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A Summer Story, or, The Lewis Story

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The next day. Everyone is at the continental breakfast bar.
Caitlin: Hey, what ever happened to that big lead in William’s murder?
B-Lam: William is dead? What?! Why didn’t I hear about this? I mean, really! His family was my host family for the foreign exchange program.
Arthur: Yeah, yesterday we got a ransom note thingy that said if we come here to New York, we would get a big clue.
Lewis sits down and starts eating. He notices something strange in his food.
Lewis: (Halfway through a bite of scrambled eggs.) Hey! Why is there a piece of paper in my eggs?
He pulls a piece of paper out of his eggs.
Lewis: Hey! It’s another clue!
Megan takes her notebook out of her pocket and starts writing stuff down as Lewis begins to read.
Lewis: Meet me in the lobby ASAP. I have the answer to the mystery. This letter will now self-destruct.
The letter explodes in Lewis’ face.
Zach: We should go follow up on that exploding letter.
Lewis: But I wanna finish my eggs!
Zach: Bring them with you!
Lewis: OK.
Ten seconds later, in the lobby.
Lewis: (Halfway through another bite of eggs.) OK, where’s the big lead that the ‘splodey-letter talked about? I wanna sit down to finish my eggs.