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Hime's Fashion Check

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Of all the things that Seiji hadn't expected to find as the elevator doors opened up, was none other than Shirayuki Hime standing in his way, quickly holding up a hand in front of him, as if to halt his progress. Frozen in place for a moment, thoroughly befuddled at this turn of events, Seiji could only look down at the blue haired girl he'd come to view as a close friend and something of a second little sister over the past few years.

Exactly how long had she been waiting in front of the elevator for him to come down? And why was she even here to begin with? As far as Seiji knew, Hime was supposed to be back in the Blue Sky Kingdom, receiving training to become the next queen of her country, following in the footsteps of her much admired mother. She definitely wasn't supposed to be here, backing him right back into the elevator, the doors closing behind them once more.

"Should you be at the palace, Hime?" Seiji asked, finally managing to find his voice. It wasn't actually as if Hime could physically keep him in place, but he wasn't the sort of rude person who would just push past his much smaller friend. She really hadn't gotten all that much taller over the years- people still mistook her for a middle school student, in spite of the fact that she was college age now, just like the rest of them. The fact that he'd sprung up quite considerably himself really didn't help matters.

"I kind of have somewhere I need to be right now, so..." Seiji trailed off, his words dying in his throat as Hime cast him a sharp look, firmly pressing the button for his floor on the elevator.

"I know." Hime said, folding her arms in front of her chest. "And that's exactly why I'm here right now." She told him, casting her eyes over him, up and down, as if she was studying him rather thoroughly- and then clicked her tongue, making an obvious noise of disapproval.

"Are you really planning on going on your one year anniversary date with Iona wearing a hoodie, Seiji?" Hime asked him, planting her hands on her hips, casting him a glower that was more fearsome than it had any right to be at her size. "It's a good thing that I arrived just in time to stop you."

"What's wrong with my hoodie?" Seiji asked, frowning a little as he glanced down at it. It of course, was not the same red hoodie he'd worn all the time back when he'd first met Hime- but it was still a hoodie, and it was still red. He already knew that Hime never really thought much of his fashion sense- but there was something else to her disapproval today.

"What's wrong with it?" Hime asked, stepping backwards as the elevator doors dinged open, Seiji wordlessly following behind her, not even thinking about escaping his rather indignant friend. "What's wrong with it?" She repeated, her eyes narrowing, brows furrowing. "This is an important date, and you're planning on going in a hoodie and sneakers! Disgraceful, Seiji!"

"That's a bit of an exaggeration, Hime." Seiji said, scratching his cheek a little. "Besides, we're not doing anything fancy. Just watching a movie and going to a family restaurant. We are both still college students after all, it's not like we have that much money."

"Still!" Hime's tone brokered no arguments. "It's a special day, so you should dress a bit special! I'm sure Iona would appreciate it as well!"

"But, Hime..." Seiji spoke up, finding himself cut off as Hime, standing on her tiptoes, placed a hand against his lips, full of passionate fire, her fashion switch having been tripped.

"But Hime, nothing!" Hime said, before a wide smile appeared on her face. "Leave everything to me, Seiji! I'll help you coordinate an outfit that will knock Iona's socks right off!"

Heaving a long sigh, Seiji's shoulders slumped, realizing that there was no arguing with the Blue Sky princess. Pulling out his cellphone even as he pulled out his keys, unlocking the door to the Sagara apartment, Hime all but inviting herself in as if she for all the world belonged there, he sent Iona a message that he might be a little late to meet up with her due to 'unforeseen circumstances'.

Later, when Seiji was finally able to meet up with Iona as planned, his karate rival and girlfriend took one look at him and the carefully coordinated outfit Hime had arranged for him- and frankly asked him if those unforeseen circumstances had involved Hime.

Although, judging from the faint tint of pink on her cheeks, it seemed that Iona was indeed, more than pleased with the end result. Maybe she ought to ask Hime to help coordinate Seiji's outfits more often.