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A Summer Story, or, The Lewis Story

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8:10 AM on the last day of school. It’s time for homeroom. Megan McGuire is in E3, Mrs. Engman’s room.
Intercom Lady: Will Megan McGuire please come to the front office?
Megan leaves the room. Hallway.
Lewis Scott jumps out of a random locker. He makes Johnny Depp’s Oompa–Loompa call.
Lewis: The fun has arrived!
Megan: Lewis! What are you doing?!
He starts screaming “Wahooo!” over and over while running around in circles.
Megan: Lewis, will you please stop doing that?
Lewis: OK!
He stops.
Megan: Why do you only listen to me?
Lewis: Uuuh… ummm… (Scratches his head) hmmm…
He keeps doing this.