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tongue technology

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“Hyung…”, called Jungkook as he nuzzled his face against the side of Taehyung’s neck, his arm wrapped securely around the elder’s waist.
“Yes, Kookie?”, Taehyung replied tenderly, his face partly buried in the boy’s hair, something he had always wanted to do.
“I know. I probably should have forgotten this some time ago but… what were you thinking while you were making ramyun a few days ago?”, inquired Jungkook.
Memories of his impure thoughts came back to him, making his cheeks and ear tips flare with embarrassment. “Um… to be honest, they were dirty ones.”. Taehyung said, his cheeks burning up further.
“Ah. That was a given. I had no shirt on. But… pray tell, how impure were your thoughts?”, purred Jungkook, his fingers moving to caress Taehyung’s stomach.
“Rather than highly impure, they were more… detailed.”. said Taehyung upon clearing his throat.
“Essentially, I was checking you out. From top to toe.”, he continued.
“How detailed, hyung?”, asked Jungkook, his voice making the hairs on Taehyung’s arms stand.
“Mn…… down to the creases on your pants.”, he replied.
“Really? Tell me more.”
“Really, I was checking you out. Your lips, your chest, your abs, your…. “, he rambled, blushing.
“Mmm…..”, Jungkook nodded slightly against his neck.
“This is highly embarrassing, Kookie.”. he mumbled, glancing at the boy.
He was fast asleep.
“Oh, thank heavens.”, Taehyung exhaled a relieved sigh.”
“You saved my ass one more time. Thank you, God.”