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Blonde beauty

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Jungkook sighs tiredly as he keeps scrolling through the twitter timeline. Most of the tweets are about Jimin, gifs and pictures of him and his new hair color. Everyone seems to be in love with this blonde beauty, whether they're usually crazy about him or not. Well, it's not like Jungkook can blame them, his hyung definitely looks even more stunning now though he's always been the most gorgeous human being Jungkook's ever met. Seeing all these tweets, however, makes him painfully aware that a lot of other people think the same and Jungkook is so tired of this. He really wants to show the world that Jimin is only his and no one else can ever have him.

He bites his lip nervously and stares for a few more minutes at videos of his hot boyfriend. Jimin looks like a work of art made by satan, which is nothing new, dancing in a way that can only make people stare at him in awe, trying not to pop a boner at the same time. Jungkook fails most of the time, by the way, which is why he puts his phone on the bed and gets up, not caring about being too quiet because he doubts anyone can wake up the snoring monster. He slowly leaves the room shared with their leader and goes to the one where Jimin sleeps. Opening the door quietly, he quickly looks around and notices that everyone is sound asleep. Jungkook smiles mischievously and carefully approaches Jimin's bed, slipping under his duvet a bit blindly.

Jimin is lying on his side which makes easy for Jungkook to hug him from behind, slipping a hand under the hem of the other boy's t-shirt. He caresses a skin on his stomach, pressing gently kisses on his nape at the same time. "Jimin..." He whispers right into his ear. "Wake up, baby." Jungkook licks his earlobe, lazily moving his hand higher and pinching Jimin's nipple.

Jimin shifts a little, subconsciously moving closer to Jungkook and letting out a contented sigh. He's slowly waking up but isn't sure yet if the warm feeling is caused by a dream or reality. Jungkook curses under his breath when he feels a small pressure of the masterpiece which is the other boy's ass. He bites into his nape and then licks the skin there, pressing his already hard cock into Jimin's back, finally waking him up.

"K-Kookie…" Jimin whispers with a raspy voice, immediately recognizing the familiar lips and body. "What the fuck are you doing?" He tries to moves the other boy's hand from his body but Jungkook isn't having any of it.

"Adoring you." Jungkook says seductively, gently pushing Jimin's hand away and palms his growing cock against the material of his shorts.

"B-But it's the middle of the night..." Jimin lets out a moan before he can't stop himself. He panics a little that he might woke up his roommates but it seems that they're unaware of the current situation.

"Shh, baby, as much as I love the wonderful sounds you make, I don't want to share them with Tae and Hobi-hyung… or anyone else, for that matter." Jungkook covers Jimin's mouth with his free hand. "You're only mine, Jimin, and I'm the only one that can make you feel this way."

Jimin pants heavily into his hand, Jungkook's sexy voice and possessiveness filling his stomach up with butterflies and going straight into his groin as well. He ignores the blush that appears on his cheeks and bites into the other's finger before he gathers his strength and pushes himself from the younger boy and into a sitting position. "Seriously, Kookie, what's gotten into you? Waking me up in the middle of the night…" He tries to act as he's mad at Jungkook but of course can't help being turned on by his sudden behaviour.

Jungkook groans with desperation when Jimin slips away and immediately pushes himself up as well, crawling to the older boy and pressing their foreheads together. "Does it really matter what time it is?" Jungkook purrs, letting his hot breath caress Jimin's mouth. "I just can't stay calm when I'm near you or when I think about you." He gulps visibly before going on. "You know how much I love your new hair, right?"

"Y-Yeah…" Of course Jimin is well aware of that. Jungkook made that perfectly clear when he first saw him as blonde and instantly threw him on the closest wall before fucking him into oblivion (Jimin's still thanking the universe that no one else was home at that moment). "What about it?" He can't stop himself from planting a kiss into Jungkook's mouth and pulling his bottom lip with teeth.

Jungkook whines pitifully at the teasing before trying to contain himself. "I've noticed that every other fucking person loves it too." He leans a little and presses his lips into Jimin's collarbone. "It makes me crazy… knowing that all the fans and other people stares at you, practically undressing you with their eyes when you're on the stage, taking all these photos..." He sucks the skin, marking Jimin as his. "And videos…" He licks a path from his collarbones to the neck and makes a few more hickeys there. "Wish I was the only one to look at you." He moves his tongue from Jimin's neck to his lips and kisses him hungrily.

Jimin moans into his mouth, returning the kiss instantly and pushing his tongue inside. He tastes a familiar sweetness, feeling slightly lightheaded from the overwhelming warm and pleasure, Jungkook's words immediately melting any signs of previous resistance. "You horny kid…" Jimin says when he needs to take a breath before pecking his lips and coming a little closer. "Tell me more." He whispers with a sexy voice, pulling Jungkook's hard cock from his shorts and squeezing its tip.

Jungkook shudders with pleasure, finding Jimin's eyes in the dark. "You're so beautiful, hyung, so gorgeous. Sometimes I still don't believe you're really mine… because I doubt anyone deserves such an angel." He leans as to plant a kiss on the place between his neck and shoulder. "But I'm sure as hell I won't let anyone else have you."

Jimin bites his lips hard, nearly drawing blood, trying to suppress any sounds but can't help a quiet whimper, Jungkook's words not so slowly turning him into a pliant mess. "F-Fuck… Kookie…"

Jungkook brings Jimin's tiny hand from his cock to his lips, kissing all the knuckles. "So perfect, so good for me." He pulls his length out as well, taking both of their cocks with his large hands, stroking them with firm movements. "So hot and fucking perfect, Jimin. You're so sinful, babe, I can't take my eyes off you." He lets out quiet moans, pulling Jimin closer for a kiss, making the older boy whine into his mouth.

Jimin can't find his words, instead focusing on the pleasure and fighting with more loud noises that want to escape his lips. He looks quietly at their lengths, Jungkook's hands and his dark, lust filled eyes, feeling closer to climax with every stroke and every praise that come out from Jungkook's mouth.

"And when you dance, God… It makes me wanna rip your fucking clothes and fuck you right on the stage, hyung." He tries to speed up even more, feeling that both of them are close.

"M-Maybe you should do it sometime…" Jimin mutters right before he comes with a loud moan, not able quiet himself anymore.

Jungkook growls possessively, biting into Jimin's lips when he also comes, panting into his mouth heavily. "No fucking way, no one else can see you like this, Jimin." He tucks their cocks back into shorts and puts his hand on Jimin's neck, kissing him deeply for a few seconds. "Only mine, baby." He whispers hoarsely before pulling Jimin into lying position, immediately making him a little spoon. "Sleep now, clean later."

Jimin pouts with a blush on his cheeks, intertwining their hands. "You're unbelievable, Kookie..."

"Mhm, love you too, baby."


"You really think they're dumb enough to hope that we didn't hear them?" Taehyung asks in the morning when he's looking at the two sleeping beauties who didn't stop hugging each other even for a second.

"Yeah, probably. Maybe we should buy earplugs, Jungkook seems to be even hornier since Jimin's blonde hair." Hoseok shrugs with a small smile on his lips. "Not that I can blame him."

"Yeah, I know, Jimin's really beautiful like this." Taehyung says with a dreamy voice. "I've saved some of his photos from twitter myself."

"Me too…" Hoseok confesses with a hint of blush on his cheeks. "But let's not tell Kookie about it."

"Right..." The other boy gulps before pulling Hoseok out of the room, just a moment before the groan which escapes a mouth of a certain possessive maknae who's pulling his small hyung closer to himself, protecting him from their perverted friends even in his sleep.