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The Anticipated Moment: Lovers Re-united!

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“I’ll call this one-" Lisia posed for dramatic effect, "‘The Anticipated Moment: Lovers Re-united’!”

May, who usually gave at the very least polite giggle at her girlfriend’s titles for the letters, remained silent, staring at the sheet of paper that had been handed to her. The paper quivered as she skimmed it for a second time, just to be sure.

It had been one year since she had last seen Zinnia. Things had mostly stayed the same, save for the fact that May and Lisia had begun officially seeing one another about six months ago (Lisia would know the date exactly, having written it down in her diary. May, despite being the region Champion, was slightly less organised- Lisia loved her for it). Despite being Champion, May had still managed to scrape together time for a contest or two every now and then, and one thing had led to another between the two high-profile trainers.  The media ate it up.

“I’m so excited to finally meet her!” Lisia continued. “It’s such a shame that her people don’t do Holocast or video calls at all…Still, it does add to her Draconid mystique, doesn’t it?”

Lisia had never even had the chance to hear Zinnia’s voice before. Although, when she did May what she sounded like, the other girl had responded ‘Warm…but rough. Like the kind of summer sun that burns you if you’re not careful.’ Lisia had replied that being Champion was making May far too poetic.

“’Draconian Mystique’, eh?”

Startled, May nearly dropped the letter. “Zinnia!”

The girl had seemingly stepped out from nowhere.  “Well, you still remember me at least. I’m glad.”

“Where did you come from?” Lisia asked, scanning the area for where Zinnia could have possibly materialized from. Neither she nor May had heard a sound.

Zinnia jerked a thumb upwards in demonstration. “That tree up there.”

May looked up into the umbrella of leaves casting dappled shadows where the girls stood not far from the contest building.

Zinnia continued with a grin, “I just thought I’d stay out of sight just in case I could hear any glowing reviews about my letter-writing skills.”

“Zinnia, I-“ May began, at a loss for words.

“C’mere, you,” Zinnia said, pulling May into a crushing hug (she was fairly sure she felt something pop). “I missed you, you know.”

Lisia shuffled her feet in the grass as the scene unfolded, until finally, Zinnia released May. “Okay, it’s your turn now!”

“Me?” Lisia pointed to herself, as if there were anyone else around at the early hour.

“Of course, silly! Did you think that I wouldn’t want a hug from both from of my girlfriends?”

“I’m your girlfriend too?” Lisia was becoming little pink now, something that May rarely saw on the confident girl. “I thought maybe because we only spoke through letters, that, uh…”

Zinnia took a step back, suddenly unsure what to do with her arms. “Oh gosh, I’m sorry! I really shouldn’t assume…”

“Oh, no, no!” Lisia waved her hands in a frantic gesture. “It’s fine, really! I’m actually really happy that you see me that way.”

“That’s a relief to hear,” Zinnia laughed as she gathered Lisia into her arms.

After releasing Lisia, Zinnia looked around. “Hey, I thought about this while I was up in the tree, but- how come there isn’t a mob of fans crowding around here? I thought you two you were kind of a big deal.”

“It’s only five in the morning! No one else is up, so this is the only time we can check our mail and have a little peace. In fact, our next show doesn’t even start for a few hours yet…” Lisia explained.

“You have a contest today?” Zinnia asked. Somehow the thought never crossed her mind when she was planning her visit, neither had the idea that not everyone was up at five, even if that had one had worked in her favor.

“Yeah…Sorry. It’s just that you came to visit on such short notice. You can totally watch us, though! Is that alright, or did you have something else in mind?” May asked. She hated the thought of spoiling her first day with Zinnia in such a long time, but she also hadn’t found time to compete in quite awhile either.

“Are you kidding? That would be super! I’ve only seen the two of you perform on TV before, so seeing two such beautiful ladies on stage right in front of my eyes, well, that sounds like a dream come true, doesn’t it? Hey, Aster, what do you say? Wanna catch a show?”

“Murr-murr!” the Pokémon cried, hopping down from the tree with a clump of leaves in her mouth to cheerfully waddle behind the girls as they moved on into May and Lisia’s shared dressing room.

The time leading up to the contest passed quickly, the girls taking the time to hear of Zinnia’s exploits as Aster, Ali, and May’s Pikachu, Apple, all romped around the room together.

Although things had gotten a little hairy for May half way through the competion- an Eevee wowed the audience with impeccable cuteness, inching just above Apple in the ranking- ultimately, she managed to beat out even Lisia.

Even so, the amount of points that both girls had managed to gather were nearly unprecedented, topped only by that of Lisia’s uncle years prior.

Each time either girl looked out into the audience, the eager face of Zinnia seated in the front row, squeezing Aster for dear-life, urged them to put on the very best show possible.

“That was incredible!” Zinnia exclaimed after the show, pushing to the front of the throng of fans crowding around her girlfriends in the front hall.

“Oh, I’m so glad! To be honest, I was a little worried you’d get bored,” May said with a laugh.

Zinnia shook her head. “Never.”

Leaving the reports and fans alike with questions on their lips over the mysterious girl whose arms were around both Lisia and May’s shoulders, the three took their leave together into the dressing room once more.

Immediately upon shutting the door behind them, Lisia threw her arms around May, before congratulating her with an enthusiastic kiss.

After leaving May’s head spinning in that way she always did, Lisia leaned in toward Zinnia as well, however the older girls took a step back holding her hands up.

“What’s wrong?” Lisia asked.

“Well, I know this sounds silly, but… I’m not really sure how to kiss? I grew up so busy with my training as Lore Keeper, that I never really had time to get out around girls my age. So, uh…” Zinnia’s look of uncertainty quickly recovered into her usual grin. “You two could teach me if you’d like?”

“Ooh, how exciting! We’ll call this-“ Lisia posed with one arm around Zinnia, “‘First Time’s the Charm- Love Lessons!’”

“Fantastic! This will be interesting, won’t it, Aster?” Zinnia’s Pokémon merely continued to chew the tube of lipstick it had found under the vanity. “First, you can show me how May likes it done, alright?”

Lisia nodded before grabbing onto Zinnia’s shoulders, her face set in the same determined look she wore when competing.

“I-is that really what we look like?” May asked with eyebrows raised as she watched Zinnia instantly take to Lisia’s actions, hand wandering over the exposed skin of Lisia’s lower back where the pieces of her costume failed to meet, deepening the kiss all the while.

May must have gotten more worked up than she thought during the contest, because she was beginning to feel awfully warm all of a sudden.

Soon, she could bear it no longer.

“My turn!” She squeaked.

The other two girls abruptly pulled apart, blinking at May.

“Sure thing!”


Before she knew what was happening, May found herself backed up against the vanity table, lips pressed against either side of her cheeks.


“Hmm?” The girl hummed.

“Do you think you might stay this time… I-“

“We,” Lisia interjected. Although she had only met Zinnia in person that day, her letters had made her feel as if she had known Zinnia as long as May had.

“We really missed you,” May managed to finish as a stray peck from Lisia landed on her neck. "Do you think you might stay this time?"

“Oh, I think a girl could definitely get used to this!”