentially, I was checking you out. From top to toe.”, he continued.
“How detailed, hyung?”, asked Jungkook, his voice making the hairs on Taehyung’s arms stand.
“Mn…… down to the creases on your pants.”, he replied.
“Really? Tell me more.”
“Really, I was checking you out. Your lips, your chest, your abs, your…. “, he rambled, blushing.
“Mmm…..”, Jungkook nodded slightly against his neck.
“This is highly embarrassing, Kookie.”. he mumbled, glancing at the boy.
He was fast asleep.
“Oh, thank heavens.”, Taehyung exhaled a relieved sigh.”
“You saved my ass one more time. Thank you, God.”