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All Things Considered, Let's Go Out With A Bang

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"Are you here about Jason?" Tony was pretty sure if McCautious could see him right now, he'd be yelling his head off. For that matter, Tony wasn't sure this was a good idea.

But. Well. Better to go out in a blaze of glory and all that.

He was expecting the agent to snap at him. He'd been pretty harsh with the manager. He was surprised when the guy crouched down to his eye level instead and spoke surprisingly gently. "NCIS Special Agent Gibbs. Did you know Jason?"

He looked down. "We talked. Before . . . " He trailed off. "I'm Tony, by the way." He looked around. "Where's your backup? In the movies, all the agents have a partner with them."

"Mine got sick."

"That stinks."

Gibbs shrugged like he didn't mind so much.

"What if a bad guy sneaks up behind you and there's no one there to watch your back?" Tony insisted.

"You think there's a lot of bad guys here?"

That kind of depended on your definition, but there weren't many people likely to sneak up on Special Agent Gibbs, no. Still. He'd had a great idea.

A crazy idea. "I could be your backup. Just in case."

"Well, if you're my backup, that means you're my partner. And partners have to share what they know about the case. Can you tell me about Jason?"

Okay, so this was even a worse idea than he'd thought, but if an agent had to come, if he had to get salted, he didn't want to spend his last few days hiding in the walls. He wanted to go out with style, like James Bond would.

And while he couldn't afford to tell Gibbs about the case, he could tell him plenty about Jason. Someone needed to know about him. Someone needed to remember him. Jason deserved that much, at least.

So Tony took a deep, admittedly unnecessary breath, and started talking.

There were a lot of words to cram in if he only had a few days left to say them.