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tongue technology

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Jimin liked it when Jungkook hugged him. He smelled of peaches and a faint hint of cigarette smoke, courtesy of the places he goes to. Kookie's smell. He would make it into an air freshener if he could. Jimin's special air freshener.


Jimin also liked it when Jungkook plays with his hair. It's not very long but Kook tends to play with it at random times. Sometimes he'd braid it. Sometimes he'd just run his fingers through it.


Jimin likes it when Jungkook holds his hand. It's a weird fit. But that's where he feels safe. It's equal to one of his hugs. Since Jungkook can't hug him for long periods of time in public, he's content with his hand being held.


To ARMYs, Jungkook is the maknae and Jimin is the hyung. It's he who tops, not Jungkook.


To Jimin, Jungkook is daddy. He's helpless around Jungkook.